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Griffin's over Montana

by : Socks the Catt

Copyright 2002, Socks Furrotica Press

He looked out the window on the train that was flying through Montana. He was visiting an internet friend of his who invited him out to his ranch. He figured that nothing else was going on, so he went for it. Steve was nice enough to even offer to pay for the train ticket.

As the train rolled into the station Kyle grabbed his backpack and got ready to get off. He was excited to finally meet his friend Steve. They IM'ed all the time, they even yiffed each other online, they loved the same things, and Steve had a real ranch. Kyle, a city kid all his life, always wanted to live on a ranch. Kyle wasn't much to speak of, out of high school for a year he was of fair build. He was studying history with an angle to become a teacher someday. He loved new experiences, and when Steve offered him a summer position on the ranch, and Kyle jumped on it.

Kyle got off the train, it was late at night. A few people coming and going, but Kyle was looking for one person. He walked off the platform and into the parking lot area where he saw a man holding a cardboard sign that simply read "Yiff!" Kyle walked over with a big grin on his face.

"Steve, I presume?"

"You presume right!" They hugged like old friends. Steve was a man barely 23 with a rugged look Kyle expected from an outdoors type. Well toned, good looking, short brown hair framing his blue eyes. He wore a bandana as a headband, and wore a denim jacket that looked beaten in, but not beaten up. "Decent trip out?"

"Yeah." Kyle said. "Beautiful country!"

"You'll see more of it in the morning. We should get moving. Eaten dinner yet?"

The two of them drove back to Steve's ranch. Steve explained how he inherited it from his grandfather when he passed on. "Dad wasn't much into the ranch. I spent a lot of time with granpa here. It was like a home for me." Steve told his friend. They drove through the gate, and down the path to a house. The house was attached to a large barn, and seemingly miles of nothing.

They piled out of the truck, and Steve invited Kyle in. "I'll give you the grand tour tomorrow when it's light out." Kyle nodded, and went into the house. Steve threw his jacket on the couch and kicked off his boots. "Make yourself at home!" he said, heading for the kitchen. "Dinner should be ready soon."

Kyle looked around. A nice place. There were pictures hung on the walls of many fantasy creatures. Posters of dragons, unicorns, all sorts of things. "You do these?" Kyle asked.

"Naw." Steve said. "I just buy posters. Love fantasy creatures tho. But you know that."

Kyle laughed. "Yeah, my white dragon." he said to Steve. "I see you weren't kidding about the books either!" He looked on a bookshelf, nothing but science fiction and historical fantasy.

"Nope! I'll show you the rest of the place later. How about some dinner? It's not much, but I think you'll like it."

They sat down to breaded pork chops and rice, and had a long conversation about furry fandom. They met on a muck, and evolved from there. They finished dinner, cleaned up the dishes, and Steve took him on the nickel tour. They walked around the house. Since he lived alone, Steve could dedicate his whole home to anything he wanted. Steve showed him the guest bedroom, his own master bedroom, and his computer room. "T3 connection, mini fridge, everything you'd need for a long night of being online."

The tour concluded with Steve showing Kyle his "fantasy room". "I keep a lot of my fantasy stuff in here, like my costumes."

"You didn't tell my you had costumes!"

"yeah." Steve said. "I don't take them to cons or nothing, it's only for my enjoyment."

"Can I see one?"

Steve looked Kyle over. "I think you can try one on if you want." Kyle's mind jumped into overdrive as Steve walked in and turned on the light. The room was stockpiled with gaming books, tapestries, and all sorts of gadgets. "Come on in! It don't bite." Steve said, and Kyle walked in, his head buzzing.

After rummaging in the closet, Steve came out with three costumes on large, wooden hangers. One was a dragon, one looked like a satyr's legs, and the last had a lion's legs and a bird head. Steve put the dragon back. "That's mine, sorry." Kyle nodded. Steve held up the two other suits, and looked at Kyle. He held to him the griffon suit. "This looks more like your size." he said. "It's just a small collection. It's got some other stuff that goes with it, but you can try it on first."

Kyle looked at the suit. The inside was finished with a liner that had hieroglyphics on it. The hindlegs were definitely lion, with a long lion tail that seemed to be supported on a cable or something. The upper body was mostly lion, but there were definite feathers down the front and the back. There was a harness mounting on the back, probably for wings. And a hood that came over the top, left the mouth and face somewhat open.

"This is a gorgeous suit!" Kyle said, marveling at it. "Are you sure I can try it on?"

"Sure!" Steve said, still rummaging around the closet. "It's a tight fit tho. You may want to try it on without your clothes."

Kyle was taken back by that idea, but he knew that Steve was sexually interested in him, as he was with Steve. With only a little hesitation he took off his clothing, and folded it over a chair in the room. He carefully slid into the legs of the suit through the opening in the face. The suit seemed to slide over him, tight but still easy to put on.

He was adjusting the feet and hips when Steve brought a few things out of the closet. He saw Kyle, now half naked but for his lion legs and tail, and whistled. "It looks really good on you!" he said. Come on out into the living room, The wings will fit better out there."

Kyle picked up his clothing and followed Steve into the more open room. Once there, Steve helped him get into the suit more. When Steve caressed under his tail, Kyle sighed deeply and ran his costume talons over Steve. Steve unbuttoned his shirt, and took his own pants off while Kyle raised his hood over his head. The costume was one continuous piece of material, it seemed, with the exception his eyes and mouth were open. Kyle ran his claws over the suit, and marveled how it made him look aerodynamic, ready to fly.

Steve, now also naked, went over to the box and pulled out another costume like Kyle's. He smiled to Kyle, who smacked his lips. "So are we to be griffins tonight?" Steve just nodded, and slid into his suit as Kyle did before him. Kyle helped him with the arms, and Steve pulled the hood over. Steve was now dressed as Kyle, but his suit was larger, and different in feather color. Steve was gold and white, where Kyle was in browns and tans.

Steve reached over to the box, and pulled out a wing rack. "Turn around and I'll put these on you." Kyle did, and he felt Steve push hard and lock the wings onto him. Kyle experimented with his shoulders, and found he could manipulate the wings somewhat. Steve handed Kyle the other set of wings. "Just hold them steady, and make sure they lock in."

"You got it." Kyle said. Steve backed into the wings, and they also locked into place. Both of them shifter a little, getting used to the weight of the wings.

Steve returned to the beaten up box. "Now the other fun stuff. Ready for it?" Kyle nodded, his head still spinning. Steve pulled out some jewelry, and held them up for Kyle. "Kneel before me, noble creature." he said with sense of occasion. Klye smiled, and knelt before Steve.

"Will you wear these things that I wish to bestow upon you, noble griffin? Will you stay in my domain of your own free will, protect this domain, and serve it's ruler? If so, in return I promise you will be cared for while you remain under my domain. You will never go hungry. And you will always be loved. Will you stay, noble griffin?"

Kyle smiled, playing it up. "I will, my liege." Steve placed a golden necklace around Kyle's neck. "With this I offer you my promises to keep while you remain in my domain." He then asked for his wrists, and placed golden bracers around his talons. "With these I give you strength to fight for my domain." And then he knelt to Kyle's ankles, and placed ankle bracers over his lion paws. "And with these I give you freedom to roam within my domain."

Steve then placed an ornate golden ring on Kyle's tail, right by the base. "And with this…" he said quietly, "I offer you monogamy while you remain in my domain. If you will remain only with me, I will seek no other. Do you accept all these, noble griffin?"


"What is your name, my mate?"

He was about to respond with Kyle, but thought a moment. "I am… CloudSailer.

Steve smiled. "Very well, CloudSailer." He returned to the box, and placed a necklace around his neck as well. He then offered the box to Kyle. "I ask that you do for me, what I have done fore you. Place the ring on my tail to show we are bonded."

Kyle almost knocked over something with his wing, but managed to get the tail ring from the box. He placed it on Steve's costume tail, and placed it firmly against the base. He then knelt next to Steve, and looked into his eyes. "What is your name, my mate?"

"You may call me your liege." he said. He put Kyle's clawed hand onto his medallion, and then placed his hand onto Kyle's. "Of two, we become one. We become mates."

Kyle felt something stab him in the heart, what he was saying was beautiful. He started to feel like he was crying. Steve leaned in to kiss him, and they shared a gentle kiss together, never releasing the other's medallion. Steve helped Kyle stand up, and they stepped outside into the night air. Once there, he embraced Kyle and they kissed again, their bodies pressing against each other.

They kissed for what felt like forever, and finally Steve broke it off. "CloudSailer… don't fight what is about to happen. This can be a pleasurable experience if you let it. Trust in me."

"I trust you, my liege." Kyle said. Steve held his clawed hand, and spread his wings. Kyle did the same, and hey embraced. Kyle could feel the suit tightening outside of him as Steve wrapped his wings around him. Kyle looked at Steve, who only closed his eyes and held him tight.

Suddenly he felt a sensation of his feet and ankles changing. There was no pain, only the sensation that he was gaining muscle mass and fur. He closed his eyes and held his Liege tight, somewhat afraid but putting his faith in him. He felt the sensation all the way up his legs, when he felt his knee joint reform to a more digigrade stance. He started to let out a small whimper when he noticed his open mouth was changing. He craned his neck back and shrieked to the sky as his lips began to harden. He could feel the tip of his upper lip curl under slightly as mass came from nowhere to elongate his mouth. The sensation of teeth and tongue and cheeks vanished as his whole mouth pushed forward and hardened.

Kyle closed his eyes, scared out of his mind. "Don't fight it CloudSailer." he heard. "You will become better than you are. Don't worry, trust in me." He could feel himself crying, and his tears blocked down his cheek by something hard. Kyle shrieked again, a blood curdling cry fitting of an eagle, not a man.

Kyle felt his ears becoming sharper at the tips, and more pointed, triangular. The costume felt warm as his hearing suddenly became sharper, he heard his echo as his ear tips grew into the costume ears, and solidified. He felt his tail fuse to the base of his spine, and suddenly it whipped, alive as could be.

He opened his eyes to see Steve, who he knew was Steve. His face sported a large beak, feathers of gold and white trimming his head. His wings were surrounding him, in their golden splendor. His lion ears perched on his head, Steve's body looked more toned, tawny fur covering his well muscled chest. Kyle almost panicked, but held onto his Liege tighter.

He suddenly felt the ring on his tail. It wasn't the weight, as much as the power it possessed. He could feel it somehow flow energy through his body, settling on his groin. He could feel something happening under what was left of the costume, he flet as if the crotch had gotten tighter. He closed his eyes tight, and he could feel himself crying. Without warning, the energy flowed up into his chest. It felt like a warm alien was inside him, but not entirely unpleasant. It then shot into his mind, and whispered secrets to him that he didn't understand. But it calmed him.

No. Her. It calmed her. It seemed to all make sense. He was fated to come here. He was now a griffin, a creature owned by nobility by mutual agreement. He was always meant to be female, and she was always meant to be owned, and she was always meant to be mated to her Liege. CloudSailor now knew her fate, and she relaxed into the arms of her Liege. She felt the tingling sensation go up her stomach, flattening her muscles, making her toned and powerful body primed for hunting prey. She felt the lion's fur grow all the way up to her chest, where four rows of nipples formed on each side of her chest. She looked up to her Liege, and saw that her height was changing, she was getting shorter.

She then felt the burning sensation along her back, and cried out when the muscles formed on her back to support her wings. Like a hot branding iron to her flesh, her wings suddenly fused to her body. She cried out again, muscles and bones forming where there was originally nothing. Her Liege cradled her head. "It's almost done CloudSailor. Almost over…."

The burning subsided as she felt the fur quickly growing up to where the feathers of her head formed. She could feel her claws solidifying where her hands had previously been, and she could feel the scales of her new talons form. And, as suddenly as it started, it ended.

CoudSailor nearly collapsed into her Liege's arms. He caught his new mate, and held her up. She weakly looked up to him, and when they made eye contact a connection was made. Steve expected it to be powerful, but not like this. CloudSailor looked into his eyes, and rubbed her beak against his.

"Are you ok, my pet?" he asked.

She nodded slowly. "I feel…" Her voice was different, more feminine. "I'll be ok my Liege." She looked up at him. "I am yours." she said. She knew it to be true.

Steve smiled. The charms worked better than he thought. He held onto her. "You are mine, my pet." he said. "Can you fly?"

"Yes." She said. Somehow, in her mind, she knew she could, and she knew how.

Steve traced a talon down her face, down the darker tan markings of her feathers to her beak. She had cried in the process, and had teardrop markings now. He smiled. They looked good on her. Her tan and brown feathers matched her lion's fur perfectly. She was perfect. He spread his wings. She did the same, and they both took off together. Together they climbed to altitude, where she turned to face him. His lion's sheath was already bulging. Without words, she straddled him, sealing her fate as his. They mated in flight several times, each time they shrieked in climax and flapped their wings to regain altitude. It was very late at night before they flew home to sleep.

CloudSailor collapsed on the floor of the living room. Steve removed his tailring and returned into his human form. He removed his wings, and then the hood of his costume and looked at his pet. He knew the necklace was speaking to her, telling her that she was now his pet, and she was the protector of his lands. He placed his tailring around his wrist, where it would reside for now. He tucked Cloudwalker's wings in, and got a blanket to place over his new pet.

"My noble griffin." he said softly. "you'll have a summer to remember, won't you?" He removed the rest of his costume, and laid out on the couch. He smiled. "always my pet." He turned out the light, and went to sleep.

Three days later Steve surveyed his ranch from the ground. He held he reigns of CloudSailor in his left hand. He had eased her into the transformation into a four legged griffin two days ago, and she became strong enough to carry him that morning. He put his hand on her head and stroked backwards. CloudSailor made a sound, something between a purr and a chirp, appreciating her Liege's touch.

He turned to look at his noble mount. "Is the saddle fitting you well my pet?"

"Yes my Liege." She said. The reigns barely blocked her beak, and contoured her head nicely. Her saddle sat comfortable behind her wings, not restricting her flight. He put his goggles back on and touched her side as he walked around her. She shook her paws, and her talons, feeling the bracers and rings around her. She now wore a coat of arms as her saddle blanket, she had ceremoniously given her life and loyalty to her Liege's protection when she agreed to be his pet, and mount.. She knew she could turn back into her two legged incarnation, but somehow, she felt alive wearing his saddle, his colors, and carrying him. And her spot in the stable had a view that she adored.

"Very well then CloudSailor. When you're ready, I'll show you the northern limits of the ranch." She nodded as he stepped into the stirrup and straddled her, locking his rapelling harness into the saddle. She reared up on her hind paws, and with four mighty bounds she spread her wings and became airborne. Her powerful wings flapped in the air, cutting through it with ease. He held her reigns tight.

"White knuckle flyer my Liege?" CloudSailor laughed. Steve could only laugh with her. In time he knew she would stay with him at the ranch. And, in time, he knew he would get more guests at his ranch. But, for now, he held onto the reigns and ducked low to let her gain some aerodynamics as she swooped over a few hills.

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