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Bandit and Skids

Pic drawn by Bandit!  Thank you!!!!

Well, how do I explain this?  I guess that it was on my mind.  I do have to admit that there are a series of stories that did inspire me to write these.

What this IS?  Well, its a transformation story about a plushie spandex coon seeking his mate, and the adventures that follow after that.  A lot of spandex, a lot of plushie, and a lot of a skunk and raccoon.  So, yes, it's a plushophile, spandex, and probably a few other fettish stuff thrown in on top story.  VERY heavy into magic, so you've been warned.  I've been having fun writing it, I hope you folks enjoy it too.

Chapter 1

Raccoon tf, m/m, m/f, torture / ripping

Chapter 2

fixing, m/m, skunk t/f

Chapter 3

fox t/f, mating sequence

Chapter 4

rabbit t/f, leather fettish, m/m/m

Chapter 5

m/m/m, hard bondage, torture

Chapter 6

m/m, bondage,, genderchange, mouse and dragon t/f, m/f/m

Related stories :

m/m, Felne TF, Spandex abound!

A comissioned story in the "Bandit and Skids" Universe

Chapter 1
Capture, bondage, and setup
Chapter 2
Horse plush TF, m/m themes, bondage
Chapter 3
rubber toy TF, bondage, m/m
Chapter 4
dragon tf, m/m, bondage, more m/m all that
Chapter 5
m/m roleplay, m/m sex
Chapter 6
what do you expect?  m/m, some f/m bondage stuff...

So who's to blame for helping put me inthe right 'mindset'?

I guess I can blame Blayze for putting me into a plushie state of mind, a little bit.  Kinda.

But mostly two stories inspired me.
If you go to Narzil's web site, you'll find a story hidden in there called "A Night of Wishes"  It's a nice plushie story that, well, I liked it a lot.

Then if you look around a little, you'll find a story called "Soft Dragons" written by KAS (Who's e-mail I'd LOVE to find!)

Then there's "Tundra", my husky plush, who I've decided is hugable, loveable, and a wonderful companion when I'm home.  :)

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