Bandit and Skids
Chapter 4

Written by : Socks the Catt
© 2002 PFP, All rights reserved

"You called for me Master Fox?"  Skids came to his Master's room, holding his hands behind his back.

"Yes.  Please come in."  Golden Fox.  "I know you're busy with all the orders that are coming in."

"It's no problem Master!" Skids said with a happy grin.  "Mostly they're hoods or bodysuits or easy stuff, Bandit and me can do those easily!"

Golden Fox smiled.  He knew that his spells would manipulate material, and that Skids and Bandit learned them well enough to make the easy things.  And with the internet being a great way to do their business, nobody needed to know where it all came from.  The spandex lovers got their gear, and there was a constant flow of income.  Fox held out his paw, and Skids rubbed his muzzle in it.  "I have a special job for you Skids."

"Anything Master!"  Skids said happily.  Fox reached over to a pile of black spandex, and threw them over Skids head.  With a wave of his paw, the material cut and folded on itself, and fell gently into Skids arms.  Fox then picked up a piece of leather, and placed it in the floating mass of spandex.  In moments, the leather was trimmed, and a cap floated down from the ball.  Fox then waived his paw, and the spandex rolled itself back into a neat pile onto the corner.

Skids held up the material in his paws, and then looked at the cap.  He put it on, his ears poking out of the top of the cap.  "I want you to wear this Skids." Fox said.  "Make sure it fits."  Skids nodded, and slipped into the pants and jacket.  The black spandex fit loosely over his body, but held onto him nicely.  His tail spilled out from under the beltline of the pants, and the jacket parted between to let his tail sway.  Skids turned around to model the new look.

Fox put his golden spandex finger to his chin, and admired his work.  The skunk looked good with an exposed belly patch, but missed something.  He nodded to himself, and wiggled his finger at his stash of fabric.  Soon, a few pieces of purple spandex floated out, formed into a bow tie, and landed in Golden Fox's paw.  Fox knelt down next to Skids and placed the bow tie on his collar.  He then took the last piece from the air, and put the cummerbund around Skids waist.

"There we go!" Fox said, kissing his skunk on the head.  "You look great!"

"Thank you Master Fox!" Skids said, admiring himself.  The purple tie matched his collar, and he looked remarkably good in this version of a tuxedo.  The chauffeur's cap topped it all off nicely, adding a nice touch.  Skids ran his finger along the brim and tried to look like Bogart.  "Are we going out to somewhere, Master?"

"No, little one.  I'm expecting a guest in the next few days, and I wanted you to greet him at the door."  Skids opened his muzzle, but Fox cut him off.  "Naked skunks aren't exactly what I want to present at our front door, precious."

Skids nodded.  "Why not Bandit?" he asked innocently.

"Because you may need to convince our guest to not be difficult." Fox said.  Skids nodded, understanding.  "Bandit will help, but now, I need to tell you what will happen."

Eric kept looking out the window as they drove.  He shrugged in his leather coat and stared blankly.  Tom said that this little visit would change his life, like it was really going to do it.  The bondage games were fun, sure, but Tom wasn't really the Master he was looking for.  But it was too late now, he already burned his bridges at home.  Fuck them, he figured.  If they couldn't accept him for being gay, or a leather man, then he would be better without his family.

Tom pulled the car into a nicer house, and into the driveway.  "I'm supposed to drop you off here." he said.  "Inside is where you will find Master Fox and his boys.  I can order you to go in, but you have to do it on your own, and not under my order."

"Whatever." Eric said.  "He's a leather guy, right?"

"Yeah, he makes some quality bondage suits.  He told me that he has something in mind for you.  He said it will change your outlook on things." Tom said, putting the car in park.

"Hell, I got nothing to lose." Eric said, unbuckling his seatbelt.  "You coming in?"

"No." Tom said.  "I'll be at the hotel waiting for the call to tell me to come get you."

"Figures.  Ok dude, see you later." Eric said, getting out of the car.  Tom felt the sting of those words.  Eric used to call him Master, but since his family life went sour, Eric hasn't been wanting to do anything, including move on or deal with his family.  Tom hoped that this would help.  There was only so much he cold do on his own for Eric, and he did want the best for him..  The cold wind whipped around Eric as he slammed the door shut.  Tom waited for Eric to go to the front door, and ring the bell.

"Yes?" A voice on the speaker said.

"Yeah, I'm Eric, I'm here to see Fox?"

"Yes!  We're expecting you!  Come in freely and of your own will!" the voice cheerfully said, and the door opened.  Tom watched Eric go in, and close the door.  Tom shook his head, remembering the deal with Fox, and drove back to the hotel to wait with his friends.

Eric walked into an entry way, and to another door.  The door opened for him.  In a well lit room he saw a…  skunk?  Wait, no, it was some midget in a skunk costume.  A blue skunk wearing what looked like a tuxedo and a chauffeur's cap, no shoes, bow tie, man this dude was weird.  Eric stopped in his tracks and looked at the thing.

"Good afternoon slave eric.  I am Skids, and I'm here to welcome you to Master Fox's home."  Eric nodded slowly.  "I would like to invite you in, but I must ask you to remove all your clothing as slaves do not wear any in Master Fox's home."

"I'm not his slave." Eric said.  "And you're wearing clothing."

"I am Master Fox's pet, and am exempt.  Now, please, your clothing?"  Eric tried to walk past Skids, who stepped in his way.  Eric tried the other side, Skids side stepped to block him.  Eric took a step back.  Skids sighed, and hopped into the air.  He landed on his hands, doing a perfect handstand.  He then draped his tail across his back, exposing the hole in the pants.  "Now, please, slave eric, please don't make me do this."

"What, you're gonna gymnastics me into submission?" Eric laughed. "Yeah, like I'm scared of a…"  He never finished the thought.  Skids squeezed the rubber ball Master Fox had installed under his tail,  pressed out a blue cloud of dust, sparkles, and scent.  Eric was caught totally by surprise, and took in a deep breath of the stuff by accident.  In moments he felt happy, and the sweet smell encouraged him to take another deep sniff.  He did, and then again, then again, then again…

Skids tucked his head under and somersaulted to roll under Eric as he fell to the ground, breaking his fall with his plush form.  He let out a loud "OOF!" as Eric's full body weight crashed onto him.  With a little effort, He crawled out from under Eric.  Eric's eyes glazed over, in a total euphoric state.

Bandit came out from the front room, wearing  his own tuxedo and cap.  "I'da let him fall"

"Master wanted him unhurt!" Skids said, reaching to Eric's body to unzip his jacket.  "Besides, I think he's kinda cute."

"Well, yeah.  He is." Bandit agreed while unbuttoning his tight blue jeans.  He admired the boy's short blonde hair, his well built legs, his affinity for motorcycle boots and leather, then his PA piercing.  "Ooo!  I've never seen one of THESE for real!"

"Looks painful." Skids said, removing the boy's tight white tank top.  "I wouldn't want one."

Bandit held the boy's penis in his paw, then sucked on the tip for a while.  Eric let out a moan and began to grow erect in Bandit's muzzle.  Bandit ran his tongue all along the ring inside the boy's cock, exploring how it felt.  He pulled away "You gotta try that, it's a WILD feeling!"

"Just don't let him cum, the spray loses it's effectiveness if he cums." Skids said, removing the last clothing from the boy.  He and Bandit neatly folded up the clothing.  As Bandit got the padded mat on wheels, Skids looked quizzically at the piercing on the boy's cock.  Skids straddled the naked boy slave and sucked hard on the pierced cock.  As Eric moaned in pleasure Skids raised his tail and sprayed Eric again, point blank.  Eric got the whole dose this time, and was knocked into a state of pure bliss.  Bandit returned to see Skids sucking Eric's cock.

"No fair!" Bandit said.  "Why can't I do that?"

Skids raised his muzzle from the boy.  "Because you're not a skunk!"  Bandit wrinkled his muzzle, and both laughed like schoolchildren while they lifted Eric to the mat.  "We'll have lots of time to play with him later.  We really should take him to Master Fox first."  Skids said.  Bandit nodded, and they both rolled Eric to the basement.

Master Fox was putting the last preparations on the incantations as his boys brought down Eric on the mat.  "So he put up a fight, did he?"  Skids nodded.  "I see you two found a new toy there?"  He pointed at Eric's massive erection, the "Prince Albert" ring shining.  Both critters rocked on their paws with an innocent look.  "No matter.  We'll see about keeping that on him then."

Eric woke up a little time later, he was naked, laying on the floor, his ankles bound down and wrists bound to his sides.  He opened his eyes, looking around.  He saw what looked like a cross between Frankenstein's lab and Merlin's research area.

"Don't be afraid my little one." he heard a voice.  Eric looked up to see a grown man in a gold spandex fox costume.  He was wearing loose spandex pants in silver, and a white spandex robe with a hood that was down.  Eric could feel his erection growing, seeing this man there.  He was built strong, with a definition in his muscles.  Eric always loved strong, muscular men.  So what if he had some kind of animal fetish, he looked HOT!

"You're Master Fox?" Eric dared to ask.

"Yes.  You've already met Skids, and this is Bandit."  Bandit nodded a greeting to the boy.  "Your Master sent you to me for an attitude adjustment, as well as a way to engross you in your leather fetish."  Eric nodded, not sure what to add to it.  His eyes never left the golden god fox form in front of him.  "We can start by you thanking me."

"Thank you.  Master." Eric said.

"There!  That was easy!  Bandit, will you do the honors?"  Bandit bowed to his Master and fetched a leather mitten.  No fingers, just a thumb.  He detached Eric's right hand from the bonds, and placed this mitten on the boy's hand.  It ran up his forearm slightly, and had a D-ring on it.  After securing the buckles, Bandit locked the mitten back down on the mat.  "For every time you are polite, or do as you are told, you will receive another piece of your new leather suit.  For every time you resist, or do not obey, you will either have a piece removed, be punished, or both.  Do you understand slave Eric?"

Eric had watched the midget in the raccoon costume put the bondage mitten on him, and could feel himself get erect as it was placed on.  If this Master wanted to play that game, Eric could do that to get a more leather.  He'd play along for now.  "Yes Master Fox.  Thank you for your kindness." Eric said.

Master Fox nodded to Skids, who produced the left mitten.  After a moment, Eric was in his new leather bondage mittens, both locked on and wonderfully constructed.  "Master Tom told me you have a hard time with your attitude, and your mouth gets you into trouble a lot.  I will now work with you on your slave etiquette.  Do well, and you will be in your new leather suit in no time."

A few hours later, and Eric was in his own private heaven.  He had gotten paddled a few times, but it wasn't anything he couldn't handle.  But this wonderful man had placed him in this leather bodysuit, one piece at a time.  Before the hood came on, he got to see his cock get enveloped in black leather.  That's when he responded correctly, and he was hooded.  The black leather warming up against his skin, it felt wonderful, and he was ready to have an orgasm right then.

Bandit helped to lace the hood onto the slave.  As he did, he heard slave eric moan in pleasure.  He was about to play with the hood when Master Fox waived a finger, saying no.  Bandit nodded sadly, he really thought the ears were cute.

Eric didn't realize that the bodysuit he had on was a full costume, that of a black leather rabbit.  His lop ears hung on either side of his head, his face sporting a black leather rabbit muzzle.  In the small of his back was a black leather bunny tail, but the way he was sitting he couldn't feel it.  His whole body, covered in leather.

"Do you like your new suit, slave eric?" Fox said.

"Yes Master!" Eric said.

"You have been a good boy, slave eric." Fox said.  "now you will be rewarded.  Stand up."  Eric did.  Fox adjusted the eye holes of the hood one more time.  "Hands up."  As Eric did , Fox attached the clips to the D-rings in his mittens.  "When was the last time you had an orgasm, slave eric?"

"a week ago Master." Eric said.

"Good." Fox said.  He knew his spell would work now.  He reached up to the hood, and buckled on a blindfold with a set of shiny black plastic eyes on the outside.  As Eric stood there, breathing hard, he wondered what would happen now.  He was blind, but happy in his leather prison.

Golden Fox motioned to his pets, who quickly attached the chains to the slave's ankles.  They both stepped back, and out of the circle.  Fox looked at the boy, admiring how he was breathing in his leathers.  "Tell me a little about your family, boy."

"What about them?" Eric asked.

"I want to know." Fox said calmly.  "If I like your answer, I'll get one of my pets to suck you into orgasm."  Bandit and Skids both perked up, and raised their paws volunteering quietly.

"I don't talk to them anymore." Eric said.  "I told them I was gay, there was a fight, they threw me out and told me I couldn't come back."  Fox motioned to Bandit, who perked and approached the leather bunny slave.  "I have no family anymore."

"Thank you slave eric." Fox said.  He scratched Bandit behind the ears, and helped guide his head into the slave's leather cock.  Bandit held the boy's balls in his paw while gently sucking on his tip.  The slave moaned loud, and almost buckled his knees at Bandit's attentions.  "Now tell me about Master Tom."

Eric moaned a few more times, until Golden Fox gently pulled Bandit off his cock.  Eric whimpered a little, his shaft tip poking out of the leather sheath.  Fox stroked Bandit idly.   "Now tell me about Master Tom, and I'll let him continue."

Bandit's plastic eyes locked on the silver ring poking out of the boy's cock, and licked his muzzle hungrily.  Eric caught his breath, and his strength.  "He's ok, likes the leather but he's not the Master I want." Eric said.

"What don't you like about him?" Fox asked, running his hand under Eric's chin.

"He fucks too slow, Master Fox." Eric said.  Fox smiled at Eric's willingness to call him Master.  "And his bondage games are too long, locking me up for a day is so bullshit."

"Good boy, it's good to be honest with a Master."  Fox nodded to Bandit, who engulfed the boy's cock into his whole muzzle.  Eric moaned and rocked on his chains as Bandit used his tongue to play with the piercing at the tip.  Fox looked over to Skids, who looked disappointed that his mate was getting to play with the boy.  "Don't cum boy.  But enjoy."

Eric was trying everything he cold not to cum, but Bandit was sucking on him with wild abandon.  Fox motioned to Skids, and helped him to place a few adornments on the leather rabbit costume.  A pair of large nipple rings over the boy's nipples, a few large rings in the leather ears, and checking the D-rings on the boy's ankles and wrists to make sure they were in the right places.  Bandit never stopped sucking hard, massaging the boy's balls, and working his muzzle to milk the boy's cock.

Fox took a quick look over his leather bondage rabbit.  He looked good with the new rings in him.  He leaned over to Eric "Cum slave.  Cum now."  Eric couldn't have held back if he tried.  Bandit felt his cock surge, and held onto the leather handles built into the hip of the costume.  With is muzzle fully engulfing the boy's erection, Eric came with a loud moan, bucking his hips into Bandit's muzzle.  Eric arched his head back and let out a loud yell of pleasure as wave after wave of orgasm sprayed cum into the raccoon plush.

Finally spent, Eric collapsed into the chains that held him up.  The feeling of a full leather body orgasm was incredible, something he had always dreamed of having.  Bandit pulled off the cock, kissing the ring and licking it clean of cum.  He looked up to Golden Fox with a twinkle in his eye.  Fox just nodded, knowing what his pet wanted to say, and stroked him behind ears.

Fox let the boy catch his bearings after such an intense orgasm.  Finally Eric stood on his feet again, and tried to keep his feet.  "You liked that boy?" Fox asked with a hint of sarcasm.

"Oh God yes!" Eric said.  "That was intense!  Thank you Master Fox!"

Fox looked to Bandit, then to Skids.  "Undress, little ones.  I want to offer our boy here something that he will find incredible."  Both plush pets removed their spandex tuxedos as Fox stroked Eric under the chin.  "If I could offer you the opportunity to be encased in leather forever, and have that feeling forever, would you want that?"  Eric nodded.  "I need to hear it boy.  Tell me.  Beg me for it."

"I want it Master Fox!  I want to be locked in this leather forever!  That was so incredible!  Please lock me in here forever!  Make me your leather slave!  Please Master Fox!  Please?" Eric blabbered as Fox walked around him. He ran his hand  down the boy's back, and shoulders as he talked.

"I can give it to you boy." Fox said, almost at a whisper.  Eric shivered at the thought.  "But you must serve your Master well.  Not just me, but Master Tom.  Will you serve him, if I give you this gift?"

"YES!" Eric almost yelled.  "I will submit to him."

"Good boy.  Relax for a moment, and we will begin." Fox said.  He walked out of the circle to his pets.  "Bandit, was that heartfelt?" he asked quietly.

"Yes Master." Bandit said.  He had become attuned to feelings more since he was mated to Skids.  "I know the incantation, it will work."

"Thank you Bandit."  Fox kissed his plush on the forehead.  "Skids?  do you think you're up to it?"  Skids nodded, he had been learning the ways of his Master's magic for a while now, and felt comfortable to do this.  "Ok then.  Let's do it."

All three entered the circle.  Fox lowered the chains to let the leather slave down onto all fours.  "You are about to be offered to your mouth.  Take it, suck on it.  My other pet will be taking you from behind.  Take it, accept it.  As they both achieve and orgasm, you will feel some tingling, that is normal.  When they cum, the suit will forever be yours.  Do you understand me slave?"

"Yes Master Fox." Eric said.  He arched his head up, his plastic eyes  glinting in the light.

"Good.  Then relax, and enjoy."  Fox then reached under the slave and placed his still stiff penis into a soft 'box' type device.  "One more thing, since you've been a good boy, I will allow you to cum as many time as you can.  just pleasure yourself."  Fox secured the box, and left the circle.

Bandit looked up to Skids, and both shared a grin.  Eric gently thrust his hips in the box under him, and moaned softly in pleasure.  As Fox began his incantation Bandit offered his plastic shaft to Eric's lips, and he licked on it hungrily.  Skids held onto the handles that were a part of the suit and thrust his plastic shaft into the boy's ass.

Eric took in a deep breath, but soon felt nothing but pleasure.  Skids thrusting was massaging his own cock into the box device, so every thrust was met with pure pleasure.  The two got into a rhythm, both thrusting and pulling back gently.  Master Fox spread his fingers and matched his chanting to match the thrusting of his pets.  They hadn't practiced it, but it felt so natural.

The time passed as the incantation's words flowed over them all.  Eric began to genuinely enjoy the nice, slow fucking he got from both ends.  Suddenly, violently, he reached an unexpected orgasm.  The one in his ass didn't even seem to notice, and kept on thrusting, in, out, in, out…  Eric's cock was so sensitive that it almost hurt as it was being massaged into this device.  He panicked, wanting out, wanting up… wanting….

Wanting his leather skin…  Yes, this felt good!  Suddenly he relaxed, he felt something on his body stop hurting, as he put both his hands down to take more of the cock in his mouth, to taste it, to feel how it felt in him.  He lost sensation of having hair under the hood, or any hair rubbing badly in the leather.  It all felt so good!

Skids took his paw out of the handle to brush away the lacing and zippers on the bondage toy's back, letting them fall to the ground.  Bandit ran his paw across the back of the head he was fucking, and let the laces fall.  As they both looked up to each other, they smiled, knowing what this boy would now feel.  Bandit placed his paws on the boy's ears now, and thrust himself all the way in.  Skids did the same, holding the handles tight.

Master Fox slowly closed his paws, letting the power flow from him into the circle.  It was up to his pets now, and he could only sit and watch.  As he watched the last construction laces fall from the leather slave, he wondered to himself if he did the right thing, but the Goddess would forgive him, he hoped.

In the slave's mind, he heard a voice.  It began soft, but grew in strength as he reached yet another orgasm.  "You are a bondage toy.  You live to serve men.  You will obey men.  You are an object for men to enjoy.  Your name is slave rabbit."  The voice was beautiful, and the boy listened to it intently.  And in his mind, he suddenly knew it to be true.  If he were to keep his new leather body, he would have to obey, to serve, to surrender to his Master.  All Masters.

His muzzle formed around Bandit's shaft, and cradled the cock perfectly.  Bandit felt a pressure come from the top of the muzzle, and knew that the buck teeth were forming from soft white leather in his mouth.  Skids saw the boy's tail twitch, and felt his hole form into a soft but tight opening.  He could feel the leather hold his shaft under the boy's tail, keeping him warm.

The boy suddenly opened his eyes, they were already open, but he suddenly blinked to realization.  He could only see the purple belly of something in front of him.  He tried to suck on it, he felt hungry for what it could give him.  He knew it was something to feed him, something he needed.

Bandit let out a moan, and held the slave rabbit's ears.  The leather rabbit responded by licking and sucking with all he had left.  Skids held on as he got close.  Skids bit his lower lip, and let out a wail of pleasure as he felt himself starting to climax.  As he did, slave rabbit pounded the soft box under him, and came moments later.  Bandit grabbed both his leather floppy ears and pulled the slave bunny into his shaft, and was the last to climax.  He let out a wail of pleasure with Skids as he felt the bunny under him change.

His form became supple, bendable, and more rabbit like than human.  The slave felt his insides change from organic to fibers, but it felt so good to let go, to submit, to accept that what was happening was what he needed to do.  He swallowed more and more of the substance pouring into his mouth, and felt his tail hole absorb the same from behind.  He felt warm inside as his chest and belly became fibrous, a little harder.  He could feel his muzzle wrap around the shaft in his mouth, and his hole around the shaft under his tail.  His plastic eyes open, he felt himself completely surrender inside to the leather prison, and to what he knew was his destiny.

Bandit and Skids held themselves into the rabbit slave, until they felt their bodies stop shivering and their orgasms subsided.  They both looked up to each other.  With a wink, and a happy smile, they both lowered the rabbit slave's paws down gently to the ground.  The rabbit slave was breathing heavily, even though they both knew he didn't need to.  His fingerless paws on the ground, the rabbit slave let his body relax, being held up  by the spandex animals on both ends.

Skids released the handles built into the rabbit's hips as he helped ease the new rabbit onto the ground.  Bandit followed the lead, letting go of the long leather ears and helping the new slave to the ground.  The rabbit cooed gently as Bandit sat down next to him, stroking and petting him gently.  Skids left the circle to join Golden Fox, who scratched his muzzle with his finger.

"Was that good Master?" Skids asked.  Golden Fox nodded, petting Skids on the head.

Golden Fox entered the circle a moment later, where Bandit was stroking the leather rabbit.  Bandit looked up with a contented smile.  "He's sleeping Master." he said.  "But he's happy."

"Good boy Bandit." Fox said.  "I have a few things to do now with him.  When you're ready, I'd like you to clean out the living room with Skids.  We need to give this new slave to his owner."  Bandit nodded, stroking the leather ears a few more times.  And with a kiss to his Master, he left the basement with Skids.

Fox got onto his knees and picked up the rabbit slave gently.  He looked him over with kind eyes.  A full leather body with D-rings embedded into his wrists and ankles.  He had handles attached to his hips for grabbing and holding.  His long rabbit ears were reinforced so that they could also be used as handles for oral pleasuring as well.  His tail was plump and full of materials, as was his muzzle.  His leather body was soft, supple, and had a natural warmth to it.  Fox looked down on the ground and saw the zippers, strings, eyelets and various straps that had previous held the suit on the boy.  The new rabbit was seamless soft leather.

Fox nodded to himself, and placed the rabbit onto the work table next to the shiny black patent leather collar.  It would look nice against the soft leather, and stand out nicely.  He kissed the rabbit on the head, and paced it onto the table.  "I know you're at peace." Fox said while gathering some items.  "And I'm sorry for what I need you for.  But, after tonight, you're free to enjoy your Master."

Bandit and Skids both had cleaned up the living room, playfully kissing or nipping at each other the whole time.  The couches were cleaned off, the floor picked up around, and otherwise made ready.  Both sat down on the floor, admiring their handiwork.

"Looks good!" Skids said.

"Could look better." Bandit said.  Skids looked confused until Bandit leaned over and kissed him.  The two of them kissed on the floor a while, before Bandit leaned back.  "We really should do this somewhere else.  Before we mess this up, huh?"  Skids nodded with a grin, and the two of them  raced each other up to their room.

Golden Fox placed the collar around the leather rabbit.  He smiled as he ran his spandex paw over it, and fused the collar into one piece of material.  He gently nudged the rabbit's shoulder.  "Wake up little one." he said gently.

Slave rabbit's leather eyelids fluttered, and opened exposing his plastic eyes.  "Is it morning Master?" he asked.

"No." Master Fox answered.  "But I need to make sure you're ready to serve Master Tom."

"I'm ready…" the rabbit slurred, still tired.  "But I'll show you what you want to know."

"Good." Fox said.  "Let's start with your duties."  Fox and the rabbit talked for an our, asking questions about his new life.  "One last thing." Fox said.  "What is your name?"

"slave rabbit." he said softly.  "Or whatever Master Tom wishes to call me."

Fox nodded.  It seemed that the defiant Eric had taken to his new form, as well as his new position.  "Good boy.  Now we must go over what will happen tomorrow night, and you must follow my instructions to the letter.  Do you understand slave rabbit?"

"Yes Master Fox."

Tom was watching some TV in his hotel room when the phone rang.  "Yes?"

"Hello, this is Fox."

"Ahh!  Is everything going well?" Tom asked.

"Yes.  He will be ready tomorrow for your approval." Fox said confidently.  "Peter and Brian are here with you, correct?"

"Yeah." Tom said.  "But they're out at the bar I think.  Did you really need me to bring them?"

"Yes." Fox said.  "I know you don't like them, but they are necessary to be here."

"Yeah, ok.  I'll make sure they're there." Tom said.

"Good.  Then there's one thing we must discuss before you may come with them.  And I ask that you trust me." Fox said.

"I can try." Tom said.  "Just tell me what you need."

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