By: Socks
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Part 2

Scott shook his head a few times, he felt like someone was beating him with a sledgehammer.  He let out a low groan as he tried to roll over, but he felt like something against his ass was stopping him.  He tried to form words, but his mouth felt like it was full of cotton or something.  Through his haze he tried to reach up to rub his eyes, but he couldn't reach them.  There was something over his face. And his hands.  And his body.

He rolled onto his stomach with a loud groan, trying to make his head stop pounding long enough to figure out what was going on.  He got onto all fours, and as he got up it felt like he was wearing something skin tight.  And whatever it was, there was pressure on his ass like a weight was pulling it down, and on his face doing the same.  He shook his head a few more times, opening his mouth to get deeper breaths.  Whatever was in front of his face was getting hotter, making it hard to breathe.  And it was heavy, when he shook his head it was hard to stop it moving.

"Oh good, you're awake."  Scott looked up, and saw a midget in a purple suit.  No, wait, it was more than that.  It was a very elaborate mascot costume of a raccoon.  His vision was coming back, but that beer must have been really wicked stuff.  "You don't know how much damage you've done, do you?"

Scott shook his head, still in somewhat of a fog.  He stumbled forward, and ended up hitting his head into bars that he didn't quite register were there until that moment.  Somehow, it didn't hurt, but something pushed into his face like a pillow.  "You and your friends just trashed a few thousand dollars of spandex material." The raccoon said in a scolding voice.  "And what were you looking for?"

"Mffin" Scott tried to answer, but his mouth couldn't form words around whatever it was in there.

 "You're a monster, you know that." The raccoon said.  "You broke into our home, you trashed our stuff, drank our beer, and were going to take our TV and stuff home with you!"  The raccoon reached into the cage and grabbed Scott's head by the mask he was wearing.  "And all you can say is muffin?!?"

Scott was stunned and dazed at the power this little thing had.  His shoulders hit the bars hard as he was pulled by something attached to his head.  "oooo!" he tried to speak.  His mind began to race, trying to think of what he could say to cover this up.  Anything.

Bandit slapped Scott's face, knowing it wouldn't hurt.  Scott sat there stunned anyway.  "You're a monster." He said again.  "You just sit there, and think about what you did.  You're going to pay us back one way or another for what you did here!"  Bandit pushed Scott's head back, and sent him falling backwards.  He felt like he landed on a pillow of some kind.  Bandit turned to leave, swishing his tail somewhat annoyed.

Scott took a look around, and he saw two other cages.  Inside them was something yellow, and something else in dark grey or black.  He tried to rub his eyes again, but managed to get some focus on the world.  The yellow thing looked like a horse or something and the dark one was some kind of thing with a large tail.  He couldn't tell.  Then he looked at himself for the first time, he was covered in green stuff.  He thought ot himself how fucked up this was, and started to look for a way out somehow.

As time passed, the other two woke up and had the same kind of treatment from the raccoon.  They all spoke in muffled speech, and they looked at each other in what could be amazement or bewilderment.  They each individually figured out what was going on, and that Aaron somehow got away.  They secretly hoped that he'd go for help, or at least know where they were being held.  Scott hoped that all those times he called Aaron a pussy were forgotten.

Aaron woke up in his bed.  Last night was still kind of fuzzy in his mind.  He didn't remember getting home, but here he was.  He stumbled out of bed and did his morning routine.  When he got down to the kitchen, his mother looked at him with a worried expression.  "Where did you go last night with your friends?"

"Just cruising." Aaron said.  "Nowhere special."  He still felt tired, he didn't want to admit he had no idea when he came back home.

"Well  Dave's mother called me asking if you were home.  She said he didn't come home last night." His mother said.  "She's getting worried."

Aaron tried to piece together the night's events.  "I kinda got separated from them at like 7 or so Mom." He said.  "They wanted to go do something and I didn't.  So I kinda walked home."

"I think you should call Dave's mother."  Aaron just nodded, eating breakfast.

Later that day the police stopped at the house to talk to Aaron.  Aaron was truthful with them.  He remembered going to the bus depot, and getting on a bus with them.  As they talked, they said they were going to a party that would involve drinking.  He got off with his friends, but decided to not go to the party.  They told him that they weren't getting him home, so he took busses and walked until he got home.  He remembered where the car was parked, which gave the police something to work with.

The three sat in silence for what felt like hours.  They stopped trying to talk to each other soon after they all realized that they all had the same problem.  After a while they could see that they were all in elaborate skin-tight animal style costumes.  Kyle was a yellow horse, with hooves on his feet and a stringy mane.  Dave looked like something out of sea world in his blue and black rubber and neoprene, his feet were in flipper type shoes and his hands had webbed fingers.  And Scott was in a very elaborate green dragon costume with horns, fake scales, fake talons and all.  They each tried to find a zipper, or some hand hold to get it off, but after struggling they finally stopped.  Whoever put them in was going to have to take them out.

They all waited for what felt like years.  A light suddenly turned on, and a purple skunk came in with the raccoon they saw before.  They both looked at the three in their cages.  "You made a huge mess last night." The skunk said, sounding gruff.  "My mate may be underestimating the damage you did to our home and our business.  We just looked it over, you guys trashed almost seven thousand dollars of materials, and some we can't replace."

"Mphh phorreee" the Kyle tried to say.

"Sorry isn't enough," Skids said.  "because I don't believe you.  You broke in, you wrecked stuff, and a simple sorry won't make it better."  He looked over the three with a pause.  "I don't think any of you can afford to replace what you're destroyed!"

The raccoon walked up to the yellow one's cage, and took some things off the top of it.  "So we decided you're going to make you pay for it by being worth what you wrecked."  He reached into the cage and forcefully grabbed the horse by the head.  He pulled Kyle forward,and Kyle was so stunned he could barely resist.  With Skid's help he managed to lock Kyle's head outside of the bars in a kind of metal stocks.

Kyle tried to pull back, and made muffled yelps of pain as he realized he was stuck.  The other two watched as their friend was locked onto all fours by each corner of the cage.  They then turned to Dave.  He wasn't nearly as cooperative, until Skids sprayed him.  After that he was tied up very easily.

Then they came to Scott's cage.  "Easy or hard.  You choose."  Scott wasn't sure where this was going, except he knew that he had little choice in the matter.  Reluctantly, he allowed himself to be put in the head stock and have his limbs bound.  He only hoped it wasn't going to hurt, or that they weren't going to video take him like this and put it on the internet or something.

Bandit and Skids both went to the yellow horse's cage, and using the wheels it was on they pulled him to the center of the room.  "Here's our problem." Bandit said.  "If we let you go, you'll tell someone what's here and get us unwanted attention.  Even if you promise not to, you'll tell someone."  He walked behind the cage, and played with the horse's tail.  The horse boy tried to turn around, but couldn't.  He clenched his ass on reflex.

"So we need to make it so you won't be a problem." Bandit said.  "And you can help pay back what you destroyed."  Bandit got onto his knees behind the horse, and traced his fingers around a hole under its tail.  Kyle tried to move away, but couldn't.  "Oh relax, you'll like this."

"noooo!" Kyle cried out, the material in front of his face muffling the sound.  He then felt something behind him tingle, and it felt like it shot straight up into his pleasure center of his brain.  He then let out a loud moan, his body shaking as it happened.

"See?  You like it." Skids said, patting the horse on the head.

"noo!  Ihm hrait!" Kyle muffled out.  "ot gay!"

"That won't matter soon, Stud." Skids held the Kyle's head in his spandex paws.  The other two watched, wanting to turn away but they couldn't.  Bandit traced his fingers around the hole under the horse boy's tail, and inserted it.  The horse let out a loud groan as he did, almost surprising himself more than his friends!

Soon Bandit was licking Kyle's hole with his spandex tongue.  He knew it wasn't really penetrating more than fluff, but it was having the desired effect.  It wasn't long before Kyle was pushing back.  He was too horny from the alcohol or something, and this felt so good.  The voice in his head telling him this was wrong was being drowned out by the need he felt from the previous night's drinking.

"Yes, good horse." Skids cooed into Kyle's ear.  "You like this, don't you?"  The horse nodded.  "It's ok.  It feels good..."  Bandit got up, sporting a plastic erection from his sheath.  Scott and Dave watched as Bandit put his tip onto the hole opening, and pushed in gently.  The horse boy's head tried to shoot up. "Shhhh....  This will feel a lot better soon.  Good boy.  Just go with it.  Relax, enjoy that feeling..."

Kyle was being calmed by Skid's voice in his ear.  Bandit slowly penetrated behind him, and was soon moving in and out of the horse's hole.  The horse boy began to really get into it, clenching at the bars with his spandex covered hands and really enjoying the constant buzz he was feeling.  It was so good, and a part of him never wanted it to end.  He dug his toes in, feeling more and more comfortable standing on his toes.

Skids lowered the horse boy's head.  "Open your muzzle.  That's it Stud.  Open wide."  Skids held the horse's head as he felt the muzzle envelop his plastic shaft.  The boy felt his body tingling like a long orgasm was rolling over him.  It was like the buildup to a huge orgasm, and he wasn't even being touched.  He didn't question it, his body was feeding off pure need and lust as he was impaled on both ends.  He felt almost empty when Skids pulled out of his mouth, but once the bridle was on his head and his muzzle was filled again it was all better.

He opened his eyes wide, suddenly realizing what he had just thought.  "Bridle?  Muzzle?  Tail?  Holy fuck I'm a..."  He never finished the thought.  His body shook hard as his seed shot from his shaft buried under layers of spandex and fiberfill.  Bandit grasped the horse's tail and climaxed as well, sending a sensation of pure pleasure through the horse's spandex body.  Skids felt the wave hit him, and holding the bridle he held the horse boy onto his own shaft as his energy flowed through the horse.

Dave and Scott could see their friend's body shake violently and glow slightly.  They could see his feet shift as he stood comfortably on his toes, looking like they were more hoof like now.  His neck got longer and the spandex mane became a more fine collection of fibers.  Between his legs, a bulge formed and a sheath and ball sac formed.  They settled in between his legs, and looked huge.  The skunk and the raccoon rocked their hips into the horse until the spell had run its course, and the sensations finally washed away slowly.

Bandit and Skids both pulled out slowly.  The horse was panting, his black spandex tongue rolled out of his mouth seeming to drip a little.  "There ya go Stud." Skids said, patting the horse on the neck.  They both undid the horse's wrists and ankles.  As they were removing his head from the stocks, Stud's body began to shrink to almost the size of the skunk and the raccoon.  "Good boy." Skids said.  "Now it's nap time."

Stud was still in a haze as his bridle was removed, and was very compliant.  He then felt his legs get stiff, unmoving.  Bandit reached for Stud's arms from behind, bending them with both hands turned inward just under his chin.  Stud didn't fight this, he barely understood what was happening to him as he became completely stiff.  He nickered softly, feeling the sensations travel up his body quickly.  The last thing he saw was Skids stroking his long muzzle, which felt so good, so very....

Bandit patted the spandex plush on the head.  "There we go.  All nice and happy now."  The other two in their cages began to shake nervously.  "Oh don't worry, he's not dead.  He's in a state of constant pleasure.  And when we wake him up later he won't even remember being human."

Skids brushed Stud's mane and looked over the creation.  His plastic eyes were good, the sheath was oversized but not unexpected for a horse.  He reached his fingers into the sheath and felt the plastic cock buried under the surface.  He could feel its equine flair.  He smiled to himself.  This was a good one.  He looked to Bandit, and just nodded.

"One down." Bandit said.  "We'll do you two a bit later.  Meanwhile, we need to get our Stud here ready to pay us back."  Dave and Scott looked in horror as the two of them picked up the horse like he weighed nothing, and carried him out of the room.  They left the lights on, leaving the two able to barely see each other, and wonder what was going to happen next.

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