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You're probably wondering what you've just stumbled into.

This is an experiment of mine, creating a universe that's open to anyone to play around in.  "Russell" is a fictitious character who lives in this world, and he's also the "webmaster" of the site.  So all the stuff by him are by the character.

The basic idea of the series is laid out in the first page.  The universe is filled with anthromorphic creatures, and the stories on the site are of them, by them and friends of them.  Russell will make the occasional commentary, but for the most part he's just the webmaster.

This story series won't always have sex in it, its furry fiction.  So, if you want p0rn, that's on the rest of the site.  This is straight up writing.

Once you get the feeling of the universe, I invite people to write in it.  Think of the world today if it were filled with anthro creatures.  I look at it as being a world that's much like ours.  People afraid of different things, and they set out to hurt or destroy what they don't know.

The "Pure Strain Humans", for example, are a group of older people who are trying to regulate the "anthro" population through the government, as well as allegedly kidnapping several "anthros" for experiments or just killing them outright.  It depends who you talk to, and it's an open-ended group that has ties to the highest of governments.  Lucky for the Anthros, so do they.  When the president's son had an Anthro child, it made things very different for politics.

So I invite people to read the stories, and if you're so inclined please feel free to add one.  All I ask is that if you write for the universe, I want to put it on my site.  E-mail me at sockscatt@gmail.com if you have a story.  I will not be editing for this, I'm just going to be performing the role of Russell, as well as adding stories to the series as I can.

One more thing, the universe is © Socks Furrotica Press, all rights reserved.  Ok, legal stuff out.

To go back to the page you were at, use the back button, please.  This page hits a few of them in the Anthro folder, so there you go.