"Altered Reality"
By: Socks
© 2008 Socks Furrotica

The "FAQ" of sorts


Just for the record, let me state these things.

#1, yes this borrows heavily from a few other story ideas.  Namely "No More Fakes" and "Xanadu".  I'm just updating the concepts, and putting a new spin on it.  This isn't limited to people in one location, but to people all over the world who happen to be in the right place at the right time.  (Or wrong, either way)

#2, yes, this is "SL".  Why not call it SL?  They have lawyers, I don't.  So it's called "Altered Reality".  Much of the slang is carried over, MUCH of the concepts (if not all) are from SL.  If it's doable there, it's doable in Altered Reality.  And just like SL, the time difference is -7 GMT

That being said, the story takes place at 10:00 PM game time on June 20, 2008 (Friday night).  At the "moment of impact" there are roughly 47,000 accounts online.  This includes bots, people, secondary accounts, everyone.  The incident runs for 16 hours, and the effects are, as far as anyone can figure, permanent.

Rules of TF

Much as in the other two universes, how far someone changes depends on some factors.

1) Everyone changes into a real life version of their avatar.  They won't be "pixilated" unless that was the intent of their avatar.  Furries will have fur and not skin.  Quads will lose their hands and feet to have paws.  Horns, hooves, and all other strange attachments become real, smooth, and functional.  This includes whatever the avatar was wearing at that moment.  If growth is involved, the writer may allow for "clothing rip" moments.  Genders may also change.

2)  "bits" are assumed to exist.  Seeing as you can choose your "package size" it's assumed that something is there.  So even if a member had no bits attached, it's assumed they do have something.  Again, if the intent was to have an avatar without genitals (Barbie doll), then the person will not have them.  However, if the person was wearing scripted attachments (Xcite, for example) they work in the real world the same way they did I the virtual one.  So anyone can bring the person to orgasm from a distance.

3)  The TF can be instant, or slow in developing, writers can play this any way they want.  They may also have time to change avatars before they get "hit" if they know its coming.  Some may learn how to change into other avatars they had in their possession, but we'll cover that in a moment.

4) they are changed into the avatar they were using at that particular moment.  Not one they may have liked.  Possible exceptions are those who log in, and have a few moments to change avatars before the spell finds them.

5) depending on the person, they may have access to "possessions" their avatar had.  This includes other avatars, items and objects, possibly even clothing.  It's possible that the person's actual clothing (in their drawers, suitcases, whatever) transforms when the spell effects work form the virtual to the real world as well, writer has freedom to do it or not.  Those who can do it usually won't admit it out of fear, or they want to keep it to themselves.  And unless the person is VERY extraordinary, they can not "create" objects out of thin air.  Some may also be able to fly at will, if they dedicate to learning how or their new form allows it with wings or jet packs or similar.  They can not "teleport".  Not going to let that happen.

This clause also covers changing their appearance.  If they dedicate time, they may learn how to pull other body types.  This is not meant to be easy to do by any means.  Not everyone will instinctually know how to do this, and most won't even know it's possible.  What happens, and how it happens, is up to the writer.

6) They may also gain skill and knowledge along with objects.  If they enjoyed riding motorcycles in the "AR" universe, they may gain knowledge on how to operate a motorcycle in the real world if they did not know already.  This is left to "artistic freedom" for what would make a better story.

7) What happens to the RL computer is up to the author.  It can be "fried", or it can work normally.  Artistic license.

8) And finally, the timeline below is more of a global timeline of what happens up to, during and after the event.  I'm trying to leave a lot of freedom within the timeline by leaving the events "vague" enough so that there's no single event that everyone has to see or be at in order to validate anyone else's story.

Timeline, local server time (Pacific Standard Time)

8:00 PM : Owner of the online hangout club "Furpilie" Peter Kottlow (In world known as "WolfShaman Magic") logs in.  He's on using wireless broadband just outside of Sedona Arizona with is friend Steve (in world "Sonic Hare") also on wireless.  Peter had researched a spell that was supposed to transform all within a radius to whatever costume they were wearing for a total of 3-4 hours.  He figured being near a place of Earth Power would help it work.  What he does not know is that he's parked directly over an "Earth Node", which amped up the spell's power.

10:00 PM : "WolfShaman" runs the script in world.  The spell is woven into the script.  The spell, now being run on a computer, works over 1000% more efficiently than its creators could imagine nor design for.  WolfShaman's computer becomes a conduit from the Earth Node to connect to the AR grid and servers, and once the connection to a land line is established the power simply feeds into the system.

10:00:20 PM : All avatars in the club are hit with the spell.  The spell begins to take a life of its own, and with power and efficiency it begins to roll through other sims in the same server rack.  The spell is not running from sim boundary to sim boundary, it's going through the servers one at a time.  Anyone logging into a "hit" server will be affected either instantly or within a few minutes.

10:07 PM : The first technician at "AR" is hit with the spell.  By this time about 5% of the system is under effects.

10:10 PM : Many technicians try to shut the servers down, but can not.  The physical plug is pulled, and the servers keep running.  They try to pull the LAN cable, but after three are injured /electrocuted they decide to stop.

10:20 PM : over 50% of the system is now affected.  The number of logins and logouts skyrocket as word spreads "off world" as to what's happening.

10:30 PM : 75% of the system is hit

10:35 PM : 100% of the system is now under the effects of the energy / spell.  All users currently logged in are affected, and all users logging in now will be affected.

10:50 PM : US Government, and several other governments, are convening to figure out what's happening.  They determine it's not a terrorist attack, but militaries all over the world are placed on high alert and several unplug their computers from the internet for safety.  Over the evening, they eventually do stand down but remain in heightened alert.

11:05 PM : "AR" technicians attempt to remove power sources, and still fail.  Around this time the main computer room begins to glow, and a force ejects them all from the main server room.  People may still log in or out, anyone who logs in is affected.  Internet news sites are starting to get on this story, causing spikes of interest through the evening.

(Saturday, June 21)

4:00 PM : The mysterious glow ebbs, and the spell fades having run it's course.  Government technicians run through the "crime scene" but eventually find nothing.  The servers are completely fried, and there's absolutely no data to be found anywhere.  The spell erased all traces of itself.  In all, it's estimated almost 250,000 were affected world wide.  AR is also completely crashed, and is not rebootable easily.

That afternoon : Many affected people are rounded up by local law for questioning, but after time it's determined they're victims and have no clue what happened.  Law Enforcement turns to finding who started it, but has no leads.

In the following weeks :

Governments attempt to somehow "regulate" these changed people, but most can not do so legally under discrimination laws.  Some do try, and lawsuits are filed quickly.  Several militaries try to round up all the affected as a measure of "national security", but is ultimately stopped fearing a "PR nightmare" as many military personnel are also affected.  Plus rounding up that many people can simply not be done unnoticed.  It's determined to "keep files" on them, and watch them carefully.  The US government forms a unit of the FBI to quietly do this.

People attempt to sue the corporation behind "AR" for damages, who declares bankruptcy and folds like a card table.

The media dubs the victims as "Nettizens"

Over time, life does go on.  Many TV shows are aimed at trying to figure out what happened, many scientists try to decode how it happened or even how it's possible.  Within a year, life returns to what feels like "normal" when the world figures out that most of the people just want to get on with their lives.

Beyond that, enjoy yourselves!

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