By: Socks
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Part 6

Stud liked this game.  He got quite good at it.  Jake wore his leather vest with the old time badge and chaps while Mike would be in his chaps and boots, ass and cock exposed, and his black cowboy hat.  Mike was trussed up this time, hog tied and his ass getting darker red with each strike.  Stud was in his bridle, Jake held the reigns tonight, and his favorite harness.  Stud put his hand behind Mike's head and fucked his mouth hard while Jake would spank him with the horse whip.  And on the occasion that Mike would bite down when he was "whooped", it never hurt Stud so they all knew they could go all out.

WHACK WHACK WHACK!  Jake was being ruthless tonight, and Mike was in heaven.  "Yall gonna tell me where the gang is now MESS-skeet?"  It was part of the game, the roleplay of hard interrogation.  The accent was cheesy and fake, but it was so much fun they kept using it.  Mike shook his head no, feeling Stud's shaft rub his throat.  Jake really let him have it hard.  Stud buried his equine shaft deep into Mike's throat and let out a louder nicker of pleasure.  "Or am AH gonna have to git ROUGH wit cha?"

Mike couldn't hold himself back.  His shaft erupted, spilling his seed all over the wooden table they were using.  Stud pulled out of Mike's throat fast, and Mike took in as much air as he could, only to let it out as a loud wail of absolute joy and pleasure.  Mike collapsed onto the table.  "Damn boss!  You didn't even touch his cock!" Stud said, still keeping in character.

"I recon not." Jake said.  "We're gonna have ta interrogate him more later, once he's regained his strength."  Jake reached over to the table with his chew, and took a pinch.  "But now I'm all worked up boy.  Yall lock up Mesquite Mike and come back here."

"Yes Sir!"  Stud rolled Mike over, and picked him up.  Mike was always amazed at the strength in this yiffyplush toy, but was in no shape right now to help or fight.  Stud put Mike on the angled cross, tying him up so he could see this part of the show.  Stud then came back to Jake, and turned around putting his hands on the table.  "I rekon tha Sheriff needs a pony to ride?"  He raised his tail, and flicked it once, showing his spandex pucker.  He knew how Jake liked it, especially when in scene like this.

"Aww hell yeah hoss."  Jake had a raging hardon already, and reached to the pony's harness.  "Been needing this all fucking day!"  With one move he buried himself deep into Stud's hole.  Stud whinnied in pleasure.  Stud began to leak a little pre-lube out his plastic shaft, he was gonna blow when Jake did.  They all never held back in the "old west" game, real men, real studs, and the safeword is never reached.

Mike watched the two of them rutting like animals, and he felt his own cock get hard again.  He smiled weakly as he saw Stud's cock erupt.  His boyfriend grabbed the reigns hard, pounding Stud hard and obviously cumming too.  Totally worth the price he paid for this toy.  He thought of getting a matching horse costume for Jake too, he'd look so fucking hot as a painted horse in full spandex skin, getting fucked by Stud, and he knoew Jake would love it too.  But right now, the mess on the table was getting bigger.  And the night is still VERY young.  And Mike still had to make an escape somehow!

A few nights later, Aaron was ringing the doorbell to the house he had entered before.  The door opened up, and Skids was wearing a spandex tuxedo.  "Hello Ice!" he said  "Please, enter freely and of your own will!"

"Thank you." Aaron said, shaking visibly.  "I'm still so sorry about that night."

"You're forgiven." Skids said.  "If you didn't come with they would have still done it."

Aaron nodded sadly.  "I just want to make it up somehow."

Skids just nodded.  "No need to worry." He said.  "But come with me, we've got something for you to try on!"  Aaron felt his heart beat harder as he was walked through the kitchen and into the master bedroom.  Aaron looked on the bed, and froze in his tracks in total amazement.  "Well?  What ya think?"

On the bed was a full body costume.  It was laying face down, the long tail curling up and over to the back.  The back was completely ice blue in color, with white under the tail.  There were sculpted haunches in white, blending perfectly into the tail seam.  The hood was attached, and had perky ears on top of it.  He could also see the foot paws, there were pads on them!  "I....  er...  I..."

Skids reached up to Aaron's belt, and undid it.  Aaron was so stunned he didn't resist.  "You're welcome Ice!  Now come on!  Get in!  You'll love it!"

"Bu..  I mean I...  I can't po..."  Aaron was part stripped part undressed as he stammered.  Skids kicked Aaron's clothing to the side and gave a push to Aaron.  Aaron stood naked, and held the material.  "I just hope I don't stain this before I get it on."

"Don't worry about that." Skids said.  "We're gonna have a really fun night."

Aaron put the suit on like it was made of antique threads.  He was amazed that there was not only a sheath but a pouch for his testicles.  It cradled his body perfectly, hugging him as a second skin.  The tail had a structure support in it to keep it up, and the head piece had a muzzle that moved with his jaw.  It was so perfect.  He sat on the bed, looking over himself in amazement.

"Oh wow!" Aaron looked up to see Bandit in the doorway.  "He looks incredible!"

"Doesn't he?" Skids said more as a statement than a question.  "Skids took off his uniform as Bandit crawled up on the bed with Aaron.  "He said he doesn't want to stain it up."

"Oh why not?" Bandit asked. "It's yours to keep you know!"

"m... mine?" Aaron asked, still stunned.

"All yours Ice." Bandit said.  Bandit pulled Aaron's shoulders back, and Skids helped put his legs into the bed.  "We'll talk later about it."  Aaron looked confused until Bandit leaned Aaron back on the bed and gave him a full muzzle kiss.  As Aaron returned it, Bandit hopped onto the bed and put Aaron's shaft deep into his muzzle.  Aaron couldn't hold himself, his body tightened up and he exploded into Skid's muzzle.  Bandit felt the wave of pleasure, and worked his tongue into Aaron's mouth, spreading the feeling through him.

Some time later, Fox came to the master bedroom knowing what he'd see.  Aaron was there, and so were his pets.  He could feel that they were spreading their magics through the room, giving Aaron a lot more endurance than he would normally have.  The suit looked very nice on him, his pets did a good job. 

Skids was under Aaron, who was on all fours sucking him off.  Skids looked up, and smiled, rubbing Arron's spandex ears.  "I think it's time you met Master Fox." He said playfully.  He then smiled, looking at Fox.  Fox got a smirk on his face, got onto the bed as well, and knelt behind the husky.  "You wanna?"  Aaron just nodded, his head swimming in the pure pleasure of the night.  When fox took him, Aaron hit a new level of bliss he never thought possible.

Puff finished tidying up the dungeon.  It may be the Mistress's house, but the dungeon was his domain.  He looked at the clock, there was at least an hour before the next client would be there.  He put in a DVD he liked, and watched women deep throating men again.  It didn't take long for his draconic shaft to slide from his sheath.  In moments, listening to the grunts and moans of the men and women on the TV, he was sucking himself again. 

He propped his wings back to support his weight and to help him get more into his snout.  As he felt the climax come, he could smell his own smoke billowing from his nostrils, the scent always drove him over.  It drove everyone over the edge when he used it right.  He pulled his ankles back, causing his hips to follow into his snout, and his body jerked back and forth as he drank his own fluids.  He uncurled himself, allowing his smoke to waft around him as he lay there, enjoying the moment.

Mistress came down and saw her pet lying in the middle of the smoke again.  The smell of singed sulfur and hot stones was heavy in the room and his favorite DVD was still playing.  She knew what he had been up to, and smiled.  He'd be in a fun mood tonight now.  "You feel better now Puff?" she asked tenderly.  The dragon nodded lazily, his four paws in the air dangling.  "If you'd waited I'd done it for you."   Puff lolled his head back with a lazy grin, Mistress loved his shaft inside her, but they didn't have time for a full immersion fucking right now.  "He'll be here in about half an hour.  Think you'll be ready by then?"  Puff nodded.  "Good boy."  She patted his belly playfully and left the dungeon.  Puff lay in the afterglow for a few moments more before lumbering to all fours, and assuming his guard position by the door.  He reached up, and turned off the light.

The light turned back on, and Puff sat up on his spot. Showtime.  Like a dog at attention, hind legs apart, front legs apart, the potential subbie could see his dragonhood easily.  Mistress tamed a dragoncock, she would tame the male human one too.  Head up, he was proud of his dungeon and made no bones about it.  Wings folded back, to look more regal.  And then lock position.  Mistress didn't like to let the subbies know her real secret, and Puff liked that too.  Less work for him when the subbie was a regular.  He hear them coming down the stairs.  He fixed his gaze at the door, to get a good look at the fresh meat.

The door opened, and Puff saw the young man enter.  He was still clothed.  He probably would not need to be security tonight, but they had other plans for this boy.  He then saw Mistress come in, she was in her gothic blacks tonight.  Ooh how he liked that.  Puff had to mentally lock his sheath back, seeing his Mistress dressed like that.  No need to ruin the illusion yet.

"Are you ready to begin?" she asked.

"Yes Mistress." The man said.  She smiled, and began to remove all of his clothing.  The pre-show was usually short, and this was no exception.  Puff watched as his mistress tied the young submissive to the wall, face out and spread eagle.  Puff stayed motionless until the man was blindfolded.  She then motioned to her dragon.  Puff unlocked his body joints, stretched his body once, and made his way to her.  She simply pointed to his ass, Puff knew what to do.  He began to work it over with his tongue and snout.

The young man at first clenched tight, but Puff's experience began to come through.  He snaked his long, thin silky tongue into the crack of the man's ass.  Mistress kept telling the submissive that she would work this toy into him until he relented, and allowed it to do its work.  The submissive relaxed, and puff stood up on his hind legs to get in deeper.  When the sub was opened up enough, Puff blew some of his smoke into the submissive.

The man clenched his toes and grabbed the chains hard.  Mistress began to whisper into the boy's ear as Puff kept delivering his smoke.  Puff's shaft began to poke as he got a full snout full of both his smoke and the boy's scent.  Such excitement!  So eager to please!  Yes, Mistress had an easy one tonight.  Soon the young man was fully attentive to Mistress's words.  Mistress patted Puff on the head, and the dragontoy stopped.  "There's my good boy."  Mistress spoke to them both.  "You will be rewarded."

Puff lowered himself back to all fours.  He preferred this, even though he could stay on two legs as long as he wanted.  This just seemed more submissive to his Mistress.  He stepped away, and bowed his head to his owner.  She smiled at him, then turned her attention to the tied up submissive.  The young man's mind would be hers for the night, and he'd love every minute of it.  Puff walked back to his stand.  Mistress might still need his special services later that night, if he could hold out that long.

Aaron awoke the next morning, still in the bed with Fox, Bandit and Skids.  His spandex husky suit was stained over and over again, but he loved it.  The weight of the tail, the feel of the muzzle, the beautiful white haunches on an ice blue body....  He could stay like this forever and be happy.  The collar Fox gave him was a nice touch, a little darker blue against the white and light blue material looked nicer than he thought it might.  He could hear Bandit letting out light groans as Skids was muzzling him awake.  Aaron leaned over to kiss Bandit full on the muzzle with his own costume one.  Bandit held onto Aaron's costume ear as his body tightened up.  Skids leaned forward and swirled his tongue to get the most out of his mate's release.

Bandit slowly came down, and kissed Aaron back tenderly.  "Thank you Ice."

"You're welcome Bandit."

"What am I?  Fiberfill?" Skids asked, trying to look offended but failing.

"Oh hardly!" Bandit said with a smile.  "I just want to thank you more!"  Bandit spread his legs apart, and used his foot to pull Skids into his body.  Skids was already out of his sheath, and slid effortlessly into his mate.

Aaron felt a gentle muzzle on his cheek.  "They'll do that all morning if you let them." Fox said softly.  "Some mornings it's for the better good."

Aaron nodded, watching Skids gently work himself under his mates tail.  He felt himself get a little harder just watching them.  "Can I ask something that's been bothering me?"  Fox nodded.  "Where did they go?  I don't remember leaving with them, but I don't know where they are."

Fox put his arm over Aaron, and rubbed his spandex muzzle against Aarons.  "They left here as well." Fox said.  "But I don't know where they are."

"UH UH UH UH UH!"  Skids buried himself into Bandit, their eyes locking as Skids released.  Aaron felt a warmth radiate from them both, which made him feel very good inside.  The two of them leaned into each other and shared a deep kiss.

Fox ran his spandex paw up and down Aaron's side.  "I would not concern myself with their lives." He said softly.  "They made decisions, and decisions have consequences."  Aaron nodded.  "Just as decisions you make have them as well."

"How do you mean?" Aaron asked.

"I am in need of an assistant." Fox said.  "Someone who can do things outside of this house I can not.  My pets told me you would be perfect for the job, so I would like to offer it to you."

Aaron smiled.  "What do I need to do?"

"Simple things." Fox said.  "I can offer you room and board, some monetary payment, and..."  Fox ran his paw along Aaron's stomach, along the many stains there, "some other benefits as well.  I need someone who can run my errands.  Pick up packages, supplies, drive me and my pets to events, care for the house, make it look more lived in.  We need to fix that problem, so we never have break ins again."

Aaron thought about it for a moment.  He was going to be in college in town, it wasn't too far of a commute to campus.  It got him out of the house and the side benefits were going to be great.  "I don't know how I'll talk my parents into it." He said.

"If the answer is yes, I'll help you any way possible." Fox said.  "It's obvious this house needs to look more lived in, and I need someone trustworthy who can live here.  You've shown your trustworthiness, I believe we can arrange something we'll all enjoy."

Aaron smiled behind his mask.  "Then yes.  I'll take that."

Fox smiled as well.  He rubbed his muzzle against Ice's collar, and felt the slight glow as he did so.  His ward marked, Fox reached around and hugged Ice.  Ice held Fox's arms back in a tender embrace.  The morning could wait a while longer.

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