Chapter 2

On our way in I catch something out of the corner of my eye. It's large, black, and on four legs. I spin to look into the face of a large dog, a doberman. Reflexes, I turn to face it teeth barred and growling. The doberman stops in it's tracks, looking confused.

"Bad cat!" She says. "Don't worry about Spike!" She kneels down and pets the dog on the head. "Did the cat frighten you Spike?" Spike seems happy to see her. She pets him for a while and pulls me over. My heart is in my throat. "Now make up you two!"

The dog licks my muzzle. I exhale quickly and breathe heavily. Spike licks my mouth, and I hesitantly return them. "Good cat!" She says. "Now come on, we have to get going. Seeya later Spike!" The dog barks once and trots away. As he leaves I can see that his sack is very loose, swaying side to side as he walks.

"Don't worry about Spike." She tells me. "He's one of our locals. He's friendly." I'm still shaking, and I guess she can see that because she kneels down and hugs me. "Shh...It's over now. Don't worry." Her voice calms me enough so I'm not shivering. "You'll get over it." I forgot to tell her about my thing about dogs. Oh well. I'll work on it I guess.

She leads me inside the house. I hear music, a bluesy jazz. She leads me into another room. Inside there's a man sitting in an easy chair weathered with wear. The room is mostly in blue, with some whites and a few browns. Everything is faded and beaten, as if it's been there for a while. He looks up, and in his eyes I see his smile.

"Snowflake! It's so good to see you back!" He stands as I look over to her. She smiles too. They kiss, a passionate kiss, a practiced kiss. Her tail sways around gently with her pleasure of greeting. His hands gently scratch her back and her neck. Their kiss is slowly dropped.

Snowflake kneels over me while detaching the leash. "Master? I'd like to introduce you to Tawny. He's a visitor, but I think he could become a regular here as well." He sits back down and taps the chair twice, I catch the hint.

I walk over. He scratches me behind the ears, kinda rough. "Tawny, eh?" I can't see Snowflake, but I know he was asking her. "Your first cub! Congratulations!" He gently pulls me up by my fore-paws. "Let me get a look at you." Now I can see him.

He is a white male, somewhat overweight. He's wearing a white t-shirt with a V-neck. He is also wearing a set of faded overalls. His glasses sit on his nose with a simple dignity. His short, black hair is combed over to one side.

The Master continues to stroke my face, gentler than before. "Good boy. Now, did Snowflake tell you the rules?" I shake my head.

"I decided to let you tell him, Master." Snowflake says.

"Hmm..." he says. "I suppose. It is my farm, isn't it? Well, the rules are simple really. You're a carnivore, and I know that. But don't attack any of the other large animals. You're not the only one here, you know. We have ponies, pigs, cats, dogs," I shudder reflexively, he catches it. "Don't worry, they're safe. We also have rabbits, a few mice, and a few other animals. They're all friendly."

He looses himself in thought for a moment. "But if you see a regular sized rat or mouse then go ahead ant kill it if you want." He smiles, and so do I. It must look goofy, he's snickering. "Besides that everything is fairly common sense. Do what you like, don't leave the area, and be understanding to everyone and everything. Oh yeah, we occasionally get visitors, people. They just want to, well, have sex with some of the animals. They mean no harm too and just enjoy them."

He then gets up from the chair and sits on the floor. "There is one more thing. An initiation of sorts." he says. "Cm'ere." I do. He then kisses my muzzle. I return them as best I can. His hands caress my muzzle and his kisses become deeper, more involved. So do mine.

Soon he removes his shirt, and starts to undo his overalls. I lick his face as the top falls to his waist. He lays himself down as I put my mouth to his nipples. I hear his breathing become deeper, more deliberate. I can feel his nipples becoming stiffer, harder. His hands move around my head, stroking my neck somewhat.

I feel a hand on my belly. I look for a moment, Snowflake is under me and over him, removing his last piece of clothing. I return to him, and his hands become insistent against my head. I lower my body to be on top of his.

Already, I feel the heat of his penis growing stiff under my own. His hand gently lifts my muzzle, making me look up. I meet his eyes. He nods while gently pushing me back. I decide not to hesitate.

I backpedal slightly, bringing myself to his penis. It's already mostly hard. I brush my whiskers against his shaft, making the head swell slightly. I lick the tip. There's the slight twinge of urine to the taste. He inhales deeply. I use gently lick down the shaft, still not taking it into my maw.

On my way back up I feel his leg drape over my side. I glance up at him. His head is tipped backwards. I take him into my mouth, a little at first. I hear a small moan from him. I take more. I flick my tongue and swirl it around him. I feel his heat in my maw becoming thicker.

A gag reflex hits when I'm most of the way down him. "Good Tawny!" he whispers. "Now again..." I take his advice and begging a gentle thrusting motion, but not as far down my throat. His other leg holds my body pinned to him. His stomach tightens and his legs press into my sides. I reel back slightly.
"No, don't stop yet!" He says between stolen breaths. He holds the back of my head for emphasis. I taste another fluid, it's very slick. I can't taste it, I don't want to. His heat ignites me, I almost feel as if my saliva evaporates from him.

I feel his head swell inside my mouth. He lets out a small groan as his legs tighten against my ribs. Master holds my head still as he throbs inside my mouth. My first taste of a man fills my mouth and I try to swallow the hot juices. My throat gags slightly, causing some to spill out and drip down his penis. His body makes one final thrust into me, then relaxes.

"Good cat." Master whispers. "Very good..." He trails off. I lick his semen from my muzzle. There's still some cum left in his hairs, an on his shaft. I clean it off. I can taste it now, not as salty as I expected. I think I can tolerate it.

Master pulls me up by gently tugging on my chain. I lay down next to him and he gently strokes me behind the ears. "That was very good for your first time, Tawny!" He says. He strokes my muzzle gently. Now there's one more requirement. Wait here." He licks my muzzle again before getting up.

Snowflake sits next to me. She scratches my tummy, and I find myself on my back, purring. Time becomes a mystery for me, but I really don't care. We lick, kiss, and generally fondle each other lightheartedly.

Another hand joins us, stroking lower than Snowflake. My hind leg snaps out reflexively as I look down. The hand is black as midnight. It's furry. I look to whom it belongs, it's a black cat. The newest cat puts one finger on his maw, and nods. The hand then strokes my penis.

I'm erect almost instantly. Snowflake pulls away slightly. The black cat moves in front of me. He kneels on hands and knees. I can see his penis is also erect, and his testicles dangle openly. His tail points straight up, exposing his hole for me. A scent catches something in me, something base and primal.

Without thinking I place my forepaws on his shoulders and drive myself into him. He yowls once in surprise, then purrs softly. His scent makes me feel dizzy. I feel as if I need him. I thrust into him with my whole body, my hind claws digging into the carpet. He thrusts against me. My paws slip from his shoulders until my chest is on his back. The feel of his fur against mine is electric! I hear a groan, Snowflake is under us both enjoying herself with his exposed penis!

The three of us move together as one. His tail sways back and forward between us. Our combined scents fills me, excites me. Snowflake screeches out, flailing. My penis demands the release, which I give it. I feel his muscles clamping down, milking me for all I can give. I drive with my legs and fill him as well as I can. All my muscles tense around my hips which tighten with every thrust. My body delivers for a minute, the final few feel as if they came from the deepest reserves. My mount also wails out, delivering himself into Snowflake. I feel his muscles tense on my penis, which excites me to the want of another spray inside him. A loud meow escapes my throat instead of semen from my penis.

Our separation is fast, forced. He quickly cleans my still erect penis with a water bottle. His gentle stroking keeps me hard until he stops. My flesh recedes into the sheath soon after he's done. Snowflake kisses him, then me. She gently strokes my fur again, and I lose myself into the hedonistic pleasures of a simple massage. I open my eyes for a moment, and our feline lover has gone.

Snowflake takes the leash from the table and locks it on my collar. "Come on Tawny, let's get some breakfast." She stands, somewhat weakly, and leads me into the kitchen.

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