Bandit and Skids
Chapter 2

Written by : Socks the Catt

© 2002 PFP, All rights reserved

Joe closed the door of his apartment. It wasn't much to speak of, but it was his. What little belongings he had were scattered in the room he rented. Between the rented furniture and the cardboard book shelf, it wasn't luxury. But it was all he ever really needed.

He closed the door and tapped the thermostat. He set it to a nice 75 and took off his wet clothing. He put the box down on the table to check his messages, nothing. So the dating service didn't work, how many gay guys actually went to it anyway? Ahh, he'd find someone, someday.

Joe then looked at the purple spandex plush in the cardboard box. He always loved spandex, but always felt a little intimidated to wear it. He ever did have the physique for it. But for a plush, it looked like it should be perfect in spandex. "Well, little guy, I think I can make some needy kid happy with you, can't I?" He put his jacket up on the chair, and sat down at the table. He turned on the radio, and slid the whole plush out of the box. He shook his head as he looked at the remnants of a stuffed animal. "Or just keep you for myself or something. You're a wreck."

One paw was singed, obviously by the smell by a cigar or something. The foot was mangled, but fixable. The tail was torn off, but it looked like the seams popped and nothing else. A little bit of TLC, and a few dollars down at the fabric store, some fiberfill, and this guy would be… well, it was obviously a guy. Joe looked at the sheath with some interest now. "I didn't know they made 'em like this!" he said with an appreciative whistle. He felt the ball sac, and could feel that something inside had been crushed or broken. He looked under the tail, mostly for curiosity, and saw that it too was ripped up, but there was obviously a hole there that was put in at the time of manufacture.

Joe turned it all around, looking for a tag, and found none. "Must have been on the tail seam" he said aloud. He reached into a drawer for a pen and paper, and started on a list. That night he used a seam ripper to get inside that sac, and found that there should have been two glass or crystal bits in there. They looked like they were supposed to be held in a fine netting inside, which had cords going up into the belly of the raccoon. "I have to admire that…" Joe looked at the collar again to make sure he had the name right "Bandit! You're made correctly!" He took a small scissors and cut a swatch from the tail of the blue material, and from the tail base of the purple. He made a list of what he'd need, and what it would take to fix this interesting toy.

Over the next few weeks, Joe worked on Bandit when he had time. With his work schedule it wasn't easy, but seeing as nobody would even give him the time of day at the bars he had some spare time. It's not that he was ugly, he was just overly plain. He had tried the leather bars, but because he wasn't a ripped leather daddy or a meek leather slave nobody bothered. He didn't look too good in spandex, even though he liked the few times he'd worn it. So he kept on looking where he could but never expected to find anyone.

On the third night of working on Bandit he looked inside the cardboard box, and found a yellowed and torn piece of paper. With some interest, he read the first paragraph.

"Your new yiffyplush is named Bandit. He is fully sexually compatible with all genders. To activate, place the collar around his neck so that his name is readable and perform a sexual act with him in any way you see fit. He will automatically wake up. If you are dissatisfied with Bandit, follow his instructions for deactivation and return him to he company for a full refund."

Joe looked for the address of the company, but it was torn off, as was the bottom third of the letter. Wherever he was manufactured, it was gone to the winds. He looked on the box for any clue, but the postmark was from many years ago. "The mystery deepens, Doesn't it Bandit?" Joe said, snickering to himself. "So you're a yiffyplush, huh? I'll have to look that company up on the web!" Joe tried, but never could find it. But he did place the collar onto the plush so it wouldn't get lost.

After some time, Joe had managed to bring Bandit back to what could pass as a second rate spandex plush stuffed animal. He replaced the glass shards in the sac with crystal stones he bought at a new age store. Nobody else had the same color that he could rescue from the shards that were left over. He almost laughed when the store manager said they would bring luck and good fortune to whoever had them. He found some material that was very close to the purple and the blue of the original workmanship. He repaired the paw, the tail, the foot, all by hand.

The night Joe finished he placed Bandit onto his bed in a gentle way. He looked at the spandex plush with some pride. He learned to sew in high school, and was very happy to have remembered some of the details, like how to stitch. Joe walked over to his rescued plush and nuzzled him on the nose. "Ahh, if only you were really real, like that letter says." He put the needle and thread away, and decided that the next night he'd reward himself by finding someone at the "Crowbar".

Days became a week, then another. Joe came home dejected one night. He went into the leather bar again, this time wearing his leather collar. He didn't even bother taking it off to come home. He was shot down more times than a target duck, and feeling much like one too.

He closed his apartment door and locked it, throwing his winter jacket over the table in disgust. "Why do I bother?" he said to himself. "I'm not a fucking porn jock." He stripped out of his clothing and threw them into his bedroom in anger. He sat down on his bed, naked but the collar, and propped himself up to watch television. When he shifted on the bed, Bandit rolled from his usual position of standing on the nightstand, and ended up next to Joe, face down.

Joe looked at the purple spandex coon. "Well, at least I have one friend." he said. He held the plush to his chest, and quietly asked "You'll be my friend, won't you?" Bandit didn't say anything. Joe ran his finger along the black nylon collar, tracing the embroidered "BANDIT" on the side.. "Yours is kinda like mine, isn't it? Nobody to enjoy it with huh?"

He then ran his finger along the blue eye mask of the plush. It looked a lot better after he put the collar back onto the thing when he started repairing it. "Will you be my friend tonight?" Joe asked, looking into Bandit's plastic eyes. Joe had a lot of pent up sexual need, and the paper he kept had washing instructions, what was the harm in keeping it for a quick masturbation once in a while? At least Bandit wouldn't tell him he wasn't queer enough, or ripped enough, or bear enough, or whatever those jerks wanted to find that night.

Joe stroked himself on Bandit's inner thigh enough to get a nice erection, and rolled Bandit so he was on his belly. He then looked under his tail, and saw the hole he had lovingly fixed. The stitching didn't look so bad now. Joe held onto the hips of his coon and thrust himself in slowly. He expected no resistance, but found it was tight enough for resistance, but loose enough for a good fucking. Joe moaned as he began to thrust in and out of his plush raccoon.

Bandit became aware of his surroundings, it wasn't the end as he had feared. He last remembered seeing a scissors and his collar being removed. He remembered saying a silent prayer to the Goddess for his soul as he faded out. But this was nice, his tail hole was being filled, and he could smell the sweat of a man mounting him. For a moment he thought of thanking the Goddess for a good afterlife, but it didn't feel like it was quite an after life. Bandit didn't risk a look, and remained motionless.

Joe dug his fingers into the plush and thrust one final time, cumming into the tail hole of the spandex coon hard. He held himself into the tail hole for a while afterwards, before slowly pulling his softening penis out. Much to his surprise, he wasn't covered in his own cum. He laid down on the bed, and rubbed his nose against Bandit's spandex nose. "Thank you my friend."

Bandit looked down on his new owner. He was wearing a collar too, Bandit thought to himself. Then memories flooded in. When the collar was placed onto him he started collecting information about his surroundings. This man's name was Joe. He repaired me. He spent weeks fixing me. He put the collar on me so I wouldn't lose it! He saved me! Bandit felt like he wanted to cry, in joy.

Joe lowered the coon to his side, and hugged him. He stopped for a moment, as it almost felt like the thing hugged him back. Joe shrugged it off, and turned on the TV.

They both woke up in the morning to the sunlight. Joe groggily got up, and looked at the alarm clock. 8:30. Way too early. As he rolled over, he looked at the coon again. "Good morning Bandit."

"Good morning Master Joe."

Joe rolled over "Must still be sleeping." he mumbled.

"No Master Joe." Bandit said. "And I want to thank you."

Joe rolled onto his back, his arms wide. He figured it was a dream. "Ok, how about a good morning suck?"

"Yes Master!" Bandit cheerfully said. Without hesitation, he bounded between Master Joe's legs and took his already hard shaft into his muzzle and began to massage it. Joe moaned softly as Bandit worked his oral magic on the young man, and in no time Joe was awake and on the verge of a morning cum. He looked down at his plushie creation, and watched it suck him off.

"You… you're…… oh… ohhhhh!!! AAHHHHHHHHH!!!!" Joe exclaimed as he came wildly into Bandit's mouth. He bucked his hips, and Bandit held on for dear life, but managed to keep each drop in his muzzle.

Joe fell back onto the bed, and panted hard. He reached down between his legs and scooped up the spandex coon. He looked at it as Bandit smacked his lips, enjoying the taste. "You're real." he said, in amazement.

"I'm real." Bandit said happily.

"The letter was true?"

"Yes Master Joe."

"Please, just Joe."

"Ok Joe."

They looked at each other for a few moments. Joe finally put Bandit down next to him and rolled over on the bed. "What are you?"

"Bandit!" Joe looked disappointed, and motioned like he was expecting a better answer. "I'm sorry, I'm not used to the question. You're the first to ask me directly, and I'm forbidden to lie if asked. I'm a construct. I used to be human, I was transformed into what you see now. I don't remember anything of my life to that point. I've been a plush for a long time, I don't know the years. I've been traveling the world, on a mission."

"What mission?" Joe asked.

"I'm looking for my mate." Joe looked confused. "I was created in pure pleasure, pure ecstasy. A part of my makeup is to find the one that I am mated to in the world. My creator released me into the world to find that one."

Joe stroked Bandit on the head. "Find her yet?"

"Her? It could be anyone." Bandit said. "But I think I know where to look." he said with a smile.

Joe got used to having Bandit around in a no time. Bandit cleaned the house, did things, and most of all was there for him. Joe kept on going out to find his own partner in life, and always got shot down. Too thin, too fat, not enough leather, too much leather, And Joe would talk to Bandit. Bandit would consol him, and they'd usually have fantastic sex afterwards. After a while, Joe didn't go to the bars as much as he had in the past, he just stayed home and talked to Bandit for hours on end.

After one night at the bar scene Joe held Bandit to him. "You know kiddo?" Bandit perked his ear in a way that Joe always liked. "I envy you."

"How so?" Bandit asked.

"I love spandex, I mean that's what drew me to you when I found you out there. I wish I had a suit like that."

"Do you mean it?" Bandit perked.

"Well, not exactly like you." Joe said. "I'd probably do something different."

"Like what?"

"Naw, it's too silly." Joe said, still feeling the sting from that night's crash and burn.

"Please tell me?" Bandit pleaded. "I want to know!"

Joe shook his head. "Promise you won't laugh." Bandit nodded, and crossed his heart. "Ok, I thought about this, I'd have a skunk suit. I've always liked skunks. I used to have one, long time ago, but you know, they get lost."

Bandit looked sad as he sat down on Joe's lap and hugged him. "That's so sad! Know where it went?"

"No idea. Just lost it around high school I think." Joe said. "His name was Skids, always slept with him for a long time. I think I'd get a suit like that, but more like you."

"Like me?" Bandit perked. "You'd like to be like me?"

"Kinda like you, but blue body and not purple." Joe said, tracing his finger along the coon as he spoke, highlighting the parts he spoke of. "And a purple stripe, not white. I'd want a purple mask like you've got around my eyes too. And paws like yours, but in purple boots and gloves like yours. And blue ears and black belly patch like yours, and… this is embarrassing." Bandit nudged Joe in encouragement. "Black balls like yours, black shaft and sheath tho. There, sounds really silly, doesn't it?"

"No!!!" Bandit said. "It sounds absolutely WONDERFUL!" Joe blushed. "I think you'd look good in it!"

"You're just saying that." Joe said. "I'm really too thin to wear anything like that."

"If you could, would you?" Bandit asked. Joe thought a moment, and nodded. "There! See? You're not too thin, or too fat, you're just perfect."

"Thank you Bandit." Joe said, hugging his friend. As Joe slept that night, Bandit quietly rolled out of bed and turned on Joe's computer. He had seen Joe do it a million times, and knew how to get on the internet. After some doing, he fired up a web browser and started typing.

A few days later, a package arrived at Joe's door. Joe thought nothing of it, probably another book of the month club BS or something. When he walked in Bandit pounced on him playfully. Joe loved it when Bandit was cute like this, and Joe hugged and kissed his plushie friend. "Long day at work hun?" Bandit asked.

Joe laughed as he closed the door behind him. "Yeah, another day at the grinder. Oh! Got a package! Really light for such a big box."

"OOOO! Lemme see!" Bandit said with excitement! Joe was trapped, so he shrugged and opened the box. Inside was two envelopes. One marked "Joe" and the other "Bandit." Joe looked worried, and turned a little pale.

"Who knows you're here?" Joe asked.

"My creator." Bandit said. "I, umm, I chatted with him the other night while you were sleeping. I didn't think you'd mind, it was online and all."

"How did you… Oh never mind, I don't want to know. So is he coming for you?"

"No!" Bandit said defensively. "He was happy to hear from me, and happy to hear about you! He wanted to thank you for rescuing me, and bringing me back from the trash heap. Your reward is in that envelope!"

Joe looked at Bandit with a leery eye. "It's nothing bad, right?" Bandit shook his head, so Joe opened it. He jaw hit the floor as he pulled out a blue velour spandex outfit. "I can't take this Bandit!" Joe said.

"Please? For me? He said you'd like it, and I thought I knew your size, please Joe? Take it?" Bandit looked to Joe with as much as a pleading eyes as he could.

Joe sighed, Bandit never asked for much of anything, so one thing wouldn't kill him. "Oh, ok. So what is this?" Joe said as he unfolded the suit. The first thing he saw was the purple velour spandex stripe running down the back of the deep blue velour into a nicely shaped spandex tail, stuffed with just the right amount of fiberfill. His eyes followed it up to the head, and blue ears were perched atop it, complimenting the blue head piece.

Joe turned it around, and drank in the costume. Purple paws, matching Bandit to a shade. The black underbelly went from the neck to between the legs as perfect haunches, to just under the tail. The deep blue suit looked perfect, down to the black ball sac and black sheath. Over the mouth area was a patch of black under the chin, just on where the muzzle would be, attaching it to the belly patch. Three fingers on the hand, like Bandit, no toes on the feet, like Bandit. A replica in style, but a blue, black and purple skunk.

Joe looked to Bandit, who was erect out of his sheath. He looked a little guilty, and ashamed to beg, but he looked to Joe pleading with his plastic eyes. "Would you try it on? For me?"

Joe smiled. "How can I say no to a face like that? Want to help me get in it?" Bandit nodded eagerly, and they both went into the bedroom together.

Bandit was in heaven the whole time, helping Joe into the suit. The first thing he did was to pull from inside the sheath and pull out of it a black sleeve made of a plastic. "This fits over yours." he said. "Can I?" Joe nodded as Bandit undid his pants. Bandit sucked and massaged Joe to an erection in no time. Joe's knees buckled a little as Bandit slipped the sleeve over his erection. Joe looked down at his black cock, seeing that it did look more feral, more like Bandit's.

Joe took off the rest of his clothing as Bandit helped him step into the feet of the suit through the opening on the belly seam. After a little coaxing, and some groping, Joe's erection slid into the sheath, and his balls fell into his sac. Bandit wasted no time in sliding the spandex suit over Joe's shoulders, and over his arms. The hood slid over Joe's head easily.

Joe ran his hand over the opening of the belly patch, and looked at Bandit. "So how do you close it? Is there a Velcro tab or something?"

Bandit thought a moment. "No… no Velcro… AHH! I know!" Bandit reached into the nightstand and found some black thread and a needle. "Do you trust me Joe?"

"Always." Joe said, laying down on his back. Bandit threaded the needle, and straddled Joe's body. He let his tail poke against Joe's new spandex sheath, and cooed happily at the sensation. Bandit shook his head a little, trying to snap himself out of his bliss, and began to sew the seam shut. Joe watched his friend's work, how close his stitches are. Bandit worked carefully, taking his time as he worked up the seam of the black belly patch. Bandit hummed to himself as he worked, helping Joe relax.

After an hour, Bandit was done. He finished the last stitch, cut the thread close, and put the sewing supplies away. Joe felt a tingle all over his body, Bandit's sensual rubbing from the last hour of close-up work had encouraged Joe's erection to poke out from it's new spandex sheath. After closing the drawer, Bandit looked over Joe, smiling as only he could. "You look wonderful Joe! I knew you would!"

Joe looked at his paw, and then reached back to his tail and inspected it. He felt a calming effect as he did this, and smiled contently. "Umm, don't call me Joe, ok?" he said, not feeling comfortable with that name.

"What would you prefer?" Bandit asked.

And after a moment of thought, and a few looks at himself. "Skids." he said. "I liked that name for a skunk, I want to keep it. So call me Skids when I'm wearing this, ok?"

Bandit pounced onto the skunk happily, and licked his friend all over with his spandex velour tongue. Joe laughed, and laid back to take it all in. Bandit was in heaven, and felt somewhat drunk on the pleasure of licking this man in spandex. Not since his first owner did he get to taste spandex on spandex.

Joe laid back on the bed and made soft purring noises. It felt good to have Bandit lavish him like this, and if they kept it up he might never have the hangup of wearing spandex again. Bandit was a machine, it seemed, licking, pinching, rubbing, massaging, and enjoying the smells and taste again. Joe never opened his eyes for what felt like hours of sweet heavenly bliss.

Bandit then stopped, with a final kiss to Joe's balls and shaft. Joe had yet another orgasm, and rolled his head a little in the afterglow. He stopped counting the times Bandit helped him cum at around ten, and there had been many after that. He was in bliss. Bandit crawled up to Joe's head and nuzzled with him. Joe had stopped thinking of himself as Joe for a while, and only thought of himself as Skids, the plushie lover of Bandit. Skids wrapped his arms around the spandex coon and held him tight. The two hugged and snuggled.

Bandit pulled away slightly and looked down to the skunk suited man under him. "Skids?"

"Mmm?" He replied, still feeling blissful.

"Do you remember a long time ago, I told you that I was looking for my mate?" Skids nodded. "I found him. He's you Skids."

Skids opened his eyes slowly. It was dark outside, but he felt so wonderfully it didn't matter. "I feel like that about you too, Bandit." He stroked the plushiecoon on the head. "You're always 100% love, and you're always there for me."

Bandit cooed to Skids touch. "I want to do something, but I kinda need your consent." Bandit said. "I can make our lives so much better, so much more filled. But I need you to want it too."

Skids looked around his apartment. He lived here for a long time, had a job that went nowhere, couldn't find a man, and did love Bandit. And as he thought about it, his heart opened up to his coon plushie, and he felt more love for him than any other man at any leather bar. He looked around his place, and saw nothing there. He looked at Bandit. "If I can be with you, and feel like this all the time, then I want it."

Bandit smiled, and kissed the man under him. Skids returned the kiss passionately. Bandit pulled away, and rolled off Skids. He then gently pushed on his side, and Skids rolled onto his belly with a contented smile. Bandit knelt behind him, lifting his skunk tail high up onto his back. He felt a gentle exploration under the tail. He was a virgin to anal sex, and Bandit had never mounted him before, but Skids felt totally at ease with Bandit.

Bandit looked down, and ran his paws over the blue velour spandex, then up and down the purple stripe up his back. Skids murred at the attention, and relaxed his body some. Bandit took in a deep breath, and took in the scent of sweat on spandex. And, gently, he placed his tip under the tail hole of Skids. Skids gasped as he felt the tip penetrate him gently, but relaxed as Bandit pushed further into his hole. It offered a lot less resistance than he thought he would.

Skids closed his eyes and felt the wave of pleasure wash over him. The raccoon behind him was not an amateur, Bandit was gentle, firm, and made love to Skids. It wasn't just a fucking, it was passionate and pure emotions. Skids opened his eyes and felt his grasp of the sheets begin to give. He wasn't worried, all he felt was the rapture and pleasure of the moment.

Softly, Bandit began a chant. And as his raccoon phallus slid easily into the hole of the spandex skunk under him, Bandit could feel the skunk's body shrink a little, then more, then more…

As his grip released from the sheets, Skids began to pant. Bandit's grinding was masturbating him into the bed and his belly, and the sensations of being mounted and humping the bed was driving him into one more orgasm. He barely noticed his belly filling under him, or his chest puffing up and getting harder with fibers. He began to moan, then grunt, then slowly opened his mouth "Bandit… Ban dit…. Harder! Please!"

The coon complied, and started to roughly pound the spandex tail hole of his skunk lover. Bandit's chanting got more rhythmic, and his paws began to glow. He grabbed Skid's tail, and held it up along his back. Skids suddenly felt something inside him, a warm, loving voice wrapped in ecstasy and passion. As he heard it, it filled him with warmth, and pleasure.

"You are a plush. Your name is Skids. You exist for pleasure, sexual or otherwise. You live to serve." And it repeated the mantra slowly. Skids opened his mouth, and his eyes. As he felt his eyes glaze over, becoming light blue marbles of plastic, he began to repeat the mantra. "I am a plush. My name is Skids. I exist for pleasure, sexual or otherwise. I live to serve."

Bandit exploded in an orgasm, spewing from his plastic shaft his essence, the purity of pleasure. Skid's body accepted it, and his plush form filled with harder fibers. His face expanded, filling in the black and blue spandex muzzle. His ears suddenly perked up, and his tail shook as it filled to rigidity straight up his back. Skids opened his mouth to wail in pleasure, and his tongue covered in a blue velour spandex, filling to a soft feel. The blue spandex velour skunk shrank to exactly Bandit's size as the last of his organic form became hard fibers. Skids began to convulse, and he felt himself cum hard, all his human seed expelled itself on the sheets in a tidal wave of pleasure.

He last felt his balls change, human testicles to globes, perfectly round, he could feel them become caught in the fine net, which caused him to convulse again, and feel like he was cumming hard again. Bandit grasped the black shaft of the skunk plush and held his throbbing plastic skunk cock. Bandit had one last thrust, and he pulled Skids into him completely. Skids was so lost in the moment, he tried to cry out in pleasure but couldn't.

With the last thrust, the coon collapsed behind the skunk, and rolled to the side of him. Skids tried to turn, but lost consciousness soon after Bandit dismounted him. His last thought was that or pleasure, pure passion for Bandit. His mate. Ban….

Bandit shook his head a little. He had never actually cum like that before, and it took him by surprise. Bandit rested a few moments, but then he rolled the skunk plush over to look at him. Absolutely perfect smooth body, nice stitch work, the sheath was perfect, and the plastic shaft inside his sheath was beautiful. Bandit traced Skid's purple eye mask, and kissed his lover on his black plastic nose. He traced the line where the black chin and the blue muzzle met on the jaw line, then around his purple mask.

"I love you Skids." he said to the plush skunk. "We'll be together now. But we need to do something first." He kissed the skunk on top of his head, at the beginning of his stripe, and put him down on the corner of the bed to collect what he had to.

Bandit worked quickly. He put Skids into the box, and removed the self adhesive strips. Bandit then opened his envelope, and slapped the new sticker onto the top of the box. He grabbed the yellowed paper from the desk, as well as the envelope Skid's costume came in. He piled it all into the box, and opened the front door. He looked behind him one last time, and picked up the box. "I hope you don't hate me Skids. You'll love where we're going." he said.

Skids took the box outside with a cautious glance around. He closed Joe's door, and went down to the front door of the apartment complex. He put down the box, and looked at the sticker. Overnight to one place, and he knew the box would be transferred a few times. Skids wouldn't know anything about the trip, but for Bandit, it would be long. He stepped into the box, removed the last self-adhesive strip, and sealed himself in with his mate.

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