"Steamer Trunk"

By: Socks Catt
© 2005 Socks Furrotica

"No." he muttered to himself.  "Not it."  David loved the estate sales, and always looked forward to weekends when he could really hit them up.  He always looked for costumes, old coats and uniforms.  Not just ones he could resell on the internet, but ones he could keep for himself.  And even though this was another "weird" estate sale, it was still filled with old junk.  And that was the problem: it was all junk.  Whoever the guy was that had all this stuff he collected some weird things.  David had chalked it up to a little wasted time, and nothing more.

He was about to head for the door when an old steamer trunk caught his eye.  He knew from experience that an old trunks were places that vintage clothing could be hidden.  He eyed it up uneasily, and tried the lock.  It wouldn't budge.  He felt around the seam with his fingers, and finally felt something give.  It was a trick box, the hinges were false and you had to apply pressure to the sides of them to unlock the lid.  Once he did, the box opened on the hinge side.

David looked inside, and a smile slowly crept across his face.  Inside were piles of fur.  He found stoles and jackets!  He knew it!  Quickly he looked through the chest, to see if there was damage to the furs.  They appeared in perfect condition, like they were never touched.  He gently closed the trunk, and heard it make a soft "click" when it did.

He looked around; nobody had seen him open the box.  He waived over one of the helpers, and asked about it.  "We found this in the master bedroom." The man said.  "Nobody could get it open, so it's being sold as is.  Our starting bid is $50."

David smiled, and put his number on the bid sheet.  Later that afternoon, the box came up for auction.  Since nobody else placed a bid, David got it at the base price.  He happily handed over the cash, and brought his car around to have the steamer placed in his trunk.  The whole way home, he giggled to himself how much each coat would go for online, he just made himself a perfect profit!

He used a hand truck to wheel the steamer into his house.  He got it into his living room, and placed it on the floor.  He went to the backside of the trunk, and squeezed the sides of the hinges with his fingers.  They clicked, and he opened the box.  He was first struck with the smell of old furs, something he was used to.  These smelled musky, almost as if they were just taken off the animals.  He shook the idea off, and pulled out the top fur to look at it.

When he did, he frowned.  "This isn't a coat." He said to the room, unhappy with this new development.  He inspected the garment, and he was first struck with the sleeves having hands.  No, they were paws.  The claw tips on the ends of the fingers gave them the paw look.  But they were too large to just be the skins of an animal.  When he pulled the fur completely out, he saw there were attached legs with fully enclosed feet.  Then the weight of a hanging tail made him put the suit on the ground, so the tail wouldn't tear away from the body.  "Costumes." He said dejectedly.  "I bought a trunk of vintage costumes."

David laid all the furs on the ground to get a better look at what he had.  There were ten suits in all, different fur patterns on each.  The only one he could easily identify was a poodle; the rest looked like piles of colored fur.  He also marveled that half of the suits had obvious male parts still attached.  He shook his head in disbelief, who would go through the trouble of preserving those parts of an animal?  He looked inside the suits, and they were backed with light brown leather that looked remarkably good for their age.  They all opened up along the back, with a fastener system that looked like it was made for the wearer to attach easily.  Each also had a hood sewn onto the body, with ears either perched on them or hanging on the side depending on its animal type.  The faces were open, however, but there were no masks in the bin.

He sighed dejectedly.  "I don't think this is in the TOS of the online auction site." He said while looking at the male parts.  "I might be able to cut them apart for the fur or something."  He packed up the costumes, and placed them back in the trunk to deal with when he had time.

A week later, David got home on a Friday night.  He looked at the trunk again, as he did every day of the week since he bought it.  He couldn't bring himself to start cutting the costumes apart, or selling them yet.  Curiosity kept on eating away at him.  Something just kept telling him that he had to know.

He carefully popped the trunk open, and pulled out the suit on top.  It had black fur on the belly and back, and down the arms.  They ended in brown markings on the hands and feet and across the chest.  Brown ears flopped on either side of the head piece.  And between the legs hung an empty sac and a furry opening, obviously this was meant to be a man's costume.  He took in a deep breath.  "I have to try it on." He said, trying to convince himself.  "I can't sell it if I don't know the size or how it fits."  He walked into the living room, and closed the blinds so he could have privacy.

David took off his shoes, and tried to put his feet into the costume.  It became obvious that it wouldn't work.  It was binding against his clothing.  After many trials, he was down to his underpants and a t-shirt.  He slid the legs over his own, and felt the old leather slide on his flesh.  When it met the underwear, he felt something uncomfortable wedge up between his legs.  His underwear was going to bind up his backside.  David could tell that the suit would move in a way that would cause his underwear to pull tight across his crotch and probably make him sing soprano too.  He quickly removed the suit, and walked away from it leaving it in a heap on the floor.

A few minutes later, he came back with as much resolve as he could muster up.  He threw his shirt and underwear on the ground with the rest of his clothing, and before he could talk himself out of it he put his legs into the costume's legs.  He felt for the first time the padding on the bottoms of the feet, how comfortable it felt.  Why he hadn't noticed it before, he didn't know.

When he got to the hips, he quickly pulled it up before he could think too much about it.  The suit did wedge into his backside, but not uncomfortably.  He felt something pull gently on his sac and somewhat soft shaft, pulling the suit that much tighter to his body.  Without much effort, he put his hands into the arms, and they easily glided down the sleeves and into the paw gloves.  Once there, he brought the hood up over his head from the front.

He stood there, panting for air a little.  He was somewhat amazed at himself for actually putting the costume on.  Then he felt a little awkward, as the suit was wide open along his back and left the chest sagging.  "Ok, so how do I close this thing?" he asked aloud.  He stood upright, and flexed his back.  As he did, the costume opening got closer so he could hold it closed with his hand behind his back.  When it was tighter against his body, it felt more natural.

David looked at a mirror, and the sight he saw amazed him.  There, standing with a hand behind its back, was a mostly dog man with a human face.  He laughed at his own reflection, and then at his physical reaction.  His erection had managed to push through the furry opening, and poked up.  "Easy boy!" he said to himself with a laugh.  He walked towards the mirror, and struck a few poses for himself.

When he put both of his hands under his chin in a "begging" pose it suddenly struck him that the back of the suit wasn't open anymore.  He stopped, and turned around to look.  Sure enough, the seam was closed.  He shook his head, looking for where the seam should be.  "Ok, so how did I do that?" he asked.  He looked for the seam with his hand again, and when it contacted his tail he found himself letting out a soft groan.  It felt good.

He stopped, and stood upright again looking at his front.  His erection was hard to ignore now, it was extremely rigid, turning purple with its straining erection.  He looked down at it, and he noticed it had physically changed.  It was no longer the circumcised tip he knew, but tapered.  Almost like it was one solid piece of rock hard flesh.

His stomach cramped, and it brought him to his knees in pain.  Closer to the ground, the pain stopped and he saw his somewhat soft stomach tighten up.  In seconds the costume pulled tight to his body, highlighting a pack of muscular abs.  David's jaw dropped as he saw the trend move up his chest, developing into large and powerful pecs.  He dropped onto his hands, and felt a surge of power shoot down his arms.  He could hear the sound of tearing as bulk filled the costume.  He clenched his teeth, biting back the urge to cry out in his discomfort.  In moments, his biceps and forearms had gained several inches of rock hard muscle.  He clawed his hands into the floor, ripping up carpeting in his attempt to make the pain stop.

The surge flowed down his legs.  He tried to prepare for it, but when he felt his leg muscles grow the feeling was too much.  He balanced himself on the tips of his toes and tried to stand.  He watched his legs also gain mass and grow rock solid.  He could see the power in his new body surging, blood pumping harder as he panted in approval of the new body he had.

David stared into the mirror as he felt pressure behind his nose.  He saw his nostrils flare open, and his face pushed outward.  The hood had fused to his body, pulling his forehead down to a flatter and more canine appearance.  He felt like he should be scared, but the feeling of raw power intoxicated him.  It felt good.  Hell it felt great.  He watched his nose get darker, until it became completely black and shiny.  Under his chin his skin became darker, until it was covered in the same brown fur on his paws.  His vision blurred, and he saw his eyes turn a solid brown with black pupils before all color faded from his sight.

In moments, his muzzle fully formed on his face, blending seamlessly with the hood.  He soon felt his head buzz, and muscles suddenly formed.  He instinctively knew how to move his ears, how to work his new muzzle, even how to wag his tail.  But that was nothing compared to the next feeling he had.

Between his legs, he saw his shaft and his ball sac throb.  He panted in expectation as he saw his sac grow in size, until his sac looked like it held two melons.  His shaft had also expanded, now larger than both his hands, and dripping of pre.  At the base of the furry sheath he felt a mass of flesh swell up inside his shaft, and it was almost the size of two tennis balls.  He wagged his tail even more as he felt the tip tingle, and then something in his sac tingled sharply.  He stood, looking at the mirror at his own erection.  Then, he felt a surge.

David howled as his shaft erupted, spraying his seed across the mirror he was looking in.  His sac pulled towards his body with each pump.  He closed his eyes and humped into the air with each pulse, coating the mirror as he did.  Finally, he felt the last surge, and he collapsed to his paws and knees panting.  His tongue rolled out of his muzzle as he fully relaxed.  In moments, the scents of the room hit him at full force.  There were more dogs in the box.  His marking of the mirror made this his territory, yes definitely his.  There was another scent, the human one, and he knew it as his as well.  But all he could do was lay there, feeling drained.

He woke up some time later.  He figured it was a dream.  He looked at the mirror, and it was liberally coated in something, the smell told him it was rottweiler seed.  His seed.  The muscular dog he saw in the mirror was the proof that he had left it, as a dog.  David stood up, feeling the power of his new form.  He flexed his hands, his legs, and admired his extremely large package between his legs.

David licked his muzzle, enjoying a deliciously bad thought.  He couldn't.  Oh, yes he could.  All dogs can, after all.  He lay down on his back, and gently brought one of his legs up.  Without any effort, it went beyond his normal pain point, and he easily contorted his body.  He suddenly found his muzzle on top of his enormous sheath.  He took a deep sniff, drinking in the aroma of his masculinity.  It throbbed in anticipation.  Slowly, he opened his muzzle and gently licked his sheath, getting more of his shaft to come out.  When it was long enough, he took his own manhood into his muzzle, and began to suckle.

He closed his eyes, and instinct took over.  He caressed his tip with his own flexible tongue, slurping around himself like no other woman could ever do.  He found himself lying on his shoulders, both legs thrown to either side of his head.  He wagged his tail furiously as he sucked himself.  David let his instincts take over, and he felt his canine mind truly wash over him.  His balls pulled into his body slightly, and he used his hand paws to pull his muzzle into his shaft.  His body rocked violently with the power of his second orgasm.  He began to swallow as he came into his own muzzle.  Each pulse of the shaft made him swallow harder, and harder, but he couldn't keep up.  It dribbled out of his muzzle and over his face.

When he untangled himself from his self-service, he looked at his shaft.  He had gotten almost twelve inches of it down his throat without gagging!  He smiled to himself, and stroked it.  He allowed himself to moan a little, which sounded more dog-like than human.  His balls felt heavy, and they needed release.  A lot of release.

When he woke up in the morning, he found himself out of the costume, naked on the carpet of his living room.  The wall and carpet were soaked in some liquid, and parts were dry already.  David looked around, and found the costume on the other end of the room, clean and dry as if nothing happened to it.  He figured he took it off in his sleep.  He also had an after taste in his mouth, and he knew what it was from.  After he cleaned himself up, he folded the costume and put it back into the trunk.

He spent the day feeling surprisingly energetic.  Even as he had to rent a carpet cleaner to take care of the floor, and a lot of cleaners to get the mirror and walls, he felt like he could go all day like this.  David didn't even bother with the estate sales he wanted to go to.  He had some other ideas for how his weekend needed to be spent.

That night David opened the trunk again, and went a layer down.  The suit was brown along the back, and white down the front.  He laid it out, and looked at it.  Again, it was very obviously male.  This one had white down the middle, and brown along the back and along the top of the hood.

David brought out the suit, and then took his clothing off as he did the night before.  This time, he took the suit to his garage, and unlocked the door leading to his backyard.  If there would be a mess, at least it would be somewhere he wouldn't have to repeat his cleanup.  He then put on the costume, as he did the night before, and reached back to close the back seam.

As he did, he felt his body get larger.  He got a little taller, but he could feel his belly pushing out against the suit.  He felt an urge to get outside, and fast.  He made it out the door, barely.  Somehow, his waist had ballooned out to almost comic proportions.  As he watched, his paws also got larger.  He stood in his backyard, panting hard with his tail swishing behind him as his body finally set.

He looked over himself.  He was almost comically obese now, like a cartoon dog.  He could see his white hands and feet, and turning his head he could barely see the brown markings down his back and tail.  He felt his face, and almost laughed as his jowls dangled off his muzzle.

Then he caught the scent, other dogs in the area.  They weren't a threat, but he was keenly aware of them.  He watched his breath in the night air, and realized he should be cold.  Then he realized his size probably kept him warm, or his breed.  He laughed to himself, and shook off the cold with ease.

"I need a keg for my neck." He tied to say, and then realized his voice was too gruff to properly make words.  He shook his head, St. Bernards don't speak, he realized.  He stood in the yard, taking in the scents.  Then one scent made his ears perk, and his sac tingle.  It was sharp, and it cut to the center of his brain.  Just a little whiff of it made his heart race, and he felt his ball sac pull up towards his body.  It was a female, in heat, somewhere near by.

He had to have her.  It wasn't a question of want, it was a need.  He stepped to leave his yard, and stopped.  "I'm not really a dog." He said to himself.  "I'm not a dog."  He repeated the mantra in his mind dozens of times as the scent hit him again.  Now there was no questioning it, his body would not rest until it had her.

David brought a paw to his shaft, and began to pump it furiously.  He felt the knot at the base again, and got down onto all fours.  He craned his neck back as he stroked, clenching his teeth together in determination.  He felt his whole body roll with each stroke of his paw; it felt more erotic than any human touch before.  He closed his eyes hard as he shot his seed into his yard, not wanting to howl.  His whole body tensed with each spurt, and his tail curved between his hind legs to almost shoot further into the female he fantasized about.

When he finally came to his senses, he realized what happened.  He wasn't thinking about a fantasy, he was thinking of mounting a real female dog.  And it felt good to him.  The thought repulsed the human, but also fascinated the canine.  He lay on the backyard grass, looking at the sky.  He tried not to think of the bitch down the street.  The more he tried not to think about it, the more he found himself wanting her.  The scent was on the wind.  With every breath, he smelled her need.

She would be his.  Something in his mind called out to him, it didn't matter, and he had to go.  He got up and cautiously left the backyard, and followed the scent.  He could smell other male dogs, but they backed away from him. He was an Alpha, he commanded them, and he would not be denied.  Finally, David got to the scent.  A female retriever in heat.  But she was inside a fenced cage!  She saw him, and presented herself.  David wanted to open the gate, get to her.  But he couldn't open the lock.  She howled, begging him to do what she needed.  David couldn't operate the lock, and looked for a way to break it.  He cursed himself for not being a rottweiler; he could break the lock with that body.

Then the house lights turned on.  David could hear someone inside rustling around, saying something he couldn't understand.  But he knew what it meant.  He ran for his life, instinct telling him he needed to go and fast.  The female howled as he left her.  But he knew he'd go back.  He made a straight line back to his yard, and jumped the fence in spite of his raging erection.  He hid behind his house, panting and still afraid of the two-leggeds that scared him from his bitch.

He curled into himself, and suckled on his shaft as he did the previous night.  It felt good, it felt right.  If he couldn't have her, he'd do what he could to please himself.  His hot tongue wrapped around his shaft expertly, like it knew what to do more than he did.  He didn't last long.  With his muzzle full of St. Bernard cock, he didn't howl as he pumped his own cum into it.

It wasn't enough.  He could still smell her.  He tried to get back into the garage to get out of the scent, but he simply couldn't fit through the door.  David whimpered to himself, not knowing what to do.  He was too frustrated to just sleep outside.  He looked down to his shaft, which was standing erect.  His knot was throbbing with every heart beat.  He closed his eyes, wrapping his paw around it and taking in deep gulps of air to smell the bitch again.  He stroked off many more times into the yard, thinking about the unseen female each time.

He woke up in the morning back inside his house.  He didn't remember how he got back in, as all the doors were closed.  Was it a dream?  Was it not real?  All he knew was that this suit, just like the last one, was laid out in the living room, clean and untouched.  David put the suit away carefully.  He had some things he wanted to do, to try.  He had shopping to do.

That night, he laid out all the things he felt he needed.  He put his car in the driveway to clear up space in the garage.  In the garage, he set up a video camera rigged to his VCR.  He'd get 6 hours of recording time, if he was lucky.  He also went to a pet store, and bought some things for himself.  Some chew toys, some bones, dishes and food and most importantly a leather dog collar.  Somehow, it all just felt right to be buying these things, like it was part of the collection that needed to be completed.

After the sun set, David opened the steamer trunk again.  This time, he picked out the poodle.  He knew it was a poodle, but until he removed it did he see it lacked male parts.  "Probably will drop in." he said to himself, taking it to the garage.  He carefully laid out all his supplies, and prepared his space.  He opened the dog food, and poured it into a dish.  In the other, he put in water.  He put out his dog toys, and then set up the camera and VCR in the corner to catch all the details.  If it was real, he'd see it later.  If it was some kind of elaborate mind game, this would show him.

He covered the windows with thick butchers' paper, and took his clothing off.  He threw them into the house, and closed the door.  Hitting "record" on the VCR, he walked in front of the camera and held up the suit.

"This is a suit from the box I bought at the sale a few weeks ago." He said, holding the suit up.  "Obviously this is a poodle, somewhat manicured to look like one."  He turned the suit around.  "This one doesn't have the... umm...  parts that the others do, but I'm going to try it on anyway."  He took in a deep breath, and stepped back so he'd be more in frame.  "Here goes nothing."

He stepped into the suit, and felt the same kind of sensations as with the other suits.  But this time, when it got to his crotch he felt it caress his genitals, not pull them down.  Without giving it much thought, he pulled the suit over his shoulders, putting his hands into the ones of the costume.  Then he placed the hood over his head, and adjusted it to where it was comfortable.

"There we go." He said.  He turned around to model the suit.  "It doesn't feel uncomfortable at all.  In fact, if I can get the thing to close, I'd..."  He reached back, and felt the seam was together.  "Ahh, I see that it's closed by itself again.  That means it's probably starrrrrRRRrrrrr..."

He looked down to himself, and saw his hips get a little wider.  And between his legs, he felt the suit push hard into his pelvic bone.  He let out a groan as he felt something impossibly shoved into him.  "Ahhh!" he yelped, almost being brought to a knee.  "That hurts!" he said, sounding worried.

David felt his back pop, and he arched backwards.  Looking at the camera, he displayed his chest.  He could see that his breasts were not only gaining size, but definition.  "AAhhhhh!!!!" he yelped out.  He could also feel his waist being pulled in by the suit, accenting his hips even further.

The changes came very quickly, his tail wagged over his backside as it got a little larger, hips getting wider to fill them.  His breasts began to fill in, becoming firm and tight.  They got larger and larger, until they felt heavy on his chest.  The pitch of his voice got higher as he whined in pain with the new additions to his body.  Then he became aware of the loss, his male genitals were gone.  Instead, there was a fold of skin, and an opening.  In his belly, he could feel something forming under his tight stomach.

In moments, it was over.  David used both hands and knees to steady himself on the floor, his head still spinning from the ordeal.  In his peripheral vision, he saw both of his ears dangling on the sides of his head.  He knew he had little control of them, but they were how he was hearing now.  They were perfectly manicured with tufts of fur on the ends.

He stood up slowly, and looked at the camera.  He tried to talk, but all that came out were growls and whimpering sounds.  Instead, he stood and spun for the camera, showing all sides of his new form.  He nodded at the camera, and then stepped to the VCR to turn it off.  But in mid stride, he stopped.

There was a familiar scent in the air.  He knew what it was, and his eyes grew wide with fear of realizing it.  He was in heat.  Just like the female last night, he was in heat.  Then the first wave of need hit him.  "Noooo" he tired to speak, but it came out as a desperate cry.  Without thinking, he put his paw between his legs, and began to massage himself.  Tears formed in his eyes when he realized that he wanted to do this.  He could stop at any moment, but he didn't want to.

His paw finger couldn't reach far enough in to fully quench the feelings.  He needed more, a lot more.  He thought of opening the garage door to the backyard, and finding a stud dog to help her problems.  But he simply shook at the thought of being violated like that.  "I'm not a bitch!  I'm not a bitch!" he kept trying to tell himself while reaching with his fingers deeper into his virgin folds.

In desperation, he looked around, and saw the only thing that might help.  He almost dove on the smooth plastic dog bone, and held it in his shaking paws.  He got onto his knees and stared blankly ahead as he brought it slowly down his white, furry chest.  When it touched his breasts, he shivered in delight.  He was too far in now; he knew he couldn't stop himself.  He didn't want to; he had to make this happen.  He had to put out this fire.  He felt humiliated as he pushed the bone around the outer edge of the lips of his vagina.

He lay down on his back, wagging his tail as he penetrated himself on the bone.  He gasped at the feelings, his first total penetration.  His other paw reached to a large breast, and fondled a nipple.  In moments, he was howling in pleasure at his own stimulation.  The walls of self control broke down quickly, and she howled in delight when the wave of orgasm hit her.  Her whole body clenched on the plastic bone deep inside her body, then released in time with her orgasm.  She clenched her muzzle tight with every wave, trying not to cry with every humiliating shock through her body.

She lay on the garage floor, panting hard.  She slowly pulled the bone out of her, and let out a yelp when it did come out.  But to David, it didn't feel right.  He wasn't a female, and he wasn't in heat.  He was a male.  He was the stud, not the bitch.  He had to get out of the suit before the feelings came back.  He tried to find the seam with his finger, but the paws of the suit were too binding.  He couldn't find the edge.

He suddenly thought of a way out.  Without hesitation, he got up and moved quickly to his living room.  His paws were thick, but not so thick that he couldn't get the lock to open.  He popped the lid up, and saw what he wanted.  He took the rottweiler suit off the top of the pile, and closed the lid to the chest.

David triumphantly walked back into the garage, closing the door behind him.  He smiled to himself, if he put on a male suit, it would be over the female one and be what he was.  He'd be male again.  It made sense to him.  He quickly put on the rottweiler costume, and envisioned himself as the sexy and powerful dog he was that first night.  With much anticipation, he slid it over his poodle clad self and stood, waiting.

It closed suddenly, and pulled hard into the female body that David had become.  He felt the power surge through his body, but it was different than the first night.  All the power wasn't making anything happen, it just felt like it was building, and building.  David felt like he was being cooked alive inside the suit.  He opened his mouth to yell, howl, scream or do anything.  As he felt the heat and energy inside of him, he wondered if he was going to die.

His body hit the ground hard, and he didn't move.

A man walked through his shop late at night.  He wanted to go home, but he had to finish the paperwork first.  As he went into his back office, he cursed as his ankle hit something.  When he looked down, he saw an old chest on the ground in the path he was walking.  "I'll be damned." He said, kneeling next to it.  "I thought grandpa got rid of..."  He stopped, and saw the lot number tag on it from the auction house.

He shook his head slowly.  "Damn you grandpa." He said.  "It did come back."

David woke up with the sun on his body.  It felt good, warm and good.  His belly felt tight as well.  He stood up, and realized he was still in the garage.  He then looked down to his hands, and he felt his mind go numb.  He had longer brown fur on his hands, up his black furred arms.  It didn't really look like the rottweiler suit, it was too furry.  He felt his face, and found a muzzle that was long, and ears that were hanging off the top of his head.  But it was all wrong.

He looked over his whole body in a panic.  He looked like the rottweiler, but the fur was as long as an unkempt poodle's.  There were also white patches along the outside of his thighs and down the underside of his tail, highlighting his crotch.  His body was strong and powerful, he felt the rippling muscles of his arms and legs, and the wide hips and small and tight belly.  He had large breasts with white fur between them.  He groaned to himself, but it was a deeper tone.  He saw under his breasts a deep brown sheath over the white, and a large sac that looked filled to capacity.

Carefully, he cupped it in his animalistic paw, and felt the weight of them.  But his finger brushed past something else, and it made his body shiver when it did.  He held his sac out of the way, and saw a light pink opening under it.  His vagina.  He dropped to his knees, and cried to himself.  He realized he was no longer in a suit, this was his body.

His body would not be denied, however.  As he cried he felt his breasts jiggle, and an electric pulse went to both his sheath and his vaginal opening.  After a few minutes of movement, his erection had grown without his desire, and his slit was dripping.  No amount of ignoring it made the feelings go away.  Between sobs, he stroked himself while fingering herself.  As hir first climax approached, the situation at hand slowly vanished in hir mind.  The first dual orgasm hit, and hir eyes opened wide.  Shi barely gasped before the howl rose from hir muzzle.

David woke up hearing knocking at his front door.  It had been days since the change, and he was powerless to operate a doorknob in his clumsy paws.  The food and water he laid out helped him stay alive, waiting for the curse to be over between bouts of self stimulation.  He wanted to run to the door, beg for help, but what would shi say?  What would they do?

He heard the person knock on the door, and then he heard them moving around the house.  "Anyone here?" a male voice yelled out.  David wanted to scream he was, but was too scared to.  Finally, the back door knob twisted, and David suddenly realized that he left the door unlocked.  He cowered in a corner, trying to let the ground cover him.

The door opened, and an older man walked in.  He looked around carefully.  The smell of ejaculate and hormones was powerful in the air, and almost made him leave the garage.  "Holy...  What happ..."  He looked in the corner, and saw the creature in the corner.  "Good God." He said quietly.  He hung his head, and then knelt close to the floor looking at the creature.  "I won't hurt you.  Will you let me help you?"

David was shaking, looking pitifully at the man.  He had grey hair, leather work boots, wore khakis and a light jacket, and didn't look like he was carrying anything harmful.  Shi wanted to trust him, something in his gut said shi could.

"I know what happened to you." The man said.  "I want to help you.  Will you let me?"  David nodded weakly, and tried to crawl over to him.  He looked over the dog creature, and shook his head.  "I'm sorry this happened." He said.  He looked around, and saw that there was food on the floor, near a dish.  He also saw the camera and VHS blinking "12:00".  He also saw the collar, and picked it up.  He put it in his pocket.  "I will return after nightfall to come get you, so nobody has to see you like this." He said.  "I want you to come with me.  I don't know if I can help you, but I will try."  David just nodded.

That night, Russell came back to the garage.  He saw the dog creature stroking hirself frantically.  Shi stopped when he opened the door, and drooped hir ears.  "No, finish if you can.  I know it has to be tough to hold it back."  Shi stroked hirself a little more, and in moments sprayed ejaculate all over hirself.  Russell nodded, and walked over to hir holding the collar.  "I want to put this on you.  Will you let me?"

David nodded, still in a daze.  Russell buckled the leather collar on hir, and tugged on it.  "Follow me.  Please."  Shi did as he asked, and he took her to a station wagon.  He opened the back, and helped hir get into a cage he had set up.  "Sleep if you can.  The trip is a little long.  Here, this will help."  Shi looked at his outstretched hand, and saw a biscuit in it.  She took it with her hand-paws, and ate it.  Soon after, she was sleeping.

Hours later, Russell pulled into his country house near his antique shop.  The creature behind him was sleeping, and was quiet most of the trip.  He opened the back, and shi slightly stirred.  "We're home." He said, propping hir up with his shoulder.  "You should be happy here, and safe.  If I can reverse the curse, I will."  He led hir to an open air cage he had built a few days previous.

Shi nodded, not really understanding him.  But then a scent made her eyes light up, and shi stood up straight.  Russell opened the enclosure.  "The other one has been here a few days now.  I found it wandering when I was tracking the trunk down.  I think it's been waiting for you."

David bolted into the enclosure, and was met by another canine muzzle.  The two of them intertwined, pressing their breasts and sheaths together as they licked each other's muzzles like long lost lovers.  Russell closed and locked the gate as the two of them nipped at each other's collars, and paws roamed to feel the other's thick shaft grow and begin to knot.

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