Chapter 1

She wanted me to arrive alone to her place and everything would be 'taken care of' for me. And that I should have two weeks free. We had spend the last six months exchanging e-mail, and we had a phone conversation as well. When she invited me, I was very excited. Heck, I almost felt like my heart would explode!

When I arrive, she greets me at the door. We talk about nothing in particular. The weather, the basketball game, her apartment. She then taps her leg and says "Come." I do. "So you call yourself a cat?" she asks innocently. I nod. She gently scratches me behind my ears, which I quite enjoy.

She lazily trails her fingers through my hair, scratching ever so gently. My head rolls back reflexively. She reaches down into my shirt and removes it. Things progress quickly as she strips me bare. She has me lay down on the ground on my back as she masturbates me.

Her insistant hands milk me. I feel the wave roll over me as my penis throbs in her hands. She covers my eyes with her free hand while still stroking me with the other. The last spurts dribble down her hand as she lets go.

"Good kitty." she says. "Good cat." I feel her rub my arm, and something poke into it. Reflexively, my arm tenses up. "Shhh....." she whispers. "Relax... Everything will be allright soon..." the words drift off as I feel drowsy.

I awaken somewhere else. My eyes are shut, I cannot see. It smells like old moist hay in spring. I'm lying on my side. I feel constricted somehow, but my arms and legs aren't bound. I roll onto my stomach. "Good morning Tawny!" It's her voice, soft and sensual. "Don't worry. Momma will take good care of you!" She wipes my eyes with something wet.

Slowly, my vision comes back like a haze. I was right, I'm in a barn, laying on the straw on the floor. I look at her, she's wearing a body suit of white. I can see her face, it's a cat's face. I feel the twinge in my gut, and the erection of my penis.

Reflexively, I look down. Now I know why I feel constricted. She, or someone, dressed me in a suit covered in fur. It feels like leather on my flesh. I can see my underbelly is covered in white fur, my paws are brown, as is most of the rest of my fur. I feel, and see my fleshy penis grow out of it's furry sheath and start to grow.

She looks down too. "A little excited to see me?" She shuffles closer. "I'm excited too, Tawny." She stands me up on all fours. I'm standing on my toes and fingers. The suit I'm in puts pressure on my legs, arms and back to make it easier to stand this way.

I try to speak. Something rasps against my throat, causing pain. I inhale fast. Her expression changes. "Aww Tawny..." she says stroking me between my ears. "You know you can't talk! Does momma have to reprimand you again?" I shake my head. "Good cat!" Her voice changes from strict to loving in a sentence.

Her hands find my hind quarters. She pushes my tail which I send upwards. I feel my tail move as if it were my own. Her hands massage my hind cheeks which excites me more. I feel my penis getting stiffer with every stroke with her hands.

With my tongue I lick her face gently. I close my eyes and take it all in. She moans softly. I find myself purring! She holds me from behind and pulls gently. "Mount me Tawny. Mount me. Please do it!" she whispers. I comply.

Her body feels magical under me. Her vagina is moist and hot. Our motion massaging my fur. I can feel her nipples harden. I pump harder. She claws with her nails into my sides. With a growl I nip at her shoulder. "Good cat!" she stammers. "Your mommas favorite cat! Just like that! Yes!"

I feel the rush from within, I don't hold it back. My heart feels like it wants to explode! I open my eyes. I see her head thrown back, eyes shut, mouth open and a screech stuck in her throat. I feel the energy flow from me into her as my body pumps my essence into her. She tightens underneath me with a growl of her own before we both slow our pace to a stop.

My penis retract into the fur. I sidestep her body and lay down on my side again. I can smell her juices. She rolls over as well. "That's a good cougar... Good cougar..." Her hands find my wet fur. "We better clean this up before it gets sticky." She uses her tongue to lick my fur clean. I repay the favor by following her lead. She isn't being erotic, so I'm trying not to be either.

The taste of her juices and mine mingle. The taste isn't bad, I like it. I know she's done, and for the most part so am I. She reverses positions and gently strokes me behind the ears. I close my eyes again and enjoy it. "Now Tawny," she says softly. "We're at our masters house. He's a kind master, but he does want a few things for us. Like he wants to see you as soon as we can get there. Ok?" I nod. "Good! You'll like him."

She places something over my head that feels cold but familiar. It's a choke chain. She pulls on it gently and I look around. "It fits! Good! Now let's get over to his quarters, ok?" I nod again. She puts a leash on the collar and gets up. With a pull I get up.

Now I can see her costume. She's wearing a white costume with a white tail. Her white ears poke out of her blonde hair. Whiskers poke out of her soft white muzzle. All of her fur is very short, almost nonexistent. She gently pulls the leash and I walk with her. Walking is difficult at first, but it gets easier with practice. I learn quickly. She leads me out of the barn.

Our physical location is hard to tell. It looks like the middle of nowhere, but it appears to be the midwest. I can see the wheat starting to grow, and I can see the horses grazing. The ground is hardpack dirt, easier to walk on than hay. She's leading me into a blue house, the door is open.

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