"In the beginning"
By: Socks
© 2008 Socks Furrotica

Peter stepped out of the jeep, and took a deep breath of the air.  It still amazed him how much green there was here, and the smell was a welcome relief from the city life he was so used to.  He looked around, and smiled.  "Isn't this great?"

"A riot." Steve said.  "Come on Pete, help me with this."

"Don't bother making a circle." Pete said.  "We can't build a fire here anyway.  Besides, the batteries should be fine for the lights and the computers."

"Yeah, about that." Steve said.  "Remind me again why the hell we're out here?"

"Lay line." Pete said.  "We should be parked right over it, and if we sit here I should be able to tap into it."

"You seriously think this is gonna work?" Steve asked, getting out his laptop.  "You're serious?"

"I came too far to be joking." Pete said.  "And if it works, just imagine the looks on their faces?"

Steve shook his head.  "Who's crazier, the fool or the fool that follows?"  He ran the wires to the battery pack in the back of the jeep, and set up the electric lights.  Within minutes, they were both online, and logged into the "Altered Realities" universe.


GoldenPaw McMillan : "Where's Wolfie?"
Codi Parx : "He's coming.  I know he'll be here.  This is his big event."
WolfShaman Magic : "I have arrived!"
Ping Fangtooth : "WOLFIE!"
Codi Parx : "Heya!  *Squeezes the Shaman*"
WolfShaman Magic : "LOL!"
WolfShaman Magic : "Your age is showing again."
GoldenPaw McMillan : "So what's the theme?"
Codi Parx : "Sue me."
WolfShaman Magic : "RL Avatar!  Come in whatever avatar you'd love to be in the real world!  AR$2500 for best costume decided by your peers!"
Codi Parx : "Pretty avvy contest.  The usual"
Cuddles Critter : "WOAH!  Huge payout!"
WolfShaman Magic : "I wana crash the sim!"


"So you want to fill the room with avvys," Steve said "and then transform them all into their avatars?"

"It'll only be for like four hours." Peter said, adjusting his back on the tree he was sitting against.  "And if it doesn't work, we're still outside on a nice night."

Steve shook his head.  "Well, ok.  But when people ask how you did it, I wasn't here, ok?"

"Don't worry." Pete said  "I won't blame you if it doesn't work either."  Steve chuckled, and went back to his screen.

As the night continued on, they both fought through the lag but everyone was very understanding.  The place filtered in with a lot of people, all looking to score that huge first place prize.  As the clock began to tick closer to the event end, Pete could hardly contain himself.

"Don't you think that we should warn them?" Steve said.  "I mean some of these people might be at someone elses house or something?  I mean if it works it'd be bad if they suddenly changed into a 40 foot dragon."

"They'll know." Pete said.  "I think anyway."  Steve looked up to Pete questioningly.  "I mean the spell translation wasn't spot on.  Latin is so hard to translate sometimes."

"I just hope this isn't a crime." Steve said.  "If it works, I mean."

"What?" Pete said, almost mockingly.  "Arrest that man for assault!   He turned me into a newt!"  They both laughed.  "And I thought you were skeptical."

"I am." Steve said.  "I'm just thinking, ya know."

"Point taken.  OH!  It's time!"  Peter returned to his screen.

"Alright, are we ready for the winners?"  WolfShaman typed, and the crowd filled his screen with replies.  "Alright!  Hang around for a special prize at the end of the announcement!"

"What prize? Steve asked

"Even if this doesn't work, I've got a nice "take me" pack I'll be putting at the front door." Peter said.  

"Nice." Steve said, and looked back to his monitor.

WolfShaman announced the winners, a well sculpted cheetah taking the first place honors.  "Now, the special prize for all in attendance!!!" he typed out.  He then clicked on the disc on the floor his avatar was standing on.  Pete was trying to not fidget too much as he stared at his screen intently.  Neither he nor Steve noticed the spark that came up from the ground, and into Pete's laptop.

He watched the screen, and kept waiting.  "Come on, I know its running!" he said, slightly frustrated.

"It probably didn't work." Steve said.

"You might be right.  Can't blame a wolf for tying."  Peter put his laptop on the ground, and adjusted how he was sitting.  "I guess I'll rez the..."

A bright white beam of light shot directly up from Peter's laptop, growing in width.  It crackled with pure energy as it stood for a moment almost like it was looking at the two men staring back at it.  It screeched like an eagle as it suddenly grew.  Still anchored to the ground, it shot off into the sky like a beacon.

"Oh...  my...  Goddess..." Peter said quietly.

"What the fuck is that?" Steve asked, his computer hitting the dirt too.

"I...  I don't know!" Peter said, then he felt like he was punched in the stomach and he rolled onto his belly screaming in agony.

"PETE!"  Steve tried to move to his friend, but the light beacon grew in width and blocked him.  He stopped, looking up.  He could see it radiating outwards like an umbrella over his head.

Pete felt a presence with him.  He tried to open his eyes.  "No, young Shaman.  Do not move." The female voice was soft, but firm.  "This is out of your paws now."

"Wh...  what's happening?" Peter tried to say, he barely could.

The voice said nothing.  Peter felt something brush his cheeks, in the same place he always kept his character's facial markings.  The feeling was repeated all over his body, and he knew the pattern instatly.  He spent months designing his tribal fur, researching, creating, re-creating, and now it was being brushed onto him.  Then he felt it on a tail.  "T...tail?" he whispered out.

"For hundreds of years, I have been waiting." The voice said softly.  "The power has remained untapped.  You have just freed it."  As she spoke, Peter could feel the force drawing on his skin. "You have awakened the world again."  Peter felt a chill run down his spine.  "The world will be a better place for this.  You have helped more than you can imagine."

Steve saw the light change to a narrow beam, and the umbrella over his head focused into a cone, then a single source.  The light became intensely bright as it shot at an angle from Pete's computer into the night sky.  He squinted to see what it had shot at, hoping it wasn't going to kill anyone.

Pete tried to open his eyes, but found he could not.  He felt like he was being lifted up, and then felt suddenly warm.  He heard a voice speak a language he didn't know, or even recognize.  Then as quickly as it started, he felt himself laying on his stomach on the ground.  He opened his eyes, and looked at Steve, who was looking up.

Somewhere in California, an energy surge flowed into the server room.  The lights flickered once brieflt, then one of the servers lights began to blink.  Randomly at first, then in a set pattern as the program began to run fully.  The energy shot through the server box, through the floor, and connected to the ground below.  Contact.

The light connecting the computer to the sky drew up along the beam like a snake, and vanished out of sight.  Steve looked at the laptop, nothing unusual was happening there anymore.  Then le looked to his friend.  "You ok?"

"I..." Pete tried to get up.  He got to all fours, and clenched his hands into the ground.  He craned his neck back, and let out a howl that made Steve's soul shiver.  Pete's shirt and pants were dissolving, and Steve could see that Pete's skin had a full red tattoo like marking on it.  He was too scared to run, too fascinated to even think of it.

At the oline club "Furpile", the other avatars were standing and looking at their friend WolfShaman.  "Did he crash?"  "No, I think he's just lagged.  Lotta furs in here."  "Doesn't help he's runnig a glow script on his stage."  "I guess not."  The glow in the room grew, and enveloped everyone in it.  Some people commented how cool it looked, others were waiting for their cool gift.  Then the glow filled all their screens with white, and it exploded out of the virtual room, and in a radius around the whole sim.

Pete arched his back as a small stub pushed out from the back of his spine.  It made pops and cracks as it formed with the same red tattoo markings.  He clenched his teeth as his face stretched out unnaturally, canine teeth getting longer and sharper.  He felt his nose getting colder, wetter.  His feet dug into the red dirt, and his claws found their way into the ground.  It felt familiar, like he'd had them all his life.

Steve watched in fascination, unaware that his screen went completely white.  He also did not see the spark that jumped from his screen, and connected to his ankle.  In a moment, he felt his body tingle, he didn't want to look away from his friend, but when the sensation was almost unbearable he looked down.  He could see the light wrapped around his ankle, and around the area it touched he had a band of thick light blue fur.  "Holy FUCK!"  he tried to swat the energy away, but when his hands hit it they started to tingle too.  In moments, his fingers got a little thicker, and began to grow blue fur.

Pete grabbed the ground in both paws, and he felt like the energy was flowing straight into him.  "YES!" he screamed out.  He looked up at the sky, and saw the stars overhead.  He smiled, it was working!  He could feel his pores open up, and fur was growing out of his skin.  His ears stretched to points, then began to drag over his skull and onto the top of his head.  He couldn't hide his erection either, he could feel the knot swelling up.  This was perfect!

Next to him Steve was trying not to panic.  He watched the blue fur travel down his hand into his arm, and horrified he looked down to his ankle and saw it spreading there.  He tried to kick the computer screen down, but he felt his foot hit something before the computer.  "AHH!  FUCK!" he yelled, then he saw his other ankle was now covered in blue fur.  Before he could react, he felt his body tingle all over, and he watched himself as he became covered.

"This can't be real!" Steve said.  "This can't be real!  Thith just can't be!"  He stopped when he realized he just lisped.  Putting his hand on his mouth, his two front teeth were long and oversized.  "Teef?"  He pulled on his ears, hoping to not find what he somehow knew was happening.  They were longer, and growing.  "Oh...  Fuck" he said  "Oh fuck"  He only hoped the tail wasn't going to hurt.

Pete was in his own private bliss.  When his paw pads formed they felt comfortable, like they belonged there.  He felt the cool night air on his fur for the first time, and it felt right.  Even the cool air on his painfully erect shaft was good.  He felt charged up, no orgasm could compare to this.  He thought he could smell wolf semen in the dirt, he might have, he might not have, he couldn't tell, he didn't care.

In moments, it was over for Pete.  He was panting hard, his tongue out of his muzzle.  He started to catch smells that somehow he knew what they were.  Grass, trees, the prey animals, the rabbit behind him, human scents of his jeep.  Rabbit?  He turned his head to see Steve staring at his paw, his ears were properly long, muzzle and front teeth formed perfectly.  "Ride it out Steve." He said between pants.  "Let it happen, don't fight it."

"Don't fffight it?" Steve said.  "You're not the one wif the teef!"

Pete crawled to his friend, and pulled him down.  He cradled Steve into his own body, rocking him gently.  "It won't take long." He said.  "you're almost done."  Steve was shivering, but felt safer with Pete holding him.  "Good bunny." Pete said quietly.

"HOLY SHIT!"  messages raced through the room as the people inside were all frantically trying to type.  "WTF!"  "You 2?" "Yeah!  How the fuck?"  "Cool!" "Is this real?"  "Is this permanent?!!"  Then someone filed an incident report.

"Hey, get this!"  One guy leaned back from his chair to listen.  "This guy's saying that he was changed into a raccoon."

"So file a griefer report?" the other asked.

"No, he's saying that he's a raccoon now." The first one laughed.  "And his spelling is really bad.  Either he's drunk or it's just a bad attempt to be funny."

"Just delete it then." The second one said.  He didn't notice the small spark from his keyboard that tapped his hand.

Steve was still shaking as Pete rubbed his chest ruff gently.  "It's ok, it's over." Pete's voice was calming, and Steve was trying to not completely lose it.  "We'll be back to normal before we go to town.  Just relax hun."

Steve nodded, still shivering from the experience.  His mind was racing, it ad actually worked!  It was real!  His mind couldn't handle the science on how or why, he tried to just accept it and...  oh it felt good when Pete stroked his chest fur like that.  Then he noticed his chest was exposed, but he had on shorts.  The shorts he wore in game all the time, but it didn't matter.

Pete looked up at the computer that was still on.  The messages were scrolling through the screen.  It worked, they were all confused at what happened, but obviously it worked. He was going to pull his computer to himself, but it was absolutely fried.  The screen was off, and there was a little smoke coming from the keyboard.  He was going to use Steve's computer, when he felt Steve kiss his paw.  He looked down "You ok now?"

"Yeah." Steve said.  "Well no.  But yeah."  He was shivering a little more.  "Just don't stop that.  With your paw.  That helps."

Pete took a sniff in the air, Steve was as horny as he was.  Pete just nodded.  "Anything I can do to help you hun."  He buried his muzzle into Steve's neck, and kissed him gently.  Steve let out a happy sigh, it might just be easier to go with it and enjoy it.  He wraped his arms around Pete's arm, and pulled Pete closer so he could feel wolf fur on his back.

In the virtual world, messages raced back and forth.  Confusion, elation, horror, fear, so many emotions.  Players were teleporting in, but the sim kept on holding more and more.  In the server room, more lights began to blink rhythmically, then more, then more....

Steve was laying with Pete, feeling the warmth under his tail.  He never imagined that a knot would be as comfortable as it was, but it felt so nice inside him.  Pete was rubbing his muzzle against Steve's cheek ruff.  Steve tried not to laugh.  "I thought cats only did that."

"And wolves too." Pete said.  "Or at least I do."

Steve smiled, and arched his back so Pete's knot would be more comfortable.  "Four hours, huh?"

Pete nodded.  "That's what the spell should last."

"It's too bad it's not longer." Steve said.

"It is." Pete opened his eyes and looked around for the female, but only he and Steve were there.  "Thank you, young Shaman.  You will be rewarded."  And the voice was gone.

"But..."  Pete stammered out, but couldn't see anything.

"But what?" Steve asked.  Steve felt Pete's shaft get warmer inside himself, and he cooed gently "Oh, but that?"  He then felt Pete thrust a few times inside himself, which made his whole body shiver in delight.  Pete came hard under his tail, and Steve, felt something in his own shaft tingle.  He was about to reach for it with his paw when he felt his body tighten up, and he came hard.  He almost hit his computer as he quietly cried out in pleasure, and let the world fade a little.

The wolf opened his eyes, and saw his mate.  Sonic was sleeping, but they were still tied.  The young shaman traced a line along his mate's arm, and dark blue appeared in his mate's normally light blue fur.  He smiled a little, knowing it meant approval.  He carefully traced along paths he knew well, drawing the pattern on the bunny in to match his own.  Sonic opened his eyes and felt his mate's touch, which tingled as the wolf's fingers moved through his fur.  "Marking me?"  Sonic knew the answer, it's something he and Clawdancer had talked about for months.

"Yes." The wolf said tenderly. "This is a good place and time."

Sonic smiled "No fair starting after I passed out."

"You're awake now hun."  Clawdancer continued his tracing, to the happy sighs and coos of the rabbit.  "You're going to be stuck with me now."

"Aren't I already?"  Sonic clenched his ass a little, ad they both chuckled.  "But I accept, my Mate."

The wolf hugged his bunny tight, this was a better reward than anything else he could ever have received.  He felt the energy of Mother envelop them both as he continued his markings.  The power surge had enough residual energy, this would be strong for them both.  And he'd have it no other way.

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