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Part 3

The police came back to Aaron's house later that afternoon.  They kept asking what happened, and Aaron replied that he really didn't know.  He even offered to take a polygraph test if that's what it took.  He even tried to tell the officers what busses he took, and where he was to absolutely corroborate his story.  Detectives took notes, and asked him to not leave the area.  By that evening, Aaron was almost as frustrated as the police.

Dave was sweating.  This suit he was in was hot and uncomfortable.  The rubber over his head and face was the worst, he could feel hot sweat dripping into his eyes.  He couldn't feel most of the rest of it, there was a lot of padding too.  His hands and feet felt like there were hot too, a lot of sweat on his palms.

But he couldn't shake what he had just watched happen.  It had to be a trick.  Scott and Kyle were messing with him or something.  People can't just be turned into things like that.  No way.  He shifted and felt pressure on his pelvis, making him tighten his stomach and groan a little.  Fuck he was still horny.  He remembered drinking, getting horny, and something happened.  At least he didn't need to take a piss or anything, that would make this worse.  But someone would pay for this later.  Whoever's fucking with him would get their ass beat hard.

Bandit came back into the room, and they brought Dave's cage to the center of the room.  "Your turn!"

"NO!"  Dave shook his head back and forth, and tried to pull his hands and ankles free.  Each yank hurt, but anything but be fucked up the ass.  "HOO AWAY!"

"And if we told you to go away when you were trashing our storeroom would you have?" Skids asked in a condescending voice.  Dave nodded, still trying to pull away.  "Oh that's a lie."

"Ill hay yuu akk!" Dave was trying anything he could to get away.

"Oh yes you will." Bandit said, raising up the tail.  "And you'll love every minute of it."  Dave tried to lean forward, to get away from the raccoon's touch.  As he did, his head got closer to the skunk's plastic shaft.  The thought revolted him, no way he was going to let these two do this to him.

"You'll like it too." Skids said.  Skids shifted his body over, causing Dave's face piece to touch his shaft.  Dave realized this, and pulled back as much as he could.  That's when he felt the poke behind him.  He wasn't sure what to do, other than try to scrunch up, bound as he was.  Skids patted him on the head, talking softly.  "There there...  You'll like this a lot."  He patted Dave on his rubber sealed head, playing with the rounded ears and the chubby cheeks.  "I think you'll have a whole lot better disposition very soon Aukai."

"ave!" he tried to shout.  "hi ame is ave!"

"Shh now." Bandit said, moving his spandex paw up and down the base of the rubber tail.  Dave shivered at the touch, he'd never been handled like this before, even when that one girl wanted to get all "freaky" with him.  A part of him reserved to fact that this was about to happen.  He closed his eyes and tried to imagine it was a girl.  They might just let him go and oh hell that felt good.

"There you are Aukai." Skids cooed softly in Dave's ear.  "That feels so good, doesn't it?" 

Dave nodded, but he tried to not move.  Dave tried to fill his mind with anything.  Football.  Yes, football.  Rought men in skin tight pants groping and feeling each...  Oh hell this wasn't working.  Oh hell that felt good under his tail.  Oh...

Skids brought his shaft up to the rubber muzzle, and Dave easily took it.  Dave didn't feel anything in his mouth, but he felt the pressure of something against his face.  He could feel it tingle, and it felt like whiskers on his cheeks were brushing into the spandex body of the skunk in front of him.

"Oh, yeah, this isn't so bad." Dave thought.  Then he opened his eyes suddenly "NO!  I'm NOT a faggot!"  Then he felt the warmth under his tail, and his head swam in the pleasures.  It wasn't in his ass like he thought it'd be, it was all over his body.  Dave groaned a little as his body relaxed, spreading out and not feeling so trapped in the cage now.

"OOOOO!" Scott tried to push against his bars to escape, but he was still locked securely.  He watched as his friend simply gave up.  His body posture went from tight to loose, to almost accepting to get more of the thrusting!  "honnt!  Noooo!"  His muffled yells were barely audible, and he watched as his friend's body shape began to alter.

"Get ready Aukai!" Skids said.  "Just let it wash over you, like a wave.  Like a big wave of pleasure.  Soak in it.  Feel it all over."  Skids places his paws on the rubber skull, and got enough of his fingers in to feel the soft lining under the surface.  He grunted a few times, and felt the release.  Then the return of release from his mate under Aukai's tail.

Dave closed his eyes hard, but saw a blinding white light as he felt pure energy wash through him.  He felt like it was cleansing him, washing over and through him and removing all the negative things.  His eyes opened, and he only saw the blackness of Skid's underbelly.  His body was still twitching as he felt his muzzle and tailhole become empty.

"There we go Aukai."  Bandit removed the cuffs and helped Aukai stand up.  They both held onto him as his body shrank in size, just as Stud did.  Once he was about their height, they inspected Aukai.  They hefted his neoprene testicles and checked inside the neoprene sheath for the hard rubber shaft inside.  Aukai felt like his head was swimming, and felt his feet and ankles get stiff.  "You're almost ready." Bandit said.  "You'll be fantastic!"

Aukai felt the tingle rise quickly, up his body and to his head.  He had no time to think, or consider what was happening as the world faded to blackness around him.  Bandit pushed into the body a little, and watched how the rubber skin slowly would puff back out after being pushed in.  He pressed on the neoprene underbelly as well, and saw it's definition take hold.

"Oh he turned out VERY nice!" Skids said.

"Yep!" Bandit said, brushing the whiskers back a little.  That's two, and that leaves the monster."

They both turned to look at Scott, who tried to shrink into the cage somehow to get away from their glares.  "But first let's get Aukai ready." Skids said, picking Aukai up effortlessly.  "We'll come back for him later."  They carried the new toy out of the room, leaving Scott to his own thoughts.

Once in the stash room, they put the new toy face down on the work bench.  "So another few hours and we can finish this?" Skids asked.

"Yeah." Bandit said.  "Fox won't be happy with this."

"I know." Skids said, nuzzling up behind his mate. "But what else can we do?  We let them go, they'll tell others, and people will come back and make more problems."

Bandit sighed.  "The one we let go, I just hope he won't be a problem."

"I don't think he will." Skids said.  As he spoke he got the digital camera and started turning it on.  "My spray was pretty strong, and your spell was really effective."

Bandit pulled himself up onto the work bench to position the toy for pictures.  "So when do we tell him the truth?"

"Later." Skids said.  "A lot later.  We'll figure that out later tho."

"I just hope it won't be a bad thing." Bandit said, positioning the toy and placing the bracelets down next to it.

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