Bandit and Skids
Chapter 5

Written by : Socks the Catt
© 2002 PFP, All rights reserved

Skids opened the door wearing his spandex tuxedo and chauffeur's cap.  He had a pleasant smile on his face.  "Good evening Masters Tom, Peter, Brian.  Please, enter our home freely and of your own will."

Brian looked at Peter with a little confusion.  "What the fuck is that?"

"Master Fox has a spandex fetish." Tom said.  "Thank you Skids."  Tom walked in, Peter and Brian both shrugged and pushed their way past the skunk.

Skids moved quickly in front of the three.  "If you will follow me, Master Fox will be with you in a moment."  Skids led them into the living room, and offered them a place to sit.  "May I get you anything to drink Sirs?"

"Yeah, how about a beer or something?" Brian said.  Skids nodded, bowed, and left the room.  "You sure this is where that other thing came from?"

"Yeah." Peter said.  "If this Fox guy can make another thing like the stuffed animal we had, it'd be fun."  He looked to Tom and Brian with a smile.  "That little thing could wail couldn't it?"

Tom looked at the ground, he didn't want to look at the others.  Fox asked him not to tell the secret of the leather rabbit for some reason, and he couldn't look these two in the eye when they said things like that.  The spandex skunk came back in with a tray and three cans.  "We have MGD, Sirs, I hope that is all right."

"Damn straight it's ok." Brian said.  "At least it's not light."  Brian and Peter took a beer, and began to drink.  Tom waived it off.

Skids bowed his head respectfully.  "Master Fox will be here in a moment, I will tell him you've arrived."  The skunk bowed, and left the room.

The three men sat on the couches and  waited.  A minute later, a man entered the room.  He wore a golden spandex costume that made him look like a fox.  He was wearing silver spandex pants, and a loose spandex shirt.  He had a leash in his let hand.  "Good evening gentlemen."

Peter and Brian looked to Tom, who grinned.  "I told you he has a spandex fetish." Tom got up and offered his hand.  "It's good to see you Fox!"  Fox shook with him.  "This is Peter, and Brian, the men who gave me your address."

"A pleasure." Fox said, offering his hand.  They shook it firmly.  "Master Tom, I have your leather slave rabbit ready."

"Oh good!" Tom said, excited.  Fox pulled on the leash, and a short leather rabbit stepped into the room.  The rabbit's ears were hung behind his head, hanging straight down his back.  His eyes were pointed down to the floor. His mitt-like hands in front of his body, on his belly.  The rabbit was made to look muscular, a tight belly, strong legs and arms.  He also had a leather ball sac, very large and well formed under a leather sheath.  His silver "Prince Albert" piercing was visible on the end of his sheath, gleaming, looking brand new and polished.

Fox handed the leash to Tom, the leash attached to the leather slave's collar.  "He's yours now."  Tom smiled as  he drank in the soft leather of the rabbit slave.  Tom reached up with his hand and brushed against the muzzle on it's face.  Curiously, he placed his thumb under the muzzle, and looked at it's bucked teeth.  Fox nodded to himself.  "I would like to discuss the terms of payment, but I'd like to do it privately."

"Oh, yeah, sure." Tom said.  "Hey, Pete?  Can you keep an eye on the slave?"  Peter nodded.  "Slave rabbit.  You are to follow Master Peter's orders until I return.  Do you understand?"  The leather rabbit nodded.  "Good boy.  Ok, lead the way Fox."

Fox motioned, and Tom followed him out of the room after handing the leash to Peter.  Peter and Brian both looked at each other.  Peter finished his beer at the same time as Brian, and they both placed them down.  Neither saw the bottom of the can, or the rune that was on it, but they both felt a sadistic streak go through them.

Tom followed Fox into another room.  Fox opened the door, and Tom went inside.  There were a few small TV sets in this room, one of which had a feed from the camera hidden in the living room.  And in the corner was a raccoon spandex plush sitting on the floor with his arms crossed.  His muzzle was wrinkled up, chest puffed out, and looking huffy.

"Tom, I'd like you to meet Bandit.  Bandit, this is Tom.  He's the man who owns the slave rabbit." Fox said.

"Do you know who that is Master?" Bandit huffed, pointing at the black and white monitor.

Fox smiled to himself.  "Your cute when your mad."

"I'm NOT mad!" Bandit said.  "I’m in a tiff!" He nodded his head like an exclamation point.  "You know who that is?"

"Yes Bandit, in fact I do."  He motioned Tom to a chair, and Tom sat down.  "They're the ones who hurt you."

"HURT me!?!?" Bandit cried.  "They could have killed me!"

"I know." Tom said.  Bandit looked at Tom, who looked apologetic.  "I'm sorry I couldn't do more for you."

"Wha?  What are you talking about?" Bandit said, twitching his ear, looking annoyed.

Tom looked at Fox, who just nodded.  "I'm much like your Master, we practice the same circle of magics.  I was friends with Fox for years, after you left.  Is the skunk your mate?"  Bandit nodded, still looking mad.  "I'm glad you found him!"

"So what does that have to do with me?" Bandit said defiantly, arms still crossed.

"I heard you in Chicago." Tom said.  "I'm not sure when it was, but I heard you scream in pain.  I would have probably heard you in England."  Tom went into the room and knelt next to the raccoon.  "You sounded like you were in pain, I did all I could to help you."  Bandit looked very confused, and to held his paw.  "If I would have known what was going on I would have cast the spell sooner, and as it was I couldn't change much.  I managed to convince them that I was their friend, and I was bringing a boy over.  It distracted them long enough so that I could get there."

"Why?" Bandit asked.  "Why did you do it?"

"Fox told me about you, and asked me to keep an eye out for you.  We had a small network of us trying to make sure you were ok.  So when I felt your scream, I knew you needed the help.  It couldn't have been anything else."  Tom stroked Bandit's paw gently.  "I didn't know you, and I barely know you now, but you're Fox's pet, and so you're my friend too."

Bandit relaxed a little, looking intently into Tom's eyes.  He felt a warmness familiar to him, like Master Fox but different.  Bandit bowed his head, his defiance draining from him.  "So…  what…"

"Them?" Tom motioned to the living room.  "Like I said I didn't have time to prepare anything.  I managed to alter their memories and desires.  If you were to go in there and ask them, they've known me for years, bondage buddies, they know I'm gay too, I have a slave boy they like to play with, and they know I have a leather fetish.  They also knew that I was going to bring my boy over to them the night they hurt you like that, and that when I got there they dismissed you and threw you away.  I talked them into putting everything into that one box, and I was going to rescue you once they were done.  But someone got to you before I could."

Tom sat down on the floor now, still holding Bandit's paw.  "Truth was that I found you, saw what Peter was doing through the scry, and threw the spell before I could really do any research.  Good thing too, I read into his desires and he was going to rip you apart to hear you scream more.  If I could have prepared something I would have altered Peter more, actually done something longer in term, but I didn't have much of a chance to do anything like that.  I'm sorry I didn't have anything ready like that, something said I should, but I just didn't."

"They're not…  your friends?" Bandit asked quietly.

"No." Tom said stroking Bandit's paw.  "But I did want needed to be done to save you."   Bandit bit his lower lip and lost it.  He cried hard, leaning into Tom weeping.  Tom just held him gently.  "Shhhhh…." Tom said.  "You're safe, that’s the important part."

Fox watched as Bandit cried in Tom's arms.  Tom rocked Bandit gently in his arms, like he would a small child and cuddled him gently.  Fox felt a tug on his tail, and turned around.  Skids was standing there, still in his outfit.  "I'm sorry to trouble you Master Fox." he said quietly.  "But our guests are fucking in the living room."

Brian was holding the handles on the rabbit's hips while pounding under it's tail while Peter held the leather head of the rabbit into his cock.  Peter loved to do this to real boys to watch them panic as they couldn't breathe.  But he found himself pressed up against the back of the thing's mouth, his shaft pressing into a rounded end.

"Damn!  Tom's got a small dick!" Peter said.  "I'm hitting the end of this thing!"

"Me too, but GOD it's tight!" Brian said.  He liked rough sex with his slaves.  Sometimes they'd fuck a slave together, and enjoy the panic and pain they could bring a submissive.  They loved the power these subs handed to them.  Both men held themselves into the leather rabbit, pressed into the ends of the openings.  As they both did this, the rune activated.  Both men froze upright, completely erect, eyes glazed over and locked forward, their hands clenching the leather rabbit under them.  The rabbit couldn't move, pinned between the two men.

All three remained motionless for a minute or two before Fox came into the room.  The others followed behind him.  Fox shook his head.  "It's too easy." he said.  "Can I get a hand Tom?"

"Yeah, sure."  Fox and Tom both moved Peter backwards, unclenching his hands from the rabbit's ears.  They had to move slave-rabbit's head to get the erection out of his mouth, but Peter was suddenly free.

"What a shame." Fox said idly.  "They wouldn't even let you get the first fuck on your own toy."  Tom shrugged as Fox pulled a set of tweezers from his pocket.  He reached into the rabbit's mouth, and pulled out a yellowed sleeve.  The rabbit took in a sharp breath, more in relief than anything else.  "I'm sorry I had to do that to you slave rabbit."

"my pleasure to serve, Master." the rabbit said softly.

Tom looked at the rabbit as Fox pulled Brian's hands from his hip handles.  "Are you ok in there?"

"I am, Master Tom." he said.  "Thank you for keeping me Master, I live to serve you.  Aaaahh!"  Tom looked up to see that Brain had just been removed from his rabbit's tail hole, the casing still on his erect penis.  Tom looked back onto his rabbit, and helped him stand up again.  "Did I perform well Master Fox?"

"Very well." Fox said.  "Skids?  Would you be so nice as to remove our guests clothing and take them downstairs?"  Skids bowed his head in acknowledgement, and proceeded to unceremoniously strip them both.  "And Bandit, would you get me a wet paper towel?"  Banidit bowed his head, and went to the kitchen.

Tom removed the leash from his rabbit slave, and picked him up.  He was significantly shorter now, not counting his ears.  He was a lot lighter as well.  Tom visually inspected the whole leather body of his sub.  "Is Eric really in there?"

"Ask him yourself if you'd like." Fox said.

"Eric?  Is that really you?" Tom asked the rabbit.

"Yes Master!" the rabbit said.  "I'm sorry I was so rude before, I was just mad.  But I want to thank you now for letting me be me."

Tom looked shocked.  "Are you sure Eric is in there?"

"A part of the spell was that he can no longer lie to you Tom." Fox said.  "Last night he had a chance to explore his feelings with me as we prepared for today."

Tom looked at the rabbit.  "So you're not mad anymore?"

"A little, Master, but I understand things more now.  I had some…  perspective last night." slave rabbit said.  "I know why you did what you did, why my parents did what they did, and where I made the mistakes in expectations I did.  I'm still sorry about that.  I'm still mad, but I know I'll get over it.  But it won't matter in a week, Master."

"Why not?" Tom asked.

"In a week, I know I won't remember most of everything  before yesterday." slave rabbit said.  "But I know I want to make my peace with you now."

Tom sighed and looked to Fox.  "This is that side effect you talked to me about?"  Fox nodded.  "I understand.  But you're happy, Eric?  You're happy as my leather slave rabbit?"  he rabbit nodded happily.  "That's good.  That's VERY good."

By this time Fox used the paper towel to wipe the runes off the bottoms of the beer cans, and Skids had taken both men downstairs on the rolling mat.  Skids returned to the living room and stood behind his Master, hands behind his back, waiting his next order.  Bandit stood next to his mate.

"I'd like you to stay here tonight if you can, Tom." Fox said.  "I'd like to talk to you and the rabbit for a while, and give you two a chance to get reacquainted."  He then looked to Bandit.  "The reason I didn't tell you about all this is because I would like to now give you a present.  The two men downstairs are yours to play with and do as you will."

Bandit's eyes lit up, not of excitement but of something else.  "Yes Master Fox!" he said.  "Can I…"  He never finished, Fox nodded, and Bandit scampered downstairs.

Skids watched with interest, and looked at Fox.  "Master?  Are you sure that's a good idea?"  Fox nodded, and motioned to Tom to follow.  Skids was left alone in the living room without a given order, so he began to clean up, folding the men's clothing that he had dropped onto the ground.  He spent half an hour humming to himself, cleaning up the mess that these two made in their moment of sex.

As he was finishing he heard a loud scream come from the basement, one of massive pain.  Skids dropped what he was doing and sprinted for the stairs.  He looked into the circle room, nothing there.  He went to the back room, the one with the bondage gear in it, and saw the lights were on.  He ran into there, and saw Bandit.

Bandit was not wearing anything but his collar.  He had Peter strung up by chains in a spread eagle style.  Peter had a large monkey wrench attached to the top of his ball sac, pulling his testicles down hard.  Brian was also strung up spread eagle, his testicles and nipples had many plastic chip bag clips attached to them.  He was gagged, and writhing in pain.  Both men were well out of their entrapment spells, staring intently at the raccoon they had once tortured.  Both looked at the doorway at the same time, and Bandit turned around to see what got their attention.

"Hey sweetie!" Bandit said cheerfully.  "Everything OK upstaris?"

"Bandit?  What are you doing?" Skids asked, removing his cap slowly.

"Oh, nothing they wouldn't do." Bandit said.  "Or at least they haven't done, right?"  Bandit yanked hard on the wrench hanging from Peter's testicles.  Peter let out a wail of pain, sweat forming on his body as the wrist cuffs dug into his skin.

"What are you…  talking…  Bandit?  Luv?  What's going on?"  Skids looked completely confused.

"Why don't you ask this asshole?" Bandit said.  "Oh, wait, he's in pain.  I'll fix that."  Bandit  pulled the wrench off, letting the teeth dig into the ball sac it had been gripping so tightly.  Peter's body rocked in pain, and he began to hyperventilate.  "OH don't pass out on me!  I didn't get to do that!"  Peter's eyes rolled into the back of his head and his body went limp, hanging from the chains.  "What a whimp.  I had to last through that ordeal when he did it to me."

As Bandit walked over to Brian, Skids put his hat down on the leather bondage horse Master Fox kept for sensual play.  "Bandit.  This isn't like you."

"Oh?" Bandit said with a wicked smile.  "You don't know what these guys did to me!"  He turned to Brian.  "So why don't YOU tell him!"  Bandit climbed up on a step ladder and removed he gag.

Brian took in a deep breath, his eyes tearing up from the pain of having his nipples tortured.  "It wasn't my idea!" he blurted out.  "Pete invited me over to his place!  He said he had a toy to fuck with!  You were a warm-up for Tom's boy!  I thought you were a robot or like one of those Furby things!"

"Liar!" Bandit said, smacking Brian on the back of the head with his paw.  "I heard him tell you that you could fuck me hard and rip my ass wide open with your cock!"

"He always said that!" Brian pleaded.  "It's just a part of the game!  He gets a slave, he gets first crack, he calls me, we have our fun, nobody gets hurt!"

"Yeah, until you break the stuffed animal's balls with a vice grips, huh?" Bandit said, filled with rage.  "He cracked the left one, you cracked the right one!  I should crack your nuts too huh?  BEG TO KEEP THEM!"

Skids had been standing there in shock.  When Bandit began to  smack Brian around, he decided what to do.  He walked over to Brian and unclipped his nipples and testicles from their torment.  "SKIDS!  What are you doing!?!?" Bandit screamed.  "They're MINE!  Master Fox gave them to me!"

Without a word Skids grabbed Bandit by the tail and dragged him off the foot stool.  Bandit tried to grab something to hold onto, but lost his footing.  He did land on his feet, however, and staggered backwards as Skids walked, dragging him by the tail.  Bandit tried to fight, get some kind of grip to go forward.  "They're not going anywhere for a while." Skids said.  "We need to talk.  Now.  Private."

Bandit gave up, and  backpedaled with Skids.  Skids let go, and they both walked into the circle room.  Nothing was active, but it was a place thy could be alone.  Skids closed the door behind them and looked at Bandit with his arms crossed.  Bandit tried to look angry, but as Skids tapped his foot for an explanation, Bandit lost the look fast.  "You don' know what they did to me, love." Bandit said.

"I don't." Skids agreed.

"They deserve this!" Bandit said.

"They might." Skids said.

"You can't understand!  You don't know what happened.  I know you can't remember that far back!" Bandit stamped his foot to make his point.

"I don't." Skids said.  "But I'll tell you what I do remember.  I remember being human like them and the rabbit.  I remember finding you in a dumpster as a human.  I remember fixing you, not knowing you were you.  Then I remember bringing you back, and your love was always there.  I don't know how long that was, but I remember you, and me, in that hell hole of an apartment I called a home, and you loved me.  And you mated with me.  And you made me Skids.  And I felt your love, pure love, something I never felt before."

"You remember all that?" Skids asked in amazement.

"Fragments." Skids said.  "I don't know what I did, or how I  did it, or who I was or anything like that.  But I know enough.  And I know that you've always been love.  One hundred percent love.  And you never said anything about them when I had you."

Bandit blinked a few times.  He hadn't thought of it before, but he never did.  "But they tried to kill me!" Bandit said.

"Probably." Skids said.  "But if you do that to them, what makes you better than they are, huh?"

Bandit's fire had gone.  Skids had a good point.  And all that rage was hollow, and collapsed.  "Dammit, I had a good mad going too."  Skids shrugged, and hugged his mate.  "But I still want to hurt them." Bandit said, honestly.  "They need to pay the price for what they did to me."

Skids thought about it for a moment and pulled back to look his mate in the eyes.  "Ok.  Then let's make them pay for it."  He smiled with that troublemaker grin that Bandit grew to know so well.  "I think we can figure SOMETHING out to really play with them, can't we?"

Bandit's muzzle grew into a wider grin himself.  "Yeah, I think we can really do something to them, huh?"

Skids walked back into the room where Brian was still standing.  Skids sauntered in slowly, with that cartoon "up to something" strut.  Brian watched him nervously.  "What are you going to do to me?  I'm really sorry.  I really am.  What can I do to make up to the coon?"

Skids stood in front of Brian, and hopped up to his front paws, letting his tail drape over his back.  "You can take a deep breath."  And he sprayed Brian hard.  Brian coughed once, then got a whiff.  Then a deeper one.  Then a much deeper one, and in moments his eyes rolled back as his mind became lost in the bliss and pleasure of the spray.  Bandit poked his head into the room once he heard Brian's breathing get deeper.  The two nodded to each other, and pulled Brian and Peter down from their bondage.  Master Fox would be down soon, they needed to have the two ready for the next step.

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