By: Socks
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Part 5

The police finally left Aaron alone after weeks of on and off questioning.  It was obvious that he didn't know anything more, and several bus drivers remembered seeing him with his friends, then alone on the way back.  He had racked his brain trying to figure out where they could have gone, but had no idea.  It left him upset, but there was nothing more he could do to help.  He reluctantly decided to get on with things, college was around the corner and he had to be ready for that.  The guys would probably turn up somewhere.

In the middle of the summer, Aaron got a CD in his mailbox.  No address, but it was addressed to him.  That night, he felt an urge to view it.  His parents weren't home, he'd be safe to see anything.  He might have gotten porn from that one guy up the street, they traded CD's once in a while.  And if it had a virus, his programs would catch it.  He put it into his computer, and it loaded up as being "4 HUSKY".  That peaked his curiosity, he didn't remember telling anyone about those plushies before.  Inside was a long video file.  He double clicked, and let it load.

The video showed a black and white view of a room.  It looked familiar, but not totally.  "Oh tell me there's beer in the fridge!"  It was Scott's voice.

"We got beer!  And it's cold!" Another voice, it sounded like Dave.  "Nothing downstairs but we could take this!"

"Hell, why not drink it here?"  That was Kyle's voice, definitely.  When the hell was this taken?  There was some laughter as the three of them walked into the room, holding several beers a piece.  Then the last in the room, holding one can, was him.  Aaron looked at the screen shocked.

The other three talked about stealing the TV, how fun it was to trash the basement, and many other things.  Aaron watched, trying to remember when this could happen.  He saw himself on the screen excuse himself to use the bathroom as the other three slammed can after can of beer.

Kyle threw his fifth beer can on the ground.  "Where do you think he went?"

"He's gone." Scott belched loud.  "He's a pussy, always runs away."

"Why'd you bring him anyway?" Dave asked.

"Get him to loosen up."  Scott adjusted himself on the couch, and almost laughed to himself before talking again.  "And besides I copy his homework all the time.  I gotta pretend to like him."

They laughed, throwing the cans on the ground.  "This would be so much cooler if we had a radio."  Aaron stopped the playback, and adjusted the slider to hear what Scott said again.

"And besides I copy his homework all the time.  I gotta pretend to like him."  He looked at the screen, and rewound it again.  "I gotta pretend to like him." 

He paused the recording, and sat back.  He closed his eyes, and felt betrayed.  Scott was the only guy who treated him nice in school, and he helped Scott study for finals too.  He thought he was teaching Scott, apparently Scott was just copying so he could stay on the team.  Aaron took in a deep breath.  "I shoulda known." He said quietly.  Why else would a football jock hang out with him anyway?

He sat forward again and hit play.  "Or chicks." Dave said.  "Dammit I'm fucking horny now."

"Yeah, me too.  Why don't we take the rest of the beer and go find like Donna or someone?"  The video faded to black at this point, Kyle's voice cutting off suddenly. 

Then a single frame appeared on screen.  Letters in white on an ice blue background.  "Husky Awake."  Then he was overwhelmed as a memory played in his mind.

Aaron awoke laying on the floor, surrounded by spandex swatches.  No, they were cut up beyond repair.  He tried to get up, but felt groggy.  "Easy there." A voice said.  A familiar one.  "You're gonna be unsteady a while.  I hit you kind of hard."

"What happened?" Aaron asked.

"I had to knock you out." The voice said.  "It was for your better good."

"Am I in trouble?" Aaron asked.

"No." the voice said.  "Hey, hun?  He's awake, get the light?"

"Sure." Another voice said.  The light turned on, and Aaron could see the extent of what his friends did in this room.  Shreads of materials all over the place.  He looked next to him and picked up some fabric that felt very delicate.  It had gold threads along it.

He half closed his eyes.  "I'm sorry I didn't stop them." He said quietly.  "This stuff looks expensive.  If it takes me years I'll pay you back somehow for this."

"It's not your fault."  Aaron looked over to the voice.  He saw the skunk he had picked up before, but it was walking and talking, moving like it was alive.  It was also naked, very male, and pure spandex.  "Don't worry about it, it's not your responsibility."  Aaron felt his crotch get heavy and he got an erection looking at the spandex skunk.  "Oh, I'm sorry.  I'm Skids, and this is my mate Bandit."

"A pleasure." Bandit said politely, then smirked.  "A distinct pleasure I'm guessing."

Aaron saw Bandit, then saw what he was looking at, and he pulled his knees in and tried to hide his more than obvious erection.  "Oh, hell, I'm sorry." He stammered out.

Bandit giggled.  "No need, I'm used to it." He said.  "It just means you like what you see!"  Aaron tried to cover himself up grabbing something, which was a hand full of spandex material which didn't help his situation.

Skids stepped over a lot of the stuff to get next to Aaron, and put his paw on Aaron's shoulder.  "Just let it be.  We've seen a lot worse.  And I think it's a compliment."  Aaron wasn't sure what to do, he just sat in the pile, trying to adjust himself to not hurt from this hardon.

"Hey, just tell me something?" Bandit asked, Aaron nodded still distracted.  "Why did you come here?"

"They said it was a meth lab and wanted to see what it was." Aaron said.  "Dave found this place and thought it had money or something and"

"No, no." Bandit said.  "Why did YOU come here?"

Aaron thought a moment, shifting his hips again.  "Scott guilted me into coming." He said.  "Said I was a pussy if I didn't."

"You shouldn't let him push you around like that." Skids said.  Aaron nodded sadly.  "So these guys are your friends?"

"Kinda." Aaron said.  "Well we hang out."  He thought some more.  "I'm Scott's study partner for a few classes and we hang out a bit."

Skids looked at Bandit, who almost had a hesitant look on his face.  "So you like all this stuff?"

Aaron nodded.  "Y...  yeah.  I...."  He felt a little embarrassed but wanted to say it, possibly explain his erection.  "I like the look and feel of it.  I mean I have some too, but nothing like yours.  I'd always wanted something like what you got." He said, looking at the ground, ashamed to make eye contact.

"Like what?" Bandit asked?  Skids rubbed his paw on Aaron's shoulder, causing him to relax.  Skids opened his paw, allowing some of his essence to flow through Aaron, giving him a feeling of comfort and reassurance.

"Something in stretch velvet." Aaron said.  It almost amazed him to hear himself say it.  "I like how it looks.  And I've seen some costumes I really like and..."  He stopped, feeling himself very embarrassed.  He felt the spandex paw on his shoulder rubbing him gently, reassuring him.  Then he just blurted it out. "A husky.  An ice blue husky."

"I think that'd be fun!" Bandit said.  "Nothing to be ashamed of!"

"Well I guess not." Aaron said.  "I mean you guys have costumes like it too and they look good on you."

Bandit looked up to Skids.  Aaron looked up at the skunk too, but whatever happened Aaron missed it.  "You like it?"  Aaron nodded as Bandit walked up to him.  "And you like huskies?"  Aaron nodded again. "I think we can help ya out some other time."  Bandit knelt down in front of Aaron while Skids massaged his shoulders.  He watched as the raccoon reached to his belt, and undid the fly of his pants.  "But right now, I think we should take care of this."

Aaron's memory began to get hazy, but he remembered some intense pleasure. And he liked it.  Bandit sucked him off?  He didn't remember.  If he did, oh wow if he did!  And Skids was...  Oh...  Aaron snapped back to reality with a very painful erection and the screen still showing its text.

He looked on the rest of the CD.  On it were a few photos, and a text file.  He opened the text file.

"Hi Ice!  I hope you remember us now.  We have something for you.  You should come by sometime.  Bandit."  The photos were of Bandit and Skids, both showing off.  Then more than a few of the two of them sucking on each other, and mounting...  Aaron couldn't take it anymore.  He stroked himself off to an orgasm faster than he had ever done before.

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