Bandit and Skids
Chapter 3

Written by : Socks the Catt

© 2002 PFP, All rights reserved

Bandit rested himself as he looked out of the small crack in the box. The box they were both in was picked up that morning, and shipped as normal. Bandit spent the whole time hugging Skids form, never letting him go for the whole trip. Every once in a while he'd see something familiar, an airplane, a human, some more boxes, whatever he could see. Most of it was just a blur, however, as he never could get a good look outside.

Some days later A truck pulled up to Master Fox's house. A man brought a box out, and carried it to the house. A plain looking house, as it was, nothing unusual. The man was about to ring the bell when he saw the sign. "OK to leave package on doorstep. M. Fox" The delivery man shrugged, scanned the code into his box, and left the package. A few minutes later, the door opened, and a man reached out for the box.

The flaps began to open as Bandit woke himself up from his rest. He had hoped it wasn't a curious delivery man, or something worse. "Well well…" a voice said. "My little Bandit came home?"

"MASTER!" Bandit pounced out of the box and thrust his arms around the man. "I've missed you so much! I have so much to tell you Master!" Bandit kissed his Master's cheek dozens and dozens of times. Master Fox smiled. It had been a very long time, almost fifteen years, but he knew his spandex raccoon pet would come home. Eventually. Bandit slowed down his kissing and looked into his Master's eyes. "Why do you look so sad?"

"I'm dying, little one. I'm thankful you came back when you did." Master Fox leaned back in his wheelchair. "We have much to discuss, and I need your help." His kissed his pet on the forehead. "And this is your friend?" he reached into the box and pulled out a blue skunk plush.

"Yes Master! He's a wonderful companion! I think you'll like him too! Umm… I mean you'll like him while.. Umm… What do you mean dying?" Bandit suddenly realized the weight of what he was just told.

"After you left, a few years ago, I was diagnosed with a degenerative bone disease." Master Fox picked up the box and looked inside as he spoke. "I've been in this wheelchair for the last year. The doctors say I don't have a lot of time left, but I have other plans. That's where you, and your newest friend, come in." He paused, picking up the paper and the envelopes. "Are you sure you got everything traceable?"

"Yes Master." Bandit said. "All that's left in Chicago is his physical belongings. Well, that and a semen stain on his bed that coated his sheets." Master Fox looked disappointed. "It's all his, Master! It should be untraceable to this address!"

Master Fox smiled. Bandit followed his instructions to the letter, as he always had. "There's my good boy."


Skids started to come to, his muzzle filled with a nice, warm shaft. He began to suckle on it, then suck harder, working his muzzle to massage it. He was rewarded with a moan, then a louder grunt. Skids could feel the shaft pulsate in his muzzle, which gave him a good feeling through his whole body. His vision started to come back, and he could see a smooth belly in front of him. It didn't matter, as he could only feel the pleasure of giving sex. He then could sense that this man was about to cum hard. He reached up with a paw and wrapped it around the belly of this man.

He was rewarded with the taste of his Master. He felt a connection and a need to serve this man, whoever he was, as he felt this man's hand on his collar, holding him muzzle in close. After several spurts, The man released his grip, and let Skids put his paws under him to catch himself. Skids looked up to see a naked man, completely hairless, before him And he knew who he was. "Hello Master! How may I serve you?" he said automatically.

"Hello Skids." The man said. "I am Master Fox. Welcome to my home."

Skids thought a moment. "Mas… ter… Fox? You're the man that created Bandit?" The Master nodded. "Then I'm in your home, that means that I'm…" He looked at his paws for the first time, then his belly, and he flipped his tail on his own accord. "I'm a plush? I'm a skunk?"

"Yes little one." Master Fox said, petting his head gently. "And you wear a collar of awakening like Bandit does too."

"Where's Bandit? Can I see him?" Skids said in a panic.

"In a moment. He's getting something for me." Master Fox said. "Do you really love him? And don't lie to me Skids, you can never lie to your Master."

"I do love him so much." Skids said softly. "He was always there for me. He always loved me, and with some time, I knew I loved him. He said we can be together forever. I wanted that." Skids looked up to look at his Master's face. "We can be together forever, right?"

"Always, little one." Master Fox said softly. "You will always be together."

Skids hugged his Master's chest as tight as his stuffed fingers could. Bandit came back into the room to see this, and smiled. "You've met our Creator then?"

"BANDIT!" Skids leapt from the bed and tackled the purple coon in a single bound. Bandit could barely let out a sound as the blue skunk rolled around with him on the floor. Master Fox smiled to himself, as he watched the two of them roll around, laughing like children, he knew that Bandit found what he was looking for. The two of them licked each other with their black spandex velour tongues, feeling a powerful connection to each other.

"Excuse me boys?" Master Fox said after a while. The two of them looked up from the floor. "But if I may have a word with you both?" The two got up off the floor, and gently dusted each other off. They sat down on the bed, and looked to their Master intently. Master Fox had rehearsed this many times, he didn't want either of them to panic, or be worried. But it was now or never.

"Bandit, if this is your chosen mate, I will do all I can to bring you two together forever. But, right now, my power is weak. When I perform the mating ritual, I will be too weak to complete what I set out to do myself. You two will have to do it for me. I trust you both to help me." They both nodded. "Good. Bandit? You checked everything in the basement?"

"Yes Master. It's all ready."

"Good. The first thing we need to do is complete your transformation, Skids." Skids looked confused, so Master Fox continued. "You need to forget your past, your human past. I can do this, but not without your consent. You will remember only pieces, important pieces, but you will forget your family, your friends, your name, and most of what you were. You will only be Skids."

"I didn't have anything." Skids said. "I can still remember it all. Getting rejected by everyone I approached, having a job that I hated, an apartment I didn't like. Forgetting that would be a blessing." Skids looked at Bandit "Can I remember fixing him back up? That was the most pleasure I'd had in a long time."

"I can arrange that, my pet." Master Fox said. "We should do this now. The sooner we can the better." The three of them went to the basement stairs, and Bandit and Skids helped their Master down to the main room.

Once there, they both saw the circle on the floor. Master Fox waived his hand, and the circle glowed to life. He motioned to Skids, who looked to Bandit. "I'm scared."

"Don't be, I'll be right here. Master wouldn't hurt us." Bandit held Skid's paw in his own, and the two kissed.

"I love you Bandit."

"I love you too Skids."

Skids let his spandex paw drop from his lover's, and he stepped into the circle. Master Fox opened a book and began his incantation. Skids began to feel a tingle, then he felt aroused, then he began to feel the pleasure overtake him. His physical transformation was complete, but then his mental one began. He didn't worry about any of it, he knew that as long as Bandit was there, he would be ok.

Memories faded into oblivion, but Skids never stopped looking at Bandit. He heard that voice again, the soft voice of ecstasy that told him that everything would be ok. And, suddenly, everything was. He could feel his mind being filled with the knowledge of the arcane, knowledge of spells and rituals, and just as suddenly, he felt his body rock with an orgasm, an exclamation point of his new life.

Master Fox wound down the spell, and put down the crystal he was using for the power. He made it when he had created Bandit, knowing full well that he would need it for Bandit's mate. He lowered the power circle, and Skids gently rested to the floor on his feet. "How do you feel, Skids?"

"Wow!" Skids said, shaking his head. "I feel… I… wow…"

Master Fox smiled. "I'll take that as an 'I feel good', you think so Bandit?" Bandit nodded happily. Master Fox then pushed himself over to a table. "Ok you two. Come up." He patted the table top as the skunk and the coon climbed on top of it.

They looked at each other, and smiled. They enjoyed looking at each other while Master Fox prepared for the next step. He removed Bandit's black nylon collar, and laid it next to him. Then Skid's purple nylon collar. He showed the skunk what he had been wearing, a complementing purple collar with white letters that read "SKIDS" on it. Master Fox then laid that collar down next to him.

"Ready boys?" Both of the spandex critters nodded, Skids looking more nervous than Bandit. Master Fox adjusted his position, and began to stroke both of their sheaths with his hands. Both plushies reacted with moaning, and murring, and a little groaning. And only after a minute of intense stroking from their creator both began to climax. Both tails hardened, chests and bodies becoming rigid, and muzzles opening to their inert state as both reached orgasm simultaneously. With one last stiffing in of the fingers, Master Fox looked down to see his pets had returned to their plush state.

"Sleep, my pets, I have work to do now."

Master Fox finished his last stitch on Skids, and placed him on the table next to Bandit. Skids was going to become a very important part of his home, as was Bandit. He smiled as he looked over his pet. He only had to do some patchwork fixing on his body to bring him back to looking like new. Whatever Skids did in his human life was some remarkable work.

He then went over to another table, and picked up the two rings he had made. Both were plastic with some runes on them. One in a shade of blue, the other in a shade of black. He looked them over, knowing that he was about to expend a lot of his energy for his pets. Silently he wondered if they would do the same for him. Without hesitation, he picked up the rings and wheeled himself to his two spandex pets.

He placed the black ring in Skids muzzle, and the blue ring in Bandit's. With a kiss to their forehead, he picked up Skids, and placed him over Bandit's body. Gently, he placed their collars on. With each other's muzzle on the other's plastic shaft, Master Fox began the incantation.

Bandit became dimly aware at what was happening. He knew he was at the Creator's home, but beyond that, he wasn't sure. His muzzle was filled, but not by a living shaft. It felt nice, slick, more than a little feral, kind of like his own in a way. But someone was doing the same to him too, he was confused for a moment, but felt the pleasure well up inside him. He figured it was best to not ask questions, not even why there was a ring between him and this wonderful cock.

Skids was also confused, he knew that he had to massage this wonderful shaft in his mouth, but didn't know why there was a plastic ring that was now around it, floating around the shaft. Whoever was pleasuring him was doing an excellent job as well, Skids almost felt like he was going to explode there, but something held him back.

Master Fox wove the spell, the ritual of mating that would bind his pets together forever. As he let the last part of his incantation flow from his lips, he felt a bit of his own life give way, not the last of his power, but certainly dangerously close. He placed his hands on the table to hold himself up, and watched the two spandex lovers.

Both Bandit and Skids felt the power flow through their bodies, the electricity and passion circulated between them both. They also both began to feel the pressure, the pleasure, of their combined orgasms At the same time they both rammed their muzzles onto each other, driving the rings home onto the base of their plastic shafts. The runes glowed, sealing their places on each other. Both then exploded, wildly cumming into each other. They both began to swallow and drink of each others essence. The essence of pure ecstasy flowed freely between the two, combining into one essence, one energy.

After what felt like hours of cumming, they both finally slowed down, and stopped. Master Fox smiled as both lovers shifted their bodies around to lick each other's muzzles and tongues. "Of two, become one." he said. "You are now mated." Bandit and Skids both kissed each other, then looked at each other with twinkes in their eyes. They both pounced on their Creator, licking him and kissing him mercilessly. Master Fox laughed, and hugged his creations, his children, his pets. He couldn't help but think that they were indeed destined to be with each other, they seemed to share the same mischievous mind.

Finally, Master Fox placed both onto the table. He gently pulled back Bandit's sheath to show him the black ring around the base of his feral shaft. Bandit purred when he touched it, and looked at it himself. "Of two… I can't see the rest."

Skids leaned around his mate. "become one." he said, reading the rune work. "Do I have one like that too?" Master Fox nodded, and gently pulled on Skid's spandex sheath to show him the blue plastic ring around his black plastic shaft. Skids marveled at the ring, how well it fit on his feral cock.

Master fox gently let go of the shaft, and looked at his two pets. "It's time." They both nodded, and jumped off the table. Skids helped Master onto the table while Bandit retrieved the items needed. Skids joined Bandit a few moments later. Quietly, they both brought the supplies to their Master.

"Master?" Bandit now looked worried. "Are you sure about this?"

"As long as you perform the spell correctly it will all be ok, my precious." Master Fox stroked Bandit's ears. "Besides, I'm as good as dead if I don't try it. If it doesn't work, you have Skids, and it was a pleasure to mate you two."

Skids leaned over to his new Master and hugged him tight. "We'll do it right, Master." he said with conviction.

"You better!" Master Fox playfully scolded. "You still don't know what I did to you while you were out!" Skids looked perplexed. "Go, go on. Let's do it." Master Fox said, with some distain.

Skids nodded, and removed his Master's robe. Bandit removed his shirt, and helped with placing his clothing on the floor. In no time Maser Fox was naked. Bandit looked down on his Master for the first time, and the reality sunk in for him. His legs were atrophied, the bone structure looked worn and somewhat misshapen from the outside. Master's once familiar happily overweight belly was gone, replaced with a thin stomach. Bandit realized the urgency of Master's request, and in his own mind determined that it would not fail.

Skids took out the garment from the bag. "I guess we place this on him now." he said to Bandit. "It's beautiful, Master!" Bandit held up the golden material, and ran his paws through it. He smiled to himself. His Master chose well. They placed their Master into the bodysuit, and laid the tail between his outstretched legs. Carefully they both massaged his shaft, and placed the golden plastic tube over his own before sliding it into his new spandex sheath. They placed his hands and arms into the sleeves, ending in golden paws with three fingers, like they both had. Bandit brought the hood up over his Master's head, perching the ears so they would be perfect.

Bandit looked over his Master. "You look perfect." he said.

"I should, I've been planning this for three years." Master said. "But thank you Bandit." He kissed Bandit's paw. "If you're ready."

"Always, Master." Bandit helped Skids to lift their Master off the bed, and into the circle that Skids had been in that morning. They helped Master to sit down as much as possible, and they both went to their respective spell books, on opposing sides of the circle. Bandit looked up to Skids. "Ready?"

"Yeah." And the two of them began their song. The melody was soft, melodic, and gentle. Master Fox leaned back onto his hands, and raised his head to the sky. He knew his creations were products of pleasure, and he looked forward to his own transformation. He had felt like a phoenix, suddenly. From the reality of dying to possibly living forever with his two spandex pets. He smiled as he felt the circle's power begin to lift him, as it had his pets before.

Bandit and Skids both concentrated on their song, their gift to their Creator. The melody began to take a more powerful tone, and started to build up as the circle began to flash with lights and ghost images of residual power. As they both sang, they both felt their connection to their Creator become more powerful. Something began to take over for them, and their paws reached out to the circle of power, touching the energy wall that had come up. They felt their power flow freely into their Master's form, changing him, giving him the pleasure they had to give. They both reached a crescendo in their song, the magical energies from both flowing through the circle. Finally, they reached the end of the song from the spell book. They both stopped at the same moment, and looked up to their Master.

Floating in front of them was the form they knew was their Master, but it was obviously changed and still changing. His golden spandex tail had filled, and become it's final length. Unlike their changes, his height did not change. They could both see the long golden snout forming on him, under his golden triangular ears. His paws were extended fully, as they could hear his cry of pleasure as his body spread out in orgasm. His spray floated next to him as he thrust out one after the other after the other.

Bandit closed the spell book as he walked around the pedestal. He watched his Master's enjoyment in awe, he then wondered if his own transformation looked like this. Skids also closed his book, but only stood to watch. Their Creator then began one last change, his body began to show signs of being filled, much like themselves. They both watched as his stitching became more solid, and his belly became more defined. Unlike them, their Master looked to be strong, young, full of life and power. They could see abs, thighs, what looked to be true muscles forming under the golden spandex form.

They both watched as their Master's sheath formed, and his golden shaft gaining it's definition as something feral. His form changed, and took on a more feral appearance, a defined set of haunches, his golden-white paw pads, everything forming perfectly. Both watched, and felt the connection completed. From their plastic eyes a light shown into their Master, and was returned as a pure golden essence as their Master shared some of his essence with them. The three became connected in the light of the Goddess. Bandit and Skids both felt the presence of their true Master, the one they were destined to serve as one. Master felt his two pets, and felt their love for him and each other. The final form was finishing as they saw his chest ruff fill, he began to lower down to the ground.

Gently, he came down on his toes and stood erect on his digigrade feet. His golden tail swayed back and forth, the white tip making a whip-like motion. He looked around through golden plastic eyes, his ears twitching to full alertness. His muzzle parted, showing a white velvet tongue inside the golden spandex form. He raised his paws, and looked at them for a moment. His transformation into a spandex fox was not only complete, but totally remarkable. Finally, he motioned to his pets. "Come, my children, don't be afraid."

They both cautiously joined their Master, him still much taller then they were. He picked them up effortlessly and kissed each one on the head. "I am still Master Fox, but you may now call me Golden Fox." He flicked his tail for emphasis. "You two did wonderfully, I couldn't ask for two better." Bandit beamed with pride. Skids looked a little confused. "Don't worry little one. I don't think you understand what you just did. You will. Soon." Skids nodded, still a little confused, but Bandit huggedd the neck of his Master with happy sighs.

That night Skids completely forgot his past as a human. But he did remember rescuing his mate, and reparing him before he became Skids. But that wasn't as important as being with his mate, and his Master. He also realized how hard the spell really was, and felt more than a little embarrassed about not realizing it earlier.

A few days later Skids was helping to dismantle a few things that Master would not need anymore. He had the TV on as background noise, when the news caught his attention.

"Chicago Police are still looking for Joseph Mahre, a local resident who has been missing for almost a week." the news lady said. Bandit happened to come into the room a that time, and watched the show with Skids for a moment.

"That's such a sad story!" Skids said. "They found his place empty, there's no trace that he was hurt or anything. I hope he's ok."

Bandit smiled, and kissed his mate on the cheek. "Don't worry about it. I think he's going to be just fine." Skids nodded, and went back to removing the parts from Golden Fox's old wheelchair. He liked happy endings.

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