"The Egg"

By Socks
© 2007 Socks Furrotica

"You know I'm not usually like this."  He removed his shirt, shaking a little in nervous anticipation.  "I mean...  you're a guy and I'm a guy..."

"Don't worry."  Tim took the small device out of the bag, and lay on the floor.  He was already naked, and relaxed.  "It won't change anything.  You said you wanted to try something like this with a friend first, right?  And I'll stop if you ask me to."

"Ok."  Brian's fingers felt cold as he took his pants and underwear off.  He felt his chest quivering.  "But this doesn't make me like gay, right?"

"No." Tim laughed a little.  "I promise, I'm not going to make you gay with this."  Tim showed his friend the device.  A plastic egg, larger than a chicken egg and smooth.  The cord on the back went to a small remote device that Tim held.  "You just want to try it, right?"  Brian nodded, nervously.  "If you like this one, I've got a larger one too.  But this is a good introduction."

Brian nodded nervously, eyeing the toy.  "So, what do I do?"

"Lay back on the towel, and relax." Tim said.  Tim put a rubber glove on, and then lubed his fingers and the device generously.  "It's important you relax.  I can force it, but you won't like it.  If you clamp down on it we'll have a hard time getting it out."

Brian nodded again, and lay on his back.  He spread his legs, trying not to be embarrassed at his growing erection.  "Is...  is that normal?"

"Yeah." Tim said.  "But if you wait 'till it's in ya and I turn it on, it'll feel a lot better to cum."  Tim looked at Brian's growing erection with a smile.  "And I'm gonna promise not to touch it.  You can if you want."

"Just get it in me." Brian said.  "Before I change my mind."

"You got it." Tim said.  "If you say stop, I will."  Brian just nodded.  Tim tapped on the remote, and music softly played in the background.  The lights were already dimmed, and he felt that his friend would be as ready as he ever could be.  Tim smiled to himself, the egg was always a fetish of his, and one of the things he always loved to use in himself.  And he wanted Brian's first egg to be very special.

Tim used a finger to put lubrication in Brian's virgin ass.  He took his time, being as gentle as he could.  Brian moaned in a little stretching pain, but kept encouraging Tim to keep going.  As Tim's fingers probed and lubricated him, Brian managed to relax himself enough to take a finger from Tim.  Tim upped the ante, two fingers, then three...  Each step he took his time, loosened Brian up a little more.  Tim smiled, reveling in the moans of pleasure from his friend.

"I think you're ready for it." Tim said softly.  Brian only nodded, keeping his eyes closed and trying not to lose the relaxation he felt.  Tim's erection was almost painful; he hoped that this would work.  He lubricated the egg as much as he could, and traced the tip around Brian's hole.  Brain moaned at the sensation, spreading his legs further apart.  Tim put pressure on the back of the egg, and is started to slip inside Brian.

Brian felt the smooth surface stretch him further than Tim did.  Before he could say anything, he felt something force inside himself, and his hole closed behind it.  He let out a loud gasp as he felt Tim's fingers rubbing his somewhat sore hole.  "Is...  is it in?"

"Yeah, it's in." Tim said, rubbing his clean hand on Brian's belly.  "Ya got an egg in ya now."  Tim smiled to himself.  "Relax a bit, you're gonna hyperventilate."

"Sorry." Brian said, realizing how rushed his voice sounded.  He took deliberate deep breaths, and rubbed his belly.  "It's really in me?"

"Yep." Tim said.  "Want me to prove it?"  Brian nodded.  Tim flipped the switch on the remote, and Brian gasped as the egg vibrated deep inside him.  The feeling was electric.  He arched his back, and let out a wail of pleasure.  Tim turned it off, and Brian lay flat on the floor panting for air.

"Holy fuck" Brian managed to gasp out.  "Holy fuck that's intense."  He rolled on his side, then back onto his back putting an arm over his head.  "I felt like I was gonna explode."

"You can if you want." Tim said.  "Probably have a gusher if I left it on."

Brian nodded.  "Go ahead."  He took a few forced breaths.  "Do it."

"You got it."  Tim flipped the switch on its lowest setting.  Brian grabbed the carpet, and lifted his hips off the ground.  With a loud wail, he pumped his hips into the air and started to orgasm.  Tim almost dropped the remote device as Brian sprayed all over his belly and chest.  As Brian slumped back down to the floor, Tim quickly turned the egg off.  Brian made a few attempts to roll over off his back, but found he couldn't.  He felt too weak to do anything more than pass out.

"That must have felt really good." Tim said.  When he got no reply, he looked up at Brian's face.  Brian had a smile, and was thoroughly out.  "Damn good." He said with a snicker.  "If you liked that, you're gonna love the next part."

Tim pulled the egg out of Brian's ass gently with a squishy pop.  He went back into the bag he brought with him, and pulled out the special egg he purchased.  It wasn't cheap, and he already knew it worked.  But this was the first time he used it with someone else.  He unscrewed the egg at the mid point, and looked down at Brian with a smile.  "Oh yeah, you're going to love this."

Tim held his shaft in one hand, and stroked himself furiously.  He thought of the fur porn he found on Brian's laptop at the LAN party.  He thought of the last time he used this toy on himself.  He looked down at Brian and knew what he was about to do with him.  He bit his lower lip, and tightened his thighs together.  He came hard, holding the egg over his shaft.  It caught all of his seed at the tip.

He held the shell on himself to make sure he didn't spill a drop.  Carefully, he removed himself from the egg half, and screwed the pieces back together.  He took out a second bottle of lube, and coated the egg with it.  Carefully, he pushed the short tip into Brian's hole.  Brian groaned a little, but didn't wake up as the larger egg seated into him.  Tim watched as the egg glowed a little, then Brian's ass reflexively clenched to seal it inside.  Tim nodded to himself, took off the rubber glove, and got up to get a washcloth.

Later, Brian woke up, and weakly rubbed his belly.  He could feel a bulge inside of him, and his chest felt moist.  "Wh...  what happened?" he asked weakly.

"You passed out." Tim said as he sat down next to Brian again.  "I cleaned you up while you were down, I hope you don't mind."

"No." Brian said with a little bewilderment.  "No, I don't mind."  He sat up, and winced as he sat on his bare ass.  "Ow!  That hurt!"

"One of the pleasures of insertables." Tim said.  "When it's in you, you feel it.  If you sit on your knees and not on your ass, it's not so bad."

Brian did as Tim suggested, and he felt a lot more comfortable.  As he did, he felt like his belly was larger than normal.  He ran his hand along his belly.  "Geez, I feel preggers." He said with a laugh.

Tim smiled.  "Well you do have that egg in ya."  Tim rubbed his hand along Brian's belly, and Brian didn't object.  "I know you said you liked that bird stuff, but I didn't know you liked it that much."

"Neither did I." Brian said.  "I mean that's just fantasy, that stuff I showed you, but feeling it in me, I really do feel like it's a real egg."

Tim smiled.  "I think you're going to have to lay it like a real one too."  Brian looked confused.  "I tried to take it out while you were passed out, and the cord broke."  Brian groaned.  "Hey, it's happened to me before, it comes out nice and easy.  Specially because you're already lubed up."

Brian put his hands on his knees.  "So, what, we gotta build a nest and let me lay it?"

"If you want, sure." Tim said with a grin.  Brian rolled his eyes.  "Or we can just wait 'till you feel like it's gonna come out.  Your body will know when it's right."

"What if it doesn't?" Brian's voice cracked in nervousness.

"I know a few ways to get it out so we don't have to leave here." Tim said.  "Do you want it out now?"

Brian looked at his belly, and rubbed his hand along it.  The egg felt warm inside him, and it really wouldn't do any harm to let it sit for a little while.  "If it doesn't come in an hour or two, yeah."  Tim nodded.

Later that evening, Brian was sitting on his knees.  He put his hand on his stomach, he felt like his stomach was turning inside out.  He groaned a little, causing Tim to look over.  "You ok?"

"No." Brian said.  "Bad cramp.  It's gonna go now."

Tim got up, and quickly grabbed a few things.  He laid some towels on the ground, and a basin under Brian.  "I got ya." Tim said.  He held Brian's hand.  "Just let it go, I can clean it up later."

Brian tried to push, but the egg was very thick.  He pushed with his stomach, and almost felt like he was going to pass out.  It was worse than being constipated, the swelling and pain made him feel very uncomfortable.  He fell forward, and caught himself on his hands.  "We should go to the hospital." Brian said with an air of panic.  "I can tell them I fell on it or something."

"No, it's ok." Tim said.  "I can get it out of you, just trust me, and relax ok?" Brian nodded, sweat forming at his brow.   "Just stay on your knees, and sit up if you can, ok?"  Brian did, and Tim got up.  "I'll go get some lube, and it'll come out nice and easy."  Brian nodded.

Tim left the room for what felt to Brian like an eternity, but he came back and knelt down behind Brian.  "Ok, stay on your knees, grab that chair, and lean against it at an angle.  Yeah, like that.  Ok, I'm gonna work a finger in ya just past the ring, and I should be able to get your body to push it out on its own.  Don't try to force it right now, ok?"  Brian just nodded.

Behind him, Tim smiled.  He took out the feathers he got with the new egg, and placed them over his own tail bone where they stuck in place.  He then took the other feathers, and placed them over Brian's tailbone where he held them in place with his hand.  He then lubed up his finger, and made small circles around Brian's hole.

Letting a moan escape his lips, Brian relaxed with his head on the chair.  He faced forward, and tried not to think gay thoughts as Tim worked his fingers expertly.  "You're sure you're not gonna turn me gay Tim?"

"Positive." Tim said.  Tim felt the feathers fuse to his skin, and he knew the process couldn't be stopped now.  At least that's what the guy told him.  One it began, it goes all the way.  He knew this was going to be something they both would want, but he never knew how to ask Brian about it.  He'd just do it, and let Brian enjoy it.  "Just relax, let it happen naturally."

"Naturally." Brian said with an air of sarcasm and pain.  "Laying an egg isn't natural for people."

"It will be." Tim said softly.  Tim ran his fingers gently around Brian's hole.  Brian clenched the chair with his hands, and raised up his ass a little with a louder groan.  Tim could see the feathers had rooted in Brian's skin, so he began to alter his massaging.

Tim sat up on his feet, allowing them to get longer.  It didn't hurt, he knew from the last time it wouldn't.  But he knew he had to shift his weight a little.  When he felt the claws come out of his toes, he splayed them out and wiggled them.  He took a quick look, and saw the skin tone on his feet turn from his normal flesh to scaly and dark black.  His heel extended backwards, and that claw touched carpet as well.

Brian felt like he was in heaven.  He adjusted himself to go from his knees to his feet but stayed bent over for Tim.  He kept shuffling his feet around to get a better feeling stance.  Something in his mind kept clouding over, the feeling of pleasure felt like it hid something, but he didn't care.  As long as Tim kept doing what he was doing, that's all that mattered right now.  It felt so good, so perfect.

Tim watched his friend's tail plumage sprout and grow.  A small amount of flesh and bone kept it upright.  "That's it." He cooed gently.  "Just relax, we'll get the egg out of ya when you're ready."  Brian just nodded in a haze.  Tim looked down, and saw that Brian's feet had changed similar to his own, except they were longer and thinner, plus the scales ran almost to his knees.  Tim's scales stopped at his ankles, and he could see his feathers begin to form.

When he felt a hand rub his belly, Brian cooed again.  Between the sensations of the fingering and the petting, he was really into this.  Tim's finger strokes were getting longer in the up and down, Brian figured he was just loosened up that much.  He let out long cooing moans, not opening his eyes but just enjoying the feeling.

"You like the egg in you, don't you?" Tim asked.  Brian nodded.  "Makes you feel like a real bird, doesn't it?"  Brian nodded again.  "A crow, I'll bet."  Brian barely responded.  "Don't worry, and don't fight it.  Just let it happen, let it go through you."

He felt his belly drop a little, but Brian barely registered it in his mind.  The egg inside him didn't hurt, it was something he carried.  It was his egg.  He would take care of it when it hatched.   She would do anything to protect her young.  She spread her legs apart, letting the male behind her insure her egg was safe.

Tim watched as Brian's manhood pulled into his belly, and tightened his groin.  "Goddess you look sexy like that." Tim said.  He looked down between his own legs to watch the same thing happen, but he knew the difference.  Not the same as his human body, but it would feel just as good with her under him when they touched.  His skin tingled, and red feathers sprouted all along his belly, his chest and his legs.

"Ahhh...." he let out a long sigh.  He opened his mouth, and felt his nose and jaw dry up and harden as it pushed away from his face.  A wide beak pushed away from him, with feathers bristling up against the base of it.  He could feel what was left of his hair being absorbed into his body.

Brian felt a strange sensation against her face.  She stood up, legs spread wide, and stretched her body.  She faced up to the ceiling, and felt a strange but not unfamiliar weight.  She opened his eyes, and saw the tip of her nose pushing away from her.  Her breathing felt strange, air being pulled through a part of her not used to it.  She looked behind him to see Tim, and gasped.

Tim's body was covered in red, yellow and blue feathers.  All but the top of his face was covered.  He had what could be described as a smile on his beak as the feathers formed over the top of his head.  "It's almost ready." Tim said.  She was confused, until she felt Tim's hand remove from her...  cloaca?  Yes, that's what it was now.  A part of her was shocked, another amazed, and another was horrified that she wanted to see how far it would go.  When she felt a wave of hormones wash over her and it didn't matter.  Her egg was almost ready.  He must be her mate, preparing her.  She's in his nesting grounds, it made sense.

She looked at the rest of her body.  Her feathers were dark black to grey all over, ending at her wings in large finger-like appendages.  She watched as her feathers formed in a wave down her other arm, causing her to make a soft cawing sound.  When she felt the fingers form, she relaxed.  This was her correct body.  Her body relaxed, and the pain in her belly simply vanished.  She closed her eyes, and felt a wave run through her as her form set.  Her belly pushed effortlessly.

Tim placed his winged hands under her tail, and caught the egg as it was pushed out.  The guy at the store told him she wouldn't remember this egg, but she would be ready for mating very soon afterwards.  The egg still had a glow to it, but was rapidly returning to normal.  He put the egg gently into the basin, and stood up to look at her form.

She looked him over, and herself as well.  Not the same species, but she knew that wasn't a problem.  He was a fine specimen, and already won her over.  "I guess you're not making me gay afterall."

"No." Tim said.  "I'm making myself straight."  He chuckled, which sounded like a raspy hiccup.

She ran her feathered hand on his beak.  "How long are we stuck in this form?"

"As long as we want to be." Tim said.  "I wanted to tell you before, but I didn't know if you'd believed me."

"I do now, my mate."  The words sent shivers down Tim's spine and through his tail feathers.  Somehow, that felt right to him.  Yes, she was his, and he was hers.  The courtship was over, it was time.  She rolled her tail feathers, and spread her arms curiously.  "So tell me, can we fly?"

"One way to find out." Tim said, offering his hand to her.  She took it, and they walked up to the roof to be under the stars.

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