Bandit and Skids
Chapter 6

Written by : Socks the Catt
© 2002 PFP, All rights reserved

Brian woke up first with a slight headache.  He had many hangovers, but this one was different.  Despite the headache he still felt pretty good.  He tried to stand up, but hit his head on the ceiling.  "What the…"  He suddenly realized that the voice wasn't his own.  He looked down onto his own body, and screamed a shrill cry or terror.

From his bed,  Bandit twitched his ear.  "I think our guests are awake, love."

Skids looked up from Bandit's shaft, smacking his lips.  "Can't we wait until we're done?"

Bandit grinned.  "I'll make it up to you later, oh striped one!" Bandit said, tracing a paw finger around Skids mask.  "And I know you'll love it!"

"Awww, all right!" Skids said.  He smiled, licking the plastic tip of his mate one last time before rolling out of their bed.  Bandit led the way down to the basement to the origin of the screaming.  When they got there they saw Brian in his cage looking at himself and screaming.  "Aww quit it!" Skids finally said.

"What did you do to me?" Brian squealed.  His voice was higher, artificially higher.  He held up his hands, showing the pink paws on the ends of his arms.

"Did you a favor." Bandit said.  "See, Skids made a good point to me, and so I decided to let you be like me.  You look really sexy like that."

"I AM NOT SEXY!" Brian wailed.  "I am NOT pink!"

"And I guess you're not a mouse either, huh?" Bandit said.  Brian shook his head violently in disbelief.  "Turn around, and look into that mirror there."

Brian did, and he saw himself, well, it had to be himself.  But he was pink.  His whole body was PINK.  His body was covered in pink.  His tail was pink.  TAIL?  Then he saw the light pink belly patch, the bright pink ears, the lighter pink muzzle, and the pink body before him.  He ran his hands over his body, feeling the smoothness of the spandex, then he looked in horror as his hand went over hid groin.  "Where is my cock?"

"Gone." Skids said.  "We figured you wouldn't need it anymore."

"No!  NO NO NO!" Brian said, banging on the side of the cage he was in.  "I'm NOT a freak like you!"

"No!  You're not!"  Bandit said, coming closer to the cage.  "You're more like the freak in THAT cage there!"   Bandit pointed to the other half of the cage, and inside it was someone in a green dragon spandex suit.  Dark green body, light green underbelly, a nice muzzle, pointed ears, and obviously not male.  He could see by the way it was sitting that it had a hole under it's tail.  Brian put a few things together, and with a part horror part facination he let his hand wander between his legs, and under the costume tail.  And, sure enough, he found a hole there.

"Whaaa…  What did you do to me?  You sick sick thing!" Brian spat out.  "This isn't happening!  This isn't real!"

"Oh, it's real!" Bandit said, getting in closer to the cage.  He reached in with a paw and yanked up on Brian's tail.  Brian was so shocked he didn't do anything as Bandit pulled him backwards, his tail pulled between the holes in the cage.  "And this is VERY real too!" Bandit's plastic shaft extended to it's full length.

In one move Bandit pushed himself into Brian's hole.  Brian expected pain, but instead was rewarded with a pleasant feeling.  Brian let out a gasp, then a moan, then he began to feel pleasure from this fucking.  Brian's voice was high, sounding almost like a cartoon character in the throes of pleasure.  Bandit pulled the tail hard as he pounded Brian's ass with a wicked grin.  Soon, Brian's wails were louder, and very quickly he felt a wave of pleasure wash over him.  His eyes wide open, his body shook  as his hands grasped the other end of the cage in a death grip.

Bandit pulled out of the pink mouse's hole and let go of the tail.  "You've just had your first orgasm as a plushie mouse.  Did you like it?"  Brian was breathing hard, whimpering slightly in pleasure.  In his mind he did love it, he hadn't had an orgasm that powerful in a long time.  He didn't want to let the raccoon win, so he said nothing.  "Hmph." Bandit said.  "I think I'm gonna have to do that until it admits how much it liked that!"

Skids got behind the cage and let out a wild grin.  He could see what Bandit was doing, and loved to watch it.  "We should go upstairs Bandit." Skids said.  "Master Fox will want to know his two toys are ready for him."

"You're right!" Bandit said.  "Race you upstairs!"  Bandit took off, Skids followed, leaving Brian alone in the cage.  He started to recover from the feeling of pleasure, and look around a little more.  He was in a cage, it was divided in half by a grate, and the dragon was in the other side of it.  He sat back, trying to figure out his next move.

Peter opened his eyes.  The immense pain from his balls was gone now.  He could feel he wasn't trussed up anymore, and he felt pretty good.  He looked around his new surroundings, and looked into the face of a pink…  mouse?  "What the fuck?"

"Pete" The mouse talked.  Didn't sound like anyone he knew, but then his own voice didn't sound right either.  "Is that you Pete?"

"Yeah." Pete tried to get up, but smacked his head on the ceiling.  "OW!  Dammit!" He cussed.

"I did that too." The mouse said.  "It's me, Brian.  Those things did something to us."

"What?  Last thing I remember is that prick yanking on my nuts." Pete said.  "But it doesn't hurt now.  How long have…"  Peter let that trail off as his hands rubbed over his groin and felt nothing.  "Oh fuck…  HE cut my balls off?  That FUCKER!"

Upstairs, Bandit and Skids were leaned over the monitors to the bondage room, watching the two talk.  Master helped them make the costumes with his abilities, and it was working VERY well.  With some padding they had no male genitalia.  Skids smiled and looked at Skids.  "You're right, just a little bit of cum in him made him feel pleasure!"

"Yeah, I think that we can convince them they're plushies by the end of the night." Skids said.  "What do you think Master Fox wants to do with them?"

"I don't know, we can ask him in the morning." Bandit said.  "But right now, I think I want to fuck the dragon now."

"Then later you can fuck me too!" Skids said happily.  He gripped the tip of Bandit's tail "BOINK!"

"HAY!" Bandit said in mock anger.  The two laughed a little, kissing and groping each other.  Bandit licked Skids on the nose, then motioned to take this downstairs.  Skids nodded, and they both went down for another try.

Sunlight woke up the dragon.  He had been mounted and…  boinked…  who knows how many times.  That raccoon was huge inside him, and the skunk wasn't any smaller.  He felt strangely not sore, but more lusting.  The barrier between his half and the pink mouse's half of the cage was gone.  Peter felt a need to be filled like that again, to feel that pleasure again.

Quietly, Peter crawled over to the mouse and looked it over.  He knew it was Brian inside, but he didn't care anymore.  He grabbed the mouse's tail and shoved it into his own tail hole.  He tried to ride it like a cock, but it just didn't feel right.  It didn't feel like it was pleasuring him enough.  In frustration he began to paw his own tail hole, but even that wasn't enough to put out the burning need.

Brian woke up a little while later.  He heard something behind him, and he rolled his head on the ground to look at a dragon with it's paw all the way into it's own tail hole.  He felt horny too, and didn't care anymore that it was Peter in the dragon suit.  So Brian got up onto all fours and buried his mouse muzzle as far into the dragon's tail hole as he could.  Peter removed his paws, and tried to bury himself into the mouse's tail hole as well.

Master Fox was up, and checking the internet mail messages when he heard the muffled cries of desperation from the other room.  He casually got up, and went into the bondage room.  Once there, he watched the 69 of the pink mouse and dragon.  He shook his head, knowing that they shouldn't be able to feel anything doing that.  But, he felt a little pity on the two.  When Bandit came to him for this kind of revenge, it seemed like it was typical mischief.  But when he said Skids had the idea, Fox knew this was more devious than they both let on.  Now he understood.

Fox waived his paw, and directed a small spell towards the two in the cage.  At that moment, Peter and Brian both felt a monstrous orgasm rack through their bodies from under their tails, all the way to the tops of their ears and down their tails.  They both grasped the other's spandex body, holding the other's muzzle into their tail holes tightly as they shook in orgasm.

They rolled off each other, then looked at each other, still panting.  Then reality set in.  "OH my god." Brian said.  "I just sucked you off."

The dragon nodded.  "And I sucked you off too.  Jeez, I thought we promised not to do that."

"I couldn't stop it." Brian said.  "I woke up horny."

"I did too." Pete said.  "I tried to use your tail first.  Oh man, I can' believe we did that."

"I can." Fox said.  Both in the cage backed away from the voice, and from each other.  "MY pets made you plush.  Don't worry, it's natural."

"Not to suck HIM!" the dragon said defiantly.   "He's not my fuck buddy."

"You could fuck him too." Fox said.  "Oh, wait, you're female now aren't you?"

"WHAT?" Brian said.

"Oh, wait, no." Fox said.  "You're just not a male."  Fox grinned and walked up to the cage.  "Bandit did tell me you were genderless."

"What did that freak do to me?" Peter demanded.

"Just made you like him." Fox said.  "Soon you will accept it, and your new life.  Once you do that, you can feel that pleasure all the time."  Fox backed away, and turned to leave the room.  "Oh, and if you want, I can bring you into the feeling of full bliss all the time."

"With what?" Brian said.  "Waive your magic wand?"

Fox turned around, and extended his feral white shaft between his legs.  It glistened and glowed with lubrication and energy.  "A a matter of fact, yes."  He let the shaft descend back into his sheath, and left the room.  This left the two  feeling both humiliated and used, but they also still felt horny.

Tim woke up next to slave rabbit in the guest bedroom.  slave rabbit was still sleeping, and Tim just ran his hand over the leather head and ears of his new pet.  He looked at the doorway to see Bandit standing at the doorway.  "Good morning Master Tim." he said.  "is there anything I can get you this morning?"

Tim shook his head.  "I think I've got everything I need for now, thank you Bandit."  Bandit bowed his head, and closed the door quietly.

slave rabbit's leather eyelids raised slowly.  Tim looked into his slave's eyes with a happy smile.  "I'm sorry I didn't get up before you Master Tim." the rabbit said quietly.  "I will do better next time."

"You did fine." Tim said.  "It was a pleasure to wake up next to my leather rabbit."  The slave rabbit nodded, and rubbed his muzzle into Tim's chest.  He then began to suckle and nibble on Tim's nipple.  Tim moaned softly, and stroked the rabbit on the head.  "you don't need to always please me to make me happy.  But you can keep doing that."

Skids rolled over in bed, feeling over to the side of the bed with a paw.  He rolled his head up to see Bandit wasn't laying next to him.  He felt a little sad, but he heard a few soft foot falls at the doorway.  "Good morning sunshine!" Bandit said happily.

Skids groaned a little.  "I've never been a morning skunk." he said, still tired.

"Ahh!" Bandit said, hopping into the bed with his mate.  "I have a solution!"  Bandit opened his muzzle and snaked his tongue down into Skid's sheath.  Skids moaned in delight as his shaft was coaxed out of it's spandex sheath.  In moments Bandit had a paw under Skid's tail, fingering the skunk's tail hole while he sucked.

Fox heard the moaning from the basement, and shook his head.  Bandit loved to wake him or Skids up with a morning suck, and when he heard Skids scream "BANDIT!", Fox knew that the inevitable had happened.  He smiled, knowing that his pets were happy again.

Peter and Brian both heard the moaning from upstairs too.  Peter put a green paw over his eyes.  "This isn't happening!" he said  "I'm not gonna be a plush fuck toy!"

"What's wrong with it?" Brian said.

"Oh fuck.  They got you." Peter said.  "They got to you."

"No, wait, think about it." Brian said.  "Look, what worries does that skunk have?  None.  If he turned me into a pink mouse, I can live with that because I don't have to worry about nothing."

Peter put his green paws into his head.  "Oh fuck.  They got you.  They made you into them."

"They got us both dragon boy." Brian said coldly.  "Look, I don't see a dick on you, and you already woke up trying to fuck yourself with my tail.  So it's over and done with.  So I'll take it."  Peter put his paws on the bars in front of him and beat his head lightly into the bars.  It never dawned on him that he felt no pain from it.  "Hey, it's reality.  Reality is that I'm a mouse, you’re a dragon, and that's that.  So, fuck it.  I'm gonna enjoy it.  And if it's a dream, I'll wake up.  If it's not, I'll suck it up and enjoy how fucked up this is."

"Fine!  Then go get fucked for all I care!" Peter lashed out.  "You're always the stupid one!  Without me You'd be nothing.  You'd never get to fuck any of those slaves I get.  You don't know shit!"  Peter smashed his fists into the bars, and let out a painful howl.

"And you say I'm stupid?" Brian sneered.  "If it wasn't for you, we wouldn't be here.  But here we are, in a cage, I'm a mouse, you're a dragon.  Get over yourself."  He then faced out towards the hall "HEY FOX!  CAN YOU HEAR ME!?" he yelled out.  Peter tried to make motions to Brian to shut him up, but his hands hurt too much.

Fox heard the mouse, and casually walked into the bondage room.  He looked at the cages, and saw the pink mouse looking at him.  "Can I help you?"

"Yeah." Brian said.  "If I'm gonna be like this, then I've decided that I'm going to enjoy it.  Do what you gotta do, but I'll take it."

Fox smiled.  "Do you submit to me then, little mouse?"

"FUCK NO!" Peter shouted.  "He doesn't!  He's talking all crazy and shit."  The mouse only nodded, holding onto the bars with his hands.  "Shut up Brian!  Don't fucking crack on me!  Don't you…"  Fox had enough.  He walked over to the cage, and lowered the partition between the dragon and mouse.  Fox opened the top, and helped the pink mouse out of the cage.

"Last chance." Fox said.

"Hey, if I'm stuck as a mouse, I'll take my lumps.  I made a mistake with the coon, I deserve it.  Fuck him." Brian motioned with his head to the dragon.  "If this is what is to be, then so be it."

"NO!" Peter locked his hands around the bars,  biting back the pain.  "NO NO NO!  Don't LEAVE ME!" He screamed as Fox led the mouse out of the room.  The door closed, leaving the dragon alone.  Peter's rage turned from anger to depression, and  soon he was leaning up against the bars, crying.

Bandit, Skids, Fox and Brian were up in the living room.  "Look, I know what we did to you was fucked up." the mouse said.  "Peter told me you were like a robot or something and it was all some kind of a program.  I didn't know you were alive."  The mouse hung his head, saying what came from his heart.  "If my punishment is to become like you, and to get tortured like we did to you, I can take it.  I am really sorry for what I did to you."

Bandit put his paw under the mouse's chin.  "Appology accepted."  He raised the mouse's eyes to look at his own.  "But I'm not going to do to you what you did to me."  He looked to the skunk, and smiled.  "I talked with my mate for a while last night, he calmed me down a lot.  I want to show you something.  Here, sit."

The mouse sat, and Bandit helped him to lay down on his back.  He then violently grabbed the mouse's crotch.  Brian gasped, feeling a very light sensation on his penis.  He looked up to Bandit, who let go.  "It's a costume.  We didn't make you a plush.  Golden Fox made the costume with our help, and we put you and Peter into them while you were unconscious."

Brian took in this fact thoughtfully.  He took in a deep breath, and let out a sigh.  "I understand why, dude." he said.  "I'm still sorry."  Everyone nodded a little.  "So what happens to me now?"

"I can release you from your suit." Fox said.  "You can be out in no time.  Or…"  Brian perked a little.  "Or I can make you like my pets, but I'm not prepared to take another into my home right now.  Or I can leave you in that suit, if you like it.  The suit you're locked into has some advantages.  you can eat, but you'll never defecate.  You'll never need to excrete in it.  It's seamless as well, so you can be inside it forever."

Brian looked at his paws, then at Fox, then at the two others.  "Peter will never admit he's wrong, you know." he said.  "But I know he is.  I know we were.  What are you going to do with him?"

"Don't know." Bandit said.  "We kinda took this one at a time, ya know."

"If you put him back home, he'll never learn." Brian said, sitting up and hanging his head.  "I can think of a way to teach him."

"Oh?" Fox said.  "And how's that?"

"Make me like him." Brian pointed at Bandit.  "And I'll teach Peter a lesson."

"It's a permanent change." Skids said.  "I did it, never regretted it, but you'll throw everything you were away.  Is it really worth it?"

Brian looked at Skids.  "Hey, he said I was nothing, right?  So fuck it, what do I lose?  Besides, if he doesn't learn, he'll go find another fuck buddy like me to torture more slave boys."  He looked to Fox.  "If it'll teach him a lesson, hell, I'll do it.  But, umm, can I be something other than pink?"

Peter hung his hands outside the bars, he'd been in solitary for hours, it seemed, and he couldn't hear anything.  Finally, the door opened.  Peter looked up like a condemned man.  His jaw hit the floor as a mouse walked into the room.  It was covered in a red velour spandex, and had an orange belly patch, muzzle, tail and ears.  It also had a bright red plastic feral cock standing at full erection between his legs.

"Hi there Peter." it said.  The voice was familiar, but nothing he could recognize as the man he was with.  "Feeling any better?"

"Fuck you Brian." the dragon said.  "You're a fucking quitter."

"You're wrong." the mouse said.  "My name is Mappy now.  Master Fox showed me the error of my ways.  I said I was sorry to the raccoon we tortured, and had sex like you couldn't believe."  Mappy crossed to the cages, and put his paw on Peters.  Peter immediately drew away, disgusted.  "And as a reward, they said I could fuck you too."

"I won't let you!" Peter said.  "I know you can't fight!  You fight like a puss!"

"Skids?" Mappy said, and the skunk poked his head into the doorway.  "Would you do me a favor?"  Skids walked into the room, and stood next to the cage on his hands.

"NO!" Peter said.  As he inhaled to scream, Skids hit him hard with his spray.  Peter coughed and sputtered, "NO!  I won't…**cough**  You can't…**Cough**"  Peter collapsed in the cage.  Mappy grinned to Skids, this was going to be a fun day.

Peter laid, strapped to the bondage horse.  He'd been mounted more times than he could count, and he hated to admit that he liked it.  Every time he was fucked, he felt better about it.  He felt violated that his old friend was the first to fuck his mouth, but even that felt good.  They even invited the leather rabbit and the only human there to fuck him under his tail too.  And every thrust felt good.  They left him there, strapped down and helpless, panting for all the breath he could get.  And as he lay there, all he could think about was how helpless he was.

The door finally opened, and the mouse walked up to his former friend.  "So am I still a fuck up now?"

Peter barely had the strength to hold his head up.  "If I could, I'd kick you in your scrawny ass."

Mappy shook his head.  "Pity.  You know, Master Fox could make your life so much better.  But, no, you're too bullheaded to see it."  The mouse walked behind Peter, and put a finger under his tail hole.  "I talked to Fox, he's going to keep you here until you either accept yourself as a dragon, or until you apologize to the coon."

"Fuck that!" Peter said.

"But you like all this fucking, don't you?" Mappy said, thrusting a finger in and out under the dragon's tail.  The dragon felt a wave of pleasure flow over him, and let out a moan.  Peter nodded weakly.  The mouse began to thrust in and out faster.  "If you won't say you're sorry, then at least accept that you're now a stuffed dragon now."

Mappy used two fingers then three, all the while telling Peter that he was a dragon now, and that it was good to accept it.  Peter felt the orgasm flow over him, and finally, at the verge of an orgasm, he finally said quietly "Fine.  I'm a stuffed dragon."

"Good dragon." Mappy said, and he stuffed his cock deep into his tail hole.  Peter yelped in pleasure, feeling the orgasm flow over him.  He suddenly felt a connection to his tail, and his paws, and his tail hole, and…

Fox entered the room, and placed his paw on the dragon's head.  He placed his plastic cock at the dragon's mouth, and held it into him deeply.  The dragon sucked the cock hungrily, feeling a deep burning need to do it.  Fox chanted the remainder of the spell, and placed both paws on each side of the dragon's head.  Peter opened his eyes violently, feeling now a new identity.

"Dragon." He thought.  Then his mind exploded with information.  His neck grew somewhat, and his head became thinner.  His body covering, once spandex, became slicker, more like rubber.  His hind legs changed form as did his front legs.  The chains holding him down strained as he transformed into a four legged dragon.  His green rubber covering formed into it's ridges and scales, as his wings formed on his back.

Mappy buried his cock deep into his old friend, and let out a cry as he came.  He grasped the rubber tail of the dragon and bucked his hips into the hole that was there.  Peter's mind faded as he felt the final form solidify, and his body fill with soft rubber and silicone.  As his muzzle wrapped around Fox's shaft, Fox came too, with a loud moan.  Both he and the mouse pressed into the Dragon form, holding it tight in the afterglow of their orgasms.

Slowly, the both pulled out of the rubber dragon.  Mappy stumbled back and landed on his tail.  Fox leaned down, and removed the restraints from the rubber dragon.  Fox placed the dragon under one arm, and walked up to the red mouse.  He offered his paw, and helped Mappy up off the ground.  "We have to make this permanent."  The mouse nodded.  "For you too.  You're about to forget everything you knew as a human."

Mappy nodded slowly.  "Yeah, well, it's the price I pay for what I did to Bandit." he said.  "I deserve it, I know."

They both walked into the circle room, and placed the dragon onto the ground.  Bandit and Skids were both there already, preparing the spell.  Mappy walked over to Bandit, looking at him eye to eye.  "Hey, umm, before I forget.  I'm still sorry."

"I know." Bandit said.  He kissed the mouse, who kissed him back.  "I'll make sure you go to a good, loving home.  ok?"

Mappy nodded.  "Yeah.  What about the dragon?"

"Don't worry about him." Skids said with a grin.  "I know what he can do for us."

Mappy nodded.  "Hey, umm, while I'm a plush, if you want to, you know, fuck me or something, go ahead.  It's the least I can do, ok?"

Bandit kissed Mappy on the nose.  "I wouldn't dream of doing it without you around to feel it."

"It's time." Fox said.  Mappy dropped his hands to the side, and entered the circle.  He looked to Fox, and only nodded.  Fox raised both paws as Bandit and Skids both began to weave a song.

Weeks later, the UPS driver came to the house to pick up this weeks packages.  He saw the new gargoyle like adornment on the front stoup, a long, ornate rubberized dragon.  He grinned to himself, wondering where they got such a nice cement dragon rubberized like that.  He picked up the packages, dropped off the collection of envelopes, and hauled them back to the truck.

A week later, a couple got their packages in the mail from "Fox Stitch Inc".  They both tried on their new catsuits, half-suits, and had to try out the new hoods.  And, most of all, they wanted to try their new yiffyplush toy.

Mappy awoke, he was wearing a  nylon collar, and he had a mouth full of vagina.  Suddenly, he felt hungry for it, he must have more.  He let his muzzle dive into what was before him, and he was rewarded with a breath moan of delight.  As he let his velvet tongue explore the folds before him, he felt a hand on his spandex mouse tail, and a nice, wonderful cock was filling him from behind.  Mappy felt privileged to be serving a couple!  After ten minutes of this, the woman flooded his face with her juices and the man behind him exploded into an orgasm.

Slowly, he was brought away from the warmth in his muzzle, and under his tail.  He looked up to see a couple, she was in a full spandex bodysuit, as was he.  "Hello Mistress, Master, I am Mappy." he said.  "Who do I have the pleasure of serving?"

"Master and Mistress will do for now, Mappy." the man said.  "You belong to us."  Mappy bowed his head in respect to his hew owners.  "We will teach you your duties to us later, but for now, you will serve us here, in our playroom."

Mappy bowed his head.  "As Master commands."

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