Chapter 3

by : Socks
© 2006 Socks Furrotica

Weeks passed, and the training was grueling.  Some of the slaves toughed it out, many others complained the whole time.  Pranks were commonplace, as were punishments.  073 enjoyed the servitude, and the occasional training sessions to take the pain and punishment for not performing up to a high standard.  There were no favorites, but it was obvious in time who were the good students and who were not.

Near the final week of training, the guards entered the slave's quarters with clothing.  One by one, they were all issued garments for the evening.  73 knew it was roman in style, short togas with minimal decoration.  Servant's clothing.  They were trained how to wear them last week, along with dozens of other costumes.  "What's happening?" 088 asked to 73.  He twitched his whiskers in a way that 73 knew to be nervousness.

"I'm not sure." 73 answered.  "I haven't heard anything."  He helped 88 get dressed and 88 did the same for 73.

"We're being auctioned."  67 said.  "Fucker isn't gonna do anyting to us now, we've gotta look good for the audience."

"Sold?" 88 asked, almost frantically.  "Tonight?"

"Yeah." 67 said.  "That's what I think anyway."

88 clamped onto 73's paw with his own, and 73 turned to face him.  They looked into each other's eyes a moment.  They only looked into each other's eyes.  They both then rubbed their noses together, and 88 let out a nervous breath as he let 73's paw go.  88 nodded, 73 nodded back.

The tone sounded over the room, and the slave rabbits stood at the sides of their bunks.  Master Trainer walked in.  "Tonight, you all are going to show me what you have learned."  He walked between the bunks, looking over each slave.  "There is a dinner party tonight that I am hosting, and you all will now demonstrate to me, and my associates, what you have learned."

He looked at each slave and nodded to himself.  "Your rules for the night," he looked directly at 67 "And I'm sure you will all obey them."  He turned away, 67 scowled but dared not physically move.  "There is no sex tonight.  None.  You will service my guests with food and drink, and perhaps with light conversation if they are so inclined.  That is all.  You will not attempt to stow-away on their ships, you will not attempt to escape.  And you will obey the party coordinator when it comes time for the grand feast.  If you ruin any of the clothing or belongings of my guests, you will only wish you were blanked."  He looked around the room.  "Are there questions?"  The room was silent.  "You have five minutes to finish your preparations."  He walked out the room as the slaves finished getting dressed.

073 felt comfortable with his duties for the night.  He brought out cheese, wine, and otherwise quietly mingled with the guests.  He was happy to see all of them were like him, rabbit-morphs.  But he noticed that all of the guests had ears upright, like Master Trainer and the guards.  He quickly realized he could tell the slaves to the guests just by ear position.  He realized that this was a societal norm, slaves all were ears down.  He felt like his memories were being jogged for the first time, seeing the social hierarchy in context made raw knowledge make sense.

He was walking back to the kitchen around mid evening with an empty tray when he heard a voice behind him.  "Excuse me." 73 turned gracefully to look at a female rabbit, extremely beautiful.  She was almost snow white with subtle markings of black and grey which seemed to accentuate her curves and form.  "Are you busy right now?"

"No Madam." 73 said with a courteous head bow.  "Is there something I can help you with?"

"Actually, yes." She said with a wink.  "There is something outside I need assistance with."  73 nodded, and followed her out one of the side doors onto an area that looked like a balcony.  On the edge of the balcony it looked like outer space was just on the other side of show windows.  She looked over his shoulder into the main ballroom, and smiled.  The female leaned against a balcony, and turned to face the slave.  "I love these types of ships." She said.  "I love seeing outer space like this."

"I can understand why." 73 said.  "It is very beautiful."

"Just like you." She said, leaning a bit further against the balcony.  "I'm not much into foreplay, so how about you just get on your knees and start licking?"  She used her paw to start to bring the folds of her clothing up to her thighs in a more than suggestive way.

73 stood still a moment, and sighed.  "I'm sorry Madam, I'm afraid I can't do that."

"Why not?" she asked.  "You have a tongue, you have knees, where's the problem?"

"Master Trainer has us under orders not to do anything of that nature with the guests." 73 said.  "I'm sorry, but I am not allowed to help you with this tonight."  He placed the tray in his left paw under his arm and stood up straight.

"He won't know." She said.  "And I won't tell if you do a good job of it."  73 just stood there.  "Ok, I order you to get on your knees."  73 only shook his head slowly, looking at her as he did.  "You disobey me?  You know I could have your hide for that."

"If I were your slave, Madam." 73 said.  "I'm sorry, but I simply can not accept orders that defy Master Trainer's."  Suddenly, a charm on his tunic beeped.  "I apologize, Madam, but if there is nothing else I can assist you with I am being summoned."

"How about sending another slaveboy who has a sense of adventure?" she asked sarcastically.

"I'm sorry to disappoint you, Madam.  I hope you enjoy the rest of the evening."  73 bowed slightly, and left the balcony with quiet footfalls.  The female stood up straight, and sighed.  She then looked at the camera over the door frame with a quizzical look, and shook her head as she went back inside.

Dinner was served, and the guests mingled with each other well into the evening.  73 was summoned into the back room before the party had completely wound down.  When he got there, one of the guards motioned him over.  "It's your turn to see Master Trainer." He said.  73 only nodded with a smile, and entered the back office.

Master Trainer was watching a holographic recording when 73 walked in.  73 stood in front of the desk, bowed respectfully and put both hands to his side.  Master Trainer stopped the recording as a hologram of 73 walked away from a female on his desk.  "Somehow, I'm not surprised 73."

"Master?"  73 cocked his head to the side.

"Your answer to her." Master Trainer said.  "It's almost reads word for word the lesson book."  73 only nodded.  "The strange part is that you didn't just answer like a machine.  You actually sound like you mean it."

"I do mean it Master." 73 said.

Master trainer turned the recording off, and it melted into the desk.  He leaned back in his chair, and looked at 73 sternly.  "So why?"  He asked.  "Why are you trying to be the head of the class?  Do you think you're going to get favors or a chance to escape or somehow get a nicer slave position?"

73 sighed.  "Permission to speak freely, Master?"

"Denied." Master Trainer said with a smile.  "You may speak openly, but never freely."

"Understood." 73 said with a slight bow and a smirk of his own.  He looked at Master as he spoke softly.  "I remember before training began back home.  I remember Eric and how we played together.  I remember playing master and slave games with him and others like him but Eric was different.  And when we did that, Eric and I, it felt comfortable."  He closed his eyes and sighed to himself.  "It felt different."

"I remember him ordering me to clear my week, and I did because I wanted to.  Not because he told me to do so.  I remember feeling so good when he ordered me to do things, that it was right.  When he said he was recruiting for you, and he learned everything he knew from you, I knew I had to come here to serve.  To not just play a slave for someone who says they're a master, but to be a slave for a real Master."  73 looked at Master Trainer, trying to gauge his opinion.  It wasn't working. 

"The other thing I know is that I wanted to serve.  I enjoy it.  I really, honestly do.  So when you greeted me as slave 73, it was right.  I am where I need to be.  This is what I was born to do.  My old life I never could really serve, except people that played it as a game.  It makes me happy to serve.  It makes me happy to please others and give myself."

He looked at his own paws.  "The whole rabbit thing is a little awkward, but I've even learned to love this body too."  He looked up to Master trainer.  "What I'm saying is that I don't want anything more than to be a servant, to make others happy, to serve them.  And to be a real slave is more than I could have hoped for.  Not just a game slave or a slave when it's sexually convenient, but..."  73 looked up, and tried to find words.  "Real.  That's the word.  It's real.  It's not a game, and that's why I mean it.  I'm not trying to be anything but who I am, and for the first time I can be what I really am."  He took in a deep breath, looking down a moment then back up to Master Trainer.  "And I am a slave."

Master Trainer put a finger on his muzzle, and rubbed his chin.  "So you didn't just refuse her because you're gay."  73 shook his head slowly no.  Master Trainer leaned back in his chair, looking over the slave rabbit with a trained eye.  "You know, whoever gets the high bid on you is going to really enjoy you."

"Thank you Master." 73 said with a slight bow.

"Go on, get back to the guests." He said.  73 bowed again, turned on his paws and walked out.  Master Trainer watched him leave, and just shook his head.  "Summon 74." He said to the air.

That night, 073 was sleeping.  Suddenly, he awoke to find his hands and ankles were being held down by force.  "Hey!  What gives?"

"Shut up." The voice said.  It was Sam.  "You've been such a suckup, we've decided to make you do something you'll get punished for.  So you'll get what we got."  Sam began to stroke 073's sheath.  "Serves you right, you're such a suckup."

"Don't do this 67." 73 said nervously.  "Please, don't do this."  He tried to wriggle out of his captors, but he couldn't even see who was holding him or how.  He struggled blindly, but got nowhere.

Sam grabbed 73 by the muzzle, and held it shut.  "That's enough out of you."  He stroked 73's shaft with his other hand.  "Now you're going to cum.  And when you do you're just as guilty as we are.  Cumming without permission punishment hurts like a motherfucker when he smacks your balls around.  Now you're going to feel it too."

He worked his paw expertly, and 73 thrashed his head and body back and forth.  73 couldn't break the holds of the other two, even though he was trying with all his might.  Sam stoked him slow, then fast, then faster.  73 began to breathe heavily through his nose, put his lower lip behind his bucked teeth, and clenched his paws.  He arched his back, and Sam thought he had him for a moment but 73 grunted and fell back into his bed still being held down.  For ten minutes Sam tried, and tried, and eventually he let go of the shaft when his arm got tired.

"Geez!  What the hell?" he said.  "You should be spooge city by now!"  He looked at the rabbit holding 73's ankles  "Ok, you stick your finger up his ass or grab his balls or something, we're gonna make him cum if it kills him."  73 tried to thrash loose in that moment, but suddenly felt his body stiffen up paralyzed.  The other three were frozen in place too.  His eyes opened wide, as he felt a pins and needles pain all over his body.  In moments, the guards removed the four of them from the quarters and had restrained all of them in separate cells. 

73 was placed in a room, and the door closed without a word being said to him.  The pain was gone, but he was left only with his thoughts.  In the distance he could hear the other three being punished with the neural whip, screaming in pain and begging for mercy.  Each whiz of the whip made 73 wince.  Soon his chin started to quiver, his eyes grew wide, and he realized after the third pause it was his turn. 

His tail twitched, he shook violently in his restraints, waiting for Master Trainer to come.  He was afraid, he was disappointed, he was beating himself up.  How could you let them do this to you?  Why didn't you fight harder?  Is being blanked better than letting Master Trainer down?  He couldn't close his eyes, he couldn't turn away, he could only face himself in the chair.

Master Trainer finally got to the room where 073 was being held.  He adjusted his jumpsuit slightly to get it to feel comfortable, and took the remote out of his pocket.   He took a breath, and opened the door.  He found the slave crying, staring right at him stuck in the stasis chair.  "I'm sorry Master." 73 said.  "I'm so sorry."

Master closed the door behind him softly.  "Why?  You were the one attacked, were you not?"  His voice was calm, almost fatherly.

73 tried to nod, but couldn't.  Master pushed a button on the control, and 73's body became his own to control again.  He immediately brought his paws up to his eyes and was crying and shaking uncontrollably, holding himself up with his arms.  "But I didn't fight back because I didn't want to be blanked and I tried to hold out but I was about to lose it and I didn't want to upset you or make you wake up to punish us and I'm so sorry for everything and I didn't want to let you down or anything because I..."

Master put his paw under the chin of 73, and used the other to gently brush 73's paws away from the his eyes.  "Shush."  Master was muzzle to muzzle with 73, and looking at him with a smile.  "It's ok."  The kind tone in his voice made 73 stop, and look up with puffy eyes.  He still had tears rolling out, and he kept sniffing as his nose stuffed up.

Master ran his fingers along the cheekbone of the slave.  "It wasn't your fault.  I saw what happened.  I'm proud of you for not losing your self discipline 73.  Most of the others would have just cum then blame the others for their own selfish desires."  Master wiped the tears away from 73's eyes as the slave sniffed, trying to regain himself.  "Yes, I am proud of you.  Every session I have one or two students who I am most proud of, and it's not just because of the money they fetch at market.  You're one of my best students ever.  Possibly my best student ever."

73 only nodded, sniffing between sobs as he calmed down.  Master picked up the slave rabbit out of the chair.  "But I should punish you for making me get out of bed."  73 only nodded, knowing he had to look his Master in the eye but afraid to.  "When you were brought here, my scout told me you were gay.  I want to make sure of that fact, that it's the truth?"

"Yes Master." 73 whispered out, using the back of his paw to wipe the fur around his eyes dry.

Master Trainer placed 073 down on the floor gently, and guided him to get on his knees.  "That's good." Master said, unzipping his jumpsuit effortlessly.  He tapped a few buttons on the remote control, and the room became lit differently in softer, more even lights.  "Normally I wouldn't use this method of punishment, but I think it's one that will not scar your body.  And I think it's one you will enjoy enough."

073 watched as the Master disrobed, and took a bottle of lube out of the pocket of his jumpsuit and placed it aside for the moment.  073 looked at the large sheath of his Master, and could smell the large amount of pre he was creating.  He could smell Master's desire.  The scents played in the back of his throat and shot up into his brain making his own sheath tingle to life.  His tail twitched without his thinking about it, and he looked up to his Master.  "Master?" he said in a whisper.  "You know I'm a little loud when...."

Master trainer put his finger on the bucked teeth of the slave, and smiled as wide as he could.  "I'm counting on that 73."

An hour or so later the guards opened the door, and 073 staggered back into the slave quarters.  He hobbled to his bed walking gingerly.  He pulled himself up into the bunk carefully, and rolled onto his side facing away from the room.  He felt the eyes of the rest of the slave rabbits fall away from him and he tried to rest.  He felt the bunk rustle, and a slight pressure on the side of the bed.  "Hey, you ok?"  He rolled over to the grey face of 088 in the dim room.  73 only nodded.  "It sounded like he was killing you in there."

"Almost ripped me apart." 73 said quietly.  "My throat hurts too."

88 rubbed his nose against 73's muzzle.  "I'm sorry I didn't stop them.  I was thinking if it was worth it to stop..."

"It's ok." 73 interrupted him, and weakly returned the gesture.  "I understand.  Rules are rules.  I'm not mad."  73 brought his paw up and rubbed the spot behind 88's ear that he liked.  88 cooed a little, and 73 let his paw go limp.  "But we should get back to sleep."

"Yeah." 88 said.  "If you need me, I'm down here."  73 nodded.  88 rubbed his muzzle against 73 gently, and then went back to his bunk.  73 brought the blanket over his chin, and smiled to himself as he twitched his tail.

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