By: Socks
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Part 4

Scott was hungry.  Somehow he didn't need to take a piss or a dump, but he was hungry.  He felt like he'd been there forever, and he watched two of his friends changed into...  toys?  No, it had to be an illusion or something.  Whoever this was had to be fucking with his head.  Probably just scaring him.  And it was working.  He wanted to go home.  And he figured that somewhere between his football coach, his parent's money, and his ability to talk out of anything, he could get off on this one.  So he'd find a way to pay them back, he just needed to get out of here, or find a way to talk somehow.

The door re opened, and his two tormentors walked in.  Scott tried to talk again, but it only came out as muffled sounds.  "It's your turn." The raccoon said.  They wheeled him into the center of the room, but this time the skunk was behind and the raccoon was in front.  Scott closed his eyes, knowing he wasn't going to be able to get away.  He was tough, he could ride this out.  He wasn't gay.  He wasn't gay.  He wasn't gay.  This wouldn't make him gay.  And this wasn't happening.  They couldn’t' make him a toy like they did.  It's all an illusion. It's all an illusion.

Scott felt the raccoon's hands on his head.  "You're a monster.  I told you that before."  Skids licked the hole under the spandex tail, causing Scott to groan in pleasure.  He didn't want it to feel this good.  He saw his two friends go through this too, and he wanted to hate it.  But he couldn't.  He wanted it to end.  He didn't want them to stop.

"So we're going to make you a monster." Bandit said softly.  "You'll be worth enough to repay the damage you did."  Scott was barely registering what was being told to him.  The buzzing in his head was drowning out all his concerns.  He hated this, he loved this.  "You saw how it works.  Now open your mouth, and accept it."

Scott opened his muzzle, and as he realized what he had just thought, it was filled with a plastic shaft.  His eyes went wide, but the tongue working under his tail was too good to not enjoy it.  He let out a groan of anguish when the tongue went away, but it was replaced with a nice hard shaft so it didn't matter.

He felt himself filled.  The back of his mind he knew this was not right, he wasn't gay, he wasn't a fudge packer, he wasn't a cock sucker.  "Good dragon."  Yes, he was a good dragon.  "Good boy Puff."  Yes, a good boy.  "Keep doing that.   You'll make someone happy soon."  Scott felt something get draped over his throat, and it was tightened up to just snug.

"Go on Puff."  Skids angled the tail up a little so he could get the most thrust.  "Come on Puff!"  Skids felt the vent tighten around his shaft.  He hugged the tail tightly, the spell had taken.  He felt it massage him just perfectly and he slammed his hips forward.  He threw his head back with a loud grunt, and his essence flowed from himself, through the dragon and into his mate.  Bandit returned the favor, and Skids felt the wash of the spell, his mate, and his own energies flow through the dragon toy under him.  And it felt so wonderful!

Soon the energies ebbed, and he and Bandit pulled out of the dragon.  "Good boy Puff." Bandit cooed into the dragons ear.  He held it by the foam horns.  "Now stay like that.  Stay on all fours."  They both undid the binds, and Puff's body shrank to about the same size as the others.  Bandit then took the collar off the dragon, and positioned his hands and feet flat.  "That's it Puff.  Sleep now, you'll wake up to a good owner."

Puff felt himself breathing harder as his legs and arms stiffened up.  He could feel his balls drop outside the suit, and his sheath form just in time for it to stiffen up.  The raccoon's paws felt so good on his head horns, and the skunk's curling his tail around him was just so good feeling.  Sleep seemed like a good idea.  He felt his body tingle up to his snout, his head, dragons need sleep....

Bandit inspected the dragon toy moments after it was asleep.  They rolled it over to inspect its vent and sheath, the plastic dragon shaft inside had the right exotic texture and shape.  He rolled it back over, and patted it on the side.  "I hope this wasn't a mistake."

"It's the only thing we could do." Skids said, almost sounding sad.  "Come on, we should get him ready too."

Bandit nodded, looking at the sides.  "Are you sure we can add the wings after the process?"

"I don't know." Skids said with a smirk.  "You're the magical expert!  I'm just home security."

"But I like your wand!" Bandit said with a grin.  The two smiled to each other, and took Puff into the back room.

Another Monday evening.  Kevin got home from a long day at work, and fired up the computer.  After checking on his normal accounts, he swapped over to his fun emails.  Work day was over, playtime was now.  The spandex lovers board was talking about the new "yiffyplush" toys for sale over on Fox Stitch Inc's site.  "If you know what it is, you know what it's worth." One poster said.  So he followed the link and had a look.

Three toys for sale in an auction format.  All of them looked absolutely yummy, but one in particular caught his eye.  "Rubber / Neoprene Otter".  He looked over the pictures, and it definitely had his attention.  It was dark blue in body, with a black underbelly, it looked like it was wearing a permanent full rubber wetsuit.  Dark blue rubber body with a grey/black neoprene patch from chest to haunches.  The paws were a neoprene paw pad on a rubber webbed paw, and same with the feet.  Rubber soft claws, flexible rubber whiskers, the detail was incredible!  It had a neoprene sheath and balls, and the promise of a hard rubber "realistic feral" cock inside it.  And a "hole guaranteed to never rip".  Webbed feet and hands, neutrally buoyant, wetsuit style as a full body toy, "Great for people who love the water!"

The stories of "Yiffyplush" toys were the stuff of legend, nobody believed it but everyone wanted it to be true.  Stories circulated from the old timers but come on, a fuckable toy that fucked you back?  The full "money back guarantee" was a bonus.  The asking price?  Well a little high for just a toy but the stories he had heard...  He logged into his Fox Stitch account, and put in a very high bid.  Expensive, sure, but he could make this indulgence.  A week later, he was shocked when his bid held out.  With multiple reassurances at a full money back guarantee if not satisfied, he paid in full on paypal.

It arrived in a large box on a Friday afternoon.  Kevin smiled as he opened it up.  Inside was more than he had expected.  Several diveskins, another wetsuit, and the neoprene otter.  The instructions were fairly straight forward.  Place the wrist and ankle bands on him, perform a sex act with it and it will activate. 

Another paper inside was a little different "Dear Kevin, We hope you enjoy your new yiffyplush toy.  His name is Aukai.  Your bid was enough to warrant sending you some gift items to show our gratitude.  You will find matching outfits for Aukai, if you wish to dress him up in them.  If you have any problems, e-mail me personally and we'll work it out.  Fox"

"Well that's pretty straight forward." Kevin said.  He looked over the spandex dive skins.  Quite a few from basic black to a wild neon set that looked like an 80's throwback.  He laughed to himself, and found the anklets and bracelets, snapping the plastic buckles in place on the otter.  He put the toy aside to get himself ready.

Aukai's consciousness began to come back.  Something warm was under his tail, and it felt so good!  He felt himself get excited, pushing hard rubber shaft out of his sheath.  "Mmmmm...  ohhhhh!" he moaned out softly.  He then looked down, and saw a very well built man wearing an open faced spandex bodysuit holding him by the hips, and thrusting him up and down!  He'd been claimed!  He leaned his head back and moaned loud and low, feeling the wonderful warmth inside him.

Kevin was only half expecting it, so the rumors were true!  He watched as the otter's body became softer, less rigid, and much more receptive!  Kevin felt the hole actually contract a little, and get warmer around him.  "UHNN!"  He held the otter's shoulders and thrust it down on his cock hard.  The warmth, the squeezing, the sensations of neoprene on spandex, the scent of the rubber, it drive him over and he came hard inside his new toy.

Aukai felt his owner shudder, and clenched down on his tailhole hard to share it with him.  He let out a loud guttural cry of pleasure as he felt his virgin orgasm wash completely through him!  As he was coming down, his owner as holding him tight, giving soft kisses to him all along his cheeks and whiskers.

When he slowed down, Aukai rubbed his nose against the man.  "That was fantastic Master!"

"Kevin." He said.  "Don't call me Master.  We don't have to be that formal."  Aukai nodded.  "Oh God you're perfect."

Aukai smiled.  "You are too."  Aukai put his webbed paw up, and over the spandex hood of his owner.  "That looks incredibly hot on you."

"There's one for you too."  Kevin said with a smile.  Aukai's eyes lit up, making Kevin smile.  "And I have a private pool in the backyard."  They both smiled to each other, and cuddled a while longer.  This was going to be a fun weekend!

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