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An open TF universe story

If I had the budget, I'd make a nicer banner, but oh well.

Imagine your favorite 3D online reality game, SL, IMVU, There, whatever.  Now imagine what would happen if everyone online turned into a real version of their avatar?  Now imagine this happening all around the globe.  Welcome to Altered Realities.

This is a quick and dirty front page for a story universe involding a lot of transformation themes.  I recomend the FAQ, actually.  The stories are not in any order of ahppening, other than "in the beginning", most happen at the same time.

Basic Universe FAQ : This will give you an idea of what's going on

In the Beginning
m/m themes
The origin of the  universe. Pete and Steve log into AR with a plan to treat all their friends to somethign wonerful.  But beware of stacking the odds in your favor to make something happen.  It just might.