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Many people have asked recently, and I've decided to open up to a limited number of commissions a month.  Mainly, the ammount of commissions I can take will be equal to how much my paypal account can take a month. 

This page will be the body of my commission work, as well as how I sell story commissions.

Art by SJ Wolf

Previously commissioned stories
most recent at the top

m/m, menatl breaking, BDSM, rubber, TF to rubber pig, some drug themes, watersports....  This one's just loaded with stuff
Hunter moves to Germany for his new job, and for more than a little fun. Little does he know that he's stepped into a whole new world.

This one's packed with so many kinks it's hard to really describe it.  The comissioner is VERY happy with it, and I am too.  But I'll warn ya now, it's NOT for the timid.
Wings of Change

Avian TF, M to F, some violence
Brian volunteers to be changed into a red-tailed hawk, and back again, for science. Unfortunately, there's one minor hitch. The guy backing the program.

A fun comission piece, presented here in it's entirity.  I broke it up for FA submission, but it's best read as one whole piece actually.

m/m themes, tf sequences, see description
Four young men break into a house they think has something they can steal.  But there are consequences...

A story taking place in the "Bandit and Skids" universe, which the comissioner really enjoyed.  This one ended up being somewhat EPIC in size, so it's broken up into easier to read parts.

Chapter 1
Capture, bondage, and setup
Chapter 2
Horse plush TF, m/m themes, bondage
Chapter 3
rubber toy TF, bondage, m/m
Chapter 4
dragon tf, m/m, bondage, more m/m all that
Chapter 5
m/m roleplay, m/m sex
Chapter 6
what do you expect?  m/m, some f/m bondage stuff...

The Egg

m/m themes, m to f  TF, avian TF
Tim and Brian get together one night because Brad is curious about what an insertable "egg" would be like.  Tim is more than happy to show his friend what it's like.
Hobby Farm

m T/F to rubber stallion, m/m themes, oral mansaex, and lots of mindgames
City kid tells a man he'd like to visit a farm some day, and the man has just the farm to let him stay at.  But sometimes, plans are more permanent than you think they'll be.
Steamer Trunk

m T/F anthro dogs, TG tf, self-fellatio, and lot sof spoogie goodness.
David goes to an estate sale looking for gems he can re-sell on the internet.  When he finds an old steamer trunk, he discovers it has a secret.  Then he discovers how many it really has.

m T/F to macaw parrot
nudity, description of dangly bits, but no yiff

Charles spent his entire adult life clawing his way up the corporate ladder.  But you know what they say.  Be careful who you piss off on your way to the top, they'll all be happy to watch you as you fall.

Commissions :

If you want to commission a story from me, the first step is to e-mail me to ask if I'm currently open for them.  It doesn't hurt to throw the idea at me that you want in basic terms.  "Can you write a story about a guy that turns into a flamingo?"  Don't worry; I won't steal it from you.  Once I have the free space to open a commission, I'll let you know and we can work out the price.

The cost of a story depends on the complexity and how in depth you want to get.  I start with a base price of $100 and work up from there.  Incredibly complex stories can run $300 or more, depending on how much work is involved on my end, and how complex you want it to be.  If you're asking for a story of a full frat house of guys turning into various rare animals and demand anatomical correctness on every species of salamander and 3 toed sloth, you're going to be paying for it.

Once the piece is finished, I expect a full payment by paypal or cash in person (if you're local to me).  I don't want to ask for money until a piece is done, as its motivation for me to actually get it done and you're not out anything if emergencies come up.  There will be adequate warning to when the piece is done, so I won't sneak it up on you.  My turnaround time can be anywhere from 1 week to 3 weeks, depending on what else I have to do in my "real job".

I will also want to work with you on your story as well, so I will try to have a LOT of dialog with you before the story to find out what you want.  I'm on AIM sometimes, and I can try to get on to find you there.  Or, e-mail will work fine.

What I won't do: read my site, you should be able to figure it out.  But let's just say this.  I won't do "snuff porn", I won't describe things that are inherently illegal or can get me into trouble (how to guides on weapon building or drug making, or anything that could be remotely close to it) and anything involving minors.  I'm also personally squicky when it comes to things involving scat, blood play, body mutilation or murder or the like, or acts involving removal of body parts in a sexual manner.  I reserve the right to refuse a commission for any reason, and I will let you know right away if I'm not comfortable writing something you want.

Once the piece is finished, it's yours.  No, really, it's yours to post, publish, put on your website or do what you want with it.  I ask permission to post it on this webspace, and I won't unless you give me permission to do so.  If you want work for a magazine, e-zine, or other publication, please tell me right away so I can send you a correct text style.  The work is my creation, and copyright to me, but you are buying the work from me.  If published anywhere else, I require that you leave my name, and my web contact information (the website : on it.

I can be contacted at

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