Chapter 2

by : Socks
© 2006 Socks Furrotica

He woke up in a haze.  Things were dark, and he couldn't move anything.  He relaxed, and tried to feel his whole body.  He felt like he was wrapped in a fuzzy blanket, except for the warmth of a collar.  He had a collar around his throat.  He took comfort in that, it meant he was claimed or at least in for some fun.  It felt warm, it had been on him a while.  But you don't get a collar until...

He heard a hissing sound, and a wall opened up directly in front of him.  "Vitals normal, stabilized.  He's healthy Sir." The voice didn't speak English, but he knew what was being said.

The world rotated slowly, he was being brought from laying down to standing inside some chamber, and he saw figures through his blurry vision.  Very soon, he saw a figure of a very imposing male.  He was tall, strong, and he saw the long ears on top of his head that stuck up.  Somehow, this made sense so he wasn't scared.  "Welcome, Slave 073." The man said.  "I am Master Trainer.  You may call me Master, or Sir.  Do you understand?"

"Yes Master." He said with a weak nod, still trying to see details without squinting.

"Very good.  In a moment, you will be taken to the slave quarters."  Master Trainer reached to the collar, and clicked something on it.  "You may converse with the other slaves.  You may not do anything intimate or sexual with them.  You are allowed to touch or shake paws, but nothing below your waist.  And you may not touch your own genitals or orgasm.  Your orientation will begin in a few hours.  Do you understand slave 073?"

"Yes Master, I understand." He said, still trying to make sense of the blurry world.  Master nodded.  073 was helped out of his tube, and held by the wrists gently.  He was so overwhelmed with the situation that nothing was quite registering until he was safely in the slave quarters.  It was all a blur of hallways and turns.  He was shown which bunk was his, and left there with a few others who looked equally as confused.

As he sat on his top bunk, he kept blinking until he could see normally.  The haze in his mind cleared, and he tried to take some stock in what was happening.   He finally looked at himself with clear vision.  He saw his body, or as much of it as he could see, was covered in a fine brown fur.  He ran his hand...  no it was a paw.  That's right.  He ran his paw over the fur, and barely saw his flesh under it.  His feet were huge now.  He used his hands to explore as much of himself as he could.

He felt his tail, a small one with a fine tip on it.  It made him sit up and sent tingles up his spine.  He smiled, and inspected it as best he could.  From what he could see it was a lighter brown fur than his body, almost matching his chest fur in a way.  He saw he had an underbelly or lighter brown fur as well and...  "Oh wow."  He looked at his furred sheath and well proportioned testicles.  He wanted to reach to feel them, but knew it wasn't allowed.  He ran his paws over his head instead, and felt that fur.  He also felt his long ears as they rolled gently off the back of his head and down his back.

"073." He said quietly to himself.  He ran his paws along the back of his head to a leather collar around his neck.  "I am zero seven three."  He felt an inner comfort to the knowledge, and he could feel himself getting aroused at the thoughts.  He felt the collar, and he could tell it wasn't coming off.  No buckles, no fastener he could tell.  But in the center was a round piece of metal, but he couldn't tell what it said.

He thought about it, and realized what happened.  He was here, somehow he was changed into this hybrid of human and rabbit, and now he was going to be trained by this other rabbit Master Trainer to be a slave.  A part of him wanted to be repulsed or horrified, but he couldn't be.  It made sense that he would be transformed into something like his Master's image.  He took comfort in it, it was perfect.  The fur was a little odd, but...

"NFFFF!"  073 looked over to the noise, and another rabbit creature was stroking himself off with everything he had.  "Ahh!  MMM!  Oh..."  The other rabbit bit his lip and came into his paw.  The grey and brown dappled slave rabbit let his body relax, and he wiped it off on the bed he was on.  Lazily, he looked over to 073.  "What?  I was horny."

"We're not supposed to do that." 073 said.

"They're not watching." The other said.  "Besides it takes the edge off.  I'm Sam."

"I'm slave zero seven three."

"Don't you have a real name?"

"073." He said.  "It's who I am now.  I think we're all slaves now."

"Bullshit." Sam said.  "As soon as I can find a way out of here I won't be."  073 shrugged, and sat back in his bunk.  Sam lay back in his own bunk, avoiding his small stain he left. 

073 watched a few others come in, and gauged their reactions.  Some were scared, some were docile, some were combative, some stroked themselves off and some tried to hit on the others.  A few tried to pair up, and it was obvious who was gay and who wasn't very quickly.

He saw another one led to a spot under his bunk, and he looked over the edge.  A grey rabbit, lop eared like the rest of them were, was doing what 073 had done earlier.  073 could see his collar, a black one with what looked like two metal square rivets on it, one in the back and one in the front.  The front rivet had an attachment ring, and this grey rabbit had a tag that simply read "088". 

The grey rabbit inspected himself for several minutes as 073 watched.  088 finally looked up to 073 looking down at him.  "I can't believe this."

"Me neither." 073 said.  "I'm still figuring out what happened."

"Yeah." The gray rabbit said.  "I'm 88.  Who are you?"

"073."  He offered his paw, 88 took it.  "Looks like we're bunkmates."

"Yeah." 88 said, standing up next to the bunk and barely clearing the top of the mattress with his muzzle.  "I didn't know they'd do this.  I mean the fur and all that."

"Me neither." 073 said.  "But I'm enjoying it.  Actually, it's not so bad."

"I know." 88 said with a smile.  "I just wish I could be anything but all gray.  I mean it's a little bland, but for what my handler told me about Master Trainer it's worth it.  If he wanted to make me into an armadillo, I wouldn't complain if my handler was telling the truth." He looked at 73 with a smile.  "You're cute, you know."

"So are you." 73 said with a smile too.  "Do you think it's going to be rough?"

"A little." 88 said.  "But it has to be better than my last Master.  I mean he was a real...."

A tone was heard, and all in the room looked at where it came from.  A speaker barked orders.  "It's time for your orientation.  Stand next to your bunks and be ready."  They all did, to one extent or another.  The door opened up, and two other rabbit-like men walked in the room.  They looked imposing and strong, ears straight up, arms packed with muscle...  73 watched them trying not to lick his lips.  One by one, the slaves were led out of the room.

They approached 073, and gently held him by each wrist.  He went with them quietly, being led to a chair like he had been when he first arrived.  They strapped his wrists and ankles into the chair, and then attached the collar to the back of the chair.  They patted him on the shoulder, and the chair moved into another room by itself.

In moments the small room was filled with the slave rabbits.  073 could barely see about 20.  All the chairs were facing the front of the room in a few rows.  Soon, the male that greeted him earlier stood before them all.  He was dressed in almost a greek or roman costume.  He wore a flowing white and red toga, except there were very basic differences.  He had a metallic whip on his belt, as well as what looked like a remote control in a pocket that didn't seem to belong in the toga.

"Slaves." He said.  His voice was pure authority, and 073 melted into it.  "I am your trainer.  You will call me Master, Master Trainer, or Sir.  This is your new life.  You are a slave.  You are property.  No more, no less.  It is my job to bring you to see this fact, and to accept your new lives.  For the next few weeks, I own you.  Your minds, your bodies, your souls, all are mine to control.  I have absolute power over you all."

He reached to the remote control, and tapped a few buttons.  "I will demonstrate.  You all have permission."  There was no time to ask questions, and the room was filled with gasps.  073 tried to moan, but found he physically couldn't.  He looked down between his legs.  His shaft almost sprung out of its furred sheath in its full glory.  He saw how it glistened, coated in what looked like so much pre that... 

The thought was lost instantly.  In moments he had an orgasm.  It wasn't thunderous, nor fulfilling.  There was no touching, there was no foreplay, simply fluid spurting out of him if he wanted it to or not.  And moments later, his shaft descended into his furred sheath.  The display lasted ten seconds, at the most.

"That will be the only time I will allow that." The Master said.  "I can also produce pain with the pleasure, but for now that will not be necessary."  He put the device away.  "I am not a cruel Master, but I can be if provoked.  My job is to train you, and make you ready for auction and delivery.  Once you are sold, you are the property of whoever buys you and no longer my problem."

He paced up and down the room.  "Your training has already begun.  I gave you all the same order, and some of you failed to heed it.  I will take care of your punishment soon enough.  But first, I will show you what I am forced to do with those who are overly combative, and refuse to accept their new place."  He motioned to a guard.  He nodded and opened the door he was next to.

Another chair floated into the room.  In it was another rabbit slave.  His fur was dappled black and brown.  He was heavily restrained except his mouth.  He was breathing hard, like he knew what was about to happen.  "This was slave 034.  He has been less than cooperative for his training sessions.  He has been purchased, but he has been purchased as a blank."  034's eyes got wide, and he tried to fight his binds.  "No use in fighting it now, you knew what you were doing."

Master trainer pushed a button on his remote.  "NO!  Please!  Don't do this!" the rabbit screamed.  "I'll get better!  I'll do what they say!  Don't do it!  NO!  NO!"  Master trainer took another tool off his belt, and clamped it on the testicles of the slave-bunny in the chair.  "NO!  PLEASE!  DON'T DO IT!   NO NO NO!"  Then 034 screamed in absolute agony as the electric arc ran across his testicles.

073 watched in horror, unable to turn away though he tried.  The screams became less terrified, and his breathing became easier.  He saw the tortured face of 034 slowly calm, and he could see that his grey eyes were becoming almost solid black.  His muzzle opened up, and his expression went almost completely blank.  034's fur began to change, shifting to a pure white.  As the fur went to his groin, the sheath that was there simply absorbed into the body.  The testicles were non existent, completely vaporized in the first moments of the process.  Soon, 034's whole body went into a neutral state, his black eyes unfocused directly ahead of him.  His muzzle open, bucked teeth exposed as he stared forward into space.

"I do not want to produce blanks." Master Trainer said, putting his paw on the shoulder of the now white rabbit.  "They do not sell as well and require reprogramming and possibly refurring by the end user."  He looked at the creature in the chair.  "Take this to pickup."  The guard bowed, and the chair glided out of the room.  Master trainer shook his head, and looked over his captive audience.

"Learn your lessons." Master trainer said.  "Your rules away from training are simple.  Obey my orders and my guard's orders.  Learn what we teach you.  No fighting amongst yourselves or you will be immediately blanked with no questions asked.  Punishment will be swift, but fair.  I do not want ill-tempered slaves being sold from my business.  You will only be allowed to touch your genitals for excrement release, and nothing else.  You will not have orgasms without permission.  Those of you who had unauthorized orgasms will remain here for punishment.  The rest of you will return to your quarters.  Your training begins in full tomorrow morning."

073's chair unlocked.  His feet hit the ground suddenly.  He looked around and a few others were like him, confused at what just happened.  A guard nodded to him.  073 looked at Master Trainer, bowed respectfully, and left the room with the others.  He didn't know if Master Trainer saw it or not, but it didn't matter.

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