"Hobby Farm"
By: Socks
© 2005 Socks Furrotica

With a groan, Andrew woke up.  His shoulders still felt sore from the previous night, but the soreness felt good.  The memories of how he became sore felt good.  He didn't get to Master Paul's house too often, but when he could, he always enjoyed his time there.  He stretched a little, letting the sheets run over his body.  The bed next to him was empty, Master Paul must have gotten up already, Andrew thought.  He quietly slid out of bed himself.

He explored the house quietly, looking for anyone home.  He found a note on the bathroom mirror.  "I went for some food, I will return by 10:00.  Make yourself at home."  Andrew smiled, and went to the living room to watch some television.  He stopped when he found a photo album on the coffee table.  He looked through it, and found pictures of Paul.  The Master he knew was an older man, and wore it well.  Andrew liked to play with older men, he respected them more than the younger "Masters" he had toyed with downtown.  Older men knew how to keep a boy on the brink for hours, and made the reward of servitude that much sweeter.

In these pictures, Paul was obviously younger.  They were taken in a rural area, it could have been anywhere.  Andrew was taken with the style of farm.  No livestock, but some crops.  In some pictures he could see a barn with pens, but no sign of cows or pigs.  He was engrossed in the photo album when he heard the front door open.  Before he could get up, Paul came in from the cold.  Andrew shivered as the wind swept through the house.  Paul quickly closed the door behind him, and put down his small bag.  "Good morning!" he said, smiling.

"Good morning Sir!" Andrew said.  He moved to stand, but Paul waved him to stay seated.  "Can I help with that, Sir?"

Paul took off his coat, and hung it up in the closet.  "It's ok boy." He said.  "You're my guest, and after last night you really should relax a little."  Andrew looked like he was going to stand.  Paul shook his head while he took off his high rubber boots.  "Do I have to strap you to that chair boy?  Don't think I won't!"

Andrew smiled himself.  "I would enjoy that Sir!"

"In that case you can help me make breakfast." Paul said, putting the boots on a drying mat.  "Put that energy to work for a little while."

Over breakfast, they talked about the photo album.  "That's my hobby farm." Paul told him.  "Its a few hours out of the 'cities.  I got it a long time ago, and I've kept it going over the years.  I thought of making it bigger or better, but I don't want to quit my job here."

"So how do you run it?" Andrew asked.

"I have some people that help." Paul said.  "Boys with farming in their blood, Masters who want to get away from the city, and a few other volunteers.  I go when I can, on the weekends.  But the other boys really maintain it day to day in season."

Andrew nodded.  "I've never been on a farm, Sir." He said.  "Haven't been out of a city all my life."

"Not much to see right now." Paul said.  "The house is kept clean, and the animals are gone for the year.  But if you'd like, we can go in the spring?"

"We, Sir?" Andrew sat up straight in his chair.  "You'd take me?"

"Absolutely!" Paul said with a wide smile.  "If you fit in, I could even find a place for you to stay there for the summer if you'd like?"

"That would be great!" Andrew said with a smile.  "It would be a lot nicer than going home."

Paul nodded.  "But I don't want freeloaders on my farm." He said sternly.  "If you go there, you will be earning your keep."

"I can do my best, Sir!" Andrew said.

Paul nodded to himself, and sat back in his chair.  He rubbed his index finger on his chin in thought.  "Let me see, the snow is supposed to be gone by April, so that's three months to start strength training..."  Andrew looked puzzled, but Paul paid him no mind.  "Tell my boy, can you get a night a week off from school to come here?"

Andrew thought a moment.  He could drop intramural volleyball, and free up a weeknight.  And it wouldn't take too much away from his college studies.  "I can do that Sir." He said confidently.

"Good." Paul said.  "Then do so.  I want you here one night a week to get you ready.  You're probably not used to working on a farm, and its physical work.  But if you're up to it, you will be rewarded."  As he spoke, Paul brought his foot up to Andrew's crotch slowly and rubbed the fabric of his underpants.  

Andrew smiled, and tried not to melt in his chair.  "I will do that, Sir!"  They then planned their arrangements.

Thursday night, Andrew took the bus to his Master's house.  He didn't know what to expect, but his Master told him to bring only a change of clothing to go back to the dorms in.  He got to the door, and his Master let him in out of the cold.  They went straight down into the basement.

"I want to see how strong you are, boy." Master Paul said.  "Off with the clothing, I don't want you to get them all sweaty."  He stripped the boy down naked, and looked over him with a new eye.  "Very good." He said aloud, mostly to himself.  "Now let's start."

As the night progressed, Paul had Andrew do sit ups, push ups, then he lifted weights.  What started as light repetitions became straight dead lifting, to see the boy's maximum strength.  He then took Andrew to a treadmill, and worked him out for endurance and speed.  Paul took notes every time Andrew was done with an apparatus.

By the end of the night, Andrew felt more wiped out than the all the nights he spent in the sling combined.  He straddled the weightlifting bench, with his arms on the bars of the barbell set breathing hard.  He could barely move without pain, so he just rested on the bar.  Paul sat behind the young boy, and with a towel gently wiped his back down.  "You did good tonight, boy." He said gently.  Andrew tried to move his arm to help, but was too sore to do even that.  "Don't move, boy." Paul said gently.  "Let yourself recover.  You did your work already."

In minutes Paul had Andrew lying on his belly on the bench.  Paul massaged and toweled off the young man with the hands of an expert.  "It's a lost art for a lot of folks." He said to Andrew.  "When farmers would work their horses in the fields, they'd have to give them a rub down like this to prepare them for the next day.  It's a little something I had passed down from my family."  Andrew could barely nod as Paul's powerful hands massaged every muscle group on Andrew's body.  Andrew fell asleep on the bench.

He woke up to the smell of something being cooked.  He tried to get up, but found his body wasn't happy with the idea.  He groaned as he rolled back into the couch.  In a moment, Paul walked into the living room.  "Need help?"

"Yes Sir." Andrew barely croaked out.  Paul helped to get him sitting upright.  "Is every night going to be like this, Sir?"

"No boy." Paul said.  "I just wanted to know what kind of help you could be on the farm.  And I think I know where I can use you."  Paul smiled as Andrew fought to remain conscious.  "I'll give you a quick rubdown after dinner before I send you home."  Paul wrapped a blanket over Andrew, and went back to his cooking.  That night, he used some ointment to give Andrew a full massage.  When Andrew woke up the next morning, he felt refreshed, nothing in his body hurt like he thought it should.

For the next two months, Andrew enjoyed going to his Master's house.  Class ended at 3 PM, he'd go back to the dorm to get his backpack.  Catch a bus to near his Master's home, and walk the rest of the way.  Once there, Master Paul would strip him naked, and work out with him in the basement.  An hour of strength training, a rest, an hour of endurance training, a rest, and then Andrew would be placed in a harness and sometimes a leather head cage to have dinner.  Sometimes there would be sex, sometimes not.

Then Paul would remove the gear, put out a sheet on the floor, and give Andrew a full body massage using a blue colored ointment.  Andrew grew to truly enjoy the smell of eucalyptus and herbs, as it meant he'd be truly rewarded.  As each week came and went, the sexual scene he had craved at first became secondary to that massage.  It was erotic on a level he didn't think possible outside of sex, but that's why he liked older Masters.  

Paul would whisper in Andrew's ear, tell him how good a boy he was.  Tell him how much improvement he was making from week to week.  "You'll be such a big help on the farm." He said.  "Yes...  Yes you will.  Strong, powerful, able to go all day.  And every night you'll get a rub down like this from a stable hand or me."  Andrew would close his eyes, and he could imagine working on the farm.  And he'd smile, thinking that every night he'd receive this as a reward.  "Strong workers on a farm are a good thing." Paul whispered.  "You'll fit in so perfectly.  Just relax, and know you'll be perfect.  You'll be perfect on the farm."

Andrew would go back to the dorms, and sleep deeper than he ever knew was possible.  After the first week, he began to go to the weight room of his college for half an hour a day.  As the weeks progressed, he would go more often.  It felt good to work out, gain more definition in his arms and legs and stomach.  He would mix it up with running the gym, pushing his endurance as far as he could go.

One night when Andrew showed up to Paul's home, he was greeted with a hug.  They went straight to the basement, where Andrew removed his clothing.  Paul smiled.  "Boy, this time I want to try something different."  Andrew looked confused as Paul went to a closet door.  Andrew knew it was filled with fetish gear, and smiled.  Paul came back with a bodysuit, and a small box.  "Have you ever worn rubber before, boy?"

"No Sir!" Andrew said.  Paul looked between the boy's legs, and grinned.  Andrew looked at his full erection, and blushed.

"I see you like the idea." Paul said.  "Let me prepare you."  Paul used a towel and talc powder to dry Andrew's body down, and then worked the rubber suit over the boy.  It seemed forever to Andrew, but soon enough the suit was on, and clinging to Andrew tight.  Paul had him sit down, and he placed the rubber socks and gloves onto Andrew as well.  "We'll save the hood for another time." Paul said.  "Take a look at yourself.  What do you think?"

Andrew got up, and looked in one of the mirrors.  He could see himself; his muscles seemed to have more definition when framed in the rubber catsuit.  His erection was pressed up against his belly, and his sac was pressed into the suit in a way that made them seem larger.  He thought he would vanish into the background in all black, but the suit made him seem more defined.  "This is awesome, Sir!"

Paul patted the boy on the ass.  "I'm glad you like it boy."  He physically turned the boy from the mirror.  "Let's get to work then, boy."  Andrew's workout seemed to fly by, and Paul was happy with the progress.  Andrew beamed with pride when Paul called him a "Big strong hass".  Paul encouraged Andrew to stay in the suit over dinner, but took him out of it for the rubdown.

Andrew lay on his back as Paul worked his arm and shoulder.  "You liked that suit, didn't you boy?"

"Yes Sir." Andrew said, with his eyes closed.

"That’s good." Paul said.  "I like my help to wear rubber; it's easier to clean them off when the day is over."  Andrew shivered at the thought.  Strong and sexy farmhands all encased in rubber, working hard all day.  Then at night, rubdowns from strong, muscular men.  Andrew shivered again, and smiled at the thought.  "Just relax." Paul whispered.  "Just listen to me, your Master.  Relax your arm, your shoulder, your chest, and let me get your blood flowing again.  You'll be a big, strong worker on the farm, won't you?"  Andrew nodded weakly.

"Big, strong, work like a horse all day.  You'll enjoy that, working hard for your keep.  Won't you boy?"  Andrew nodded again.  "You will, you'll know the pleasures of working for its own reward.  Hard work never goes unrewarded, boy."  Paul whispered in Andrew's ear for a long time, massaging him with the blue ointment as he talked.

A few days later, Andrew was sitting in his bunk when his roommate walked in.  "Hey Drew."  Andrew looked up, nodded slowly, and went back into his book.  "Hey, you been burning incense or something?"

"No?" Andrew asked, lowering his book again.  "Why?"

"Smells musky in here." The roommate said.  "Or did you forget laundry again?"

Andrew looked around his bed.  "something to throw...  something to throw...."

The roommate laughed and opened his closet door for protection.  "Hey!  I'm just talkin'!"

"Aright, aright." Andrew said.  "I'll get my gym clothes into the wash by tonight."

"Good.  But I'm keeping the door open for a bit, ok?"  Andrew shrugged as his roommate opened the door and put the box fan in the doorframe to blow air out the door.

By second week of March, Andrew repeated his ritual of going to Master Paul's house.  Once there, Paul helped him strip.  "You shaved yourself boy?" Paul asked.

"Yes Sir!" Andrew said.  "I figured it would be easier to get into the uniform if there were no hairs to get in the way.  So, I took some time and did it."

"Good thinking, boy." Paul said.  "Go ahead and get prepared, I'll be right back down."   Andrew powdered himself up, and got into as much of the suit as he could.  He never could get the back zipper.  Paul came back down with a larger box.  "I want you to wear these boots this time."

Andrew looked in the box, and saw a nice pair of heavy rubber boots.  They were definitely meant to go over the legs and feet, but there were obvious hoof-like ends to them.  It would make his stand on his toes, and move his ankle up like he was wearing heels.  He looked up to Paul, confused.  "Master?"

"You're developing into a big strong boy." Paul said.  "I want to see if you really could be as strong as a horse.  You're already hung like one."  Andrew looked at him with a strange glance.  "Trust me boy, have I led you wrong yet?"

"No Sir." Andrew said, and he knew Master Paul hadn't.

"Then trust your Master." Paul said.  Andrew sat down, and let Paul put the boots over his feet.  He laced them up to almost his knee, and buckled the tops in place.  "See?  You look good like that!"  Andrew stood up, a little shaky at first.  In minutes he figured out how to stand, and move slowly.  "You're doing GREAT boy!  Feel ready to try some walking?"

"Yes Sir!"  They worked on the treadmill; Andrew used the rails to hold himself up.  After ten minutes of walking, he managed to do it unassisted.  Before the night ended, he was walking on the treadmill without using his arms to hold himself up.  Andrew got out of the boots, and felt his leg muscles get tight when he climbed the staircase to the kitchen.

After dinner, Paul worked his hands over Andrew's legs and ass.  "Big and strong." He said soothingly.  "Big and strong.  Just like a horse.  I meant what I said.  You are hung like a horse.  You'd make a good working horse on the farm, wouldn't you?"  Andrew felt so relaxed, he could barely nod.  Paul's hands worked muscles that felt knotted up, and it felt so good to have the blue ointment rubbed into his skin again.  "Big working horse.  Strong boy, strong as a horse."

He went back to the dorms in a daze, still smelling the ointment as he sat on the bus.  A few people in rows in front of him made Andrew feel nervous.  Someone else got on the bus, and sat behind him.  Andrew tried to calm himself, but it wasn't working.  So he got up and moved to the back of the bus where he could see everyone.  That eased his nerves a little until he got back to his dorm room.  The smell of the room relaxed him.  The routine of his weekly school schedule did more so.

April finally came, and the snow was still on the ground.  Master Paul told Andrew that the farm would probably not be ready for a few more weeks.  Andrew kept his weekly schedule with his Master, the hoof boots becoming more and more comfortable with every workout.  Eventually, Master Paul worked him into a rubber hood, as well as rubber mittens for his workouts as well.  The sessions ended with massages, as they always had.  Paul whispering into Andrew's ears, working his body to relaxation.  Andrew would lay there, soak it all in.  He stopped caring what Master Paul said, the meaning was more important to him.

Near the end of one session, Master Paul ran his hands along Andrew's neck and back of his head.  "The farm is finally ready for the season." Paul said.  "Do you think you're ready to go up there?"

"I think so Master Paul." Andrew said.  "I feel ready."

"Good." Paul smiled.  "When do you have a weekend free?"

"Finals are coming up." Andrew said.  "I really should study a little more too..."

"Don't worry about finals, Stud."  Paul said with some authority.  Andrew took in a deep breath, and nodded slowly.  "You have this weekend free, don't you?"

"Yes Master."  Andrew answered on automatic.

"You know what to do when you get back."  Paul said.  It was not a question, it was a statement.  Andrew just nodded.

Friday morning, Andrew got up earlier than usual.  He did his normal morning routine, and went into the direction of his class building.  He walked through it, and out the back door.  He walked off campus, and past the first few bus stops.  Commuter traffic was a little heavy, and nobody noticed the young man walking down the street.  He got to a new bus stop, and boarded a bus there.

He rode it to a stop after his Master's house, and walked back.  Master Paul was putting things into his truck when Andrew approached.  "You followed my instructions?"

"Yes Master." Andrew said.  "But I don't understand all the mystery."

"You don't need to, Stud."  Andrew felt a warm tingle go through his body.  "I need to get a few more things, and we can head up.  Get in the truck, and relax a little.  It's going to be a long trip."  Andrew nodded, and watched Master Paul get a few more boxes into the back of the truck.  Without much fanfare, they drove out of St. Paul.

They talked along the way more to pass time than to say anything in particular.  The city highway turned into suburbs, and those rolled into countryside.  After a while, only a few houses could be seen dotted along the farmland.  "This is like where I grew up." Paul said.  "My father had a farm, larger than mine."

"Grew crops?" Andrew asked.

"The usual rotation." Paul said.  "We kept cattle, and a couple of horses.  I always liked the horses more.  They're pretty smart.  Kind of like you."

Andrew blushed, "Thank you Master."

"You've gotten yourself worked up to quite the stud horse!" Paul said.  Andrew smiled a little; just hearing himself called that was warming to his heart.  "I could see that within you when we first met.  I've been looking forward to this for a long time."

"I have too Master!"  Andrew felt himself relax; he had wanted to see a real farm.  Work on it with his Master.  He looked forward to it all winter.

Paul turned off the highway, and drove along some rural roads for half an hour to where he drove into a gravel road.  That led him to a house near the end.  Andrew helped Master Paul get his things out of the truck, and they unlocked the house.  Inside was furnished, and very clean.  "I'm surprised there's no dust, Master?"

"One of my boys already got the place ready for us." Master Paul said, putting things away in the main room.  "He's probably out on the property making sure it's all in order.  Would you like a tour?"  Andrew nodded quickly.  Paul took him around the main areas, pointing out to fields and what would be grown where this year.  He took his time showing Andrew the barn.  "We're keeping the horses in here.  The barn used to be a little further away.  We had this one built last summer with some modern conveniences.  Now it's a little closer to the house, and easier for me to keep an eye on what happens.  We tore down the old barn, now we're moving shop to the new one."  

Over each stall was a wood carving with a name in it.  "Afterglow" looked to be the newest sign.  The others looked a little weathered.  "Laddie", "Velvet", "Gypsy"...  there were quite a few of them.  The stalls were in well maintained shape.  "So do you like this barn?"

"It's a nice barn, Master!" Andrew said.  "But it's also the only one I've ever been in."

Paul nodded, and looked at the stalls.  "These will be filled in a few weeks."  He said.  "Would you like to help with that?"

"I would, Master!" Andrew said.  Paul smiled, and motioned to Andrew to follow him.  They walked back over to the main house.  Without saying anything, Master Paul handed Andrew a suitcase, and motioned back to the barn.  They walked back to the barn, and Paul patted a work bench on one side.  Andrew sat down.

"Strip."  Andrew looked around nervously.  "Don't worry, the only ones around are you, me, and the hand out looking at the property.  You'll be fine."  Andrew's face turned red, and he removed his clothing and folded it on the side of the bench.  He sat on the other side, looking at his Master.

Paul brought over another bench, and placed the suitcase on it.  He opened it up with some care.  He reached inside, and pulled out a black rubber catsuit like Andrew had been wearing for his exercise.  Andrew's face lit up, and his penis got firmer as he looked at this suit.  "I see you like this, boy?"  Andrew nodded.  "This one's a little different than the one you're used to."  Master Paul rotated it around, and showed his boy the whole suit.  It was all one piece, with the only opening around the face.

Andrew's eyes were fixed on the crotch, however.  This suit was molded to house his testicles and shaft in rubber.  His jaw quivered a little as Master Paul rotated the suit around.  He then saw the tail, a horse's tail on the backside.  He sat up, and looked over the costume carefully.  He then noticed the hooves on the ends of the feet, and hands of the suit.  He looked up questioningly at Master Paul.

"I told you before, Stud, you're a strong one.  I think you'd be a great horse for my kinky little farm, don't you?"  Paul smiled, and Andrew looked at the suit again.  "It would really be a shame if you didn't wear it.  I think you'd look great as a horse.  In fact, you know you're a good horse already."

All that time working out, all of the time spent in the hooves, he felt comfortable with the idea.  And this suit was right here, and his Master was excited too, he could tell by the way Master Paul was shifting his weight around.  If nothing else, it could be a wonderfully kinky weekend.  No harm in it, nobody would need to know.  And he liked the idea of being a stud horse, big and powerful.  It gave him some meaning that otherwise he didn't have.  Andrew just nodded.  "I...  I am a good horse." He said.  

"That's my stud!" Master Paul said.  "You'll be the first horse of the year, always the most powerful one."  Andrew's firm shaft twitched once, and he idly began to stroke it while looking at the suit.  Paul leaned forward, and slapped his hand away.  "Plenty of time for that later.  You need to be prepared first."

Master Paul put on a pair of heavy rubber gloves, and directed the boy to lie down on the bench.  He toweled off the boy's skin, and retrieved a large jar of salve from the suitcase.  "The massage will help you get into this suit.  Your muscles need to be relaxed so the suit can smooth over them." Master Paul said.  The boy nodded, and brought his arms behind his head to balance himself on the bench.

Master Paul took his time rubbing the salve into the boy's feet and legs.  Then as he did, he brought the suit over.  Andrew watched as Master Paul opened the face hole of the costume, and scrunched it down to the hind hooves.  He then slowly brought the rubber up the boy's legs, smoothing the material out as he did so.  He stopped at just under the boy's crotch.

"Don't you dare cum, boy." Master Paul said sternly.  Andrew swallowed hard, and just nodded.  He bit his lip as Master Paul rubbed salve over his shaft and ball sac.  Andrew arched his back, and groaned in a long, loud way trying to hold back.  Just as he thought he was going to explode, Master Paul stopped.  Andrew almost collapsed onto the bench, panting hard.  Master Paul rubbed his hips and backside with the salve.  "Almost lost it, didn't you boy?"

"Yes Master." Andrew panted out.

"Good thing you didn't." Master Paul said.  "I want you nice and hard to fill this suit.  Stand up, straddle the bench."  Andrew got up, and straddled the bench as told.  He used his hands to hold himself up.  "Cry out if you want to boy.  But no cumming yet."

Andrew nodded as he felt his Master's hands caress over his rounded backside.   He then felt something push into him, violating his body.  He let out a gasp, and then a loud cry as something forced its way into his backside.  Suddenly his body gave, and the plug sank home inside his ass.  He let himself cry out a few times, recovering from the feeling if his ass being filled.  He didn't have time to react as Master Paul pushed the rubber suit against his shaft and sac.

"That's the worst of it Stud." Master Paul calmly said.  "You made it over the hard part.  The rest is easy, boy.  Just keep your hands right there, and you'll be fine."  Andrew could only nod.  Master Paul massaged the boy's back and belly, then worked the suit over the boy's tight body.  Once to the arms, he massaged each one and gently put them into the costume.  He then worked the salve into the boy's hair and neck, and brought the suit over the boy's head.

Master Paul stood back, and admired his work.  The boy was now mostly encased in rubber, his erection still pointing out of his abdomen.  The suit even looked like there was a hole under the tail as the plug pulled the suit into the crease of the boy's ass.  He smiled, and nodded to the boy.  "You can stand up for a while now."

Andrew did so, and walked with ease on his hooves.  He looked down at them, hearing the "clop clop" as his hooves hit the wooden floor.  "This is incredible Master!"  He looked at his hands, and they too ended in solid rubber hooves.  He clapped them together, amazed at how hard they felt for being such soft rubber elsewhere.

Master Paul nodded.  "There's one more step, boy."  He reached for the suitcase again, and pulled out an elongated piece.  "If you're going to be a stud, you should look the part a hundred percent.  Farm boys don't do anything half-assed."

He showed the piece to Andrew.  It was immediately obvious what it was, a black rubber horse-like headpiece.  The neck was longer, it would be proportional to how a horse should really look.  There were strands along the back of the neck that hung to either side of the headpiece.  The muzzle was exquisite, going as far as to have teeth and a black rubber tongue inside of it.  Andrew smiled; this was a level of immersion into the farm boy he never dreamed of.  And he knew it would please Master Paul.

"Put it on me, Master?" he asked.  "Please?"

"My pleasure, boy."  Master Paul dipped into the salve again, and rubbed it across Andrew's face and head, along the hood as well as his flesh.  "Straddle the bench; put your front hooves there." He instructed.  Andrew did as he was told.  "And keep your head like this, pointed down."

"Yes Master."  Andrew said quietly.  Master Paul took the head piece, and carefully placed it onto the boy's own head.  When the seam met the shoulders, he stopped.  Andrew could still breathe normally, there seemed to be some air coming in from the top of the mask.

Paul used a small towel to wipe the excess salve away from the suit, and then removed his rubber gloves.  "Now boy..." he said, circling his rubber horse.  "I said before that hard work is rewarded.  Remember that boy?"  Andrew tried to answer, but his chin was stuck and he couldn't open his mouth.  He did mumble something.  "I'm going to reward you now for your hard work, and taking the plug for the first time."

He reached between the hind legs of his rubber horse, and grabbed the erect shaft there.  "I want you to cum, boy.  I want you to cum so hard your tail shakes."  He stoked the shaft in his hand, and immediately he saw his rubber horse arch his back.  The head popped up, and the front legs almost locked straight.

"GOOD horse!" Paul said.  "You know you're a Stud.  You know it feels so good to be a rubber horsie.  Give in to that feeling."  Paul stroked the boy harder and harder.  He could feel the tip of the shaft flare out.  "Imagine your neck, longer and longer now.  Now your muzzle...  yes it feels so good to have all that power in your body doesn't it?  Such a powerful stud!  Give in to that, the simple pleasures of a horse.  Give in and cum.  Cum for me Afterglow!  Cum for your Master!"

Andrew's body arched.  He tried to grab the bench, but missed.  Somehow, his front hooves hit the ground.  He reared his neck back, and let his back stretch.  Inside his body, he felt a powerful tingle from his tail to his nose, and with a mighty whiney, he shot harder than he ever had in his life.   He felt nothing but sheer bliss, the ecstasy of the moment.  He could barely feel his neck straining, until the huge rush of air flowed into his lungs.

The smell of hot rubber filled his mind.  The shockwave of power surged out of his shaft, and onto the bench.  Master Paul clenched the rubber penis in his hand, and put his arm over the backside of his rubber horse to hold him down.  "Yes Afterglow!  Cum for Master!  YES!"  The horse tensed his hindquarters, and pushed it all out of his sac, tensing his legs with each surge.

Finally, the horse slowed down.  He opened his eyes, but his head was in a daze.  He felt Master's hands on his side, and was comforted by it.  The barn reeked of a masculine scent, all his own.  He slowly began to look around, the perspective was all wrong.  It was hard to adjust, hard to see what was going on.  He could see behind him, and in front of him.  He shook his head a few times, trying to get some bearing on his situation.

Paul walked around his rubber horse, dragging his hand along the side.  "You did very well, Afterglow." He said calmly.  "You did exceptionally well.  I was right, you are a mighty stud."

The horse turned his head, and neck, to look at Paul.  He didn't look right.  "shhh... shudd?" he tried to make words work, but it didn't feel quite right.

"Yes boy." Paul said, stroking the horse's head.  "You're a very, very good stud now.  I've decided to name you Afterglow.  You always do enjoy that, don't ya boy?"

"aahhh...  goooo?"  The rubber horse tried to stand up on his feet, but he couldn't bring himself off of four legs.  He then realized he thought of his arms as legs.  Something was wrong.  Something was very wrong.  His mind went into overdrive, and he started to panic.

"EASY boy!  Easy!" Paul said, rubbing his hand along the creature's neck.  The touches calmed the horse down.  "That's right boy.  Your Master will take care of you from now on.  Be a good horse.  Yes....  Yes....."

Paul led the horse to the stall, and opened the gate.  The horse felt completely spent, and laid down in a bed of straw.  Nothing made sense, nothing was right.  It was best to sleep.  Yes, sleep.  Paul watched his new horse sleep for a few moments, smiling to himself.

"Master?"  Paul turned to see a rubber man walking towards him.  "You really are home!"

"Yes boy."  Paul turned to face his farmhand, and rubbed him gently behind his floppy rubber ears.  The farmhand let out a happy groan.  "And we have a new guest!"

"Oh!"  The dog-like man looked into the stall.  "I didn't think you'd have anyone this early!"  He wagged his tail happily, smelling the air.  "Is he permanent?  It smells like when you took me in?"

"Yes boy."  Paul said.  The dog's pink rubber tongue fell out of the muzzle and he panted happily as his Master stroked his head gently.  "He can keep you company now."

"Thank you Master!"

The horse woke up, not quite sure what was going on.  He stood up on all fours.  He tried to get up off the floor, but for some reason he just couldn't get his hands off the floor.  He looked down, and saw the thin hooves of his hands and feet.  Then he remembered the costume, he must still be in it.  It was light out, so he couldn't have slept for long.  He poked his head over the wall of the room he was in, and looked around.

He saw another man, probably encased in rubber too by how shiny he looked.  It was so hard to make out colors, however.  He looked around, and it was obvious he was in an enclosure.  He tried to step over the wall, but things were moving in ways he couldn't do that.  He tried to call out.  "HEEEEeeeee!"  He then stopped, and blinked.  That didn't sound right.  "HAEeyeeee!"  It was more of a dry cough than words.

It did work; the man turned around, and walked to the enclosure.  "You'll get the hang of that later." He said "Your body is still adjusting to the changes."  When the man got closer, Andrew could tell the man was encased in rubber.  But it wasn't right; it must be a costume of some kind.  He had flaps on top of his head, the face was stretched out, and he had something behind him that swished from side to side.  There was also something around his neck.  "I'm Boggs, I'm the barn dog.  Welcome to your new home!"


Boggs patted the horse's neck.  "Yes, your new home.  Master loves you very much for letting you stay here with me."  The horse stomped his hooves in place, looking around.  "It's ok....  shhhhh....  its ok....  You're just getting adjusted, that's all.  You'll be able to form words soon, I promise!  It took me a while too..."

Afterglow whinnied, and kicked the back of the stall.  The rattle thundered through the empty barn.  Boggs ducked to avoid the head of the horse.  The horse panicked and tried to break his stall for a minute before Master Paul got to the scene.  Master Paul made eye contact with the horse, and the horse immediately calmed down.

"It's ok Afterglow." Paul said slowly.  "You know me.  You know I won't hurt you."

"Mmm hrchhe!"

"Yes, you're a horse." Paul said.  "You're a very strong, very powerful horse.  You know it's who you were before you got here."  Paul extended a hand cautiously, and when it reached the neck of Afterglow he rubbed it in gentle circles.  "You know you were always a stud horse.  You just needed the right Master to bring it out.  Yes you did."  Afterglow calmed down, eyes closing slightly and his nostrils returning to normal size.

"Master?" Boggs asked.  "Can you teach me how to do that?"

"In time." Master Paul said.  "But I think it's time to get Afterglow used to the bit and bridle.  He did sleep all night.  So he should be good and ready."

The session was brutal for Boggs, who kept being thrown to the ground by the size and veracity of the rubber stallion.  He would try the gentle approach, and the creature would kick or shove him with his large, powerful body.  Boggs kept dusting himself off, and trying again.

In time, however, Afterglow did finally take the bit, and the bridle.  Boggs finally wore the horse down, and jammed the bit into his mouth before his paws could be bitten.  The brown leather bridle contrasting with the black rubber of the horse's body made Boggs happy.  Boggs led the rubber stallion around the barn for some time, letting him get used to the way it felt to have the reigns pulled.  He then put the stallion back into the stall, and Master Paul hosed the dog off.  Boggs enjoyed the attention, and shook water all over the place.  Afterglow watched as Master Paul then gave Boggs a complete massage, ending with the rubber dog getting stroked into a full, howling orgasm.  Boggs licked his Master's hand clean, and with the other hand Paul petted the rubber dog on the head.

Master Paul then approached the horse.  Master Paul then opened the gate, and entered.  He began to massage the horse's front shoulder area.  "Good behavior is always rewarded." He said softly.  Afterglow closed his eyes, and enjoyed the feelings of the strong hands on his body.  "It's natural to fight the bit, all horses do.  But you'll get used to it.  You were made to take it.  You always have been a perfect stud horse."  Master Paul's soft talking went on as he rubbed the stallion down.  He also ended at the horse's sheath, stroking it powerfully but gently.  Afterglow braced his hind legs, and in moments he came.  It wasn't the powerful explosion of the night before, but it still felt wonderful.

When Master Paul left for the night, Afterglow watched him walk all the way to the house.  And at some point, the lights went out.  Boggs slept in the barn that night, watching Afterglow until he fell asleep.  Afterglow could barely sleep with so many thoughts were racing through his head.  Was this hypnosis?  A weird dream?  He stood in his pen all night, sleeping on and off.  As the weekend progressed, he figured it would be some kind of a scene, and he'd be let out of the costume.  So he'd ride it out.  See what Master Paul had in store.

Sunday evening, after being walked around the property, Afterglow heard a truck engine turn over.  It then entered into gear, and pulled away.  Boggs came into the barn, humming to himself.  "Whhrrr  Mrrr?"

"Oh?  Master?  He went home." Boggs said casually.

"Hhhh?  Hoooe?"

"He has to be at work Monday morning." Boggs said.  "Don't worry, he'll be back Friday.  Now with the weather looking better he'll be here more often and..."  Afterglow hung his head, and his whole body sank.  "What?"

"Hooe fr heee ooo"

"You are home."  Boggs ran his rubber paw along the stallion's neck, like he saw Master do.  "This is home."

"No." Afterglow said.  He tried to explain his home, his dorm room, his classes, but all he could force out of his body was whinnies and forced huffs of breath.  After a few moments, he gave up, and hung his head low.

Boggs reached with both arms, and hugged the horse around the neck.  The feeling of rubber horse on rubber barn dog was comforting to them both.  "I know you're confused, I remember when I first came here too.  Not knowing what's happening, not knowing the future."  He stopped for a moment, just hugging the horse's neck.  "It's a lot to take in, but Master cares for us.  Master will be here for us.  I'll be here for you.  It took me a month to learn how to talk again.  It will come back, I promise.  I'm here for you.  I won't leave you alone here."

As days went by, Boggs walked Afterglow around the property to show him around, and to give him exercise.  He led him with a short leash on the bridle, and Afterglow simply followed.  He knew that even if he could escape, where would he go?  He was still a horse, and one with a rubber skin on top of it.  At best, he'd be a taken care of horse at another farm.  At worst, he'd be killed and dissected to figure out where a rubber horse came from.  He realized his options were, at best, bleak if he ran.  Besides, this dog wasn't so bad to him.

Every day, Boggs worked with Afterglow to teach him how to talk around his horse muzzle and tongue.  Days became weeks, and Afterglow fell into a daily routine of the farm beginning its season.  Master visited every weekend, and worked on the farm with Boggs.  One day, Master Paul walked into the barn with a leather ring.  He wore rubber overalls with boots, a flannel shirt rolled up to over his elbow, and leather gloves.  He rubbed Afterglow's ears, which made them both smile.

Paul opened the gate, and let the horse out.  "Come on Afterglow." He said softly.  "It's time to put that body to work."  The horse nodded, and followed Paul.  Paul stopped him in the middle of the barn, and patted his side.  "It'll be just like before.  You'll do such a good job today.  I know you will.

He gently lifted up a large piece of leather, and brought it over the horse's head.  Afterglow looked confused, until he felt it settle against his chest and neck.  He tried to turn to look at it, but couldn't crane his neck far enough.  "It's an old model." Paul said. "Passed down from generations of farmers.  You should be honored Afterglow.  You're wearing history."

Paul worked efficiently, as if he had done this hundreds of times before.  Afterglow shuffled in place as Paul placed leather straps around the back of the hind legs, over the small of his back, and a strap around the horse's sternum. When Paul placed the new headpiece on the horse, Afterglow didn't resist it.  But he did turn his head left and right to compensate for the blockers on his vision.  "Don't worry about the blinders boy."  Paul said gently.  "Trust me."

They walked to a smaller portion of the field.  Boggs was walking back to the barn, and met Paul halfway.  "I put the plow over there as you asked, Master." Boggs said.  Paul patted the dog on the head, and let the dog go about his way.  Paul brought his horse to the plow, and hooked it to the harness.

"I want you to just pull." Paul said.  "You're a strong Stud horse.  I know you'll do well."

Afterglow did as he was asked, and felt his body react.  All the working out brought his body to this place, and when asked to perform he could easily.  The long burn of exercise felt wonderful again, and he could simply lose himself in the effort of movement.  His mind wandered, and the more he thought about it, the more the simple pleasure of working like this made him feel good.  There was no concern over the future, just the work.  There was comfort in it for Afterglow.

Paul walked behind, holding the plow and pushing it while his horse pulled it.  He smiled as he watched the leather straps pulled tight against a rubber body of the horse.  In time, he knew the form would be more defined.  Seeing the tight rubber made him happy, and he tried to keep working even through his personal pleasure.

When the sun was low, the two of them were done in the field.  Paul walked the horse back to the barn.  "BOGGS!" he yelled.  "Where are ya dog?"  Boggs walked into the side entrance, patting his paws to get dirt off them.  "Go get the plow, and bring it back in."  The dog simply nodded, and went out to the field.  "You did a great job today, Afterglow.  A fantastic job."

The horse nodded, feeling weary.  This was the hardest workout of his life, and he felt every ounce of it.  Paul led him to in front of his stall, and tied the reigns to the stall.  As Paul removed the harness, Afterglow was too tired to put up a fight.  Soon, the horse only had his bridle over his head.  Paul removed his gloves, and collected some jars of oils.  "I know you're probably hurting a little.  Hold still and I will help."  Paul squirted some of the oil in his hand, and Afterglow got a sniff.

Any doubt or self pity that the horse had vanished with the smell of the eucalyptus and the spices in the rub.  In his mind, he knew that it was wrong, he wasn't a simple horse.  But when the powerful hands of Master massaged him, he knew that this life wasn't so bad after all.  The rewards of the massage were better than any money he could receive for the work, because it came from the heart of his owner.

Paul finished working over the rubber skin of his horse.  The oils made Afterglow look slick, toned, and very powerful.  Paul happily worked the powerful body of his horse, enjoying the feel of warm rubber against his hands.  Paul lingered longer than he needed to, enjoying the feel of the living rubber horse.  Finally, he opened the gate and put his horse away for the night.

For a few weeks this ritual was repeated with Master Paul or Boggs.  Afterglow learned that Boggs touch was just as powerful, and just as good, as Master Paul's.  The time in the field game Afterglow time to think, time to contemplate his place in the world.  Some days he was bitter at being changed.  Others he didn't mind it so much.  But when the smell of the oils hit him, Afterglow knew that this life was good for him.  When the massages were over, he would feel guilty for letting a simple rubdown change his mind.

By late May, Afterglow had learned how to speak in a rough way.  On a weekday morning, Boggs approached Afterglow holding a saddle and wearing denim jeans.  "You think I'll wear that?" Afterglow asked, somewhat annoyed.

Boggs drooped his ears.  "Master told me I'd get hung by my balls from a tree if I didn't get you saddle broken by time he comes back Friday."  His eyes got very wide, and he did his best to wear his puppy face.  "Please work with me?"

Afterglow stomped his hoof into the ground, and took in a sharp breath.  "Fine."  Boggs led Afterglow to the pen, and put a blanket over the horse's back to pad him.  He then placed the saddle over the top, and began to strap it down.  Afterglow felt the strap on his chest, and took in a deep breath very quietly.  Boggs worked the strap down, and stood back to look over his work.

He looked at the strap, and it was loose.  Afterglow nickered, and Boggs tried again.  Again, Afterglow took in a breath, and it was repeated.  Boggs walked back to Afterglow.  "You're not going to make this easy for me, are you?"  Afterglow shook his head.  Boggs sighed, and brought his knee up hard into the horse.  Afterglow lost his breath, exhaling hard.  Boggs quickly cinched up the saddle belt, and buckled it before the horse could inhale fully.

"That hurt!" Afterglow spat out.

"Well if you'd stop fucking with me, it wouldn't!" Boggs said, rubbing the side of the horse.  "I'm sorry, but sometimes some rough love is needed."  Afterglow took in some breaths, recovering from the shot.  Boggs let him recover, then worked him around the area, letting him walk, then trot with the saddle on.

Boggs stopped the running, and then stood next to the horse.  "Are you going to throw me when I get on?"  Afterglow looked around, and then simply shook his head.  "I don't want a repeat of the bit problems."  Boggs brought his foot into the stirrup, and lifted himself into the saddle.  Afterglow barely flinched, and shifted his hooves.  "See?  It's not so bad, is it?"

"Nope." Afterglow said, testing his range of motion.

"I have to teach you the basic commands.  You'll be able to figure it out."  For the entire day, Boggs rode on the back of Afterglow, teaching him how to respond to the reigns and the kick commands.  Afterglow felt happy, as he wasn't just working but being rewarded with neck rubs with each good action.  By the end of the day, he felt happy that he was pleasing Boggs.  Master would be happy with them both.

When night was about to fall, Boggs walked Afterglow back to the barn.  "That was really good!" Boggs said.  "Master was right!  You do take to this really well!"  Afterglow nodded as Boggs closed the barn door behind them.  He tied the horse to the stall, went to a cabinet and came to the pen with the oils.  
Afterglow visibly relaxed, seeing the bottles.  "Rubdown?" he asked, with a hint of anticipation.
Boggs nodded.  "And a little extra."  Boggs's rubdown was up to standard, but when he got to the hindquarters, he began to rub Afterglow's sheath.  Afterglow spread his legs a little further apart, and allowed the paws to pleasure him.  In moments, he reached his full length.  Boggs then got on his knees, opened his muzzle, and took the entire girth of Afterglow into him.  Then Afterglow felt the warmth of the dog's muzzle, almost impossibly down.  His body tingled, a feeling swept over him that hadn't for weeks.  The horse stomped his front hooves as he came into the rubber dog's muzzle.  Boggs closed his eyes in pleasure, and swallowed as fast as he could.  Afterglow finally stopped pumping, and Boggs pulled away from the massive shaft.  

Boggs stood up next to the horse, and used his paw to realign his jaw.  He then used his paw to gently caress the horse's shoulder.  "How?" Afterglow asked.

"No gag reflex." Boggs said.  "It's a perk to the new bodies.  We only eat a little, no real waste product, and you can stretch your jaw and belly a lot to take in huge loads."  Boggs wiped his paw on the side of his muzzle, and licked the latex cum from his arm.  "And I'll tell you, you are a huge load."  Boggs licked his chops with his pink tongue, and had a silly grin on his muzzle

"Why?  Why suck me?"

"You deserved it." Boggs said.  He then hugged the horse around the neck.  "Master didn't tell me I couldn't, but I never asked if I could."  He let go, and looked at the ground.  "And I wanted to."  Afterglow smiled through the bit in his mouth.  He then lowered his head, pressing his head into Boggs's shoulder.  Boggs hugged the horse back.

The season began to get underway, and Afterglow watched as some more boys were brought in, just like he was.  He watched them put on rubber suits, and be masturbated into joining his herd.  But they smelled different; they weren't full horses like he was.  A few more rubber dog hands arrived as the summer progressed, but none were like Boggs.  They had a different scent too.  Afterglow could tell they weren't staying.  Boggs wore some actual clothing over his body, but many of them did not.  Afterglow watched, to see why.

After the first week, Afterglow realized only he and Boggs were permanent residents, and the clothing would protect Boggs's rubber skin from permanent damage.  Afterglow thought a while about all the things he was experiencing.  Boggs and his rubber scent were smoother, not as sharp.  Afterglow watched Boggs run the barn, clearly the Alpha of his pack of dogboys.  It made sense, he lived in the barn in the off season, he knew where everything should be, and this was his permanent home.  Not to mention Boggs looked sexy with his rubber tail stuffed tight in overalls and red bandana around his neck.  After seeing that for the first week, Afterglow knew where his place in the barn should be.  It was his herd to lead; he only needed to make his presence known to the lesser horses.

Through intimidation, shoving and roughhousing with the lesser horses, and even the few fights he got involved in, he dominated all of the other horses.  He could hear them whiney and whine, but Afterglow ran the barn.  He differed to Master Paul, but when Master Paul wasn't there, the herd was all his.  Boggs smiled every time he saw Afterglow in the pen with the other horses.  Afterglow wouldn't let anyone else handle or ride him, other than Boggs and Master Paul.  Their bond was obvious, and served only to reinforce their status to everyone else.

Summer gave way to fall, and as the leaves turned and fell Afterglow's herd thinned out.  He watched each of them be led to the bench, and the process reversed.  They'd have some device stuck under their tail, fairly deep.  Their body would vibrate and they would cry out in pain.  Their front legs shrank, their body lost their massive structure, and the seams of their suit became visible.  They would then have the rubber covering removed, and usually they barely had the strength to make it to the house.

When the last of the herd was gone, and the crops were a memory, Master Paul came to the barn.  He patted Boggs on the head, and Boggs gave him a goofy grin.  Master Paul then approached Afterglow.  "I want you to stay." He said.  "You’re a very strong stud horse, and changing you back and forth would do nothing but hurt your worth as the herd leader in the long run.  Don't think I didn't notice, you made an impact on the others.  Most needed the structure in their lives, and you've probably improved their lives off the farm too."

"My school?" Afterglow asked.  "My family?  My human life?"

"The police are still searching for you." Master Paul said.  "You never told them about me, so they haven't looked here.  The only things they know are you left school, and never came back.  You family held a funeral for you, even without a body.  I can bring you a copy of the story I read on the internet if you want."  Afterglow hung his head in the stall.  "You said you never loved them, they didn't understand what it was like to be gay.  Remember that?"  The horse nodded sadly.  "I gave you this life because I didn't see you having a future in your other one.  You didn't even have a major!"

Afterglow closed his eyes.  "I'd liked a choice."

Boggs nosed into Master Paul, and pleaded with his eyes.  Paul nodded, and Boggs ran his rubber paw along the horse's neck.  "I'll be your family."  The horse opened his eyes, and looked up to the rubber dog.  "I mean it.  I'm staying the winter too.  I left my old life two years ago when Master Paul brought me here.  I grew up on a farm, ya know?  My parents disowned me when I told them I was gay.  So when Master Paul brought me here, and changed me, I begged him to let me stay."  Boggs shrugged his shoulders.    "Master Paul's method is a little rough, but in the end he does what's right."

Afterglow looked at Boggs, then to Master Paul.  "Do I stay in the barn all winter and freeze?"

"Yes and no." Master Paul said.  "Yes, you're in the barn, and no, because the barn is heated."

"And if we go riding I can pack you nice and warm." Boggs chipped in.

The horse looked around, and allowed himself a chuckle.  "Only if he's allowed to do more than just...  RIDE me."

Master Paul looked to the dog, who tried to look innocent.  "Well, if you insist that as a parameter, then so be it."  Boggs wagged his tail happily.  "But for that, puppy, in the house for a little training session."  Boggs perked his ears happily, and his rubber pink shaft poked a little out of his sheath.

The next day, Boggs finished locking down the windows and closing up the house.  Master Paul bid his pets a farewell, and drove away.  Boggs sat on Afterglow's back in the saddle, waving to his Master.  Afterglow turned his head.  "Just you and me for another six months?"

"No." Boggs said.  "He'll be back up after we get the first good snowfall."  Afterglow huffed.  "He didn't tell you about his snowmobile?  Every two weeks in the winter, he comes up with his friends for snowmobiling and indoor bdsm in the barn?  I'm surprised he never told you!"

Afterglow huffed again.  "You think you know someone."

"Indeed."  Boggs lightly kicked Afterglow's sides.  "Come on, we need to check the fences before sunset."  Boggs gave a slight tap in the stirrups, and Afterglow turned slowly and trotted out to the field.

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