"Dragon.  Female.  Quadruped."

Written by : Socks the Catt
©2002 Socks Furrotica Press, All rights reserved

"Dragon.  Female.  Quadruped."

Joe looked at the vial in his hands, shaking.  He couldn't really believe what he had in his hands was real.  In a way, he still didn't believe it was possible.  This kind of thing was only reserved to masturbation fantasies and online stories.  But the vial was real.  The money he spent for it was real, and now here it was.

In the box was the other vial, marked "Dragon  Male  Quadruped", and the instruction sheet.  He had already read it a hundred times, it was short and to the point.  The transformation would take a few months, his final form would be a large dog sized dragon with the capability to fly, and he would become a female.  And all he needed to do was drink the contents, and the change would be unstoppable.  According to the instructions, he also needed to find another to be his "life partner".

Joe put the vial back in the box, and made a phone call.  It rang four times.  "Yo!  You've reached Terry's line!  Leave a message, I'll get ya back!" and a beep.

"Terry.  It's Joe.  Pick up."

The phone beeped, and Terry came on.  "Yah man!  What's up?"

"Remember all those talks we had?" Joe asked, trying to stay calm.  "About becoming a dragon?"

"Yah!  Why?"

"It's here."


"You mean you really got it?" Terry asked.

"Yeah." Joe said.  "So I want to know if you were serious."

After a moment of silence, Terry finally coughed.  "Come over, bring the stuff.  We'll talk."

Joe did, and they spent hours talking about that this would mean.  Would the stuff work?  What if it was bogus?  Who would they find to be the other dragon to make the mated pair?  Did Joe really want to be a female?  Could Joe really take on two dragons as pets for the rest of his life?  So many questions, so many things to address.

At the end of the night, They decided.  In the next weeks, Joe did all the things he wanted to do to, basically wrap up his life as he knew it.  He gave a month's notice at his job.  He sold his belongings.  He made peace with people he knew he'd never see again as a human.  And then the phone call he dreaded.  His parents did not know what to make of it, and thought he was speaking in metaphor.  It was a gut-wrenching call that hurt him to make.  But, after he did, he felt lighter in spirit.

The instruction sheet said that the change could take anywhere from three to five months, but the person should have lots of free time to explore his or her changes.  When the day arrived, Joe drove his car to Terry's house and parked in the garage.  He took out the last things he owned, things he didn't want to part with, and brought them into the house.

Terry met him at the door, and hugged him as he walked in.  "I won't even ask you if you want out, I know you don't." Terry said.  "But I'll give you one last chance to have anything you want.  An orgasm or a lay, or just a coke or something?"

"No." Joe said.  "Let's do this thing."

Terry brought Joe into the living room, where the vial was sitting on the table.  "I'm still in a little bit of disbelief that this is really happening."

"Me too." Joe said, sitting down and looking at the vial.  "I'm a little bit scared here.  If it's poison or something I'm screwed."

"I'll call 911." Terry said.  "I won't make you drink that.  You gotta do it yourself."

Joe picked up the vial, his hand shaking.  He unscrewed the cap, and sniffed it.  Odorless.  He took in a deep breath.  And, without ceremony, downed it in one swallow.  And, nothing happened.  No violent fits, no throwing up, not even a tingle as it went down.  He put the vial down, and looked to Terry.  Terry had the phone in his hand, ready to dial.  Joe shrugged his shoulders.  "That wasn't so bad."

"I'm holding onto this anyway." Terry said, putting he phone on his belt loop.  "How does it feel to be a dragoness?"

Joe thought a moment.  "Not too different.  Yet.  We'll see what happens."

"Sounds good." Terry said.  "How will we know if it worked?"

"No idea." Joe said.  "I hope we'll see something."

The next morning, Joe woke up in Terry's house.  He was sleeping in the spare bedroom until further notice.  He wandered in the bathroom for his usual morning routine, and looked at himself in the mirror.  He still had his hair, he didn't have wings, a tail, or scales, and he shrugged to himself.  Then he looked at his eyes.  This usual brown eyes took on a lighter tone in the night, taking on a slightly golden appearance.  He felt a surge in his crotch, as he looked into his own eyes intently.  His iris was different, not as round as it was, slightly almond shaped like a cat.

"Nothing happened yet dude." Terry said.  Joe turned to look at him, sporting an obvious erection.  Joe pointed to his eyes with excitement, and Terry leaned in to look, then smiled.  "I guess I was wrong!"

"This is SO cool!" Joe said with excitement.  "It's starting!!!  It's really starting!"

"Calm down a bit." Terry said.  "I won't believe it until I see your dick fall off."  They both laughed.  "Hey, umm, last night, I was thinking.  I think I know someone who would go for being your mate."

"You think?" Joe asked.

"He's a long time friend of mine." Terry explained.  "I chatted with him when we started talking about all this a while ago."  Joe nodded.  "Last night I found him online and he said if it worked, he'd come by and think about it."

Joe nodded.  "So who is it?"

"You don't know Mike, do you?" Terry asked.  "Goes by the nickname Ice Glider?"  Joe nodded, he was a dragon fur too.  They were good online friends, but nothing more beyond that.  "He lives around here.  He's gonna stop by later."

Mike showed up after work, and talked with Joe and Terry for hours.  They had a repeat of their conversation from a few weeks ago, but this time Mike was asking the questions.  Finally, Mike looked to Joe.  "Ok, let me ask something point blank here.  We're going to be a mated pair, right?"

"The instructions said it would happen that way." Joe said.  "But I'm not sure what that meant."

Mike cinched himself over to Joe, and sat close to him.  "OK then.  I don't want to do this unless you're totally cool about me having sex with you." Mike said.  "I know we've yiffed online, but this is different.  This is like long term.  How long do we live after it's done?"

"I don't know." Joe said.  "But I can answer your question.  Yes, I'm comfortable with it.  I wouldn't have done anything online with you unless I was.  Are you ok with it?"

Mike nodded.  "Hey, I just wanted to make sure.  If you don't mind, I'm in."  He looked to Terry.  "Need a nice car?  If this works, I won't have a use for it."

Terry laughed.  "I've already have Joe's!"  Mike grinned.  "But, let's get one thing clear here.  If you're both staying here, you're not gonna wreck the place, are ya?"

"No more than usual." Joe said.  All three laughed.

That night, Mike uncapped the vial and looked at it.  "Down the hatch, huh?"  And drank it.  After a few seconds, he began to choke and violently lurched forward gasping for air.  Joe and Terry jumped to help him, and Mike sat up grinning.  "Gotcha!"  Joe and Terry both tackled him and hit him jokingly with pillows.  "I was KIDDING!" he yelled, covering himself  with his arms.

A week later, Joe woke up to do his morning routine.  His eyes had fully changed from brown to gold a few days ago, and every day he did an inventory of himself to see what had changed.  This morning, he noticed that his skin was drying up, and scaling up between his legs on his thighs.  He smiled to himself, and walked out of the bathroom.

He found Mike watching some TV in the living room wearing only sweatpants, and sat down next to him.  He looked over, and saw his eyes had completed their transformation fully as well, but his were a light blue.  He put his hand on Mike's leg, and Mike looked over.  "How are ya feeling?" he asked.

"Ok." Joe said.  "Yourself?"

"Well, a bit worried."  Mike lowered his sweatpants belt, and showed Joe his crotch.  Joe didn't have time to complain, or say anything about it.  "I'm starting to get this seam here." He said, running his finger over it.  "It kinda looks like a pussy or something forming here."

Joe looked at Mike's penis, and it indeed looked to be pulling backwards into his body.  "Did all your hair fall out or something?" He asked.

"Naw." Mike said.  "I always shaved it."  Joe nodded, still in shock.  "Look, if we're gonna be mates I'm going to see you naked all the time.  I'm just trying to get used to it, that's all."

Joe sat for a moment, and then removed his own sweatpants.  "I've still got mine." he said.  "But I think I'm starting to get my scales.  Here, look."  And he showed the patch to Mike.  Mike put his hand over it, and looked to Joe for permission.  Joe lowered his hand, and the two felt each other's bodies together.

That night Joe and Mike slept together, feeling comfortable.  Joe ran his hand over Mike's crotch, feeling he slit that was there.  Mike's penis has slid backards into this fold all day, but Joe could reach in with his fingers and still feel the tip.  Mike was reassured with this, and slept spoons with Joe that night, back to belly.

The next morning Joe's own penis had gotten smaller, as did his testicles.  Mike and Joe both reassured each other that everything would be all right.

A week or so later, Terry came home with groceries.  Joe met him at the door.  "Heya sweetie!" Joe perked.  "Mike went out to get the last of his things from his old place and hit up the bank."

Terry nodded, putting the food away.  "Sounds good.  Any progress today?"

Joe nodded.  "Yeah.  Can I show ya?"  Terry stopped, and turned to look at Joe who removed his sweats.  He turned around, and showed Terry a small tail, which was forming at the end of his spine, between his legs.

"WOW!" Terry said.  "That's real?"  Joe nodded. "Can I touch it:?  Does it hurt?"

"Yes, and no." Joe said.  "Doesn't hurt at all!  This whole thing hasn't hurt."  Terry touched the tail, feeling the bones more than the muscles.  "I'm getting this craving for meat though." Joe said.  "I think I need protein."

"I got some hamburger." Terry said.  Joe turned around to put his pants back on, and Terry stopped in his tracks.  "What happened to your balls?"

Joe froze in place, then looked down.  "They shrank." Joe said, very as-a-matter-of-factly.  He took Terry's hand, and placed it on his very shrunken testicle sac.  "They became hard to find yesterday, today I can't even feel them."

Terry ran his hands over the skin with some disbelief.  "And that doesn't bother you?"

"No!" Joe said.  "I wanted this!  I wanted to become this!  It's great!  I'm figuring that this will go soon too." Joe held his shrunken penis in his fingers.  "And that's ok too.  I like it."

Terry pulled his hand away suddenly.  "It's kinda a shock, ya know."

"I know." Joe said.  "I felt the same way when it started."

Mike came home a few hours later, and handed Terry some papers. "Ok, this is from the bank.  You need to sign it and go back with me tomorrow before I lose my hands.  I also need you to come with me down to the county courthouse tomorrow."

"Why?" Terry asked.

"You're going to adopt me." Mike said.  "And I'm having my name legally changed to Ice Glider."

Terry was taken back by all this.  "Wha?"  was all he could say.

Mike held Terry's hands.  "I know it's sudden, but it's the only way that I can do some of the things that may need to be done.  You might have to do it with Joe too."  Terry still looked confused.  "Hey, if I get sick, or you need to make a legal decision for me, you need to be my legal guardian.  My dad is a lawyer, he's going to handle it all.  I showed him what I'm doing, he's not happy with my decision but fuck it.  This is for both our sakes Terry." Mike said.  "I'm trying to protect your right to own me, when it comes down to it, and your right to make a decision for me if I can't make one for myself."

Terry's head was swimming as he just nodded.  "I think I understand." he stammered out.

Mike hugged his friend.  "I know it's sudden, but my dad was the one who brought it up.  That and I'm transferring all my property to you, you need to have some kind of legal ground to stand on here."  He looked to Joe.  "I want you to come with me too, I don' know how long we can still do these things, so I want to do them now."

The three walked out of the county courthouse together the next day.  Mike's name legally changed, and Terry now the adoptive father of "Ice Glider".  "Terry?  A word with you?"  The lawyer said.  Terry walked alone with Mike's dad.  "Mike told me all about what you're doing with him.  He showed me the changes so far." he said sternly.  "I gave you custody of him because he said you could care for him in a way I'm not prepared to."

"Yes sir." Terry said.

"But I want something in return." Terry gulped.  "I want to be able to come see Mike whenever I want to, and the same for my wife and family.  Even if he doesn't remember us, I want to see him."

Terry let out a sigh of relief.  "Any time, Mr. Patterson.  My home is your home."  He snickered.  "And I'll even sign a document to make that happen."

Mr. Patterson laughed.  "No need.  Mike says you're trustworthy, and as misguided as I think he is I trust his judgment.  Just be careful, and if anything goes wrong, I want you to call me."  The man handed Terry a business card.  Written on the back were a series of phone numbers and ways to contact him.  "You're family now, like it or not.  Don't disappoint me."

"I won't misplace your trust, Sir." Terry said, shaking Mr. Patterson's hand.  "Thank you for believing me."

"If you need to do this with Joe, let me know.  I'll help you with the paperwork" Mr. Patterson said.  Terry nodded.

A few more weeks passed.  Mike's changes had accelerated past Joe's, to the point that his skin was now covered in a deep blue hue, and his scales were emerging at a faster rate.  The both of them had begun to get smaller physically.  Both of them had their tails now, almost fully formed behind them.  Joe's slit had formed, and his hips had gotten wider.  Mike's own slit had formed over, and after some experimentation they found his penis had formed into a penis bone that would come out if properly stimulated.  They still hadn't had sex yet, but they were closer to each other than anyone they had ever been with before.

Mike stumbled out of the bedroom one morning, trying to balance on his toes.  He let out a yelp of pain as he fell, and Terry came running.  "I'm ok!" Mike said  "I'm ok!"

"No you're not!" Joe said, trying to hold him up.  "Try to relax."

Mike looked up to Joe, resting on his hands and feet.  "You've lost your hair."

Joe ran his hands over his head, and smiled.  "Yeah, I guess I have."  Joe knelt next to Mike.  "I think you may be stuck on all fours now."

"That's ok." Mike said.  "I'm glad I could do it first."  He took in a few deep breaths.  "I just hope my neck changes soon, it's hard to crane like this for long."  Mike balanced on his hands  and feet, finding it got easier if he stood still for a moment.

Terry looked to Joe, and saw how comfortable they looked together.  "At least your scales are starting to form in better." he said.  "Makes your tail look more like it belongs there."

"Starting to look the part now, finally." Joe said.  Before Terry had to go t work, Ice Glider was walking on all fours with ease, and he became comfortable in his new position.

That afternoon, Terry came home from work to hear an argument coming from his house.  He parked the car, and walked in to find Joe in tears.  His parents were in the living room, mom was crying and dad was red faced.  Joe looked to Terry with a pleading look.  He was naked, his golden scales gleaming with moisture.

"Is THIS this freak that did this to you?" the man asked.

"What?" Terry asked, barely able to put his backpack down.

"NO!" Joe screamed.  "I chose this, Dad!  It was MY choice!"

The man walked straight over to Terry, and put his finger in his chest.  "You WILL be hearing from my lawyers mister!  You better undo what you did to him!"

"But…  but…  I didn't do anything!  Joe was the…"

"That is not Joe!" the man screamed.  "That THING is not my son!"

"Harold!" the woman screamed.  "That's enough!"

"No!  It's not!" Mr. Kirshe screamed.  He turned to Joe, who was still crying.  "I disown you.  You want to be this..  THING, go ahead.  I'll have your god damned papers signed and sent to your owner here tomorrow."  He turned to face Terry.  "And you can do whatever the hell you want to him.  I don't have a son anymore!"

The man stormed out the door.  Mrs. Kirshe tried to follow him, but he was in his car and down the street before she could get to him.  She stopped in Terry's driveway, crying.  Terry and Joe went to the garage, and watched.  Terry finally went out to her, and put his hands on her shoulders.  She turned to him and cried in his shoulder.

A bit later Terry had poured some coffee into Mrs. Kirshe's cup.  Joe was sitting at the table in clothing now, talking to his mom.  Ice Glider walked into the room softly, still getting used to moving on all fours.  "Is it safe yet?"

"Yeah." Terry said.  "I think so."

Ice Glider walked on all fours next to Joe, and climbed up so his front paws were on the chair.  He was in obvious discomfort as his tail dragged a little on the floor.  "I'm sorry I couldn't help Joe." he said.  "These last few hours have hurt like a motherfu…."  The group heard a loud popping noise, and Ice's face cringed as his chest folded outward another inch.  He dug his fingers into the chair as another loud pop was heard, and his neck pulled his head backwards, forcing his chin parallel to the floor.  Ice let out a few loud grunts, biting back the pain.  He almost fell to the floor panting hard, trying not to scream in agony.

"Is this what will happen to Joe?" Mrs. Kirshe asked.

"I think so." Terry said.  "We figured that Mi…  Ice Glider's changes are going faster because he didn't have a gender change."

"Joe's not a man anymore?"

"No mom." Joe said.  "I'm going to become a dragoness.  A female.."

She leaned over to hold Joe's hand.  "When you said you were going to be changing forever, we thought you meant something else." she said tenderly.  "Your father has never been good at showing his feelings.  He wanted you to be a doctor, Joe."

"Are you mad at me, Mom?" Joe asked.

She sighed.  "I don't understand it, Joe." she said softly.  "But you're still my son.  Under that…  whatever your body is covered in, your heart is still there."  They both hugged across the table.

They all talked for a few hours, and eventually Terry gave Mrs. Kirshe a ride home.  When he got back, he saw Joe with Ice, on the floor of the living room.  Joe's snout was forming at a rapid rate, as was Ice's.  Joe held onto Ice, keeping him comfortable as he could.

Terry knelt down to Ice.  Ice looked up, his head becoming flatter and rounder as his snout was forming as they watched.  "I think I know why you're supposed to do this in pairs." Ice said, breathing hard.

"Why?" Terry asked.

"Because if I had to do this alone I don't know if I could." Ice said.  "You're gonna hate this part, Joe."

Joe snickered.  "I'll remember that."

Ice then had a look of horror on his face.  "Joe…  I'm about to…  loosse voccccccce."  His words slurred as he spoke, his throat rapidly losing it's ability to make human sounds.  "I love you, Joe.  I love you too, Terry." he said breathlessly.  "Tell my family..  I…  Loov theeeem tooo."  His breathing became more labored as his throat gave out, "Thank…  you..  bothhhhhhhhhhh."  he hissed as his tongue reformed as he spoke, along with his vocal chords.

Both watched as his eyes spoke volumes of terror.  Joe held him, hugging him with her whole body.  Ice whimpered softly, frightened, and tried to hug Joe with his smaller legs.  The two of them laid down on the floor for hours, holding onto each other in fear.  Terry left quietly, letting the two of them be together.

Later that day, Joe decided he would keep his name, only dropping the "E" on the end.  He made final preparations for what he saw Ice go through, not knowing when it would happen.

Jo woke up in the middle of the night with a scream of agony.  Ice woke up with a start, scanning the room for someone attacking Jo.  He looked to see her on the bed, her back arching as something was forming on her back.  Terry came running into the room himself, and turned on the lights.  Jo was writhing in pain, and Ice looked to Terry helplessly.

"Jo?"  Terry knelt down next to the bed.

"He was right.  he was right…" Jo said.  "This part hurts like a motherfucker."  Jo's chest popped, and she let out another scream as her chest folded as Ice's did before.  She let out a yell of pain.  "What I wouldn't give for some morphine." Jo said.

"I can get you something." Terry said.

"No." Jo said sternly.  "I can't take it, the sheet sssaid that.  I'm losing my voice Terry." Jo said.  Jo turned to Ice, who looked over her tenderly, with understanding in his light blue eyes.  "I love you too, Ice."  Their eyes locked, and for a moment, a connection was made deep into their souls.  Jo felt another pain wrack her body, and She yelped again.  "Terry?"

"I'm here." Terry said.

"If dad comes back, talk to him ok?" Terry nodded.  Jo closed her eyes.  "and thank you."  She licked Terry's face.  "I love you too."  Jo turned back to face Ice, and they looked into each other's eyes.  Jo cringing a few times as her bones popped and cracked.  With every cry of pain, Ice held her tightly, trying to protect her.  Ice ran his clawed hands over her body, trying to sooth her as she did for him earlier that day.

They both woke up the next morning, snuggled together.  The worst was over, they hoped quietly to themselves.  Ice's forelegs draped over Jo's body.  The two of them rubbed their snouts together, finding it easier to look around now.  They both stood up on the bed, on all fours.  They looked over each other quizzically, seeing how the other was truly animal like now.  Their necks had melted into their shoulders, they both stood on all fours, all four feet were wider.  So far, the transformation was good, and accelerating now hat they began to look the part.

Jo looked over Ice, and playfully nipped onto his back.  Ice turned his head all the way around, and saw what she was nipping at.  His wings had started to bud.

Over the next few weeks, the two of them became a terror around the house.  Until they both learned how to fold their wings onto their back, Terry had to remove everything breakable from tables and countertops.  They were being very inactive, for some reason.  Terry could never figure it out until Jo jumped up onto him one day and didn't knock him over.  She was lighter than Terry expected.  Their bone structure had changed, and it must have taken a lot out of them.

Eventually, they began to stand at the back door together.  It wasn't until Ice began to paw the door like a dog that Terry got the idea, and let the walk around outside.  They never went far, but they would go out enough to let themselves lay in the sunshine on the lawn, or use the tree like a bathroom.  One day, Terry was coming home and parking his car when a few kids came up to his driveway.  "You live here?"

"Yeah." Terry said. "Why?"

"We heard you have a dragon." the kid said.  Terry looked him over, probably 10 or so.  He was with a few friends, on their bikes.

"Well I might." Terry said.  "Why?"

"Samantha said you had one." the boy said, pointing to a girl on a bike next to him.  "I said they don't exist.  So she said we should come here and she'd show us."

Terry locked his car, and thought a moment.  "Tell ya what." he said.  "Wait here a minute, I'll see if it wants to come out, ok?"  They nodded, as he walked inside.  Once there, he called out "Jo!  Ice?  Where are you guys?"

Jo poked her head around a corner, and Ice came down the staircase energetically.  "There's a couple of kids outside asking about you.  You been in the backyard all day?"  Ice nodded, and Jo cocked her head to the side.  Their wings were almost fully formed, and both of them had been stretching them outside on a daily basis, trying to work their new muscles.  "Wanna go show off?"

Jo stretched her body out, the gold sheen seeming to glow.  Ice nodded again, and bounded for the door.  Terry laughed to himself.  "Ice, you're looking too much like a dog.  Stop that."  Ice stopped, and in jest raised his hindleg next to the table.  Terry laughed and opened the garage door.

"WOW!" the kids said, looking at the golden dragon who came out first.  Then the light blue one also came out of the garage door, and walked cautiously towards the kids.  "Can I touch it?"

"Sure!" Terry said.  "The gold one is Jo, and the blue one is Ice Glider."

The kids ran their hands over her had, and snout.  They felt her head ridges, as well as her wings and horns.  "Can he fly?"

"Well, HE is a SHE." Terry said.  "And she might be able to someday.  She's still kinda young yet."  Ice cautiously approached, and sniffed the kids.  He let out a throaty growl at one, who backed up.  "Ice!  Be nice!"  Ice never broke his stare at the boy, who backed away from the two.   The kids hung around for a while asking all sorts of questions.  "Now don't tell too many people, ok?" Terry asked.  The kids swore they wouldn't, and left excitedly.

When they got back inside, Terry knelt next to Ice.  "Why did you do that to him?"  Ice pawed at the carpet, and  working against the grain drew a large shape in to it.  Terrly looked.  "A knife?"  Ice nodded.  "Did you think he'd hurt her?"  Ice shrugged.  "I'll keep an eye for him Ice."  Ice took Terry's hand into his mouth, and gently bit on it, then released.   Terry learned this to mean "I understand" after a few days of confusion.  "Ok, ok.  Hey?  Where's Jo?"

Outside, Jo had climbed up the side of the brickwork of the chimney and stood on the roof.  Jo looked over the side, and spread her wings.  She churred in pleasure, feeling the wind under them.  She took in a few deep breaths, trying to clear her mind.

Terry followed Ice out the back door, and looked around.  He then looked up, and saw the gold dragon there, her wings spread.  He suddenly felt fear, did she know what she was doing?  What if she hurt herself?  "Jo!"  She looked down.  "I'll catch you if it doesn't work!"

Jo let out a deep grunt and thought to herself "yeah right."  Ice let out a deep series of grunts and shrill calls, and Jo stopped.  Ice then climbed up the side of the house up the chimney to join her.  He stood next to her, and rubbed his snout into hers.  They both cooed, and looked over the ledge together.

Ice looked to her, and nodded.  Jo looked to him, and nodded.  They spread their wings, and together jumped from the roof.

Days later, the two of them had learned how to glide extremely well.  The landings were still sketchy, but even those were getting better once they learned to literally hit the ground running.  Terry purchased a long metal ladder that would reach the roof of his house to keep the wear and tear from the pair's claws  from ruining his siding and his chimney.  The two of them pranced like children on a schoolyard slide, gliding down from the roof, learning how to soar for 40 or more feet, then running back up the ladder to do it again.  Their strength was growing, and they could sustain a longer glide.

After a full day of play, Terry put the ladder away for the night.  He settled in for a quiet night watching some TV.  He thought it was odd that the two dragons hadn't joined him, but he figured they were asleep in the spare room.  After a few hours, he decided to finally get to the laundry he'd been ignoring.

Terry grabbed the basket from his bedroom, and walked into the laundry room.  He turned on the lights, and saw a golden form laying on the inside of a bluish form.  A wave of emotions hit him, and he felt pleasure,  happiness, and more than a little sexual energy wash over him.  "WOAH!  Sorry!"  And he closed the door quickly.  He dropped his laundry, and stepped back in shock.  He then stood there, not quite sure what he just saw or felt until he heard deep guttural grunts that sounded remarkably like laughter.  He opened the door again slowly.

He saw his two dragons laying there, Jo laying on the inside of Ice, and they looked at each other, making happy, contented licks of each other's muzzles.

"You didn't."  Joe looked at Terry with a look that could only be described as contentment, and Ice just nodded, not looking away from Jo at all.  "You did, didn't you?"  Terry laughed, feeling a power in the room that felt like pure ecstasy, pure joy.  "And in the laundry room?"  He laughed aloud, feeling an overpowering pleasure carry him.

Joe and Ice looked at each other, and cooed with deep grunting sounds.  Together they felt closer still.  Ice rested his clawed paw over Joe's chest, and held her close.  Jo looked up to Terry, almost looking apologetic.  Terry could feel her joy, and a little of her concern.  Terry knelt down next to his dragons.  "Next time, just put a necktie on the door handle or something, ok?"  He smiled, and felt Jo's feeling of understanding.  Ice brought his legs in closer, hugging his mate to him.

Time passed, and Terry was on the phone.  "That would be great Mr. Patterson!"  Ice perked his head, and walked over to the kitchen where Terry was.  "Well Jo's eggs seem to be in good shape, and Ice is doing well too."  Ice put his forepaws on the table, and looked at Terry intently.  Terry felt Ice's gaze, and turned to look at him.  "It's your dad.  He's asking about you guys."

"Tell them she's going to have fine hatchlings" Ice thought aloud.

"We think she'll be fine, Mr. Patterson." Terry said, patting Ice on the neck once.  He paused, looking at Ice, who never broke his quizzical look.  "Well, let me ask him.  Hey Ice?  Your dad wants to know…"

"Yes." Ice thought.  "I'd like that."

Terry paused.  "I hate when you do that.  Yeah, he'd like to see you guys too!"  Terry said.  "Sure!  Bring the nephews.  I think he'd like to see them too.  Sounds great!  See you then!"  Terry hung up, and looked at Ice.  "I know I'm the human contact here, but do you have to be in my mind like that all the time?"

"Sorry." Ice thought, hanging his head.

"Hey, it's new to me too." Terry said.  "Is Jo handling it ok?"

Ice nodded.  "She's not used to it yet, and she's protecting the nest.  We can ask her."

Terry nodded.  "Let's do that."  They walked up to the spare bedroom, where Jo was curled around her small hutch of eggs.  "You doing ok?"

"Aren't they wonderful?" Jo asked quietly in her thoughts.  "I can sense them in there, can't you Ice?"  Ice nodded, nuzzling with his mate.  "I hope they hatch healthy."

"I do too, my love." Ice said, gently rubbing against her flank.

"Ice's family wants to come over tonight." Terry said.  "Would you like to see them too?"

"I won't leave my nest." Jo said.

"You don't need to, beloved." Ice Glider said.  "They can visit us up here."  Jo nodded, and looked to Terry, who also nodded.

"Then that is what they will do." Jo said with a nod.

That night, Terry opened the door, and greeted the Patterson's with open arms.  "So how's Mike?" Mr. Patterson asked.

"He's well!  He's with Jo upstairs and…"  Terry looked past the Pattersons and saw someone he hadn't expected.  "What are you doing here?"

"Something I should have done a long time ago."

Jo sensed something was wrong when Terry opened the door.  Terry looked in at Jo.  "Your parents are here."

Jo shook her head.  "I'll see mom.  Not dad." she thought very loud.

Terry winced.  "I'll tell them.  I'll stay, to translate." He said.  Jo nodded, and Terry went to get them.  Jo looked down at her eggs and curled around them extra tight.  Her mom walked in, another presence still in the hallway.

"Jo?" She asked.  Jo nodded. "You still recognize me, don't you?"  She nodded again, and her mom walked over cautiously.  "I…  I heard you had children."  Jo nodded again.  "May I see them?"  Joe looked to Terry, who nodded.  She uncurled her tail and body, and showed the three eggs arranged neatly.  Jo's mom looked shocked, but tried not to show it.

Terry stepped up.  "Jo had her eggs a few months ago.  We don't know when they'll hatch, or if they'll hatch, just that there's something in there." he said.  "We don't know what we'll do with them yet, it might get hard to feed so many mouths here.  But we'll manage."

Jo looked at her mom with an empathetic expression.  She felt a love radiate from the golden dragon in her nest.  She leaned over and hugged the dragon around the neck.  "I love you too, Jo." she said.  "Your dad wants to say something to you too."  Jo's expression changed. "Please, listen to him?"  Jo closed her eyes, and nodded.  Terry went to go get him.

Mr. Kirshe walked in, and looked at the gold dragon in her nest.   He wiped his forehead with his hand, and shuffled on his heels.  Finally, he collected his thoughts.  "Jo, I'm sorry for what I said.  I was mad, and I was wrong."  Jo tilted her head to the side, looking at him.  "I don't know how to get you to believe me here, but I talked with your mom, and we came to the conclusion that no matter what you did with your life, you're still our son.  Umm..  I mean you're born our son…  That is to say that…"  Jo let out a few deep grunts of laughter at her father's awkwardness.

Terry cleared his throat.  "That's her way to say apology accepted."  The man relaxed, and Jo opened up her body to display her eggs.

Downstairs, Ice played with his nephews and spent time with his parents.  He then suddenly stopped in the middle of a romp, and dropped his nephew off his back to sprint upstairs.  "Mike?  What's wrong?" Mrs. Patterson asked.  Ice never stopped, and the Pattersons ran after the blue dragon.

Ice bounded through the hallway with everything he had, and nearly knocked over Jo's father in their bedroom.  He skidded to a halt, looking at Jo.  Jo looked at Ice, then looked down at the nest to see a small dragon crawling around in their nest.   Ice walked over to look at it up close, sniffing it.  The small striped dragon sniffed him back.  He looked up to his mate, who half closed her golden eyes with a nod.  Ice smiled, and the two of them began to radiate love for each other, and their hatchling.

The Pattersons stopped at the doorway breathless.  "Is everything ok?" Mr. Patterson asked.

"It's better than ok." Mr. Kirshe said with a silly grin on his face.  "We're grandparents!"

A month or so later, the Pattersons and the Kirshes came over to the house.  It looked like a hurricane hit the living room, Ice an Jo both trying to corral the three dragon hatchlings somehow.  Mrs. Kirshe laughed when she saw it.  "Oh, I remember when you were like that!" she said to Jo.  "I never thought I'd be giving you advice on how to handle kids!"  Jo rolled her eyes, and picked up one of the kids in her mouth to put it back into the play pen.  Mrs. Kirshe laughed  "That's ONE way to do it!"

"So I guess this means I don't have to tell you to save for their college now then, huh son?"  Ice chortled and shook his head, greeting his father with a hand rub.  "We have to talk later about your, umm…  are they kids?"  Ice nodded.  "Your kids then.  It's legal matters."  Ice nodded again, and picked up one of the hatchlings in his mouth, giving it to his father.  "They're really cute when they're small, aren't they?"  Ice let his body fall to the ground and let out a deep sigh.

Mr. Kirshe knelt next to Jo and Ice, who looked weary from a day of chasing down the little ones.  .  "I've talked with your mom, Jo.  If you want, we'll look after them if you and Ice need a break sometime.  They don't breathe fire or anything like that, right?"  Jo shook her head with another laugh.  "Had to check.  If you need a break, just tell us."  Mr. Kirshe felt a warm emotion wash over him.  "You're welcome son."

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