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"A Catt's Fantasy" was an answer to someone on AOL who asked me to explain my ultimate fantasy. At the time, this was it. I promptly freaked her out by chapter two, and ended up writing the rest to please myself. I think I was using it mostly to introduce myself into bondage, collars, harnesses, and all that fun stuff. It's around this time I met my first, and most beloved, Master. I wrote it to be read in five chapters, and it's been mashed together in time. But, I present it here the way I wanted it to be read. Please, enjoy!

Click the link, you know how to do it by now.

Chapter 1 )
(m/f, transformation to cat)

Chapter 2 )
(m/m/f, feline 2 and 4 legged)

Chapter 3 )
(m/f (bunny), m/f (feline 4 legged), m/m (transformation to horse))

Chapter 4 )
(m/f (religous? rape? you tell me!), bondage scene)

Chapter 5 )
(m/f, end of story, loose ends...)

DISCLAIMER : "A Catt's Fantasy" is Copyright 1994 - 2001 Socks Furrotica Press. Distribution is permitted in electronic format, as long as 1) the entire text (including this disclaimer) remains intact and 2) My e-mail address remains on the work ( Permission is also given to print this text out for personal use. If you wish to include this story in a web site or for publication, e-mail myself ( and we'll talk it over...

This is (unfortunately) a work of fiction. It depicts sex. Lots of quite graphic sex between several genders and arguably a few species. Af any of this offends you, or anything vaguely pornographic bothers you, don't read this, and don't send me your nasty e-mail (I may enjoy it, you know...)

Being a work of fiction, none of the characters herin are based on a real person (Save the narrator and one other person...) And similarity to any person alive, dead, undead or unalive is coincidental, totally. However, if you see yourself or someone you know in a character be honored. You've been immortalised.

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