By: Socks
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Part 1

He watched as the car rolled up to his driveway, and turned off the lights.  In a fluid motion he left the house, locked the door behind him, and padded to the car quickly.  The door opened and he hopped in.

"Ready to go?" the driver asked.  Fox only nodded, keeping his fedora on until they were clear of the street lights.  Fox was always nervous about leaving the house like this, but he'd done it before.  And the parties were always good money makers.  He shipped all the suits ahead, so it was just a matter of getting there himself.  And the house was in good paws.  Fox allowed himself to relax a little.  The vacation was going to be nice.


"Dude!  I'm telling you that house is cooking meth or something!"

"No way!  I think it's a drop for something, like a spy house or something."

"I bet if we broke in there'd be all sorts of cool stuff there!"

"We shouldn't....  OW!   Hey!"

"You're such a pussy."

"Am not."

"Then prove it!  You're going with us!"

"Ok, ok..."

"so when do we break in?"

"How 'bout now?"



The four got off the bus several blocks away from the house they wanted to hit.  They were careful to not be seen, and looked for escape routes if the place had a burglar alarm or something.  The place looked empty, no lights on at all.  Kyle looked in the kitchen window "Nobody's here.  Hell there's nothing in the kitchen but a fridge!"

"I told you its abandoned!" Aaron said.  "We shouldn't do this."

"Pussy!"  Scott shoved Aaron roughly, who did catch himself before he fell. "We're already here, you're going in with us."  Aaron just sadly nodded.  "Ok, so how do we get in?"

They tried the doors, all locked.  But they could see into the basement.  "I bet we could pry that glass back without breaking it.  They'd never know we were here!"  Dave moved the protective screen to the basement windows back, and crawled into the vent space.  He pulled out a pocket knife, and wedged it under the window while the other three watched for signs of anyone.  Then a cracking sound could be heard, and then metal scraping on brick.  "We're in!  And no alarm!"

Kyle was already on the ground trying to get in.  "Dude!  Let's get in there!"  The four quickly made their way into the basement, grabbing for flashlights they brought with them.

"What the fuck is this?"

"It's not a meth lab!"

"No, who the fuck needs all this fucking cloth?"

Aaron ran his hands along some of it, it wasn't just cloth, it was spandex.  And very nice quality at that.  But he didn't want to say anything for fear of being made fun of.  He just kept quiet, putting his hand back in his pockets to keep from feeling the bolts too much.

"There's gotta be something in here."  Dave started pushing the rolls of spandex off the shelves and onto the floor.  "Gotta be behind it all!"

Scott got out his pocket knife.  "I bet it's hidden in here!"  He started cutting into the fabric in his hands.  Soon three were tearing into the bolts of fabric, the fourth stood away, not sure what he should do.  He wanted to run, but there was no way he could get out the window fast enough before they'd drag him back in.  He only hoped the cops wouldn't show up.

Upstairs, a purple paw reached around the doorway and looked into the basement.  He saw flickers of lights, and the sounds of destruction going on.  Intruders?  He could hear voices, three of them, and they sounded like they were laughing as they trashed the place.  He heard the sound of ripping material, and knew he had to stop them.  But how?  He couldn't take all three at once.  Even with his mate's help it wouldn't be a fair fight.  He quietly scampered up the stairs to tell his mate, and make a plan.

"Nothing!" Scott threw the last roll of spandex on the ground he was willing to cut.  "There's nothing here! Dammit!"

"Well this is only one room!  There's probably something cool upstairs." Dave said hopefully.

"Guys?  We..."  Aaron was shamed by the glares he got, and just gently bit his lower lip.

Scott put his knife away and got his flashlight.  "Ok, let's go."

They made their way up the staircase as two residents turned the corner to hide in the monitor room.  At least they'd get a good look at their intruders first, and hoped they'd take the bait.  The four made their way up, and followed the glowing light into the kitchen.  They saw the only thing left in the kitchen at all, and it was a fridge.  There was an empty box next to it, which one noticed.  "Oh tell me there's beer in the fridge!" Scott asked.

"We got beer!"  Dave said triumphantly.  He opened the door, and saw several cans inside.  "And it's cold!"  He tossed one over to his friend, and then scooped up more.  "Nothing downstairs but we could take this!"

"Hell why not just drink it here?  Nobody's here and less risk of the cops finding us."  Kyle popped the tab and downed some of it.  They laughed as they walked into the living room, which had a television, couch, chairs, and not much else.  "We should take the TV, I could use a nice flatscreen."  They laughed as they drank, all but one.  He just held the can in his hands, watching the others sadly.

As they drank, two others watched them on a monitor and listened.  They looked at each other and silently nodded.  The plan might actually work, except for one who looked shy, nervous, looking around more than the others.  One made his way out of the monitor room, and back to the basement guessing the shy one would try to escape that way.  He could take one on easily.

The shy one excused himself to use the bathroom, which brought a lot of grief from the other three but they soon forgot about him and kept drinking.  After watching them drink three cans a piece in only a few minutes, he didn't want to be there anymore.  He quietly went back to the basement to leave, and saw the mess left behind in the limited light he had with his flashlight.

He sighed to himself quietly, closing his eyes and looking dejected.  "Okay Aaron." He said.  "Why do you let yourself get talked into this stupidity?"  He reached down to the bolts of fabric on the floor, and picked a few up to try to put back any that weren't cut to rags.  "Because they're your friends." He said somewhat sarcastically, talking to himself.  He snorted out of his nose.  "Some friends."  He put some more of the bolts back, at least to clean up some of the mess and save one of the few rolls they hadn't destroyed.  He held a few of the shredded bolts in his hands.  They weren't any use to anyone anymore.  "Fucking animals." He muttered to himself.  "Trashed some woman's stuff for nothing."

As he held the material in his hands, and ran his fingers along it.  He always liked spandex to wear, but he was too embarrassed and a little too overweight to buy more than the sports shirts at the store.  He put it back on the ground gently, trying to give it some respect.  He shook his head, and spotted a blue skunk plush laying on the ground face down.  He didn't recall it being there when he got in, one of the others must have knocked it over.  He put his flashlight under his arm, and picked the skunk up gently.  He brushed it off with his hand, and looked at its face.  "Sorry little guy." He said softly.

"Apology accepted." Skids said, almost sweetly.

"Wha?"  Aaron barely had time to react when Skid's action.  Skids bent at the waist, and sprayed a sparkly blue powder at Aaron's face.  Aaron inhaled, and was overwhelmed with the aroma.  It smelled sweet, he involuntarily took another hard inhale through his nose and mouth, and he felt lightheaded as his knees buckled.  Aaron collapsed into the pile of spandex on the floor, his flashlight shining straight up.  Aaron could barely make out the outline of the stuffed animal he was just holding, but it felt better to not try to focus.  Head swimmy, too much to think...

"You'll thank me later." Skids said, straddling Aaron's face and lifting his tail.  "Enjoy!"  And he gave Aaron a full point blank spray.

Upstairs, the other three were pounding through beer number 5 a piece.  "Where do you think he went?" Kyle asked, a little slower than before.

"He's gone." Scott belched out, making him laugh to himself.  "He's a pussy, always runs away."

"Why'd you bring him anyway?" Dave asked, almost sounding mad.

"Get him to loosen up.  And besides I copy his homework all the time.  I gotta pretend to like him."  Scott took a last swig of the free beer.

They laughed, throwing the cans on the ground.  "This would be so much cooler if we had a radio." Kyle said.

"Or chicks." Dave said, slumping over in the couch. "Dammit I'm fucking horny now."

"Yeah, me too.  Why don't we take the rest of the beer and go find like Donna or someone?  Didn't she like do the whole fucking team?" Kyle laughed at the thought.

"Damn near."  Scott said.  He tried to get up, but found himself paralyzed.  "Oh fuck..." he said with a laugh.  "Beer's hittin me hard."

"Me too."  The one on the couch tried to move his arm but couldn't.  He laughed in a drunken stupor.  "Shit bro I can't fucking move!"

"Well look at Dave, he's fucking passed out!"  He blinked hard a few times.  "I'm not gonnaaaa carry his sssssorryy assssssss...."  And he faded out as well.

The last on the couch felt his neck get weak, and he rolled his head back because it was easier than holding it up anymore.  His eyes still open, he saw movement.  Then the lights turned on.  "Tisk tisk." A high pitched voice said.  "Looks like some people just can't hold their beer."  The voice got closer to him, and he could see a purple and blue blur in front of his face.  "Sleep."  Then the world went black.

Bandit brought the last one down as Skids finished binding the second drunk one.  "Well ok, we got them, and they're gonna be out for hours now.  What do we do with them?"

"I don't know." Skids said.  "Master Fox never said what do to if someone broke in.  We can call the po..."  He stopped and thought about it. "Oh, yeah, I guess that wouldn't work."

"Sure." Bandit said with a giggle, putting his paw to his head like an old phone. "Hello police?  Yeah, we caught these guys in our home where they trashed our spandex stash, so we drugged them and put them in stocks.  Could you come to arrest them?  And don't mind the raccoon or the skunk."

Skids giggled too.  "Ok, ok, bad idea.  So, what do we do with them?"

"We can call Master Fox?"

"I dunno.  Can we reach him?"

"We can try."  Bandit went to the back office to get to the phone.  Skids, meanwhile, got to the task of binding down the last intruder to keep him in place.  After a few minutes, Bandit came back with a dejected look on his face.  "I can't reach him."

"Hrmph." Skids said.  He finished the last bind on the final one, and they looked over the group.  "We should clean up the beer cans at least."

"Yeah." Bandit said.  "I mean they're not going anywhere, right?"  Skids nodded, and they both went up to the living room to clean up.  And while up there, they had an idea of what to do to punish these intruders.

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