I'm not too good with the HTML, so please forgive the bad web authoring here.  I'm doing this stuff between classes too, so it's not always spell-checked and stuff.  Stories are in alphabetical order by author, and I'm adding a little to it too in this spot.  But when you read the stuff sent in, I haven't touched it.  WYSIWYG, so if you send me stuff spelled wrong, it's not gonna get fixed by this raccoon!  -Russ

Davis Foxx - I don't agree with his method, but I do agree that this collections lady had it coming to her.
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This is (unfortunately) a work of fiction. It depicts sex. Lots of quite graphic sex between several genders and arguably a few species. Af any of this offends you, or anything vaguely pornographic bothers you, don't read this, and don't send me your nasty e-mail (I may enjoy it, you know...) Being a work of fiction, none of the characters herein are based on a real person And similarity to any person alive, dead, undead or unalive is coincidental, totally. However, if you see yourself or someone you know in a character be honored. You've been immortalised.