Chapter 3

I spend the next few days learning the grounds of the farm. From what I'd seen it's a full farm. The fields are growing nicely, as far as I can see. I did make friends with Spike, nothing serious however. There's still that fear I have of dogs that gets in the way. But Spike likes being licked in the face, and so do I.

I met a bipedal white-furred rabbit. She told me her name was Frost, and she liked the way my fur looked. We spend a night together, just her and I. Her hands stroke my fur, and her tongue caresses mine.

"I like to greet the new people now and again." she tells me. "And seeing that you're a new face, I just wanted to be friendly." Frost lays down with me in her room. With no clothing to inhibit us we let ourselves get to know each other.

With one paw I find that she likes having her neck brushed on the side. I then decide to do this with my tongue and muzzle. She reaches down to my tail, and plays with my sac gently. It doesn't take much of this to bring me to a full erection. She lifts my forepaws to straddle her body, then hold my penis steady.

I arch my back gently. She stops me before I enter her. She licks my nose once. Then, holding the tip of me inside her vaginal lips, she masturbates herself using my penis. I close my eyes as she gently pulls the tip down, then up, then down. I meow softly. She inhales and I smell her musk in the room. I look down on her, her glassy eyes reflect my image and her mouth opens slightly to let a small groan escape.

"Now." She whispers. I lick her nose as I push into her. "Hmmmm...." she groans, "I've always liked the cats that come by here..." She kisses me. I hurry the pace. Frost strokes my muzzle as I pump into her. I feel my legs quiver, my sac tighten. I let myself go inside Frost. Her vagina contracts when I'm almost done, holding me in her. Frost screams when she comes. We sleep together, myself suckling on her breast. Her whispering "Good kitten..."

I wake up still in Frost's arms, still suckling. It surprises me that I'm getting milk from her breast! Frost strokes my fur gently. "Take what you wish, Tawny." She whispers. "I can make more." We spend the morning together.

She eventually has to do some housework, so we part. I wander the grounds again. I made several friends among the community, especially the other cats. A few hit on me, I follow one of them into the barn. She's a calico, mostly brown with mottled white, gray and black spots in her coat. We climb into the rafters and play some lighthearted tag.

We get interrupted by a booming voice. "Enter here!" We both stop in our tracks. We look at each other, then over the edge. I see a man, not the Master but someone else. He's leading another man by reigns, attached to a bit in his mouth.

I look at my playmate, who turns back to me. Calico has straw in her fur at odd angles, and I realize that if I look half as bad as her that we both look incredibly silly. It's obvious that we're both stifling laughter.

"STOP!" The voice does just that to us. We both backpedal and watch what's going on. The man with the bit in his mouth is standing in the center of the room. Besides the harness around his head he's wearing jeans and a black t-shirt. He looks to be 19 or 20, has long brown hair and rippling with muscles. The other man is wearing a flannel shirt and overalls with a red bandanna in his back pocket. He looks to be possibly 30, about medium black hair and in decent shape.

The man in the overalls goes over to a workbench that I can barely see. He returns with a large knife. "You've been bad, you know." he says. "You won't do what I ask. Isn't that right?" The other nods, sweating slightly. "So I brought you here, to teach you how to be a good sub."

"Paul?" the younger's voice is muffled by the bit. He's looking at the knife.

"Shut. Up." Paul says flatly, each word a sentence.. The boy does. Paul takes the knife and cuts the shirt off of the other's body slowly. "Now, Boy, put your arms up." He does so. Paul pulls a few ropes over and binds the arms of the boy and pulls them up. He removes the boots next, binding the feet down.

He trails the knife around the boy. "Now then," he says sadistically, "I should skin you here, but you won't be much of a good use then." He walks over to the bench and puts the knife down. I hear Calico breathe a sigh of relief quietly.

Instead he pushes a button on the bench. "But I have plans for you." I can't tell if the boy is genuinely concerned or it it's a well rehearsed act. Paul picks up some shears and a small bag. "First, I do this."

With a single move he uses the shears to cut through the denim jeans. The pieces of denim and cotton from his briefs fall to the floor. The boy has a rather large erection jutting out from his groin. "Did I say YOU could have a boner?" Paul reaches in the bag, removing some leather straps and what looks like bags.

"As long as you have one, you may as well keep it." Paul takes one sack and places it over the boys penis. He seems to take a lot of care doing it. The boy's head rolls backwards, it looks like he's stifling pain. Paul then takes the other sack and places the boy's testicles in it. He then wraps the straps around his legs, and the small of his back pulling it tight somewhat.

When he backs away I notice that the sack over the boy's penis has a tube in it to let fluids through. Paul cuts the excess tube away. The boy is breathing harder now. I can see his body is covered in sweat. Paul puts the shears away and returns with an electric razor.

"Next," he says very smugly, "I do this." He turns on the shears. Calico jumps somewhat when the motor buzzes to life. I rub my muzzle against her side to calm her somewhat. Her breathing returns to a forced normal. In the time it took to calm Calico the boy had lost almost all of his body hair, except for that on his head.

For the most part, the boy had been pulling and tugging at his bonds with no luck of escape. "Still have some fight, do you?" Paul returned the razor to the table. Calico is shaking somewhat, so am I. We both know that we really can't leave, and if we move around up here we may get caught. We're both frozen in fear.

Paul returns to his boy with a riders crop. He slaps it in his hand once which causes the boy to stop. "Now then, if you fight, you get whipped." Through the sweat the boy nods once. "That's good."

The doors on the east end open up, and I see a female form. I recognize it as Snowflake, but she's not wearing the cat costume. There's another with her, a male. They're both wearing white coats, and what looks like jumpsuits under them. Whatever the cause, they look professional. They're wheeling a cart.

The boy thrashes once in his bonds, they still don't give. Paul smacks him once in the leg. The boy winces. Calico winces too. "I told you not to fight!" Paul says sternly. "You gonna stop now?" The boy hangs his head. "Good. Now, doctors, if you're ready my boy needs his lesson."

Snowflake and the other man nod and wheel the cart to the boy. They open it, and set up a small table. On it they put some liquids, what looks like poles, and some other bits. The two of them work silently. They mix the liquids into a paste, which becomes a dark brown color. They put on rubber gloves.

"I forgot one thing." Paul says. Again with the electric razor he cuts the boy's hair into a mohawk style. "There. That should be perfect." Paul backs away.

The two smear the paste all over the boy's body very quickly. The boy wriggles slightly, but the sound of the crop makes him stop. Within a few minutes the boy is covered in a bay-brown paste. Paul nods his approval.

The paste dries, and begins to flake. The pair then brushes the flakes off to reveal a bay-brown body. "Looks mighty good." Paul says. "Go ahead." The pair then begins the next phase. They unhook his leg. He doesn't even shake them off, he looks tired. They place his leg into something that looks like a cast. They do the same to the other leg.

They move very rapidly to his arms then. When they're done I can see that they just put him into something that looks like hooves on horse legs. Almost reflexively I look at my own paws, wondering about them. I can't feel my fingers, it's just my paws. I look down, I see him standing on all fours looking confused.

"That's very nice." Paul says. He circles the creation. "But it needs a few more things." Paul holds out a hand, with which the other person in the lab coat hands him something with long strands. Paul uses his fingers to pull the boy's rear cheeks apart. He then places this device near his spine, and the boy screams in pain.

Paul backs away, and I see that it was a tail. A horse's tail. Now I know what's going on and so does Calico. She's relaxed considerably. The boy still doesn't know what's going on apparently, he's still shaking. Paul waves to the other two.

They move in with a device, possibly another bag. They place it over the boy's head and fasten it. When they back away I can see that they placed a long muzzle on him, and pointed ears as well. They also shackle his hooves down to the floor.

Paul smiles. "That's all." The other two leave. Paul circles his new colt while removing his clothing. "Now, to break you in." His penis is standing straight up. It's incredibly thick! He spits once into his hand, and lubricates his penis.

Grabbing the colt's haunches Paul thrusts himself in. The colt exhales a loud breath. Paul pulls in hard, forcefully. My own penis is getting harder watching them pump. Paul slams in hard and screams "I'm coming! I'm coming!" as he does.

He pulls out, the colt tries to get away, but he can't. "Bad horse!" Paul slaps it once on the rear, which jerks the colt forward once. "I'm going to have to teach you some manners."

Over the next fifteen minutes the colt gets shoed, saddled, and led around the barn by the reigns. Paul smiles to see this. "Good. Now I test you for sure." He grabs a leather ring and puts it around the colts neck. Pulling a large plow he leads the colt out of the barn saying "Now you'll plow the fields, won't you, you flea-bitten horse?"

Calico and I are slow to move. We're still scared to move. Eventually, we see that we are alone. And I smell that she's about as horny as I am. We roll around the hay for a few moments before she submits under me. I mount her and slide in effortlessly. She arches her back and I bury myself into her fully. We both purr to each other as we play against each other.

My orgasm is quick, as is hers. On my withdrawal she meows for me. We lick each other for an hour afterwards just enjoying each other. We do make it for dinner that night, however.

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