By : Socks the Catt
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The airport was crowded as Henry stepped off the plane.  He was pleasantly surprised when the man he knew online bought him the ticket to come visit him.  They met a long time ago online with the same spandex fetish.  They talked, ad talked, and e-mailed, and sent pictures, and generally flirted with each other online.  It all came to a point when "SPNdexLVR" finally said "Would you like to come to my place?"  Henry said he didn't have the money.  "I didn't ask that, I asked if you wanted to come."

That led to a few phone calls, a lot of trust, and finally Henry getting onto a plane.  As he got off the plane he walked down to the luggage area.  He had nothing but himself, but he followed the crowd.  When he got down to the luggage area, he looked around, not entirely sure what he was looking for.

"HENRY!" he heard.  He looked over to see a man in what looked like a black turtleneck under a black denim jacket.  He walked over and realized that the man was wearing a spandex catsuit under his denims.

Henry smiled, and shook the man's hand.  "Joe?"

"Yeah!" Joe said.  "Good flight?"

"Yeah, not as good as the landing.  I hate flying like that." Henry said.  They turned to walk to the parking garage.

"I could have gotten you a train ticket or something!" Joe said.

"No, it's ok.  I didn't want to pack anything." Henry said.

They talked about nothing in particular as they walked to Joe's SUV.  Once there, they got out of the airport, and drove down the highway.

"I know you've got a lot of questions." Joe said.  "But once we get home, I'll try to explain all I can, ok?"  Henry nodded.  "But I do have one thing for you now.  It's in the glove compartment."  Henry opened it, and saw an envelope.  He opened it up, and found inside a red collar with rhinestones in it.  On the D-ring was a simple heart-shaped tag that simply read "Diamond".  Henry blushed as Joe talked.  "I know you love the whole spandex cat idea, so we're gonna live that out if you don't mind."

"Don't mind?" Henry said in shock.  "I thought you'd NEVER ask!  Can I put it on now?"

"Not yet." Joe said.  "Let's get home, and get you into your new skin, ok?"  Henry nodded barely able to contain his erection.

The SUV pulled up into a nice house in the suburbs with lots of yard around it.  Henry looked all the way up to the roof, and whistled appreciatively.  "So how much did THIS cost?"

"It's been in my family for years." Joe said.  "Wait 'till you see inside!"  Joe brought Henry in, and gave him the fast tour.  Two floors, all wonderfully furnished, and a basement.  But they didn't go into the basement yet.  As they were in the living room, Joe said "Hey, wait here, don't move!"

Henry nodded, and watched Joe leave the room.  he heard a closet open, and close, then Joe came back holding a full body spandex suit.  "I want you to wear this while you're in my home." Joe said.  "I want you to be my spandex kitty."

Henry held his hand out, and held the garment like it was made of gold.  It was a black catsuit with a white diamond pattern repeated a few times on the body.  On the left ass cheek  just next to the tail, on the back of the neck, on the outside of the right forearm, and most noticeably over the left eye of the face.  It had a very nice looking face piece, looking like a soft-sculpture cat face.  It also had an obvious tube between the legs, and a pouch for his balls.

Shaking, Henry nodded slowly.  "Do you want…  I mean…  put it on now?"  Joe nodded, and motioned to Henry as if he would help.  In moments, Henry was naked, and being helped into this wonderful costume.  As Joe zipped up the back, and brought the hood up to where Henry's face was, Henry's excitement was no longer contained.  He was shaking uncontrollably, the feeling of this spandex against his skin.

"Did you hold yourself back from cumming like I asked?" Joe asked.

Henry nodded, shivering.  "For a week, yeah." he said breathlessly.

Joe smiled, his own sacrifice was going to pay off.  "There's my good kitty."  He then casually draped the red collar around Henry's neck.  "From now on, you're going to be Diamond.  Sound good?"  The cat nodded.  "There ya go!  Now, come on with me, I would like to eat dinner before we really get into playtime."

Joe led him to the kitchen, and sat Diamond at the table.  "I let my pets eat with me!" he said happily.  He pulled out a tray with some pasta he had been baking in it.  "Ok!  Let's eat!"  He scooped the shells into a pet dish and onto a plate.  He served the dish to Diamond, who looked up to Joe.  Joe laughed.  "Go ahead.  Chow down."  Diamond ate the whole thing without using his hands, stuffing his face into the pet dish.  Joe watched, not even touching his own food.  "Want some more, kitty?"  Diamond nodded, and Joe dumped his shells into Diamond's dish.  Diamond went back in, placing his front paws on the table and standing on his hind paws, eating like a starved alley cat.  Joe smiled at the display.

Once he was done, Diamond licked his chin as well as he could.  Joe smiled, and used a napkin to wipe he excess sauce from his feline.  "I think you're ready now, Diamond.  Wanna be my cat?"

"Yes!" Diamond said.  "Can I?"

"I don' know…" Joe said, leading Diamond by the collar upstairs.  "I need a good mouser, and a good companion…"

"I can learn that!" Diamond said, pleading.  He didn't watch where he was going, only that he was being led.  "If I can stay in this suit all the time, I'd love it!  Can I be your cat?  At LEAST for this weekend?"

"Weeellllll…." Joe said, opening the door to a playroom.  "Ok, but on a trial basis!" he said.  Diamond looked extremely chipper as Joe led him into the room.  "But you gotta show me you want to be my cat!"

"Anything!" Diamond said.  He put his hand up, looking extremely cute.

Joe smiled.  "Ok, down.  Get on your tiptoes, and your fingers, yeah like that.  Now grab your tail and curl you tail around your paws.  YES!  Just like that!"  Diamond beamed with pride.  "Now wait there a moment.  Let me get my favorite suit on.  Stay!"  Joe laughed to himself as he went to the closet.

Diamond was shaking still, smacking his lips from the dinner.  He felt warm all inside himself, and wanted to jump onto and do wonderful things to Joe.  He waited as he heard a closet open, and some clothing rustle around.  He heard footsteps behind him, but didn't turn around.  "There's my good cat." he heard.  Joe stepped around him, and stood in front of the spandex cat.  Diamond's jaw dropped.  Before him was a man in a purple spandex bodysuit, not a single ounce of flesh showing on him.  Sewn into the spandex were golden stars and moons in a random pattern.  He wore a black cloak, also covered in crescent moons and stars.  The cloak went over his head loosely, and dragged on the ground behind him.

Diamond opened his mouth, trying to think of anything to say.  Joe's reaction was impossible to tell, but he straddled his spandex cat's face and offered him his purple spandex covered cock.  "Ok Diamond." he said.  "suck your Master's cock, and I'll take you."

Diamond didn't need to be told twice, he brought his hands up around Joe's hips, and sucked on the spandex-covered shaft in front of him.  Joe sighed happily, and slowly draped the cloak around Diamond.  In moments, Diamond was fully enveloped in a spandex wrapping, sucking on his spandex Master.  Joe then pulled the hood down, enveloping him into the folds, and began his soft chanting.

Diamond was so lost in the moment of pleasure that he never felt the small changes happening to him.  His hands became more paw like as he held the hips of his Master.  It became easier to stand on his toes, as his legs became more digigrade.  He started to feel warmer than before, but it didn't matter because the cock in his mouth was so filling, so wonderful.

Soon Diamond felt like his skin was radiating heat, and he buried his muzzle deep into his Master's body.  He could feel his whiskers pressing into the spandex body of his Master.  Soon he could feel his cock becoming more rigid in it's sheath, absolutely solid, like it was made from bone, as it slid effortlessly from his feral body.

Joe's incantation grew louder as his own orgasm was building.  He knew the longer he could hold out the more complete Diamond's transformation would be, and the more powerful it was the more permanent it would be.  He used his hands to holds the feline's head to his cock, and pumped into the cat in time of his chanting.

Diamond felt something pull from his balls, and envelop his whole body.  His body shook as he felt the power draw from his testicles, it drew up to his muzzle, and into the man he was sucking on.  He suddenly felt something connect, and he could feel the pleasure he was giving his Master.  He felt his Master's hands as he held his spandex ears into his hips.  He suddenly  felt his knees and arms pop, his paws and claws lock into their final transformation, and Diamond suddenly felt a need for his Master.  He placed a hand on his Master's spandex covered balls and held them into his body while using the other paw to hold himself into his Master's spandex covered body.

Joe felt the lock with his familiar, and pushed his hands onto the back of Diamond's head.  His chant became breathless, and he spoke the final words of spell binding as he came with a thunderous force.   Diamond mentally begged for it, and drank from his Master like a starving kitten, swallowing everything.  Suddenly, Diamond's balls twinged, and he could feel a pumping sensation like he was cumming too, but it flowed up his body, out of his muzzle, and into his Master, who pumped back into the cat, feeding him from their own spirits, from both him and his new Master.

The two of them locked like this, sharing the essence of their being for several minutes aw the spell ran it's course.  Afterwards, Joe pulled his hand away gently, and looked up to break the seal of the spandex enclosure his cloak made.  He then gently pulled Diamond off his still dripping cock, and opened his cloak.

Diamond looked up to his Master with a new appreciation.  Joe looked over the creation, it looked more feline now, all paws, it's muzzle perfectly formed, beautiful ears, monofilament whiskers, plastic teeth and claws, and a black spandex body with white diamonds.  The nicest, by far, over his pet's left eye.  Diamond looked up to see his Master's spandex form, and sat back on his haunches.  Diamond licked his chops while looking up to his Master.

Joe took off his hood, and knelt next to Diamond.  "I have made you my familiar." he said.

"I know." Diamond said.  "I felt it."

"You're not mad?" Joe asked.

"No." Diamond said.  "I told you.  If  I can be in this suit forever, I am yours.  Now you're stuck with a mouser."  Joe sat down and scratched his familiar on the head.

"So I don't need to tell you I'm a magi?" Joe said with a smile.  Diamond was in a blissful state, but murred a soft noise.  "Or that you're mine forever."  Diamond murred again, shaking his head softly.  "Or that since you're a virgin cat, and my familiar, I get to take you to strengthen our bond."  Diamond nodded happily.

"We've got all night, Master." he said softly.  "And if it felt that good, I'm going to need all night."

Master Fox read his mail happily.  He could hear his pets playing tag in the toy room, giggling as they chased each other.  Fox smiled to himself, and opened up the attached picture in the mail.  He looked at the spandex cat, in the arms of an old friend.  "You're right!" the mail said.  "It's nice to have the company!"

Fox nodded to himself.  He hit reply as he heard a yelp, then two voices grunting and moaning, and a passionate cry in pleasure returned with a wail of "SKIDS!".  He shook his head with a smile, it sounded like Bandit would be "it" for a while now.

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