By : Socks
© 2008 Socks Furrotica

Hunter lay down in his bed, more out of relief than exhaustion.  Finally, it's done.  He'd already been here a month, but finally his apartment was something he could really call his own.  No more boxes, everything was put away, and he finally had his toys arranged exactly how he liked it, and the right stuff put away.  Yes, now this felt like home.

Moving half way round the world sucked, but there are benefits to being in Germany, he figured.  The pay increase, the job security, the fact that he'd lead the department, all nice.  But the beer would be so much better now, and he was in a haven for more than alcohol.  He'd read about the German parties for a long time, now he's here and it's time to get into it and make a name for himself.

The first week on the job was grueling.  Frustrations on frustrations, spending time re-training a lot of these people on simple spreadsheet programs.  They were good, but they just couldn't improvise when things didn't work cut and dry.  He sneered to himself a lot, so typically German he thought.  Good at following orders, but not thinking about what the task really was.  He didn't trust them yet, and re-checked all the numbers himself.  It added a lot of work to his load, but this office needed to launch successfully the first time.

Hunter spread his arms out and felt one of the rubber strips there. Idly he picked it up in his fingers and played with the buckle and D-rings on the cuff.  One more day, and the weekend was his to truly enjoy.  He only told a few people in his old "club" he was leaving town, but not where.  It's not like he was a hardcore member anymore, too busy with things in the real world to be able to get lost in a kink again.  But they told him to wear his club badge with pride, and the right people would find him wherever he was.  Once in, always in.

One more day.

Friday afternoon Hunter left work, almost walking on air as he made his way back to his apartment.  He kept looking over his shoulder, expecting to see one of his employees or a supervisor following him back to expose his little secret, but none were there.  Just a sea of humanity in business attire doing the same thing, walking home.  Hunter ducked into his apartment building, and almost sprinted up the stairs to get ready.  It was his night to prowl.

A while later, he admired himself in the mirror.  This would definitely work.  A black rubber catsuit with strategic zippers all around it.  Total enclosure tonight, booties and gloves.  He had a rubber hood with him as well, but not worn.  He wanted to make it to the public transport without raising suspicion.  He ran his hands down the rubber, smoothing out the creases.  His frame was still small, but he had refined all his tricks to find someone he could take, dominate, and bring into the club.  But tonight he wasn't looking to recruit, he was looking for his own.  Or at least someone he could share a kink with.

He unzipped the chest zippers of his catsuit, and winced as he attached clamps on his nipples.  The pain felt good, and not too uncomfortable anymore.  He strung the chain across them both, and hung his club badge from it.  Worn with pride, as always.  "WILDER DAN WILT / wie sal mij temmen?", Dutch.  Nobody should know Dutch here.  It should be safe.  He hung the badge from the chain, gasping as he felt its weight pull on his nipple clamps, the smiling.  The pain was good, and not unbearable.

Quickly, he put on a pair of jeans, motorcycle boots and a denim jacket, and headed out.  His destination was a club that he found online before coming over to Germany.  They all said it was the best in his area, and he was going to find out.  The instructions on how to get in said to not look like a gimpy freak as the fetish area was not completely known to the public.  He could take off the outer layer once there.

As he sat on the bus he tried to not be paranoid.  Was someone watching him?  Were they going to ask about his rubber covered hands?  Or about how hot he felt and was trying to desperately hide his constant erection?  But nobody said anything, they just looked up at him staring a little before returning to their own things., Hunter arrived near the destination in what felt like days of bus travel and blocks on foot.  It was just as they said on the internet, a fairly normal club setting with lots of people in non fetish gear.  He had rehearsed the line in his head for hours, weeks, the only way to get into the rubbermen area of the club.

When he walked in the club was crowded.  People dancing on the dance floor, men and women in casual club attire.  The speakers were pumping out techno music, with some woman singing in German to the repetitive beat.  Lights were flashing, bodies moving, drinks flowing...  Hunter didn't think Germans could party like this.  But this wasn't his final destination.  The bouncer at the door took his cover charge, and Hunter leaned in and spoke, almost yelled, the line he had rehearsed to perfection.

"Welche weise zur schweinfeder?"  It had something to do with a pig pen, fitting for the rubbermen it promised.  He knew the accent was all wrong, but the words should have sounded right.

The bouncer leaned back, and looked at Hunter with a strange glance, then got a glance under his denim jacket.  The bouncer looked slightly surprised, then leaned his head next to Hunter's ear. "American?" he yelled with a thick accent.  Hunter pulled back and nodded.  "I see!  Go to the left side, near the bar!  The bartender will let you in!"  Hunter nodded, and tipped the bouncer a little more and made his way in through the loud music.

Once at the bar, the bartender was already at the door.  He opened it discretely, and Hunter went in.  The door closed behind him, and the music came down to a dull thudding sound.  The stairs down were lit with a few red bulbs, making it easy for him to make his way down.  Once there, he made his way to another doorway simply labeled "schweinfender", and opened it.

The smell of rubber washed over him, and Hunter almost lost control of himself.  The place had a few dozen men in various states of undress and exposure, but all in hot rubber outfits of some kind.  Hunter closed the door, and realized he could barely hear the activity upstairs now.  But he could definitely hear the sounds of men enjoying themselves, and each other.  Hunter smiled, this was going to be a great night.

As promised, there were shelves for clothing and gear.  Hunter stripped out of his denims and boots, and held the hood in his hand.  With so many men here, and scenes in progress all around him, where to start?  He knew he'd be here all night, so a slow start might be good.  Fade into the background and see what this place was like.  He found a seat near where a bartender was, ordered a drink, and sat back to watch.  The bartender eyed him with some suspicion, looking at the badge he wore on his nipple chain, but returned with his drink and said nothing else

Hunter watched as a rubberboy in full gear was being fisted.  He was hung from the ceiling beams and was being worked hard by a man wearing elbow length heavy rubber gloves and what looked like rubber overalls.  Hunter couldn't have hidden his excitement if he wanted to.  The boy was writing and grunting like a pigboy should, the dominant saying something Hunter couldn't understand.  The words didn't matter, he could guess what was being said.  The scene had him riveted, he simply couldn't turn away.

"You like what you see?"  A voice asked with a light accent.  Hunter turned to look next to him with some surprise, and saw another rubber man there.  Younger than him, very fit, probably a little taller but it was hard to tell seated.  Beautiful blue eyes, short brown hair, definitely a catch for tonight.  He wore a rubber shorty suit, black leather boots and heavy duty rubber gloves that went up into his armpits.  But Hunter could see that he too had a badge, similar to his own!  But he wore it on a necklace, not on a nipple chain.

"Oh yeah." Hunter said quietly.  "I could really get into that."

"I'm sure you could." The man said with some confidence, a dom?  "Felix."  The man offered a hand.

"Hunter."  They shook.  "How did you know I spoke English?"

"I've spent a lot of time in your country." Felix said.  "There are some tells.  Like when you walked in, your jeans and jacket are very American."

Hunter snorted to himself.  That would explain why everyone was looking at him.  "I guess I need to go clothing shopping here."

"It wouldn't hurt." Felix said with a grin.  Felix then tapped the badge hanging between Hunter's nipples.  "You must be new to Germany, not many wear that badge publicly here."

"Is that bad?" Hunter asked.

"No, not at all." Felix said.  "Just unusual, that's all."  Felix ran a hand along Hunter's swollen nipple, making Hunter gasp a little.  "But since you have, would you allow for a little play time among friends?"

"Oh yeah..." Hunter said, closing his eyes and tilting his head back a little.  "That feels really nice Sir."

"Don't call me Sir, please." Felix said.  "We are equals, just friends...  having fun together..."  Felix, put his hand on Hunters glass to move it back, spreading his fingers to drop something.  "But just relax and let me do some work, ja?"  Hunter just nodded.

In moments Hunter found his crotch zipper had been opened, and Felix was slowly stroking his cock in the open.  "We can do this here?"

"Ja." Felix said softly.  "Lose your inhibitions now, and show everyone what it looks like when we have fun together."  Felix used some of Hunter's precum to lubricate his glove, and he stroked the tip of Hunter's shaft.  Hunter leaned back on the bar, holding it in his hands to not slide off his bar stool.  He felt the climax coming fast, almost too fast.  It was too soon in the night!  "Come on friend." Felix almost purred into Hunters ear.  "You know you need it.  Blow the load."

Hunter felt himself let go, he tightened up his legs and stomach, and throwing his head back the wave of pleasure washed through him.  Felix used his free hand to pull on the nipple chain as Hunter exploded.  The spray felt huge, and Hunter gritted his teeth to not scream out in pleasure.

Felix smiled as he stroked Hunter down to a more flaccid state.  "Felt good, ja?"  Hunter could only weakly nod as Felix helped him back down into his seat.  Hunter opened his eyes, and could see others in the room looking at the two of them.  Things were still a little blurry.  "Oh don't worry.  Everyone likes to watch here too."  Felix smiled, offering Hunter his drink back.  "And you did well for a first performance."

"Thanks Felix." Hunter said, taking his drink.  "I..  wow that was incredible."  Hunter took a long sip of his drink.  "I don't think I've ever cum that fast in my life!"

"I hope you have another one in you." Felix said.  "But, we can wait a while.  The night is young!"  Felix turned around and spoke to the bartender in German, who came back with some more drinks.

Hunter felt himself get light headed after the second beer.  Felix reassured him it was the German purity laws, that German beer packed a harder punch than the American counterparts.  And it made sense to Hunter, so he just enjoyed the feeling.  He didn't even care that he was still hanging out of his catsuit, and was fully exposed.  The buzz just felt so nice.  He and Felix eventually went to a back room, and Felix offered to tie Hunter up.  Hunter agreed, but as Felix turned around to get the gear off the wall, Hunter passed out.

"Typical American." Felix said with a sneer.  "Can't hold his liquor."  Felix took the necklace off, and threw it on the bench in disgust.  The badge lay face down as Felix went to work over this man he had captured, securing the mask to pump the right gases.  He shouldn't wake up yet, it wouldn't be fitting.

Hunter woke up on his belly.  His legs were bent back, as were his arms, He'd been hog tied?  Well that's not so bad but...  Where'd his catsuit go?  Felix stripped him?  Holy crap it's cold.  He opened his eyes and looked around, it was bright.  VERY bright.  He tried to rock to get on his side, something had suspended the hog tie up, he was stuck.  Well Felix was resourceful, wasn't he?  Well it's ok, he didn't need rubber to have a good time.  As long as Felix was in the stuff, what a hot...

His daydreams were interrupted when he heard a door slam shut.  Hunter looked up as four men approached him.  They all wore shiny white rubber suits with obvious penis sheaths on them.  Hunter grinned to himself, the night just got better!  One knelt next to him and started screaming at him in German.  He shoved something in Hunter's face while yelling forcefully in German.   Hunter could see it was a badge of some kind, it didn't look familiar at all.

The man was angry, but stood up.  Another knelt down next to Hunter.  "You...  do not speak German?" he asked, his accent was very thick.

"No?" Hunter said, more like a question.

"Hmm." The man said.  "But you are a member of zis club?"  He held a familiar badge in front of Hunter's face.

"Yes!" Hunter said  "Why?  What's going on?"  He started to get worried.

The man grabbed Hunter by the hair and arced his head up almost painfully.  "You may not know what they have done to our members in ze past, but you will know what we do to yours."  He dropped Hunter, who's chin hit the floor hard.  "We suspected they would send someone, but never thought they would be so bold as to send one with their badge."

"Send?  Look buddy I just moved here from..."

Hunter felt a slap on the back of his head.  "SILENCE!"  It stunned him mentally more than physically.  "We will make an example out of you.  When we're done with you they will know to NEVER cross us again."  He dropped the badge in front of Hunter's face, stood up, and spoke in German again.  The four men made a circle around Hunter, standing with their legs spread slightly.  Hunter couldn't see what they were doing, but he felt something pouring on his back.  It was hot, and the smell was unmistakable.   He then heard a camera clicking very rapidly somewhere in the room.

The first man knelt down next to hunter again, and grabbing his rubber covered cock he slapped Hunter's face with it.  Hunter could feel the flecks of urine on his face as he was degraded like this.  He tried to fight and struggle, but the binds held him in place.  The man said something again, let Hunter go, and spit on his face.  They then walked away, leaving Hunter and his club badge in a pool of piss.  Hunter had no idea what had just happened, but the scene had gone too far.  When Felix came back, he'd safeword out.

Hunter didn't know how long they had left him, only that he started to feel hungry.  He took the time to look over his surroundings, try to figure a way out.  He was in a rectangular room, full tile in it.  The room was large, probably a gymnasium shower room at one time, some of the shower heads still were here..  At one end of the room was a door, but he couldn't reach it with the ceiling line in place.  But after that, nothing else.

He started to wonder if they left him to die when another man came in, also in a full white rubber catsuit.  He also had a breathing mask over his face, no skin showing at all.  The man worked quietly, efficiently.  He had a hose over his shoulder, which he attached to a faucet near the door.  

"Hey, this is all fun and stuff, but I think I've had enough." Hunter said, trying to sound calm.  His voice cracked, betraying him.  The man finished with the hose, and approached Hunter.  "Hey?  Do you speak English?  I'm done here.  Scene over?"

The man approached Hunter, and almost mechanically hosed him off.  Hunter appreciated the cleaning, but the water was freezing cold.  He tried to squirm away, but couldn't.  The spray hurt, the water felt sharper due to the pressure and the cold.  But he'd been through much worse, this was uncomfortable.

The man then coiled the hose back up next to the wall, and approached Hunter.  Hunter thought he might unlock him now, or let him go, so he stopped talking.  The man stood a few feet in front of Hunter, as if he were waiting.  Then Hunter realized the floor was getting lighter on his belly.  No, he was being lifted?  He couldn't hear a motor, but he was being suspended in the hog tie off the ground!  His joints ached, and quickly began to burn in pain.  Soon he was several feet off the ground.  He let out a loud scream of pain.

His pain didn't last long.  The man quickly approached Hunter, and let his legs out of the tie, easing him down onto the ground.  Hunter's knees felt weak, and he couldn't fight as the man placed rubber ankle cuffs on him, and a heavy spreader bar between his legs.  The man then took Hunter's badge off the ground, placed it on a small beaded chain, and hung it around Hunter's neck like dog tags.

Hunter looked around again, and saw a few things that made him worry.  The cameras in protective casings, the several drains around him, and the hole in the ceiling.  Oh fuck, they might kill him and cut him to pieces.  They might torture him for hours.  They might...  Oh hell that's good...  The man was stroking Hunter's cock with some kind of gel.  Hunter felt confused, fear, horror, terror, and now this pleasure of being stroked off by this man in full white rubber?  His body was sensitive to the touch, he sprung to life and soon didn't care what happened next.  He didn't last long, he came with long ropes of cum shooting away from him, and again the sound of cameras clicking filled the silence but he didn't care.

Soon, however, he came down from the high.  And the man continued his job.  Gel was spread all around Hunter's body.  After his cock, everything else received what felt like a light coating.  Even his ass, and on top of his head.  Special care was also taken on his face.  At first it felt cool, then it began to warm up.  Not unpleasant, but unexpected.

The man suddenly stopped.  He stood back, and looked Hunter over carefully.  With a nod, he went to one of the showers and rinsed his rubber covered hands off.  He then picked up things he left there, and left the room, leaving Hunter alone again.  "HEY!"  Hunter yelled before the door closed.  "HEY!"

Felix was on a knee before his superior.  "You did well." The man said in German.

"Thank you Master Klaus." Felix replied with a head bow.  "I felt dirty wearing that badge and touching his fitlhy cock."

"We will sanitize those gloves before you use them again." Klaus said.  "Would you like a part in his breaking?"

"I would be honored Sir." Felix said.  Klaus patted Felix on the head, and Felix smiled.  "I have found his apartment, should we clear it out?"

The man thought a moment.  "No.  Let the police find it.  I have a feeling the police will enjoy what they find in there."

Felix nodded with a grin. "Very devious Sir."  The man just smiled.

The lights never turned off, Hunter couldn't keep track of the time.  Some time while he slept something had been inserted in his nostril, a tube of some kind, it went into his throat and he could feel pressure near the bottom of his throat.  It felt odd at first but he came to accept it over time.  Hunter came to expect a routine.  Men would come in with a bag of some liquid.  It would be placed over his head, and into the tube in his nostril.  Hunter figured out this was some kind of feeding tube.  It was odd to have no taste in his mouth, but feel the sensation of being full.  They would leave, only to come back later to give him a forced enema.  He couldn't fight it in the state he was in, and just learned to accept it.  Once in a while the gel process was repeated, but they would never rinse off the last gel treatment.  Then they would leave him alone, standing there in the light.

They would never speak to him, nor even regard him as a living being.  It was like they were doing maintenance on a machine.  Hunter tried to keep track of how many times they would come in and out, trying to figure out how long he had been there.  But it was hard to think.  The bright white light, the feeling in his brain of being disconnected, the utter silence that was only broken when he'd piss on the floor and the sound would echo.  He would spend a lot of time standing, hung, unaware of time passing but trying to figure out how to break free.  Other times he'd come to and he was lying down on his back, or otherwise restrained in a position that was only slightly more comfortable than the last.

The pain turned to anger.  These fuckers would pay for this.  Oh yes they would.  Then it became depression, as he could never see a way out of this mess.  He felt continually weaker every day, like he was being given just enough food to survive.  He almost became thankful the times he was allowed to lay down, it was a welcome reprieve.

One day, one of the men who had spoken with him when he first woke up here came in with a newspaper under his arm.  He walked right up to Hunter, and eyed him up and down.  "I see you have accepted this?"

"Only until I can find a way out." Hunter said with a sneer.

"Oh, you still have fight.  Well that's a good thing." The man said.  "If you do get out of here, you'll need that."  He took out the newspaper and thumbed through it.  "Have you read the news lately?  Oh, yes, you can not."  Hunter growled to himself.  "Well let me tell you this piece of news on page ten."  He cleared his throat and read.

"American still missing.  A week after his disappearance police still have no leads as to his whereabouts.  Neighbors say that he had just vanished.  He was last seen leaving work Friday...  blah blah blah you know the rest.  But the interesting part is the last.  Police searched his apartment and turned up no new leads, but sources say that they have gained insight where to search."

Hunter stared at him in disbelief.  "Oh yes, they've been in there.  No doubt they found dildos and rubber cuffs of some kind.  Possibly some rubber sex suits you might have owned.  Won't that make an interesting story when you escape out of here?  When you tell them you were kidnapped after going to a rubber club for men?"

"You're lying." Hunter said.  "I know you're lying."

"Even if I am, this is your world now pigboy." The man said.  "You have better get used to it.  Even if you got out, no doubt your employers will know about your fetish and would fire you.  We're doing you a favor by not putting you back into that situation."  The door opened behind the man, and one of the white suited caretakers approached with a canister of gel. "And I know you like your little sessions.  The messes you leave shows us that."  Hunter tried to be angry, but the man was right.  He'd be regularly jerked off, and he loved it.  But put so simply he hated the thought.  He felt his face burning at the thought.  "Do not worry pigboy.  Soon enough you won't care."  The man watched as the gel was applied, and Hunter tried to fight his body's reaction to it, and almost felt ashamed when he exploded in another orgasm.  "See?  You like this new life.  Accept it."

"Fuck off." Hunter said, sounding weak.

"That...  can be arranged." The man said.  Hunter felt the gel being spread over his scalp again, and something cold was being poured into the feeding tube into his stomach.  Moments later, he felt a little dizzy.  Hunter felt the world around him fade away, and his vision faded to blackness.

Hunter awoke to blackness.  This was new.  He also found he had some use of his hands and legs again!  This was definitely new!  His body felt resistance, like he was in water.  He couldn't hear anything, just the sounds of his body as heard from the inside.  Breathing, occasionally his heartbeat, or the sensation of something rushing past his ears.  He could also feel things pressing on his head, something in his cock, something up his ass...  he felt confused, and panic started to settle into him.

"...thud thud thud thud thud thud thud thud thud thud thud thud..."  He could hear something rhythmic. It started softly, but it got louder.  Music?  Someone was playing music?  It felt like it was right next to his ears too.  Headphones?  It was so hard to think of what was going on.  He flailed in the darkness for a few moments until the music became more distinct.  Techno.  And the sounds of the music held his attention, it was fascinating.  The first real outside thing he could hear, and it was almost soothing.  He couldn't get away from it, all he could do was listen.  So he did.

Felix looked into the deprivation tank and smiled.  "He seems easy to condition." He said.

"Yes boy." Klaus said.  "It looks like he's been conditioned before, so this is going very smoothly.  He seems willing to accept, almost eager."  Klaus put a finger to his chin.  Perhaps he had been broken once before, and they never rebuilt him.  It was a mistake he did not intend on repeating.

"He's awake again." One of the technicians said.  "Beginning mental stimulus and feedback"

Hunter felt another erection, the music was reaching a peak, and he could swear he was hearing grunts in the base line.  Pigs.  The man called him a pigboy.  Something about being a pigboy sounded pretty hot.  To be in a rubber suit and used...  Yes that's hot.  He never got into that level of roleplay but...  That tingle again, deep in his ass, deep in his mind...  Rubber Masters.  Pigboys in rubber.  Rubber pigs.  Oh yes!  He felt himself clenching his fists as the delirium took over, this time the orgasm was very intense.  Pigboys.  Rubber.  Pig.  Rubber...  The music kept going as his mind raced to make sense of where these images came from.  His body defying his brain as his erection never really went down.

"Releasing the agent now." The technician said, pressing a button on his console.  Inside the chamber, Hunter felt himself get weaker.  He tried to fight it, he tried to stay awake.  But the music, it was almost like a heartbeat.  Was he dead?  Being born?  He struggled to remember what had happened just before...  something happened.  But what?  He tried to shake his head to clear his mind, but he couldn't even find the strength to do that.  But he could listen to the music.  It was there for him.

The music would fade out and in, Hunterpig tried to listen to it as it got softer, concentrating so hard because it was the only thing he had really heard in so long.  He felt a sensation of floating in water, suspended in blackness.  The air tasted dry sometimes, it was moist others.  Sometimes he could smell something in the mask, it was sweet, made him want to inhale harder.  He grew to look forward to that smell, as it made his body feel like it was floating more, deeper, relaxed, like a pigboy should be.  Hunterpig felt happy when that smell came.  Hunterpig's body relaxed as he listened to the rhythmic beating.  Pig.  Boy.  Pig.  Boy....

"What are the readings?" Klaus asked, looking over the tech's shoulders.

"The chemical reaction has taken Sir."  A technician said.  "His skin is now receptive to the next phase."

"Good." Klaus marked off the chart, this boy was right on schedule.  "I believe we can begin his true reprogramming then."  Klaus pushed a button, and the chemical feeding into the tube changed.  "Tell them to be careful with this one, I want the skin to take and hold smooth."

Hunterpig awoke on the ground, the solid surface coming as a slight shock.  He felt very strange, as nothing was holding him down anymore.  His limbs felt weak, but he managed to pull himself up onto all fours.  He looked down on himself, and he was in an all black rubber catsuit.  It felt especially skin tight, and it was already warm against his body.  He'd been in it a while.  It also covered his head.  It was odd that he felt like there was no padding over the top, but pigs don't have hair.

The thought made him stop moving.  "Pigs?" he tried to murmur out, but his vocal chords wouldn’t work right.  "Haim  mah hig?"  Something wasn't allowing him to talk, his jaw wouldn't work right.  He touched his face, nothing was blocking it.  He must have been out a long time.

Hunterpig looked around the room.  Again, he was back in the shower room.  It looked different.  There was a dirty mattress on the back wall, but that was it.  The lighting was also different, not a bright.  He touched something on his face, and realized he had dark lenses over his eyes now.  The lighting probably was the same as before.  But pigs shouldn't care.

Pigs shouldn't care.

Hunter sat back on his knees, which felt oddly comfortable, and tried to make sense of where that thought came from.  He wasn't a rubber pig, was he?  He was all in rubber, but he wasn't a pig.  He didn't get off on men pissing on him.  But someone like Felix, in his hot rubber suit, telling him to open up as he held a cock in his hands, and pissed in his mouth, and it ran down his cheek and chest, onto his own rock hard cock...  The feeling of another man's piss all over his body...

He squealed as he touched his own rock hard shaft, so sensitive!  So needing!  Hunterpig came in only a few strokes of his hand!  He rocked backwards on his knees, and looked onto the tile ground and saw the mess he had made.  Piggy cum.  He should clean it up.  He got onto all fours, and stopped himself from licking it off the ground.  He reeled back, asking himself what he thought he was doing?  He looked around, and tried to figure out where this all came from.

Klaus watched from a TV screen what Hunter was doing.  "He's not broken yet." He said to the technicians.  "But I can see we are going to have our work cut out for us."  He looked over a clipboard of notes and information.  "I believe we can begin the final phase before his full change."

Hunterpig was given his liquid food again, it was left on the floor as usual.  He crawled over to it on his hands and knees, took the cup and downed it quickly.  The taste was awful, metallic and sometimes sufur tasting, but it's all they gave him so he drank it as fast as he could.  Somehow, it kept him going, but barely.  He didn't piss as much any more, and the enemas kept his ass pretty cleaned out.  It sucked, but they never gave him an opportunity to escape.  But pigs shouldn't escape.  They need to be penned.

After he finished his meal, he sat back on his knees to get a few breaths.  Something about this one made him feel woozy, and soon he fell to his hands, then to the ground.  But his mind was still alert somehow.  He was fully aware as two men came into the room, and blindfolded him.  He could feel himself being put onto something, and he was being moved.  He couldn't tell how long he had been moving but Hunterpig felt it stop.  He was being positioned into something.

Felix got off his motorcycle and walked it into the warehouse building.  He propped it next to some vehicles parked inside the building, and walked into the work area.  He saw his Master there, and smiled as he approached.  "You wished to see me Sir?"

"Felix, my boy!"  Klaus smiled, shaking Felix's hand.  "I wished to reward you."

"Reward Sir?" Felix asked.

"You remember the American you delivered to us some months ago?"

"Oh, him.  Don't remind me Sir.  I still feel disgusting over touching that badge."  Felix cringed more from dramatic effect.

"He's almost ready for the final phase of his change.  You delivered him to us, it's time you made him one of ours, don't you think?"  The master smiled a wicked grin.

Felix returned the evil smile.  "Oh, with pleasure Sir."

Hunterpig was in the sling.  He'd be face down if his chin wasn't supported.  His hands were suspended, the straps on his chest supporting him fully.  His knees felt padded somehow, but the spreader bar between his ankles kept his hole wide open.  He looked around, and realized he could see clearly now.

He could see around the room, there were probably a dozen or more men in here, all of them in rubber.  The lighting was poor outside of the ring of light he was inside.  It was all very confusing, light to dark to light...  But all these rubbermen...  Hunterpig enjoyed the view.

One broke ranks, and came into the circle of light with Hunterpig.  It was an old, familiar face, Felix!  Hunterpig could see his old friend was here!  And wearing the short rubber suit he had on too that Hunterpig had been lusting for all this time.  And those gloves he had on too!  He remembered playing with him at the club that night, he was a part of his club!  So this crowd was friendly.  Felix stood next to Hunterpig, that oh so delicious cock just mere inches away from his pigboy mouth.  Felix patted Hunterpig on the head, like he was petting the family dog.

"Good schlampe schwein." Felix said.  He looked up at the camera, and smiled.  He was honored to be the one to make the final break of this pigboy.  He wanted to make it look good.  "You've been a good pigboy, haven't you?"  Hunterpig nodded.  Yes he had.  In the back of his mind something was telling him he wasn't a rubberpig.  Something was wrong.  But that wonderful cock was so close, if he could only lean a little to lick it, he needed it.  He craved what came from it...  "You want to be a full pigboy, don't you?"  Hunterpig nodded again.

"You want to be a pigboy belonging to the Order, don't you boy?"  Felix rubbed Hunter's head, and could see Hunter's eyes.  They looked almost like they were pleading.  "Say it boy.  Say you want it."

"I..."  Hunter's mind struggled.  Words..  so hard!  "I want to be a pigboy...  for the order."  That was his club, wasn't it?  Things were so confusing.  So hard to think, easier to just suck cock.  Especially this rubberman cock just in front of him.  He tried to push into it, but he simply had no reach.

Felix patted Hunter on the head.  "Good schlampe schwein.  What about your old friends?  Don't you want to go back to them?"

"N...."  He struggled to remember.  Old friends?  Pigs don't have friends.  Pigs just are...  Rubberpigs just serve members of the Order.  "Friends?  Had no other...  friends..."  OH that cock was so close!

"So pigboys don't need to wear badges from friends they don't have, right?"  Hunter nodded, so Felix took the badge off from around Hunter's neck.  "You're one of our pigboys now."

Felix was handed a rubber hood by one of the men in the circle.  He slid it over hunter's head, and smoothed out the creases.  He smiled as he flopped the ear up and down, and adjusted the snout to match over the mouth.  He held the hood in place for a minute, then let go.  "There you go boy.  Now it's attached."

Hunterpig's erection was undeniable.  He struggled a little as his hands were handled roughly.  "I know you want this schlampe schwein." Felix said.  "Don't fight it now."  Hunterpig was scared, and somewhere in the back of his mind it registered that things were being attached to him, non-human things.  He was a man, right?  No, pig?  No!  Man!  Too confusing, so confusing to think about it.  Too hard to think.

Felix placed heavy rubber gloves on the pigboy's hands.  Each glove ended in two fingers and a thumb, with thick rubber "pig hooves" on the end.  These also got warmer.  Felix put heavy rubber booties on the pigboy's feet, making them look more hoof like as well.  These were also warmed up, and smoothed out.

"Now the most important part boy." Felix said.  "This will make you one of our schwein for certain." Felix said.  "Once I put this on you, you won't ever be able to be anything but one of our rubberpigs.  Are you sure you want it?"

Hunterpig looked up, and his eyes met Felix's cock again.  "Can I suck your cock as a pigboy Sir?"

"Of course you can." Felix said.  Hunterpig pushed forward again.  "Say it schlampe schwein.  Tell us what you want."

"I..."  Cock so tasty...  want it...  pigboys get cock...  not a pig...  human not...  not human?  "I want to be a pigboy and suck your cock Sir!"

Felix looked over his shoulder to one of the cameras.  The lens was focused on Hunter's face.  Behind the camera the man leaned to the side, and nodded.  The audio was good, the admission was there.  Felix had him.  "Then a true schlampe schwein for the Order you will become."

Felix was handed a few more rubber pieces.  The first was a slick rubber tube coated in gel.  Felix carefully positioned it, and worked it around the pigboy's erect shaft.  It had a high gloss finish, more than the rest of the pigboy's rubber body.  He then took some leggings, and slid them up the rubberpig's legs.  He settled the boy's cock into a thick rubber sheath, and adjusted a tail just over the boy's natural crack.  After smoothing it out, he took off his rubber gloves and threw them to the side.

Hunterpig felt his ass get all warm along with his balls and cock.  Felix was handed a gas mask, and he strapped it around the snout of the pigboy.  He made sure it was a tight seal to the pigboy's face, and nodded to an unseen man.  "Good schlampe schwein." He said, patting the rubberpig like an animal.  "Very good little schlampe schwein.  You've chosen to become less than animal.  In moments you'll only live for this."  Felix held his cock in his hand.  Hunterpig just eyed that wonderful, beautiful cock.  

Then he caught that wonderful smell again.  Out of reflex, he took in a sharp breath, and felt his mind fade into the pleasure of the smell.  Felix saw the rubber seams cure, and fade into the boy's rubberskin.  The weeks in the chemical bath, the months of mental conditioning, it was all coming to this point.  He looked at the rubberpig's eyes, and they were turning dark.  The final physical phase was about to begin.  "There boy." he said.  "Keep breathing that in.  You'll be a true schlampe schwein in no time."

Hunterpig felt a tingling sensation begin at his hooves, and it quickly soaked all the way up his body.  His skin felt like it was tingling, it almost felt uncomfortable.  He grunted, then squealed a little as the sensation went over his head and up his ears.  His whole body became sensitive to the touch.  He felt his balls get heavier, and his cock was getting harder.

Felix watched as the rubberboy's cock twisted shape, and corkscrewed like a real pig's cock.  Some subbie might enjoy that, Felix thought.  He watched as the pig's size became smaller until he was only five foot tall.  The pigboy then tried to spread his legs apart, the sign that Felix had been waiting for.  He looked to the man on the gas line, who nodded with the cue and turned the gas off.

Felix removed the mask, and pigboy was only making short squealing sounds now, almost like he was panicking.  Felix said nothing, Pig barely recognized what was being said.  His mind was succumbing to the sensations, it didn't matter anymore.  Then his eyes began to refocus on that cock.  Felix held the pigboy by the snout, and guided his cock into it.  Piggy was shaking, all his desires, all his wants, were about to come true!  He opened his mouth, and when he felt the warm flesh enter his snout the scent overwhelmed his senses.  He began to drool as it rubbed in and out of his mouth.  He wanted to hold the hips, he wanted to feed from this cock!  He NEEDED to feed from it.

For his part, Felix was enjoying the sensation of the virgin muzzle.  He knew it would start to create it's own lube moments after he started, but the sensation was nothing like he'd ever felt before!  Warm, slick, the thing's mouth was designed to hold even the largest cock with ease and his was comfortable.  "Bring it over!" He said in German, holding the pigboy's head in his hand.

Another man came into the circle.  He had a creature on a leash.  "You need to be seeded." The man said to pigboy in english.  Schlampe Schwein barely registered the words, but when he felt something poking under his tail he arched his back before thinking about it.  

"Dirty submissive pig." The man said.  The creature on the leash saw the virgin pigboy hole, and was salivating as well!  Another one!  "Schwein! Einfassung und Samen!"

Schlampe schwein felt a weight on his back, and with the ferocity of an animal he felt his hole rammed into by something large and twising.  He squealed in absolute pleasure, then was returned to focus when Felix slapped him in the head.  "ON TASK!"  Schlampe schwein tried to focus on what was going on, but just couldn't.  Felix pulled his cock out of Schlampe Schwein's muzzle, and piggy whined a little.  "You must be seeded first!  Then you get your reward!"  Piggy clenched his ass tight, causing the creature on top of him to squeal louder and slam it's hips into Schlampe Schwein's.

Schlampe Schwein felt the rush under his tail, the feeling of cum inside him mad his body feel electric!  He felt his own shaft tingling, just so close!  Just on that edge!  The creature on top of him pulled off, Schlampe Schwein felt something dripping out of his tail hole and down his leg.  Then his muzzle was opened and Felix's cock was put back in.  Piggy squealed again as he felt his muzzle quickly filled with delicious, yummy cum!  He suckled off the cock, drinking and sucking down all he could get.

He felt the cock pull away, and felt empty inside.  He wanted more of this!  Felix walked away, but returned with a black rubber collar.  On it was lettering he couldn't read, it hurt too much to think of it.  Piggy felt his neck being rubbed, cleaned.  "You belong to the Order now, pigboy."  Felix wrapped the collar around piggy's throat.  It felt warm as Felix held it in place, and it stuck on his skin as Felix took his hands away.  Felix smiled, seeing it permanently attach to the creature's neck.  "Schlampe Schwein".  Slut pig.  Fitting for what it now was.

He stepped back to inspect the rubberpig.  It was still human looking, in that it was on two legs and had basic feet and hands, but it was hardly human.  It was a living rubberpig, panting hard as it tried to grasp what had happened.   He motioned to the other trainer, who took the other rubberpig out of the circle.  It would have its fun soon enough.  "Now we mark you as our property, schwein."  Others outside the circle closed in, and helped hold the rubberpig down in his restraints.

Felix put on gloves, and was handed a branding iron.  It had been soaking in an acid solution for a while.  In a swift move, he pressed it hard onto the pigboy's ass.  The pigboy squealed and tried to flail, but was held down by the men much stronger than him.  The smell of burnt rubber filled the room.  Felix pulled the iron off, leaving an imprint of the Order's symbol on the pigboy's entire ass cheek.

"We need to fill it in." he said.  One of the older members approached with a bottle.  With some help, a red latex was poured into the imprint and was made level.  Pigboy fought this a few times when they hit sensitive areas, but the work did not stop.  It cured moments later, and they let the pigboy go.

A technician gave pigboy a quick exam, looking inside it's snout, and in it's ass.  And with a nod, they knew the process had taken hold.  Felix smiled, grabbing the badge it formerly had worn with pride.  "Hunter?  Hunterpig?  I know you're in there."

Hunter?  I know that name...  Hunterpig stirred, still fighting all the sensations he had just experienced.  He could see his club badge being flashed in front of his face.  "I know you can understand me still.  Don't pretend you can not."  Hunter tried to focus on the words, so hard!  "By the end of the night you won't.  You will be lower than a dumb animal, you'll only live for sex.  But right now, I know there's some of you left in there."

Felix knelt next to the pigboy, and held his snout in his hand.  "We have taped a lot of your time with us.  By tomorrow morning that tape will be in several hands.  Your old club will have a copy.  You old employer should too."  Hunter's eyes got wide, that rang some bells.  "Oh, don't think he will be shocked considering what they found in your apartment.  When they realized what kind of a monster they had hired, they were fast to condemn you.  The bondage equipment alone was scandalous.  I heard American TV ran a special about your exploits of kinky gay sex, and they think you were killed.  Apparently it was amusing to the public to drag your kinky sex life into the open."

Hunter could feel the blood rushing out of his head, or what felt like it.  "We may send a copy of this to them as well, but they'll never believe it's you.  You and your old friends may have thought all this was a game, but not for us.  This is our lives, and now it's yours too pigboy."  He looked up "Get the other pigboy over here."  It was retrieved, and positioned so its snout was just in front of Hunter's boar cock.

As they positioned the other pigboy under him, Hunter could see Felix was doing something with his badge.  It almost hurt!  It was on his.. ear?  It felt pierced, then something was being burned into place.  Felix smiled as he backed up a little.  "But we want all of our members to know who's muzzle they're fucking." He said.  "You wore that badge with pride, now you wear it to show your place.  And it's never coming off now.  All of the Order will be able to see it while you're drinking every drop of cum from their balls."  Felix grabbed Hunter's piggy ear and roughly pulled his head forward.  Hunter let out a squeal of protest.  "Good, it's permanent." Felix said.  "That will look very good covered in mud and piss and cum."

Felix knelt onto one knee, and pulled Hunter's head back into the chin sling to keep his face up.  He pointed under Hunter's crotch.  "When we tell him to suck, you will cum.  And when you do, you will lose all your inhibitions and become and of our prize pigboys."  Felix could see the terror in Hunter's eyes.  "Oh don't worry, you and your brothers are stars at our munches.  No limit bottoms, and bottomless pits of swallowing piss and cum.  And the ability to orgasm many times a night without tiring is legendary in the club.  But you are less than animal, you don't even deserve a name.  You're a pigboy now.  A true schlampe schwein.  Playtime is over."

Felix looked at the trainer, nodded, and looked piggy in the eye.  He wanted to see the moment happen for himself.  The trainer barked out an order.  "Schwein! Saugen Sie und schlucken Sie!"  The other pigboy dove onto piggy's cock with wild abandon.  Hunter squealed loud, then tried to pull away!  If he didn't cum, this nightmare might end!  He closed his eyes, only to have them forced back open by Felix.  Hunter felt the tingle in his heavy ball sac.  It was too late, he couldn't stop it!  He tried to force his body to block the feelings, but couldn't.  He panted hard, his eyes showing at first panic then realization.  He let out a mighty squeal of intense pleasure as Hunter's mind was overwhelmed and consumed.

The lower pigboy did as he was trained, he made very loud gulping noises as his mouth was filled over capacity.  Pure white pigboy cum filled, and flowed out of it's mouth.  It poured down the sides of its face.  The newest one in the sling, his body stopped jerking, and pumping his once virginal cum into his schwein brother.  The trainer pulled on the leash, and the other pigboy rejoined to his side, still stained and dripping out of his snout.  Piggy's cock dribbled out the last of its first orgasm, and piggy stared at Felix in a bewildered state, still lost in the delirium of it's first orgasm.

Felix patted the newest Schlampe Schwein on the head, and stood up.  "I believe we are entitled to a reward boys." Felix said, stepping away.  They didn't need to be told twice as one grabbed the pigboy by the muzzle and forced his erect cock into it.  Another grabbed it by the tail, and mounted it.  Schlampe Schwein's mind twisted, and it was soon lost in the scents of rubber, male sweat and feelings of pure lust.

Some days later, Klaus was out on the private farmland of the Order.  He was in rubber waders.  He was walking with the caretaker, who was in his waders as well.  "The new addition is fitting in nicely." He said.  "He fit right into the pen without a problem."

"Good." The Master said.  "The others haven't attacked him?"

"It depends on your interpretation of the word 'attack'." The caretaker chuckled.  They had arrived at the pen, and he pointed inside.

In the pen were four rubberpigs.  One was on his knees, holding the hips of another and fucking it hard.  A second was also on his knees, holding the head of the middle one and humping it's mouth.  The middle one was being held by his collar, the words " Schlampe Schwein" barely visible through the caked mud on it.  The middle pig was deep in the mud, his cock being sucked by the last pigboy who was laying on his back in the filth.  The one in front threw his head back and squealed, making the middle one almost gag on the volume of cum.  It dribbled out of his muzzle, and onto the body of the muddy pigboy below him.

The topping pigboy then pushed the middle one's head into the dirty crotch of the pigboy under him.  The submissive one grunted, and licked the cum off the rubber body and sucked on it's curved and mud covered cock as well.  The topping pig grunted his approval, holding the submissive one's head down as he dripped cum from his boar cock.  Klaus smiled when he was the badge that had been implanted in the middle one's ear.  "Nice touch." He said with some approval.

"He's the old one here.  He knows a few tricks." The caretaker said.  "If you want to fuck him too they'll differ to you."

"Im a moment." Master said.  "I want to enjoy watching a while."

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