Bandit and Skids
Chapter 1

Written by : Socks the Catt

© 2002 PFP, All rights reserved

He floated over the ground, his arms spread, his legs spread. His head arched back in a cry of pure ecstasy. He had already felt like he came a dozen times, and he was about to explode again. "MASTERR!!!!" he cried out as his body convulsed in the throes of another thunderous orgasm. His hips bucked into the air, as his form hung in space, suspended with the spell from his Master.

Master Fox watched his slave. The spell was running it's course, and not even the will of the Goddess would stop it now he thought to himself. He allowed himself the luxury to dwell on every circumstance that led to this moment. The slave found him online, and expressed interest in becoming a full time slave. Master Fox has seen them before, and told the slave that if he could get to his home, he could serve on a trial basis.

And to Master Fox's surprise, he did. The slave was the kindest, most gentle soul he had ever met. His spandex fetish and his affinity to furry were an attraction for the Master. After many play sessions Master Fox bought his slave a gift, a spandex raccoon costume. The slave fell all over himself thanking his Master, and wore it always. He only removed it to wash the suit, and to bathe, sometimes combining the two into one task.

Master Fox then told his young slave that he could be the spandex 'coon forever. He had to explain to him about this talents, and studies, but it wasn't anything that he wasn't prepared to share with his servant. The slave agreed to everything. Master Fox smiled to himself as he looked at his young slave. The spell was powerful enough to suspend him in the circle. The raccoon costume had already begun to replace his flesh, and his height was shrinking. His slave was becoming the purple and blue coon of his dreams.

The slave was coming off another orgasm when he felt his insides cramp hard. He couldn't double over, but he could feel his belly grow a little, become a little more like the plush his Master promised he would be. His headpiece suddenly fused, and became his new form, spandex ears and muzzle becoming his new body. He drew in one final breath in the haze of pleasure as his chest filled with fibers and soft foam, giving him his chest ruff and more rounded look.

As he felt the plastic unblinking eyes connect to his consciousness, the slave felt a voice in his mind. "You are a plush. Your name is Bandit. You exist for pleasure, sexual or otherwise. You live to serve."

"I live… to serve… I am Bandit. I am a plush." the slave whispered, his muzzle moving as he did. "I exist for pleasure…" And his body shook with the hardest orgasm he ever had as a human, and the first orgasm he had as a spandex plush.

Master Fox watched his slave's body go through the final act of transformation. His fingers becoming rigid in their blue spandex gloves. Toes fusing to the foot, becoming one unit. His ringed spandex tail filled with material, and fused to his body, stitching itself over the tail hole. His muzzle opened, and a spandex tongue was visible under his small blue plastic nose. His purple velour spandex body shrank to the right size, and puffed out to make his slave look like the proper plushie animal. His blue plastic penis was inside the purple sheath, formed perfectly into a raccoon's phallus. Finally, the blue bandit mask sealed on the purple velour face. Bandit cried out one last time as the ecstasy of transformation completed. He came, or felt like he did, and faded out of consciousness.

Master Fox recited the incantation, and the power circle faded. His plush slowly rested to the floor, and slumped over. When Master Fox he had said the last portion of he spell, binding it complete, he stepped to pick up what was his slave. It was lighter than he thought it would be. He gently caressed and pressed the spandex raccoon plush in his hands. It felt soft, warm and inviting. He held the large plush to his body and hugged it tight to him.

"Dear Goddess." he said softly. "Please tell me I did the right thing for this soul." He received no answer, but he held the newly formed toy in his arms. "I need to wake you up, little one." he said to the lifeless stuffed animal.

Master Fox reached onto a table and picked up a black nylon collar. It had "Bandit" embroidered on it, and glowed slightly of magical power. He kissed his creation on the nose, and placed the collar on it. As he did, he looked over the creation in his hands. From a tall human slave boy, he had created a purple spandex raccoon plushie, barely four feet tall, who was equipped for sex, and driven to serve. He marveled at this as he held Bandit in his arms.

Bandit's paw twitched, and his muzzle began to move slowly. After a few moments, the plush began to fully animate itself. It looked up to the man who held him. "Master?" it asked.

"I'm here Bandit." Master Fox said. "Are you ok?"

"I think so Master…" Bandit said. "I feel like I'm tingling all over."

"I don' know how long that will last little one." Master said. "But I will do all I can for you right now."

"Thank you Master." Bandit said, purring to himself. "I love you Master."

"And I you." The Master kissed his new creation on the nose, and held him tight.

By that evening, Bandit had forgotten his human past. He didn't know his name, or how he got to be with his Master, or what happened up until that morning. At evening's end, he could only remember that he was a human once, and now he was a plush toy. He was very happy with this, and he was happy to please his Master by answering questions and doing small tasks.

By month's end Bandit was cleaning he house, organizing the Master's clothing closet, and keeping as much as he could clean and tidy because his Master was pleased by it. Bandit was also learning fast how to please his Master sexually. In the morning he would wake up his Master with a blow job, and offer to drink his morning piss. Bandit would then try to prepare cold items for Master's breakfast, as he knew he was meltable. As Master worked, Bandit would clean things, or prepare rooms for guests, or sometimes Master would order him to rest on the bed, looking like a regular plushie critter. Bandit would do all those things for his Master.

One day Bandit approached his Master, and bowed his head respectfully. "Master? I have a need to tell you something."

Master Fox looked down at his plush companion. He still marveled at how his muzzle moved, how his tail swayed, how everything about him was alive but him. But he knew that a being made from pure pleasure would have a need that he could not fill alone. When he researched the spell, he knew that this moment would come. "Is it time, young one?"

"Yes Master. I knew that you would know." Bandit said. "I am sorry."

"No, my precious. Don't be sorry." Master Fox had a soft spot in his heart for his spandex plush pet. He picked up the coon and sat him down in his lap. "If you're ready, I am too."

"I am, Master. But, can I hold you a while?" Master Fox smiled to himself, and held his plush into his chest.

- -

Kyle received his package in the mail, and he was shaking as he opened it. The excitement of what he was getting was too much for him to bear. The flaps ripped open, and inside was the purple spandex raccoon plush he had bought from the guy on the usenet. As he took it out, he felt his heart skip a few beats as he took out it's collar, and the instructions. He closed his bedroom door as he read the instruction sheet.

"Your new yiffyplush is named Bandit." the instructions said. "He is fully sexually compatable with all genders. To activate, place the collar around his neck so that his name is readable and perform a sexual act with him in any way you see fit. He will automatically wake up. If you are dissatisfied with Bandit, follow his instructions for deactivation and return him to he company for a full refund. Washing instructions :"

Kyle put the paper down. He'd figure out how to wash it later. In a moment he was out of his clothing and had the door locked. He thought of getting out his black diving suit, or one of his other spandex toys. He decided not to, the first time would be just him and this delicious spandex plush toy.

He was hard and dribbling precum as he laid down in the bed. He placed Bandit's collar around the neck of the toy, and stroked himself into a full erection. He closed his eyes and placed the spandex muzzle around his shaft. The black velveteen tongue felt wonderful as it cradled and caressed his cock. Slowly, he pushed the plush head of Bandit up and down, feeling the spandex inside the muzzle of his newest toy totally cover him.

Bandit slowly awoke, and began to taste the sex of his new owner. Before he could see anything, he instinctively began to move his muzzle to massage his owner's shaft. Kyle moaned in appreciation, whatever it was in the mouth felt wonderful, so he just put the head into his lap and enjoyed the feeling. Bandit appreciated it, and took the shaft hungrily and began to work at it. After a few minutes, Bandit began to feel his paws and his legs, so he slowly raised a paw to heft his owner's balls.

Kyle put his hands behind his head, and enjoyed the feeling of this mechanical toy. The seller promised it would be wonderful, and he wasn't wrong! Kyle moaned a little, feeling his balls being raised up. The new sensation began to drive him over the edge. Without thinking he placed his hand on Bandit's head and humped into it, moaning softly to himself.

Bandit expanded his spandex muzzle and took in the new length and power. He rolled his tail softly to one side, and instinct took over. He mouthed his owner harder now, massaging his balls, wanting to taste his first cum.

Kyle bit his lip as the eruption took over, and sprayed cum into the mouth of his newest toy. Bandit accepted it all, bonding to his new owner instantly. Kyle's orgasm died down, and he picked up the purple spandex coon and nuzzled him to his cheeks. He could smell his own cum in the plushie's muzzle. "Thank you mister Bandit!"

"Thank you Master!" Bandit said. Kyle dropped the coon on his chest and stared at it dumbfounded. "Does Master displease you? I can call you Sir if you like?"

Kyle looked at the coon on his chest, and shook his head and blinked twice. Reality snapped back as he looked at the thing on his chest. "Wh… what?"

"I am Bandit." the coon said, getting onto it's paws to look more dignified. "I assumed you are my owner, because you activated me."

"Wait right here, ok?" Kyle said, placing the plush off his chest, and then rolling off the bed to find the instructions. He skimmed the whole thing and saw what he was hoping for.

"Bandit is a marvel of technology. Treat him as if he were alive, as he will respond best to interactive conversation." It went on as to how Bandit was fully trainable, and his AI would respond best if it were treated like any other person. Kyle let out a laugh, and looked up to Bandit who hadn't moved.

"You're a computer?"

"A com, pew, ter? No, I'm not familiar with that. No. I'm Bandit. Who are you?"

Kyle looked at the sheet again, and saw trainable, and remembered that it called him Master. "Your… Master. Yes, I like that. I am your Master."

"Then hello Master!" Bandit said with a chipper sound. "I am Bandit, and I am here to serve your needs."

Three years or so later, Kyle was moving out of his college dorm to go live with his girlfriend. As he was packing things, he saw Bandit out of the corner of his eye packing things as well and humming a happy song to himself. Bandit had served him well over the years, doing housework and having some great sex. But the sex was less now, as his girlfriend shared a fetish with him for lycra and latex. He had managed to keep Bandit his secret, and didn't want to move him in with his new girlfriend. He made his mind up at what needed to be done, but didn't like to do it.

He walked over to Bandit, who was taping up a box. "Your books are packed Master Kyle! Is there anything else I can do for you?"

"Umm, yeah." Kyle said, trying to find the words. "I need to know where your instructions are."

"Oh! I'll get them!" Bandit said, and happily scampered into the closet to get them. Kyle felt heart broken, Bandit was a true innocent, a good friend, his confidant, an advisor of minor crisis, and probably the best ear and shoulder he'd ever had to cry on. "Here you go Master Kyle!"

Kyle looked over the instructions, and saw that he had to ask Bandit about deactivation. He bit his lip, and looked at Bandit. He looked as good as ever, no wear marks, no nothing wrong with him. "Bandit. I need to shut you down."

"Oh! For the move Master Kyle?"

"No, forever. I can't take you with me." Kyle knelt next to his plush friend. "You're not mad at me, are you?"

"Of course not!" Bandit said with a happy tone. "You're my friend, and I know all about Cathy and you. I want nothing but the best for you and her! I've heard you talk to her, and I know I can't be in the way. I'm not mad, I'm really, really happy!" Kyle lost it. He cried and hugged his friend. Bandit looked confused. "Am I supposed to be mad?"

"no! no!" Kyle said. "I just didn't think you'd be so cool with it."

"A part of me knows that I am not supposed to be with my owners forever." Bandit said. "I only ask one thing."


"When you deactivate me, can you wear that blue diving suit I like so much? It's how I want to remember you." Kyle nodded somberly. He hadn't packed it yet, it would be easy to do.

That night Kyle had followed Bandit's instructions. "Ok, so the box is ready, the bid information is out there, there's already three bids on you Bandit! So what do I do now?"

Bandit nodded. "You must remove my collar, and sexually please me without sexually pleasing yourself. I will return to the state that I arrived to you in. I won't cum on your hands or anything like that, but I'll have an orgasm and revert to my inert state."

Kyle sat next to Bandit. He pulled Bandit into his blue lycra covered chest. The two of them hugged, spandex on spandex, and Kyle shivered in delight. His sexual excitement was obvious, as was Bandit's. Bandit's blue penis slid out of it's sheath while Kyle played with him. Kyle pulled the hood over his head, and straightened out the seams so Bandit could see his face framed in the lycra hood. He then reached up with his neoprene gloves to Bandit's collar, a collar he hadn't touched for years, and he unbuckled it. And with his other hand, he removed it from his plushie's neck. Bandit suddenly looked naked to Kyle, and Kyle placed the collar at his side.

Bandit purred, feeling sexually charged, ready for what was about to happen. "Master Kyle?" Kyle looked down "Thank you for owning me."

"Shh, don't make this harder than it already is." Kyle said. He laid down on his back, and rubbed Bandit up and down his spandex-covered belly and torso. Bandit began to coo louder, fully enjoying the ministrations of his Master. Kyle then placed Bandit's hindlegs to straddle his belly, and in his neoprene glove he grabbed Bandit's plastic shaft and began to stroke him.

Bandit moaned, his plastic eyes catching the light as his head arched back. Bandit looked into Kyle's eyes, and then across his spandex Master's blue torso. His spandex tail shot straight up, and hardened. He felt his body getting stiffer. As his shaft began to pulse, Bandit let out a muffled cry, and looked at his Master of several years. "Thank you, Masterrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!" Bandit's eyes locked onto the dark blue spandex form of Kyle as his consciousness faded. Kyle could feel the Shaft in his hands throb and vibrate, but as promised nothing came out. He looked at Bandit's eyes the whole time, and watched as the glimmer faded from them.

Kyle ret go of Bandit's shaft, and it retreated into his sheath as if on a tether. "Bandit?" Kyle said. "Bandit?" It was over, thankfully. Kyle laid on the floor, in his spandex suit, all night holding Bandit in his arms. He woke up the next morning, with the spandex plushie next to him. He had almost forgotten he was deactivated. He sat Bandit up on the computer table with some dignity to look at the bidding. It was up to what he paid for Bandit in the first place. He smiled to himself, and looked to Bandit. "If you can hear me, you're going to a good home."

- -

Tracy laid back on her bed, in her leather cuffs. She loved playing this game with Bandit, where he was the sensual torturer and she was the helpless woman in distress. Her arms were chained to he headboard with enough room to bring her arms to her neck, and her ankles up a little, but not much else. She always loved the feeling of the velvet spandex as it touched her shaven pussy, and the velvet tongue inside her always sent her into a heavenly bliss.

Bandit was relishing the game, as he always had. Mistress Tracy loved to be licked in the right places, but never in a set way, Bandit liked the challenge of being able to free-form his "torture". Tonight he had buried his spandex muzzle deep into her vagina and snaked his tongue as deep as it could go. He would occasionally use his plastic nose to touch the insides of her, and rub her in a special way that he learned she loved. Tracy let out a squeal of delight as she felt this, and began to beg for him to release her.

"Please! I'll be good! I promise!" She said. It was all a part of the game, Bandit knew the safe word was Snowball, and he knew that she loved to mock fight. "I'll be.. I'll.. OH GOD BANDIT!" She wailed as she thrust herself into his muzzle. He juices washed over his spandex face, and a little over his plastic eye. Her smell was intoxicating, and her taste was exquisite as usual. Bandit held his muzzle into her as she had her massive orgasm.

Tracy came down slowly, breathing harder. Bandit held himself into her, as she always told him to do when she came. She relaxed her arms. "Snowball, my pet!" Bandit removed himself from her, with a long lick along the wall of her vagina. Tracy shook and moaned one last time. Bandit crawled on top of his Mistress and laid his head into her shoulder. Her bonds let her put her hand down to his head, and she petted him gently.

"Is Mistress pleased?" Bandit asked

"Mistress is VERY pleased, my pet." she said. Bandit reached up with his paw and flashed the key. "Not yet pet. I want to enjoy this for a while longer."

"As Mistress wants." Bandit cooed.

- -

Bandit wailed in pain as Peter yanked off the clothespins from his tail. Brian watched in amusement as Peter pulled and yanked at the toy he had trussed up in a spread eagle. Bandit was looking worse for wear since being owned by these two, but still barely held his seams together.

Brian got up and put his beer down. "And you say he really can feel that?"

"He acts like it, don't he!" Peter said, pulling on the purple ball sac hard. Bandit screamed in agony as the material was pulled to the breaking point. Peter had already used vise grips and crushed whatever was inside that sac, enjoying the pain that caused his little toy..

"So what'd you pay for him?"

"Not much." Peter said. "I figure I'll just toss it out after I'm done with it. Think of this as a warm up for the boy that Tom is bringing by."

Brian clapped his hands and rubbed them together. "So let's see what this thing does with real pain." as he pulled Bandit's tail hard. Bandit's cries were from the bottom of his soul.

- -

Joe was taking a shortcut home. Chicago's back alleys are perfect places to make up a little time when you want to get home on foot. He was walking down one when he heard a door slam on an apartment building. He looked over out of reflex, and saw something in a cardboard box with what looked like a stuffed animal in it.

Curiosity got the better of him, and he walked over to the dumpster it was placed next to. Inside he saw the purple head of something, it had a blue mask over it's eyes. He could also see that I wasn't a typical stuffed animal, the material wasn't plush. "Hey there little guy!" Joe said to it. "Why would someone throw you away?"

He picked up the box, and saw it's tail had been pulled out at the stitching. "Aww, is that all? I can fix that! Have you good as new in no time! So what's your name little guy?" Joe pulled the stuffed animal up out of the box by the chin, and saw the collar which was barely inside the box. He picked it up, and looked at the nylon material. "Bandit, huh? Well come on home with me Bandit, I'll give you a good fix." He looked around to make sure that it hadn't lost anything else, scooped up the battered box, and stuffed it under his arm. He then picked up his pace to get home, it was going to be a cold night, he needed to turn up the heat before the snap hit.

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