Chapter 4

by : Socks
© 2006 Socks Furrotica

The slaves had the next day off.  They were told that they could have unrestricted sex, but no violent behavior would be tolerated.  73 cuddled with 88 in his bunk as others in the slave quarters were having unashamed sex in every corner.  Even the slaves who swore they were straight were enjoying the attentions of other males.

88 lay spooned inside 73's body as they watched the display of unrestrained slavebunny sex.  "So why aren't you having sex?"

"I should ask you the same thing." 73 said, kissing 88 on the cheek neck.  "But it just doesn't feel right.  Just fucking to fuck."

88 nodded.  "I know.  I keep feeling like it's another test."

73 put his hand on 88's belly fur.  "But I'd like to have sex with you."

88 smiled.  "And I you."  He held 73's paw in his own, and lay into 73's body.  "But I like this.  It's better than sex."  73 nodded, kissing 88 on the cheek as 88 helt 73's paw.  They lay there together almost the entire day cuddling and nuzzling each other tenderly, only stopping for meals and a mandatory recreation time outside the slave quarters.

In his office, Master Trainer was working nonstop.  He had a list of who was to be auctioned where, slave dossiers, and more.  The list of offers was good, including a few huge offers for a few of his class.  He took time to review some of the holovids from the slave quarters through the day, and smiled to himself.  This was a good class for him.

The next day, the slaves were standing next to their bunks before the attention tone.  73 looked over to 88.  "This is probably goodbye."  He said around the lump in his throat.

"I know." 88 said.  The two of them leaned into each other and rubbed muzzles again.  "I love you, you know."

"I know." 73 said sadly.  "Because I love you too."

The two of them held paws until the tone caught their attention.  "I hate goodbyes." 88 said.

"Then I won't say goodbye." 73 said with a sad expression.  They looked into each other's eyes as long as they dared, then stood at attention. 

The guards came in, and lined them up in numeric order.  Silently, they were brought to another room.  "You will stand on the stage in the red ring." The guard said with little emotion.  "You will stand still, and you will not move until you are told to leave the red ring.  Do not make gestures, do not make motions, and do not try to do anything but stand there.  065, enter the ring."

The parade was long, each slave entered and stood, looking at a wall.  067 was punished for making faces, but the rest was somewhat routine.  After the procedure, each slave rabbit was placed in one of the stasis chairs.  The chairs moved into a larger room that had a few devices in it that none of them had seen before.  There the chairs powered down, and they all waited.

73 tried to look at 88, but couldn't see him.  They sat for a long time, but sat silently as the chairs impaired their ability to speak.  Master trainer came into the room.  Quietly, he took out his controller and pressed several keys on it.  Four of the chairs glided out of the room, and the door closed.  "It is my pleasure to tell you that all of you have been purchased." He said.  "Which means you will not be blanked nor recycled to the next slave class."

There was a collective sigh through the room.  "As of this moment, you are no longer my slaves.  Just remember that you're not my slaves now, but I have had some come back to be to be blanked because they were uncooperative in their new homes.  So remember that you wouldn't be the first to return."  Master trainer looked over to a student he had reprimanded not more than two days ago.  "In fact, 067?  You were asked specifically to not be blanked."

"Wha?" 67 asked.

"No, in fact..."  He tapped on the controller.  67's chair lurched forward and into a specific position.  "Your purchaser has requested a few modifications."

"Modifications?" 67 asked.

"Modifications." Trainer said.  "Since we have the capability to modify and customize within reason, we were asked to give you specific modifications."  He pressed the button on the remote, and an arm from the device made a wild swing to 67.

A blue light emitted from the device, and 67 cringed in fear.  Then he realized the beam was focused on his genitals.  "Oh!" he took in a deep breath.  "Oooooooo!  That's nice!"  Soon the beam shifted to his sheath, and it swelled in size.  Then once more on the base of his tail, and he let out a long groan of pleasure.  "Oh yeah..." he said.  "That's a good one!"

Trainer smiled as the machine stopped.  "A 75% increase in the size and density of the male genitalia, and increased sensitivity in your nervous system for the pleasure pain response.  And an increase in your sex drive and ability to produce semen."   He motioned to the guards, who approached and stood to either side of his chair.  The restraints opened up, and his collar popped off his throat effortlessly.  "You are ready for delivery.  Congratulations."

067 looked at the other slave-bunnies and sneered at 073.  "Seeya suckers!"  He walked proudly out of the room with a swagger in his step.

Trainer smiled as the door closed.  "When he finds out who he's sold to, he won't be so proud of his big balls."  He looked at the controller in his paw.  "The woman who bought him wanted his attitude for her...  art.  He's going to hate those balls before the end of the week."  There was an uneasy laugh in the room.  "I can tell you that for the rest of you, your future is much kinder."  He tapped the controller again.  "076 for example will be going to a nice family who needs a light housework servant.  They requested no modifications, and will be picking you up in three days.  Until then, you will have time to yourself to familiarize yourself with your new duties."

One by one the slaves were brought to the front, told their new position, and most were modified in one way or another.  Some for looks, some for pleasure, some for both.  Each walked out the front door with guards on their sides, not holding their wrists.

Finally, there were only two left.  "088."  He looked at the grey bunny.  "I am proud to say you have been purchased by a dear friend of mine.  She needs someone to look after her home, and accompany her on travels.  She has informed me that she wanted you because you seem the most affectionate.  She also has requested specific modifications, but asked me not to tell you myself."

Trainer smiled as the machine ran robotic arms all along 088's body.  88 cooed and let out light moans as he was bathed in the machine's lights and energy.  Once it was done, the restraints popped loose and 88 was helped out of his chair.  His fur was now a darker grey with tan highlights through it that accentuated his appearance.  He also sported a little more musculature, and looked almost like an athlete or a guard.

88 looked at 73.  They both motioned at each other, as if they were rubbing muzzles in the air.  88 sighed, and walked out the door.  73 tried not to cry, but felt a tear roll down his cheek.

Trainer tapped the controller, and brought the last chair to the spot.  "And this leaves you, 73." He said.  "I have to admit that a few million credits for you was more than I expected."

"Thank you Sir." 73 said sadly.

"Except that you didn't get that much."  73 looked up at Trainer.  "Oh you were offered for, but I didn't take the offer."

"s...  Sir?" 73 stammered.  Trainer didn't say anything, he simply ran the program.  The light bathed 73's body, and the slave groaned in pure pleasure as it ran all the way through him.  The beam spent extra time under his tail, on his tail and through his back.  73 felt pleasure as the machine felt like it was taking it's time with him, letting him enjoy the process.  The machine stopped, and the restraints popped open.

Trainer helped the slave out of the restraint chair.  "No, you're one slave that I am going to keep." He said.  "I wouldn't fuck a slave otherwise, it makes you marked goods and damages resale value."

"Y...  you kept me?"

"Yes, I did."  He put his arm around the slave's shoulder and walked him out of the room himself.   "And don't think it was an easy decision.  I got an offer from a prince who said he'd pay me 3.5 million for you in metals and gems."

"A Prince?"  The slave felt thoroughly confused.  "Why didn't you sell me for that?"

He turned the slave, stopping them in the hallway of his ship, and looked the slave in the eye.  "Because I'm the Trainer." He said with a grin.  "And if my personal slave is the best in the galaxy, then what does that say about the others I sell?"

The slave smiled.  "I understand Sir." 

They walked down the hallways of Master's ship, watching the various guards and other personnel going about day to day business.  They walked into the crew quarters where the slave was informally given a quick tour of where things were.  Master led the slave into a small room down the hall from his own bedroom.  "These are your permanent quarters." He said.  "Now, you know what's about to happen, don't you?"

"My claiming." The slave said with a smile.  His sheath tingled as he was led to the king bed.

"Yes, my slave."  The Master said.  He removed all his own clothing.  "I want this to be special for you, for us both.  You're my first and only slave I plan on claiming, and I know you will serve me and my staff well."  He leaned over to the nightstand, and showed the slave a series of platinum rings of various sizes.  "You probably know the slave laws better than I do.  You know what most of these are."

"I do Master." The slave said softly.

"Master Quith." He said gently, tracing his finger along his slave's bare throat.  "You may call me by Master, Sir or Master Quith.  In private, you may call me Quith if it's necessary.  My wife always prefers to be called Mistress Quith."  The slave looked surprised.  "Oh yes." Master said with a smile.  "Happily mated for many years.  But we both have our sexual tastes we like to indulge.  She enjoys the occasional female companion or younger male as I enjoy the occasional male companion or sometimes sharing her with another male.  She knows, I know, and we're very open with each other.  I would recommend you be the same with her."

"I will, Master."

Master Quith nodded, lying down with the slave in the bed.  He traced his paw along the face of his slave, who cooed in pleasure at his touch.  Master Quith reached over to the bands, and placed them at the head of the bed.  He picked up the largest one.  "This is your slave collar.  With this I claim you as my slave, my property."  He placed the thin band around the slave's neck.  With a click, and the sound of fusing metal, the collar became permanently attached around the slave's throat.  "Should you ever be lost, the inscriptions are in trade.  Every major port in the galaxy will know who you are, and who you belong to."

The slave smiled, and enjoyed the almost snug feel against his neck.  Master took the slave's paws into his own.  "With these bracelets, I claim your paws as mine.  I will expect you to use them in my service and in the service of others I command of you."  The slave smiled and nodded.  Master then slowly dragged his paws down the slave's body, and brought his feet up.  "With these anklets, I claim your paws to walk and travel with me.  I will trust you with errands, I will trust you with liberties, and I will trust you to not exceed my boundaries."

Gently, Master rolled the slave onto his stomach.  He traced around the tail of the slave bunny, causing him to moan a little.  The slave felt something go around the base of his stubby tail, and the sound of a click and metal fusing, he felt something locked around the base of his tail.  He twitched it, and felt pleasure as he did so.  "The law does not require this, but of you, I do.  I am claiming your tail for my own pleasures, and others who I authorize to use it.  You will know who is allowed and who is not.  Your tail ring bears my mark, and your status as my slave.  Anyone who wants to mount you will know you're my property."

He rolled his slave over gently, and showed him one more semi-circular band.  The slave could see it also bore the markings of "slave", and Master Quith's symbol of ownership.  "This will not hurt you, but I need you to hold still."  Master placed the band at the base of the slave's furred sheath.  The slave propped himself on his elbows, and held still to watch.  The band was carefully placed, and then the same click was heard with the hiss of metal.  Master removed his paws.  "It's an invention of my own making.  Touch it, if you'd like."

The slave did, and he found that the band pierced around the bottom of his sheath while leaving plenty of room for his erection to slide through.  It didn't rotate, it was a permanent billboard that he was, indeed, a slave.  He looked up to his Master.  "Thank you Master Quith."

Master nodded.  "I will also give you a name.  You will be known as Preth, slave and property of the Quith family."  He ran his paw down the slave's cheek gently as he spoke.  "The name is that of a legendary servant to the gods.  He is not spoken of very much in our myths, but he is a servant of the gods after all.  In your case, I know it is fitting."

Preth's eyes watered up, and he hugged his Master.  "Thank you Master." He said.  "I promise I will not disappoint you."

"You won't." he said.  "I know that you won't."  He rolled Preth onto his back, and spread his legs.  Preth yielded effortlessly.  "I've created some changes in you to help reassure that.  One of my modifications to you was specifically because I know that women hold no interest to you.  But men do."  Preth looked up quizzically.  "Can you smell that?  Can you feel anything different?"

Master Quith let the question linger before kissing his slave deeply.  Preth threw himself into it, and felt his shaft push out of the sheath and past his slave ring for the first time.  Master pulled away slowly with a smile, stroking his slave's chest gently.  Preth took in a deep breath.  "Sweet?  That faint sweet smell?"  He twitched his tail, and something felt odd underneath it.  He looked at his Master quizzically.

"That is one of your modifications." Master said.  "When you are sexually stimulated, your hole produces a lubricant that will have a very nice pheromone effect on other males similarly inclined, and make it so much easier to mount you."  Preth smiled, and ran his paw along his Master's cheek.  He traced along the muzzle, along his bucked teeth, and along to the back of his head.  "It's very similar to what I did for 88."

The slave looked down, feeling a little guilt, then back up to the eyes of his owner.  "Master?" Preth quietly asked.  "May I know where he went?  Will I see him again?"

Master laughed softly.  "Oh, I think you will." He said with an amused tone.  "You see, I did sell him.  For one credit."  Preth perked his ears curiously.  Master smiled and ran his paw along his slave's chest and tight belly.  "My wife needed a companion, and the two of you will share quarters here."  Preth's eyes lit up.  "You see, she saw that the two of you had pair bonded while in training, and we both knew you would be miserable apart for long.  And seeing that he's second in the class behind you, it made sense to keep you both." 

Preth's ears perked and his muzzle crept into a smile as Master Quith talked.  "However, my wife insisted that she buy him so I wasn't technically keeping two slaves out of a lot.  So I haggled with her for a long time for one credit.  My wife can be very persuasive.  She also insisted you two have unlimited access to each other so you both can..."  Preth never let the statement finish.  He hugged and kissed his Master as the sweet scent got stronger in the room.

Preth woke up some time later.  Master had to leave, but his musky scent was everywhere.  Preth smiled, rubbing his belly gently and feeling more than a little filled. He got out of bed to look in the mirror.  His ears hung down gently, the platinum bands had fused seamlessly and contrasted against his fur in a very pleasing way.  Even his tail ring felt comfortable as he twitched his tail back and forth.  He explored his closet and drawers, and found his personal clothing and his companion's clothing.  He smiled, and made the room ready for his roommate.

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