Chapter 1

by : Socks
© 2006 Socks Furrotica

"Do you want sex?" Eric asked as Jack casually.  Jack sat naked but his collar on the floor at attention as Eric sat in a chair in front of him.

"I want what you want." Jack said, looking at the carpeting out of reflex.

"Ok, first look at me when you speak.  Talking to the floor is rude when I'm talking to you."  Jack looked up apologetically.  "Second, you're not a robot.  Third, you have wants and needs too.  So I'm going to ask again, do you want sex?"

Jack thought a moment.  "It's not necessary Sir, but it would put a nice touch on the evening, wouldn't it?"

Eric smiled.  "It would.  But I don't want one sided sex.  If you're just lying there because I wanted to cum I may as well fuck a corpse."  Jack snickered.  "As a servant you do a lot of things you don't want to do, but if someone asks you what you want, you should never be afraid to tell them.  They're asking because they want to know."

Jack nodded.  "That goes against a lot of the stuff other Masters told me."

"I learned a different school of thinking from the Trainer.  You'll learn to too if you want." Eric said.  Jack nodded silently.  "Never be afraid to tell the truth.  It hurts a lot less in the end.  Even if the truth brings you punishment in the short term, it's better than the damage it can do in the long."  John nodded silently as Eric took off his vest.  "I'd love some sex tho.  What do you say?  A tumble before sleep?"  Jack smiled and leaned into Eric's body.

Later that night, Jack was sound asleep.  Eric got out of bed and gathered the things he'd need.  Quietly, he slipped the gas mask over Jack's nose and mouth, and turned it on.  Jack didn't wake up, and drifted deeper into sleep.  "You're perfect." Eric said, looking at the man sleep.  "I hope you really want this."  Eric quickly gathered the things he would need, and began to transport Jack.

Jack woke up with a headache.  Not unpleasant, but still annoying.  He noticed he was still naked, and no longer in the collar.  He opened his eyes and saw the room was different.  He tried to get up, but fell over on weak legs.  He made more noise than he intended, but kept struggling for his feet.  A door opened up soon after, and Eric came into the room at a slight jog.  "Hang on!" he said, running over and then kneeling next to Jack.  "You're still a little weak yet."

Jack refocused his eyes, and saw that Eric was wearing a black and blue patterned jumpsuit with some patches on the shoulder.  His pockets were filled with things, and he had some kind of leather belt holding something of weight around his waist.  "What's...  what's going on?"

"We're meeting the trainer." Eric said, stroking Jack gently on the head.  "Do you remember?  The one I told you about?"  Jack nodded.  "The one I've been scouting for?"  Jack nodded, remembering.  "Him.  I think you'll be perfect for him."

"Where are we?" Jack asked.

"Don't worry about that right now." Eric said.  Jack found his voice soothing, relaxing.  "You're going to meet the Trainer.  It's what you wanted, right?"  Jack nodded slowly.  "You want to be a real slaveboy, and he'll teach you to serve others his way.  A different way but his way.  He's the best of the best, and I know you'll be perfect."  Jack only kept nodding.  "We're almost there.  Don't be scared, don't worry about anything else.  You'll become a good slave, like you always wanted."

Jack found himself getting hard at the thought.  "A real slave?"

"Yes." Eric said.  "It's what you told me you wanted, and you're going to become one.  Do you think you can do it?"

Jack smiled.  "Yes.  Yes I can."

"That's a good boy." Eric said.  "I have to make the final preparations.  Once we're there, there's a process before your training really starts.  But just be yourself.  Be the submissive boy I know you are inside and you'll do fine."  Eric tapped Jack on the chest gently.

Jack nodded a little.  "I'll do my best."

"That's all he's ever going to ask of you." Eric smiled, and stood up.  "Just relax, we'll be there shortly."  He got up, and looked at Jack with a smile.  "Oh, and no cumming.  You're going to need your strength."  Jack nodded, trying to get comfortable on the floor.

Eric left the room, closed the door, and walked down the hall of his ship.  "Lock the doors, and make sure the recruit is safe and secure." He said with authority.

"Confirmed." The ship's voice said.   "ETA to Trainer's ship 5 minutes."

"Copy that." Eric said, settling into the captain's chair and putting his headset on.  "As soon as we're in range, patch us into the ship's controls for standard docking procedure."  The ship chimed to confirm.

Jack sat on the bed and felt the room shudder a little.  He tried not to be too excited, he had no idea what was coming but he was going to try to enjoy it.  He could always get a ride home with Eric if the trainer guy didn't like him.  This had to be a big RV or something, a boat perhaps?  Eric finally came back into the room with a warm smile.  "Ok!  We're here!  Follow me."

"Without...." Jack said, and then thought about it.  "I suppose he wants his boys naked?"

"Good thinking." Eric said.  "Don't worry, you'll be comfortable in no time."  Eric put his arm around Jack, and led him out.  Eric was careful to not let Jack turn around, just kept him walking forward.  The two of them walked down an empty hall, then to a door.  Eric opened the door, and Jack saw another hallway to another room. 

"Where are we?" Jack asked nervously.

"You're here, that's all you need to know." Eric said softly.  "This is the training facility.  You'll be trained here with other slaveboys in your class.  You'll really like it."  Jack just nodded, looking around him.  "Just relax!  You'll enjoy yourself!  I know you will."  They walked to a simple doorway.   They walked in together, and there was what looked like an elaborate bondage chair in the center of the room.  The lighting was such that Jack couldn't see anything but the chair..  "Ok, now I've gotta put you in this."

"That looks scary." Jack said, shivering.

"It's not as bad as it looks." Eric said.  "It's just to get you ready, test you out a little.  It's going to help you get into the place you need to be."  Eric guided Jack to the chair, and helped him sit down with a slight forward lean.  "Ok, I'll talk you through it.  First we're going to put your arms in here."  And he did.  Jack's erection was painfully obvious, and Eric smiled.  "See?  You like it already!"  Jack blushed.  "Now we put your ankles in here.  And a few more things, like the chest and hips...  so you're totally strapped in and wonderfully helpless."  Eric sat back with a smile.  "Damn you look hot like that.  I wish I could do you here like back at the apartment."  Jack blushed again.

"The next part is a little uncomfortable, but I think you won't mind it.  A small plug up the backside to flush you out.  Ready?"  Jack nodded, and he felt a little pressure up his hole, but it wasn't uncomfortable.  "Ok, all done.  I'm going to put the cock piece on you and the headset, and then your training starts."

"That wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be." Jack said, watching Eric work.  "I thought you'd be like Master Charles.  That hurt."  Jack's voice cracked as he talked, trying to get rid of nervous energy.

"You are kinda a loose one." Eric said.  "And I know you like it up the ass, don't 'cha boy?"  Jack's face felt red hot.  "One more thing, and it's this last fitting.  Then your prep will really begin."

Jack watched as Eric put the piece over his painfully hard erection.  Jack watched Eric work, then looked up at him.  "Will you stay here for some of it?  If it doesn't work out I mean?  If he doesn't like me can you help me get home?"

"I'll be here a while boy." Eric said with a smile.  "You may not see me, but I'm here.  But just relax, be yourself, and the Trainer will give you what you've always wanted.  He'll train you, and you'll love how he treats his boys.  I know it will be everything you wanted."  He smiled to Jack, who smiled back.  "Ready to start?"

Jack took in a deep breath, and let it out fast.  "Yes." Jack said.  "I'm ready."

"Good boy." Eric brought a piece down around Jacks head, not touching him but covering his eyes and ears.  "You'll do just fine.  I know you will.  Now relax, and let the process happen."  Jack only nodded, breathing hard in his binds.  Eric smiled as he left the room.  The room got suddenly dark.  Then he could see a dim light in the headset like a television being turned on.

Jack felt his body buzz.  Not uncomfortably but it wasn't helping his painfully hard erection.  In front of his eyes, Jack saw lights begin to turn on, and become something of substance.  He watched as they slowly shifted into patterns.  Each eye got a slightly different view, and he could see the patterns in three dimensions.  His breathing got easier, the chair didn't feel as cold, the binds felt comfortable, all things adjusted as he sit there just watching the patterns scroll by.  All that mattered was the patterns.  The beautiful patterns.

Eric pushed the intercom button once.  It crackled to life.  "Yes, come." The door opened smoothly.

Eric entered the room, stopped and got down on a knee, bowed his head and looked back up.  "Trainer, I have brought you a recruit from Sola-3.  I have faith that he will be a good slave for training as I selected him from many candidates."

A large form got up from his chair.  "Very good Eric.  You again please me.  You may not be the most prolific agent but your choices always fetch me the most money."  The large form walked around the table.  "Your quality makes up for your quantity."

"Thank you Sir." Eric said as he stood back up.  "My ship is docked, I am prepared to head back as soon as you clear me."

"I will need to make sure this one can survive the first change." The figure said.  "Once I do, you may return to Sola-3."  Eric nodded.  "In the meanwhile, I would like to discuss your payments."

Jack felt himself relax more and more, staring at the patterns as they formed and changed before him.  He began to hear voices through some speakers in the dome over his head.  "...are a slave.  You are a slave.  Your place is that of property.  You are property.  You will serve your owner."  Jack's shaft pulsated with the words.  It was starting!  This was real!  He smiled, welcoming the message.  It spoke to him in a way that made him feel comfort and belonging.  The voice continued to speak to him in soothing tones, Jack let himself give into it.

He felt his body convulse once, causing the metal that bound him to rattle.  His skin began to tingle.  He tried to feel what was happening, but the sensations were too intense to feel a single area.  His head was craned back, and his mouth opened in a silent gasp of pleasure.  He felt heat in his mouth and around his head entirely.  He could feel the skin on top of his head suddenly cool, feeling the sweat pour down his scalp and to his neck.

Then there was a sensation of pulling.  His feet felt like they were being stretched.  Just over his ass at the end of his spine something pulled out from his bare flesh.  His head felt like it was being compressed, then his mouth pulled forward, then pushed in ways it shouldn't be able to be.  His mouth, his ears, his nose, all being changed.  Hypnosis?  Mind control?  It hurt to think about it.  Easer to just submit, to just submit.

The tingle over his body intensified, he felt like he was sweating all over his body all at once through raw skin.  It lasted only moments.  It was scary, but it felt good.  It felt very good.  The more he gave in, the better it felt.  He opened his mouth and let out a first groan, but he could barely hear himself.  All the sensations were overwhelming him.  He couldn't keep track of all the things happening to him, but it was easier not to try.  Not to try.  Just relaxing.  Just letting it happen.

Jack tried to look around but found his eyes fixated on the patterns.  He couldn't move his eyes.  He didn't want to move them.  Obedience is rewarded.  Watch the patterns, be the patterns, be obedient to the voice.  Obedience is rewarded.  He began to moan, feeling his shaft being pulled and massaged.

Warmth filled his belly as the hose attached in his ass pushed something into him.  He groaned louder as the sensation of being filled made him want to squirm.  "Stay still slave." He heard a male voice say.  It wasn't the same voice, but it was a direct order.  "Do not move."

"I'm sorry Sir." Jack stammered out.  He felt his muscles tighten up and seem to expand in his calves and thighs.  The sensation ran up to his stomach and chest, and down his arms.  His body felt like a spring being coiled, like he was stronger and ready to pounce on something.  His hands spasmed open, and he felt them being pushed somehow, puffy sensations in his hands and feet.  He felt the heat in his belly flushed out, and he could hear the liquid from his insides flush away down a tube.

Silence.  He could only hear himself panting, feeling his body react to things differently.  He didn't feel cold, he didn't feel anything.  He just felt focused on the act of submission.  He tried to feel his body, what happened to it, but he just could not feel it. 
Without warning, a solid throbbing sensation wrapped his rock hard shaft.  The intensity made him let out a loud moan as he felt himself being massaged.  The throbbing sensation was constant, unrelenting.  Jack panted harder, finally hearing himself almost going hoarse with each deeper breath.  He tried not to move at all, and clenched his hands around something that felt soft.  He let out a loud wail of pleasure, then another, then again.  He could barely hear the voice in his ears over his own cries of pleasure.  Each deep breath was the start of another loud moan.

He endured on, making loud groans and moans.  Suddenly, he felt another sensation deep in his ass, something was probing.  It hit spots inside him, finally hitting something specific.  Jack opened his eyes wider and let out a loud screaming groan as his whole body tensed up.  He kept breathing in hard breaths and releasing them in long, loud cries of pleasure.  He knew he was on the verge, he was fighting it every step of the way.  Obedience.  Must be obedient.  Must obey Master.

"This is incredible." One tech said.  "Normally they've popped by now."

"I know." The other one said, watching the gauges.  "We need to alert the Trainer."

"On it."

Eric nodded.  "Very reasonable.  I can continue my efforts for you easily."

"It's settled then." The Trainer said.  A red light blinked on the console.  "yes?"

"It's 073 Sir." The voice said.  "We have a slight delay."

"Slight?"  Trainer looked at Eric, who only smiled with a knowing grin.   "Show me."

The desk holographic projector showed the readings of slave 073.  The meters were almost maxed out.  The slave was writhing in his bondage, groaning and moaning like he was in either horrifying pain or extreme pleasure.  He was pulling at his binds, thrashing back and forth.  Tears were streaming down his face as he obviously fought against the machine.  "We've had him on maximums for a full minute Sir.  He still hasn't finished."

The Trainer looked at Eric, who motioned at the holographic image with a smile.  The Trainer pushed a button in the holographic space.

Jack heard a booming voice in his head.  "This is your Trainer, slave.  Why have you not cum?"

"Need...  permission...  Sir..." he panted out, barely able to break his concentration.  But he didn't want to cum without permission.  To do so would be very bad, and he knew it.  Obedience is rewarded.  Slaves have to ask before they can finish.  He would be obedient to his new Master in his first true test.

Trainer nodded, watching the figure clench his fists and clench his teeth.  "Permission granted slave.  Cum."

Jack let go of everything.  "THANK YOU SIR!!! THAAHHHHHH!!"  He never got any other words out.  He exploded with as much force as he could into the tube attached to his shaft.  The only sound he could make were loud grunts and tormented cries of ecstasy.  His whole body tensed up and pushed his cum out his shaft.  His eyes glazed over as he was milked for every drop he could produce.  He felt like his orgasm was lasting forever.

Finally, he dropped limp into the binds that held him.  He was panting hard, too weak to even look up.  "Thank you Master Trainer." He whispered.  "Thank you.  Thank you...  Thhh...  Thnk..."  He ran out of energy, and passed out in the chair.  The lights in his headset went dark.  He was passed out in his shackles.

Trainer watched the display, and then looked back to Eric.  Eric nodded with a smile.  "Interesting." Trainer said.  "073, correct?"

"Yes sir." The speaker said.

"Place him in stasis, and mark his chart for personal review.  I want to keep an eye on this one." Trainer said.

"Yes Sir."  The speaker clicked once, and the hologram went out.

Trainer looked at Eric.  Eric pointed at the empty desk.  "I believe you may be fetching a hefty markup for this one."  Eric nodded his head with a grin.  "He was born for this."

073 : Chapter 2

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