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Preth walked to the female bunny, shaking his head.  "Girl, what are you doing?"

"Trying to make cleavage!" she said holding her breasts together.  "They want cleavage and I have none!"

"You have enough." Preth said.  "If you keep pressing them together you're going to give yourself a monoboob!  Then you'll have no cleavage to show hun!"

She huffed, and took off the top letting her perky, petite breasts hang free.  "The other girls have such nice tits!  Why didn't I get any?"

"You got what ya got hun." Preth said, picking up a top for her to wear.  "Here, put this on with those pants over there.

She held the simple bra with some golden disks hanging from the bottom, and looked at the sheer flowing pants he recommended.  "But these don't show anything up front."

"Because you got it in the hips." Preth said.  "Look, guys might like to look at the front, but when it's all said and done they're gonna want what's under that tail of yours.  So tease them with what ya got hun.  It's not about big tits, it's about what the other males think your Master will get later that night"

She sighed.  "But the other girls tits get them noticed.  Do you think if I asked Master Trainer nicely he'd give me something in a nice C or D?"  She pulled on the fur over her breasts, like she was trying to make them look larger.

Preth shook his head, and took off his vest and lowered his gypsy pants to show his hip motions clearly.  "Ok, you remember that move?  The one that looks like this?"  He performed a somewhat skilled shimmy.  She just nodded.  "What you do is during your solo, you slow it down."  He did, rolling his puffy tail seductively as it reached the end of the movement.  "About half or a fourth of the normal speed.  Don't do the whole routine, just the middle to end part with the last moves in it."

She watched as Preth danced in a slow, teasing way.  "Sensuality girl!" He spun around in place slowly with his steps, grinding his hips into the air and using his paws to trace along his abs and hips.  He danced as he spoke.  "When your solo comes up, make it look like you're straddling him and riding him until morning!  Nice and slow, show them exactly what you can give them in the sack!  Make them drool for it.  Lift one hip, lower it slowly, and rotate a little bit... work the figure eight like this..." 

He raised his arms over his head as he continued his demonstration.  "And do this so you can show that tight belly of yours.  Guys love an athletic woman with muscle control and flexibility.  Then slowly turn around, and show them the goods.  Teasing is the name of the game, make it a fantasy for them.  Make them dream of your ass when they're away from home.  And you gotta twitch the tail a little too to show you can control any muscle in your body."  He turned to her still dancing and grabbing his chest.  "Because hun you can't fuck a pair of tits."

She looked at him, biting her lower lip and letting out a soft grunt.  She then shook her head, and took in a deep breath.  "I wish you weren't gay."

"If I weren't I couldn't help you get ready, could I?"  She blinked a few times as he put his vest back on and readjusted his pants.  "Come on, put this on.  It'll show enough of your breasts to keep them interested and the shine will accentuate how much you can control that wonderful body when you move it slowly."

"What would I do without you?" she asked while adjusting her clothing.

"You'd have a monoboob." Preth said with a wink and a grin.  "Go make 'em give you a standing ovation."  She hugged him and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek before attaching the veil and heading to the stage.

Later that night, he checked on his Master and Mistress's room quietly.  They were sleeping, so he quietly closed the door.  He quietly made his way down the hall, and closed the door to his quarters gently.  "Have a good night?"  His mate looked up from his hand-held computer, putting it on the nightstand.

Preth looked up to Hestin, who was already naked in bed.  "Yeah, the girls are still trying to get used to sensuality over sexuality, but I have some more time before the final show.  I'll make sure they get it."

Hestin patted the bed next to him with a smile.  Preth joined him still dressed in his gypsy-like clothing.  Hestin took Preth's paw and guided him into the bed next to himself.  "You know you're really good at that.  Teaching."  Preth nodded.  Hestin rubbed muzzles with Preth, and undressed him slowly.  "Mistress will have me accompany her planet-side tomorrow." He said.  "Do you need anything?"

"No." Preth said softly, enjoying his mate's touch.  "I've been so busy with the harem that I haven't had time to use any of the things we've got."

Hestin nodded, and continued the slow disrobing.  "They won't let me in there.  Are they hot?"

"Very." Preth said, settling in and running his own paw along Hestin's long ear.  "You know, if you weren't bi they'd let you see them like I do.  I think Master can make that adjustment if you're so inclined."

"Sorry love." Hestin said.  "I'm happy swinging to both sides."  Hestin removed Preth's pants, and let them slide off the bed to the floor.  The two of them cuddled with each other.  "And I've got more than enough tail to make me happy."  They rubbed muzzles again, and gave each other gentle kisses.

Preth ran his paw along Hestin's golden collar, reading it again for the few hundredth time.  He was happy Master and Mistress allowed them both to have one more engraving on their collars after they were claimed.  They lay together for a while, until Hestin shuffled a little to lie inside Preth's body and holding his paw.  Preth kissed his mate on the cheek, and brought the sheets up to their chins.  Hestin reached up to the nightstand and turned off the lights.  They drifted into sleep in each other's embrace.

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