Alpha's Dogboy
By : Socks the Catt
© 2003 Socks Furrotica Press

The trip was very long, but almost over.  He had already flown half way across the country, and was driven the remainder on the "puppy bus", and he was getting tired.  Tom looked out the window as he traveled the final leg into Washington state.  As ordered, he only had a few days worth of clothing to travel with, and his laptop computer.  Alpha Master told him that all the rest would be supplied when he got there.  He listened to a CD on his computer as the miles rolled by.

It wasn't until late at night that the he reached his destination.  As the bus stopped, he stepped off weary from the road but otherwise feeling good.  He readjusted his backpack, and looked around as the bus began to pull away.  When it left, he stood in front of the gas station that doubled as the local depot.  The night was nice, a full moon overhead, a great night to meet a dogboy trainer.

After a few minutes, Tom saw lights flash on the other end of the station.  He didn't see the truck before, as it was parked in shadows.  Tom moved slowly, still stiff from travel, and walked to the passenger side.

"Tom?" a gruff voice said from inside the beaten up truck.

"Yeah.  Alpha?" Tom asked.  Tom looked in to see a shadowy figure wearing a longcoat, and a cowboy style hat.  He wore leather gloves on his hands.  Beyond that, Tom couldn't see in too well.

"Yeah.  Come on in, we've got a ways to go yet." Alpha said.  Tom climbed in, the cab light not turning on when he opened the door.  He longed to look at the man who helped him get here, but the lighting was bad, he never could get a good look.  Alpha started the truck, and pulled away slowly onto the main highway.

"Have a good trip?" Alpha asked.  Tom tried to draw clues from the gruff voice.  He'd heard Master Alpha before in many phone calls, but this time, in person, it sounded rougher.

"Yes Sir." Tom said.  "A bit long, but nothing I couldn't handle.  Thank you for helping me get here."

"My pleasure, boy." Alpha said.  "My pleasure.  We'll have time to talk all day tomorrow, if you're tired."

"Not too tired, Alpha Sir." Tom said.  He tried to lie through his teeth, because he wanted to know all there was to know before he got to his trainer's home.  Alpha knew better, and turned on the radio quietly, and just drove.  Tom smiled, he liked Garth Brooks too, this would be a better relationship than he hoped for.

After thirty minutes of quiet driving, Alpha stopped the car in what looked like the middle of nowhere.  "Have you ever howled, pup?"

"A few times, Alpha Sir." Tom said.  "Why?"

"It's a full moon." Alpha said, killing the headlights and the engine.  "Come on, let's have a good howl."  Alpha stepped out of the truck, and took off his jacket.  Tom figured there wouldn't be any harm in it, and got out as well.  He trusted Alpha, knowing him for almost a year before making the big commitment to come out to meet him.

Alpha stretched, facing away from Tom, and craned his head back for a deep, guttural howl to the world.  Tom smiled, and tried one himself, not sounding very much like Alpha.  "You know what you need, pup?"  Alpha asked to Tom.  "You need a real feeling to howl."

"A feeling, Alpha Sir?" Tom asked.  Alpha nodded, Tom still couldn't see his face clearly.  Alpha reached into the cab box on the truck, and pulled out a blanket.  He laid the blanket out on the back bed, lowering the tailgate.

"Take your clothing off, pup." Alpha said, patting the blanket.  "Then hop on up here."  Tom shivered with excitement, and did as Alpha said.  Soon, he was naked, and laying on his back.  Alpha took a few leather bondage toys from the box, and put them onto Tom's wrists and ankles.  "Let's see if I can give you a good reason to howl, pup."

"Yes Sir!" Tom said, shaking.  He allowed Alpha to tie down his wrists, then tie his ankles so his ass was barely on the tailgate of the truck.  Alpha rubbed his leather gloves all over Tom's body, and tom tensed up, his erection wasting no time showing his pleasure.

"There's my good boy." Alpha said in a husky voice.  "Look at the moon, pup."  Tom did, his and Alpha's breath steaming all around them both.  Alpha took off his gloves, and stroked Tom's erection.  "Dogboys should worship the moon, lay under it naked and howl all the way from the bottom of their feet."  Alpha loosened up his own fly, and dropped his jeans out of Tom's view.  "I'm gonna take you boy, like we talked about online.  Just you, me, and nature."

"Yes Alpha Sir." Tom said, panting hard.  He had dreamed about this moment, not daring to think it would come so soon.  "Thank you Alpha Sir!"

"Like I said, pup, my pleasure." he said, placing a hand on Tom's chest.  "And when you cum, I want you to howl, I want you to look at the moon and howl all the way from your balls, boy."  Alpha spoke in almost a whisper, panting hard, looking down at the boy bound to his truck.  "Because I'm going to howl too, pup.  Let the world know there's another dogboy in the woods.  Can you do that for me pup?"

"Yes Alpha Sir!" Tom said, shaking.  Alpha rested his palm on the boy's chest, and pushed his hips into him.  Tom felt the smooth slick shaft penetrate him, his eyes wide as he looked to the moon.  In his mind he felt a connection to what his Master said as he felt the connection to the moon that Alpha spoke about.  He let out a soft howl as Alpha pushed his shaft all the way into him.

"GOOD boy!" Alpha said in a deep husky breath, pulling back slowly.  "And again, let the canine soul in, and howl!"  Alpha pushed his shaft all the way into Tom, who groaned at first, but it soon became a howl of pleasure.  Alpha put his other hand onto Tom's shaft, and stroked him while fucking his ass.  Alpha began to pant, breathing in deeply as his bare hand clenched his dogboy's flesh.

Tom's head began to swim in pleasure.  Alpha's hand began to feel warm on his chest, but the shaft in his ass felt so warm and filling!  Alpha pulled in mentally as Tom looked at the moon.  Tom let out short cries of pleasure, he then suddenly felt his own cock twitch, then tingle, then he could feel his muscles tensing up, ready to cum.  Alpha put his thumb just under the boy's tip, and rubbed just under the mushroom head gently while stroking him off.   Alpha's growled and grunted in sheer bliss, the hand gripping Tom's body grasping him harder..  Tom looked at the moon and howled from deep in his soul, a loud, deep howl as his body lurched.  His cum sprayed up the bed of the truck, all over the blanket and on his face, then his chest.  His body jerked a dozen times as his orgasm rolled through his whole body.

Alpha's shaft was buried in Tom as he climaxed.  Alpha leaned into Tom as he craned his head back and joined his dogboy in howl, staring at the moon himself as his body spasmed, filling Tom's hole with his seed.  In his howl, Alpha pulled from deep within his spirit, and took from Tom what he gave to his new pup.  He closed his eyes hard, and felt what he wanted and needed from the boy, and Tom gave it willingly, and accepted Alpha's gift.  The exchange prolonging their orgasms for what felt like an eternity, under the light of a full moon.  The two of them came down together from their intense orgasms.

Tom weakly opened his eyes, and looked at Alpha.  "Thank you…  Master Alffaaa…"  Tom's head tilted to the side, and for a moment he fantasized that Alpha's ears were pointed, that he was a werewolf like he dreamed about, and he passed out.

Alpha removed his hand from the boy's chest slowly, and checked to see if he left a mark.  He held himself in the boy's ass for as long as he dared, and only then pulled himself out.  He looked at the young prospect, then took out a gold feather charm on a leather strand from his pocket and placed it around his puppy's neck.  He smiled, and untied the boy.  Without saying a word, he bundled Tom into the cab, started the truck, and headed up the road.

That night Tom had vivid dreams of running through the woods with a pack of wolves, but he was one of the wolves.  As a group they all took down a deer, a mighty stag.  The Alpha let Tom make the death bite, and the pack howled their acceptance of the new one.  Before they could gorge on their new kill, Tom drifted out of sleep.  He woke up mumbling "not yet… no…  not yet…  stay…  please stay…."

He slowly opened his eyes.  He was laying in a bed, the sheets up to his chin.  He was also laying on his side, feeling very comfortable.  He heard the sounds of dogs barking outside, and decided to try to get out of bed and stand up.  Tom felt something odd on his feet, when he looked he could see a pair of soft leather boots were strapped and locked onto them.  As he looked up his body, he was wearing some kind of leather chastity device that made him look like he had a leather feral sheath over his penis, and a black ball sac under that.  It didn't cover his ass, however, as he could see a brown leather tail hanging between his legs over his backside.

As Tom looked at his hands, he was wearing leather gloves, also locked onto his wrists, but the gloves had three fingers on each hand, and not four.  He felt something around his neck, and felt with his fingers he felt a nice, thick leather collar worn either over or as a part of a hood that encased his head.  His whole face was open, but he could feel the leather ears pointing skyward.  He also noticed something was on his collar, a charm or tag, possibly two.  He walked around, noticing that the was not constrained in any way.  But he did have to go to the bathroom badly.

He opened the bedroom door cautiously, not knowing what to expect.  He heard typing coming form another room, and the smell of bacon cooking.  He walked towards that sound and smell, and saw a naked man typing on a computer keyboard.  Tom walked up behind him, and stood silently for a minute.

"You don't need permission to speak, pup." Alpha said.

"Yes Sir." Tom said.  "Thank you for the leather, Sir."

"You're welcome boy." Alpha said, turning around.  Tom could see that he was an older man, athletic build, with a distinct musk about him.  His brown eyes spoke of a rugged life  His roughly shaven face spoke of an outdoor life as well, and he looked comfortable naked.  "That's all you're going to wear in my home from now on, pup."

"Yes Sir." Tom said.  "may I ask where the bathroom is, Sir?"

"Ahh!" Alpha said with a grin.  "You ARE housebroken!  Come on, I'll show you where you're first piss will be."  Alpha patted his side, and Tom followed at attention.  They went outside, naked, and went to a tree.  "Here you are boy.  Until you get used to the sheath, you piss here, like a dog.  On all fours."  Tom was excited at this, and obeyed.  "Lift your leg boy."  Alpha helped his pup balance as Tom tried to pee.  In the excitement, he couldn't do it.

Alpha swatted Tom on the rear.  The shock of it made Tom start, and he marked the tree with his powerful scent for almost a full minute.  "I'm marking it!" Tom said aloud in surprise.  "I'm pissing like a dog!"

"Of course you are!" Alpha said with a laugh,  "You're a DOG now!  MY dog!"  Alpha watched Tom as he finished.  "Don't forget to sniff it, pup, make sure you marked it good!"  Tom sniffed it, recognizing his scent from years of experience.  "Do you have to shit too, boy?"  Tom shook his head.  "Ok boy.  When you do, this is YOUR tree.  YOURS.  So when you need to, come out and use it.  Got it?"

"Yes Alpha Sir!" Tom said.

"Ok boy, let's get some breakfast before we do anything else, ok?"  Tom nodded, and followed Alpha into the cabin.  Over breakfast, Alpha told him what would happen to him in the next month.  "You're going to be a special dogboy, pup.  Instead of being a pure dog, you're going to become my dog slave.  I need some help around the place here, and you're the one I want to give it to me.  You will learn how to tend to the dogs I keep out back, and how to feed them and water them.  You'll run errands for me around the property, like getting my mail and dropping it off.  You will obey me as your Alpha Master."

"In return, if you want to go home after the month is over, I'll outfit you with so much leather dog gear that you'll be the envy of every leather dogboy you know.  And if you want, I'll even make you a spare leather dog suit so you can get a fuck buddy and fuck him like a dog too.  I'll also let every Master I know that lives by you that you're a trained pup, and ready to serve if you want me to."

"Oh!"  Alpha passed Tom some more breakfast.  "You also WILL be getting that dog training, boy." he said sternly. "But you won't be just a dog, you'll be my partner for a month.  Think of it as a slave contract where you're going to also be my dog."  Alpha took a drink of milk.  "So, you do get a vote in this.  Is that what you would want?"

Tom thought a moment.  Alpha smiled "Good boy." Alpha said.  Tom looked confused.  "I knew you would think.  That's good.  A dog needs to think once in a while, not just react.  This is that time, boy.  If you want just dog training, I'll do that too, but I could really use the help around here."

Tom smiled.  "How could I say no, Sir?  Yes, I'll be your dog-slave."

"Good boy." Alpha said.  "After the month is over, you may make the next decision.  But, as of this moment, you're my dog slave."  Alpha stood up.  "After this meal, you will only eat what's in your dog dish or what falls on the floor.  You may sleep with me, in my bed, or on the floor on your dogbed.  I will permit you to speak as I do, but only if you are respectful.  If you disobey me, or you speak out of turn, I will make your decision unpleasant.  You may not remove your leather paws, your sheath, tail or hood.  And you will not have sex or sexual relations with anyone or anything other than your Alpha.  Is that understood, pup?"

"Yes Alpha Sir." Tom said.

Alpha patted him on the head.  "Good boy.  One last decision you may have a say in." Tom perked his head.  "Do you want me to call you 'Tom', or by a dog name of my choosing?"

"Dog name, Alpha Sir." Tom said immediately.

Alpha laughed.  "That was fast!"  Tom nodded.  "I'll name you later then, pup.  Help me clean up, and I'll show you your chores."

Soon, Tom fell into a routine around the cabin.  Alpha had a pocket online leather business, and spent a lot of his time creating leather goods for both the pet and BDSM markets.  Alpha introduced him to the dog kennels, and all five of the dogs in it.  Most were larger breeds, and Tom felt an affinity with the huskies.  They would lick his face, and he would occasionally lick them back in a show of affection or just pet them around the ears or rough-house with them if they were playful.  He learned how to ride the ATV to travel the few miles out to the road to get the mail.  He also learned how to split wood, clear out the shed, handle the dogs alone, and how to care for the leather tools Master Alpha used.  He also learned through many pleasant training sessions how to properly please his Alpha Master orally, how to present himself, and the proper technique for being mounted like a dogboy.

Every night, after taking the real dogs out for a little training, Alpha Master would take his new pup under his wing and give him the exact same training.  After a week, he gave his pup leather knee guards, and let him join the other dogs in the real training.  Alpha Master also named his newest dog "Blizzard" in honor of his love of the huskies.

At night, Blizzard had even more provocative dreams in the pack.  He felt like an outsider, but an accepted one.  More and more, in his dreams, Tom thought of himself as Blizzard.  He also realized that, in his dreams, he was a Husky, not a wolf.  But this seemed perfectly natural to him.  Every morning, over breakfast, Alpha would ask him about his dreams, and Blizzard would tell him in exacting detail what happened while chowing down on eggs and bacon in his dog dish on the floor.  Alpha nodded in appreciation every morning, before sending his puppy out to do the chores.

One morning, Blizzard awoke feeling that something had changed.  He remembered that night that Alpha had trained him how to be mounted, and they had rougher sex than normal, and he passed out before he could thank his Master.  He hoped he hadn't angered his Master, somehow.

When he looked into a mirror that morning, his leather had been changed in his sleep.  He looked at his now white leather gloves and boots, then he looked at his sheath pack.  His sheath was now white, but his tail was not.  He had a gray tail now, and his hood had changed to a gray tone as well with a white leather collar.  He noted that the hood was more detailed now, coming down further on his head just over his eyes.  There was also a band that went under his eyes, covering more of his face but not hindering his ability to speak or eat.  It looked very dog-like, and Blizzard traced it tenderly, as a gift from his Alpha.

He asked Alpha about it.  "You said you liked the Huskies." he said.  "and your dreams are taking you that way, I made that for you so you could look more like it now too.  You do like it, don't you?"  Blizzard nodded.  "Good pup!"  Alpha patted his boy on the head, and Blizzard shivered in pleasure.

As the weeks passed, Blizzard barely noticed them fly by.  Master Alpha was never cruel, he loved his dogs and he loved Blizzard as his own dog too.  Sure, he was reprimanded more than a few times, but it was never out of context and it was never without reason.  Blizzard's dreams were getting more powerful, and as time passed on, he could barely remember a time before he knew he was a dog in his heart.

Blizzard was coming back from getting and dropping off packages at the mailbox.  Alpha was waiting for him in front of the cabin.  "Blizzard!  Come and present!"  Blizzard turned off the ATV, ran across the yard, skidded to a standstill and dropped onto all fours, his curved leather tail touching his arched back.  He rested on his elbows, submitting.  "GOOD dog!" Alpha said, kneeling next to him.  He offered his pup a dog biscuit, which Blizzard ate happily.  "You're a good boy!"

"Thank you Master Alpha!" he said with joy.

"Blizzard, tonight is your month anniversary." Alpha said.  "Tonight, you make a decision.  But I need to tell you more than I have to this point.  We'll do that tonight."

"Yes Sir." Blizzard said.  The day went by uneventfully, but at dinner, Blizzard found his dog dish on the table, not on the floor.

"We need to talk a little bit, pup." Alpha said.  Blizzard nodded as he ate the same food Alpha did, another rare treat lately.  "I need to know what you know about werewolves."

Blizzard looked up, and blinked in confusion.  "Werewolves, Sir?"  Alpha nodded.  "Umm, a myth?  Stories, the usual stuff like silver and full moons and all that.  Why, Sir?"

Alpha put his fork down.  "I have something to show you, but you must trust me."  Blizzard nodded.  Alpha stood up, and stripped.  Blizzard looked over every inch of the body that he had worshiped from head to toe in the last month.  Alpha closed his eyes, and his muscles flexed.

Blizzard dropped his fork as he watched a tail snake out from between his Master's legs.  A muzzle formed from his face, and his nose turned black.  Fur sprouted all over his body, and his form became a little larger.  His claws grew from his hands, and as soon as it started, Alpha had completed  his entire transformation in seconds.

Alpha shook once, and looked at the scared dogboy behind the table.  "I wouldn't have shown you this unless I thought I knew the answer to a question.  But before I asked it, you need to know the truth about me."

"How…  what…  who…."  Blizzard was trying to make sense of what he saw, and trying not to hyperventilate.

"Shh…"  Alpha said, sitting back down.  "My real name is Silver Feather.  I am a werewolf."  Blizzard's light blue eyes were wide as he looked at the talking wolf before him.  "I'm also gay, which is…  less than accepted among my kind."

"You're not going to kill me and eat me, are you?" Blizzard asked, feeling suddenly terrified.

Alpha laughed at the honest question. "If I wanted you for meat, I would have done that a long time ago.  No, I want you for something more important.  Haven't you been curious about the charm on your collar?"  Blizzard put his hand to his throat, and felt the gold feather with a nod.  "Let me explain it then.

"On the first night, when I took you in my truck, I also took from you a piece of your humanity.  We don't feed on flesh, we feed on the spirit of humanity to retain a human form.  As long as I have a piece of your humanity, I can appear human.  I have been storing it, and using it to maintain my own form for the last month, and now, I'm running low from what I took from you.  And what I gave you is losing it's potency, but I still have it."

"What did you put back in?" Blizzard asked

"A piece of me." Alpha said.  "I gave you some of my wolf spirit.  You're a city kid, and it became a Siberian Husky.  And I think it's wonderful that you embraced it so willingly.  If you went home I know you'd make a Master proud, as long as you held onto that piece of the canine soul.  You know the dogs out there?"  Blizzard nodded.  "All of them were humans who agreed to become full dogs.  I took all their humanity, and stored it.  I made them all dogs, and they loved every minute of the change.  Now they live with me until I can find them an appropriate home.  But, I want to offer you something more, if you'll take it."

"Take what?"

"I'm gay, you know that.  You're gay, I know that.  Among my kind, it's considered bad to be gay, because you will not create offspring.  I found a way to do make offspring, but you'll have to do it willingly, and with total trust in me."

"What will happen?" Blizard asked.

"I can make you my son, technically.  I can get all your belongings moved here, teach you my trade, take you under my wing, and bring you into MY pack.  Your dreams have been showing you what we are like.  The others of my pack are gay or lesbians, you would be the first outsider we've taken in."

Blizzard thought about this for a  moment.  "Why are you telling me this?"

"Because I thought you would like to stay." Alpha said.  "And if you would, I'll offer you the form in your dreams, I can make you that Husky."  Alpha got up, and knelt next to the dogboy.  "Agree to this, and you won't be a dog slave, you'll be my pack mate.  Unless you want to play in bondage games or something, that I wouldn't mind.  I've enjoyed your presence here for the last month, and I want to give your dreams to you if you want it.  And I want to gain a packmate, and have a son I can pass my life to when I'm gone."

Blizzard looked to the ground, then back up to Alpha.  He looked into those brown eyes he had come to know, respect, and love.  He placed his leather covered hand onto the face of Alpha, and explored it with his hand, to make sure that it was real.  He smiled slowly, when the full weight of what he was being offered finally hit him.  "I'll stay, I'll do it."

Alpha hugged his dogboy tight.  "You've made me so proud of you!  Whenever you're ready, we'll do it."

Blizzard nodded. "But you didn't explain the charm."

Alpha nodded.  "It was a reminder to me not to take any more from you when we fucked.  You know, every time you sucked me, or I pounded your wonderful ass, I could have taken more, but I couldn't.  I took too much that first night, I was afraid I took so much you'd never be human enough to recover if you wanted to.  Ended up I got it just about right." Alpha reached for the collar, and removed it.  "Oh it was so sweet, that first night.  I felt selfish when I took so much, I felt it when we were mated like that the first night, I knew you were the special one I could make my progeny."  Alpha put his paw on Blizzard's leg.  "Thank you for that gift."

That night, Blizzard was outside with Silver Feather.  Alpha was in his fur, Blizzard in his usual leathers.  Silver Feather approached Blizzard with some body paints.  "I'm going to give you your markings now." he said.  "Once I've done this, I will mount you.  From what the others told me as they were changing, it's going to feel wonderful.  You can do what you want to do, but try to keep talking, use human words.  It will help keep your voice.  Understand me pup?"

"Yes Alpha Sir." Blizzard said, shaking a little.  Silver Feather nodded, and used gray and white paints to draw in the Husky markings on the dog boy.  Silver Feather took his time painting a black nose on his face, as well as the husky "grin" as well where his muzzle would be.  He took some time painting the white peak up his forehead, and the white patches over Blizzard's eyes.  He painted his puppy carefully, taking as long as he needed to in order to make it look perfect.

After what felt like an eternity to Blizzard, Silver Feather held up a mirror.  "What do you think, pup?"

Blizzard looked over his features,  how his shoulders were white, but his back was gray, how his blue eyes stood out under the white circles over them.  He smiled, and his cock started to grow in it's leather sheath.  "I like it Alpha!"

Silver Feather smiled, and looked at the growing shaft.  "Oh!  Almost forgot!"  He took some black paint, and painted his pup's shaft jet black, all the way down to the base.  "I can't wait until you've got that knot all the way in me for the first time!"

Blizzard blushed behind his face paint, and got harder as Silver Feather finished.  He smiled.  "Ready?"  Blizzard nodded.  "Turn around, standing, pup."  Blizzard obeyed, as he was trained to do.  Silver Feather grabbed the leather tail and raised it, and brought his canine shaft under it, aiming slowly . "Thank you boy, you're gonna make me SO proud!"

Blizzard nodded.  "Do it Sir!  Make me yours!"

"With pleasure!" Silver Feather said, penetrating his pup.  Blizzard looked to the sky, and saw the full moon.  And his eyes twinkled as he howled at it.  Silver Feather howled at it as well, a howl calling his pack together as well.

Blizzard yowled, howled, and begged with his Master.  "YES Alpha!!!  DEEPER!  TIE in me!!!!"  Silver Feather massaged his pup's sheath and felt his pup flooding precum into his paws.  He offered his fingers to Blizzard, who lapped them up with a long, hungry tongue.  Alpha let go of the leather tail, and he could feel the boy holding it up for him, to give him access.

Silver Feather's paws roamed all over Blizzard's body, finally he let his jaws bite onto the leather hood protecting his pup's neck.  Blizzard gasped and yelled in pleasure.  "ALPHA!" he yelped  "I feel it!!!  I'm changing…  FUR…."  He yelped again as Silver Feather put his paw onto Blizzard's chest, absorbing the humanity from the boy.

Blizzard could feel the hand on his chest get warmer, but as that happened he could also feel his chest get broader, deeper.  His body was gaining mass in his chest and arms.  Silver Feather's paws grasped at the new fur forming as it was painted onto the boy, and he held on tight.  Blizzard shifted on his feet, feeling that he was standing on his toes, and not his whole foot anymore.  His hips became wider, and his stance shifted once more to hold his Alpha inside him.  Blizzard could also feel his shaft becoming solid, and harder than he ever remembered it being in his life.  At the very base he could feel a swelling, he didn't need to look at his knot, he knew it was there.

He then felt something in his mind tell him what he needed to have.  His body changing, he needed one last thing to make the change, and his bond to his Alpha, permanent.  "CUM in me Alpha!!!!" Blizzard screamed  "I know what I need!  Fill me!"

"You're MY pup!" Silver Feather barked out, as his knot swelled.  Blizzard yowled in pleasure as he felt his hole being stretched, then he was suddenly joined.  He felt Silver Feather's body tense up, and he curled his tail back as hard as he could, and accepted his place at his Alpha's side.  Suddenly, Blizzard could feel his humanity leave him.  He began to panic as the spirit of wolf entered him, claimed him, and took him as his own.  "Take it boy!" Silver Feather snarled.  "HOWL and accept it!  Yer a dog now!  Take it boy!"

Blizzard reared his head back, and saw the moon in the sky.  The animal spirit inside him suddenly became him, and the line between human and canine was no longer there.  He suddenly understood the connection, and he howled from the core of his soul.  Howl of a newborn wolf, howl of a mate in heat, howl of a pup becoming a wolf, the howl of a new member of a pack.  Wolf grabbed hold, and filled the pup with memories, stories, knowledge, and a sense of his new community.  Wolf smiled at his newest pup, his pack had grown stronger.

Silver Feather held his pup close to him, holding a crystal next to his fur to capture the humanity he was stealing.  He heard his pup howl, and he howled with him as they both climaxed, sealing Blizzard's change.  Silver Feather's knot was buried deep within the pup, and the seal held his seed into the pup tightly.  Silver Feather spasmed, his shaft massaging the prostate of his pup, and Blizzard's eyes glazed slightly over in orgasm.  From over the hills, the chorus of mates was joined as other howls came up.  From deep within Blizzard's heart he felt his connection to his pack.  He was being welcomed as his Alpha howled as well.  He felt his Alpha's cum fill him, bind him to the pack.

His body felt powerful, full of energy.  Blizzard also felt warmer, more aware of his surroundings.  He and Silver Feather howled together, tied.  Silver Feather reached around to stroke Blizzard's sheath, feeling the knot swollen under the leather.  Alpha smiled, holding Blizzard's fur close to his own.  "Welcome to the pack."

"Thank you Alpha." Blizzard said, his voice a bit deeper.  He howled to the sky, and the chorus returned his joyous call.

Silver Feather slowly unbuckled the leather hood, caressing Blizzard's muzzle as he did so.  Carefully, he freed his pup's ears from the leather prison they had been in for a month. Alpha stood them up carefully, their new Husky form holding it's shape, and licked them a few times.  He then pulled his pup's head back, licking his nose.  He could feel it was still warm, his last human trait.  As he licked his pup's nose, he made it cold and wet permanently, taking the last of Blizzard's humanity that he ever would again.  Blizzard returned the muzzle licks, feeling his Alpha's fur as he did so.

"You liked that, pup?"  Silver Feather asked.  Blizzard nodded, panting in sheer pleasure.  "Good boy, wait 'till I take this sheath off!"

The two of them spent the next few hours removing the leather from the pup.  His hands were now more paw like, with paw pads on the palms and black claws instead of nails.  He also had only three fingers and a thumb, just as the gloved he had worn for the last month. Silver Feather had to wait for his knot to shrink before he cold remove Blizzard's sheath.  As he did, he caressed the soft, white fur, and licked the white sac under the sheath.

Silver Feather knelt before his partner, and closed his eyes.  Silently, he sucked on the sheath, soaking in it's scent.  Blizzard's knees buckled, and he caught himself on Silver Feather's shoulders.  Silver Feather supported Blizzard's body, and never stopped his licking.  Soon, he let his tongue snake into Blizzard's fury sheath, and sucked his penis bone as far as he could get it into his muzzle.

Blizzard moaned once, then whined in pleasure as Silver Feather rolled his long tongue around the dog's shaft.  Blizzard cried out once as Silver Feather used his teeth to stimulate his knot from the base.  Blizzard howled as he shot, deep in to the wolf's muzzle.  Silver Feather tried, but couldn't hold all the dog's cum in his muzzle, and it dripped out of the corners of his mouth as Blizzard  pumped.  Blizzard howed, yipped, and finally cried out in a feral joy before slowing down.

The two of them stood in the cold quietly, Blizzard finally stroking Silver Feather across the ears as he had done for Blizzard before.  Silver Feather licked Blizzard's sheath, then looked up to his packmate.  "It's done.  You're now permanently in that form."

"Forever?" Blizzard asked, still in euphoria.  Silver Feather nodded as Silver knelt down with him.  Blizzard looked at the wolf in front of him, and saw his cum covering his muzzle fur, and dripping onto his chest.  "Is that why you've never sucked me before?  It makes the change permanent?"

Silver Feather nodded slowly.  "Yeah.  I forgot how much cum you shoot!  But it's really tasty."  He grinned, and so did Blizzard.  "When you place your seed in me, any changes I made to you become permanent.  I could have had you mount me, the same would have happened."  Blizzard closed in to Silver Feather, and licked his muzzle clean.  The two of them spent hours touching, caressing, and exploring each other's bodies.

Officer Tanner drove up to the gas station and walked in.  "Morning Pops!"

The old man behind the counter waved to the officer.  "I was hoping you'd come in!" he said.  "I think I've been robbed."

"Is that so?" the policeman said.  "What's missing."

"Two bags of dry dog food." Pops said.  "You know how we leave the forty pound bags outside in the shed, right?  Well, the count was off this morning, and I'm missing two bags and the lock was broke."

The Policeman looked outside at the shed, and the broken lock.  "Well, do you want to file a report?"

"Well, that's the strange part." the old man said, holding up an envelope.  "I found this in the mail slot.  It says 'sorry for the lock, hope this is enough to cover it, we really needed the dog food.'"  Pops put the envelope down, and showed the $50 bill inside it. "More than covers for the bags and the lock."

Officer Tanner shrugged.  "Well, if you want me to I'll look into it."

Pops shook his head.  "Well, no harm done in it.  But if whoever did it really needs dog food that desperately when I'm closed, I'll just put out a key for 'em."  Pops poured himself a coffee and one for the officer.  "At least they paid for it."  Officer Tanner and Pops laughed about the honest thief as other patrons came in for their morning coffee.

"Yes, he did." Silver Feather said on the phone.  "I'll talk to him about it.  Thanks for the call.  See you at the solstice?  Ok, you can meet him there too.  See you then!"  He hung up, and went out to find Blizzard.  The snow was piled up around the driveway, and the tracks from last night's excursions were still obvious.  Silver Feather  walked out to the kennels and found Blizzard wearing only a leather collar he begged to have.  He was pouring the dogs some food.  "You paid for that, right?"

"Yessir!" Blizzard said.

"You know you could have gone to the Mart station to the north.  It's about three miles closer than Pop's station." Silver Feather said.

"There's one closer?" Blizzard said, astonished.  "I'm sorry!  I didn't know!  It was just so much fun driving the snowmobile down there!  And then I saw it was closed, and I didn't see any harm in paying for what I took or the lock.  He's not mad, is he?"

"Try the Mart next time." Silver Feather said, patting Blizzard on the head.  "The guy who runs it is one of our pack.  He'll expect you."  Blizzard nodded.  "But if you need to go back to Pops, he said he'd leave a key next time."  Blizzard let out a laugh, and licked Silver Feather's face.  Silver Feather shifted back to his hybrid wolf form, and returned Blizzard's licks.

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