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This semester I was asked to write a research paper for class.  The subject could be anything, so I went with something I thought I knew.  And the more I looked into the history, the more I realized that it was all written from someone outside looking in, not really understanding.  So after I wrote my paper, I decided to begin this webpage, to find our stories.  To give some kind of meaning to the theories about why we exist.

I'm sorry; I should introduce myself as the webmaster and all.  My name is Russell, or just Russ for short.  I'm one of the so-called "Anthros", a raccoon.  Depending on whom you ask, my nature was dictated somewhat by my animal type, but I don't notice a lot of difference.  A little ADD, probably, but it's nothing I can't handle.  It might explain why I'm getting into mass media, all the shiny buttons appeal to me.

What I want to do here is give an overview of the history, as best as I can find it.  What you see here is the best I can piece together from the oceans of books, magazine articles, online articles, and so on.  I'll try not to put in too much theory; all of them come from stuffy old people who haven't had to live like us.  Until you suffer through a summer in a fur coat, you don't have the right to judge us.

The history goes back to 1967.  It was that summer that children began to be born "different".  At first it was just scattered anomalies, babies born with tails and sometimes weird eyes.  By the time they were four years old, it was obvious that they weren't just human anymore.  It was also obvious that it wasn't a localized phenomenon either.  Somewhere around 10% of all children born ended up changing into, or being born as, animal like humans.  The exact numbers just don't exist.

Very soon it was obvious that this was something that was global.  Some cultures would destroy the children right away, as they put it.  Others revered them as gods, and I read about one elephant Anthro in India who lives like this.  At first in America it was surgically dealt with.  But after a month or two and several lawsuits, that was dropped and it was decided that we could live as we are.  By 1982, the numbers of "Anthro" babies being born were up to 65% in some areas, with no apparent pattern or reason.

Some thought it was regional, that the Anthro children were of animal types found in that region.  Well that's not true, as I went to school with a polar bear name Joe in Illinois.  Some said it had to do with family background, but Joe's family came from Scotland and Germany, and I don't think they have polar bears either.  As far as I can tell, there was no patterning to it other than it happened.

The finger pointing was also universal.  Some said it was a comet or asteroid.  Some said it was "God's way to punish man, making us beasts."  I got that from a religious website run by PSH's.  The "Pure Strain Humans"?  Some said it was nuclear radiation from our testing.  But nobody has an answer to why we are the way we are.

In the 70's the real changes came as Anthro children entered the school system.  The kids I knew were really cool with it; we just took it as normal.  It was mostly the adults that had a hard time, thinking we would bite their children and make them monsters or something.  More legal battles and we were allowed to enter the public school system.  We had some special needs just because of physical makeup, but we get by.

Somewhere in the 70's was when the term "Anthro" was coined for us.  I've traced it to a Dr. Kapp, who was trying to figure us out.  It comes from the term "anthromorph", which we're all familiar with by now.  He used the term in JAMA, and it stuck with the media.  So now, we're all known as "Anthros."  Thank you Dr. Kapp, I hope you get run over by a steamroller.  But I'm not mad, no.

Then in 1998, it stopped.  All babies were born normal, and stayed normal.  This took some heat off the rest of us, as religious groups like the PSH's were really starting to get worried and taking it out on us.  Theories about why that happened are about as wide spread as to what caused it in the first place.

But here's the weird part.  Anthros born in 1968 were having children of their own, and their odds of a normal child and an Anthro child were the same as regular people.  That was until 1998.  After 1998, children to Anthro parents were all Anthro.  Mixed Anthro-human children were mixed; some were full anthro, some partial, some not at all.  And I thought my childhood was rough, I feel bad for these new kids.

Society has changed a lot because of this, but I guess not much at all.  Some places we're spit on, others we're embraced.  Speaking for myself, you just "know" where the good places and the bad ones are.  It's funny, they love the Anthro sports heroes that play football or basketball, but they hate the rest of us.

And seeing that this is a place for us, I feel comfortable saying this here.  You've probably seen the Anthros on TV doing parlor tricks, like reading minds and making things move with their thoughts.  Thing is that I can do some tricks myself, but I don't like talking about it.  I mean, there are times that I can look through a place, and know where everything is.  A perfect memory.  That and I have this ability to know what the most valuable thing in a room is, how to steal it, and how to get away unseen.  I don't listen to it, but I know I can become the perfect thief if I wanted to.  I've met others that can do things too, but like most of us we keep it on the QT, if you get my meaning.  We're hated enough; I don't want to give these PSH's any ammo against us.

Beyond that, I'm guessing what I experience day to day is the same kind of thing any raccoon does.  From tests I know my sense of smell is better than normal people, my sense of touch is heightened, as is my hearing and night vision.  That and this whole "iron stomach" thing...  I have to really pull myself away from some "food" that others would consider disgusting.  To me it still smells good, but my parents taught me not to eat garbage.  It's a daily fight, sometimes.

So what I'm presenting here are our stories.  Everyone puts out their theories, but nobody seems to want to know us for who we are.  I'm a living being, I have a life, and I have more than a fluffy tail to show the world.  I'm inviting other Anthros, and friends of them, to tell me their stories.  I don't take any responsibilities for what you all send me; I'm just putting them up here for all of us to read.  I'm just the webmaster, not the editor, and I'm doing this between my classes so if there's updates I'll do it..  This is a page for us, by us.  And if we can figure out this whole fur coat thing, I'm all for that.

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