The Darkness War, Pt 4


By : Socks the Catt
© 2003 Socks Furrotica Press, all right reserved

Bob walked into his house, and unlocked the door quietly.  Tony was usually sleeping this late, and Bob hated to bother him.  He walked in, and closed the door quietly.  He took in a deep breath, and slowly let it out.  No other scents, and he felt comfortable back in his home.  He was about to shift, but then realized that Tony's scent wasn't there either.  He threw his jacket over a chair and looked around the apartment, totally empty.  So Bob went into the kitchen to get something to eat.

As he sat in the living room reading a magazine Tony burst through the door, nearly breaking it as he went through.  Without saying a word, he took the three steps into his bedroom and nearly broke the hinges in anger slamming it shut.  Bob looked over his shoulder, and considered what to do.  He shook his head, and decided to let Tony work it out himself.

Some time later, the phone rang.  Bob casually picked up the cordless off the couch.  "Hello?"

"Is that asshole home yet?" asked a female voice, obviously angry.  "I'm not through with him!"

Bob looked over at the door.  "Umm, I don't know if he's here or not, let me…"

"I got it." Tony said angrily.  Bob closed his eyes hard and turned the phone off biting his lip.  The next ten minutes were filed with rage and anger from the bedroom.  Bob could feel it radiate over his skin, it made him feel cold.  He looked around, and shifted forms.  He knew their haven was safe, and his runes would hold, but he didn't want to take chances.  The Darkness would take any opening it could get.  He continued to eat his sandwich, and finish it, knowing better than to interrupt a fight.  He then thought about getting out the staff he had been working on, just in case.

His thoughts were interrupted with an extremely loud "FUCK YOU BITCH!" and the sound of a phone being smashed into a wall.  Tony's door flew open again, and Socks could see the rage in his eyes.  "If she calls tell her to go fuck her new boy toy till his cock falls off." Tony said, not even looking away as he walked to the front door.  "I'll be back.  I need a beer."  Tony slammed the door shut behind him.

Socks looked up from the couch, Tony hadn't even looked his way since he came in.  Socks could smell Tony's anger seep out of the doorway as the phone rang again.  Socks let it ring a while, the figured he should do something.  He answered it.  "He's not here."

"FUCK HIM!" the voice said.  It was the same female as before.  "FUCK that little asshole!  Tell him that I hope he had fun with whoever he was with when he was supposed to be with me!"  And she slammed the phone down.  Socks looked at the phone, and tapped the "off" button.

"You’ve got a house full tonight, don't you?"  Socks looked to his bedroom door and saw the ghostly figure of a human-like red dragon walk out of it.

Socks sighed, and put the phone back onto the couch.  "I guess so." he said.  "What brings you here?"

"I was going to just visit." Terradene said.  "But it seems that I'm needed here."

Socks shook his head.  "I think I can handle Tony.  He's kinda had a rocky relationship with Megan since we had to go to the casino the other week."

The dragon's form sat on one of their chairs and he hung his head.  "That would be my fault then, young one.  I am sorry."

"We knew it was part of the deal." Socks said.  "At least I did.  I guess in all the excitement he forgot to tell Meg.  She thinks he went out with some bimbo or something."

Terradene raised up his head.  "It wouldn't be the first time I've been called a mistress." the dragon said.  "I hope the fox can keep his wits about him.  This wouldn't be a good time to slip."

"Is something wrong?" Socks asked.

"Not particularly." the dragon said.  "He's a good heart.  I'd hate to see him hurt.  But I do think we need to talk, a little.  There's something you can do to help the fox."

"Stupid fucking bitch." Tony said, half way into another glass of beer.  He stopped counting at…  well he couldn't remember that either.  It wasn't so bad when she rode his ass on the phone, but then she showed up at the last bar with her girlfriends and they had it out again in the street.  He was smart enough to walk away, but he felt the presence of something else there.  Something cold.

"Last call." the bartender said.  "Look, friend, I appreciate the business, but time is time.  I'll pour you one more, but you better take a cab home."

Tony slugged down the last of his glass.  "I'm walkin." he said.  He left $20 on the counter for the bartender.  "Should take the rest, and a tip."  Tony got up, got his bearings, and aimed himself for the door in the middle.

Socks was slinking from tree to tree, avoiding the street lights where he could.  He found Megan's house, and looked around.  He opened his mouth and tasted the air.  He could feel and taste something bad.  He knew the taste from the park, more creatures of the Darkness.  Socks sighed to himself quietly.  Terradene had some weird ideas sometimes, but this one took the cake.  Socks jumped from the tree and quietly landed on the roof of Megan's apartment.  Once there, he pulled a leather pouch from his pocket, and a small carving knife.

Tony stumbled home.  "Where are ya cat boy?" he said loudly.  There was no response.  "Where's that fuzzy little tail of yours?"  Tony searched the apartment, and found nothing there.  Tony went back into his room, and stripped naked.  "Come and git it kitty boy!  I know you want some fox meat!"  Tony laughed to himself, then stopped, sitting on his bed.  Suddenly, he felt alone.  Very alone.

He walked to the vanity mirror and looked down to his desk.  Something caught his eye, and with a shaking eye, he picked it up, and looked into the mirror's reflection.

Socks spoke softly in Latin as he carved the final rune into the window frame.  He quickly scurried around the rooftop and carved the next window, then the next.  The small runes each glowing as he finished the incantation.  As he got to the final window,  he looked down upon it from above.  He smiled.  This would be the fun part.

He began his carving and spoke the final part of the cleansing ritual.  From inside he could hear the screams of the creatures inside, but he paid them no mind.  With the final words spoken, and the final porting carved, he pulled the wood working tool away and watched.  In his eyes, he could see the windows glow.  His ears picked up the cries from the Darkness creatures in the house, now trapped and unable to escape.  He felt the power from the runes push into the walls, through the very bones of the house.  And with a final surge, the runes purged and destroyed the Darkness within.

The cat smiled to himself.  Now he knew where Meg's anger came from.  The Darkness had tapped into the emotions and set up in her residence.  As he looked down, he figured the other people who lived in the house wouldn't mind the peace of mind.  Socks looked across the way, and saw Meg walking up the sidewalk with a friend of hers she lives with.

He then realized he forgot to do one more thing.  Socks scampered down the roof, and got to the overhang across the door.  Hanging upsidedown, he scrawled one more rune into the door frame.  With one more incantation, he finished up, and pulled himself up to the roof as Megan was walking on the block.

"He's such an ass." Megan said.

Holly giggled and nodded, obviously over her limit for the night.  "It's not like he's worth your time or anything."

"Not even worth a minute!" Meg said, reaching into her purse for her house key.  Socks sat on the roof, waiting to see if it worked.  "I mean I'm so much better off without him."

"You can do better than Tony." Holly said.  Megan opened the door, and walked in.  Socks could hear high pitched whines as they walked inside.  "I know this guy, he's a great one." Holly said, closing the door behind her.

Socks waited a moment.  Then heard "Whaaaat wasss that?"

"SSSomeone put in a protection mark?" another voice asked.  "Who would know how to do that here?"  Socks could smell the Darkness under him, but decided to wait.

"I don't know!" said the first voice.  "But we sssshould report this."

"We ssshould!"  Socks could feel a portal opening, and decided he couldn't wait any longer.  He held onto the roof line and swung down to the porch.   As he landed, he could see two shadow-like figures.  "YOU!" The tall one said.  "YOU did thissss!"

Socks twitched his thumb once.  He got lucky the first time with the one that attacked Tony.  Now it was the first real fight he would have.  In his mind, he was ready.  "Don't leave." he said playfully.  "The party's just started!"

"SSSStop him!" the tall one said.  "I'll report back!"  The short one lunged at Socks, who dodged it barely, falling out of the light on the porch.  The tall one turned around to finish opening the portal.  The small one spun away from the porch, and lunged at Socks.

Socks rolled, dodging with all the speed he could muster.  Every swipe, every attack, it was all too fast.  The cat slid to his left, and felt a swipe barely nick his BDU shorts.  In his mind, the cat knew playtime was over.  He flexed his paws, and flashed his claws into the air next to him.  He heard a shriek, and felt resistance as he tried to pull his paw back.

Socks looked up to see the portal on the porch was almost to it's full size.  He took in his situation, and knew he had to stop the other one from leaving.  He jumped back and up, bounced off a tree, and pushed with all the power he could muster.  He spoke a few words of power, and a rune on his leather collar glowed.  The creature was about to enter when Socks raked his claws through the very center of the portal.  A black glow emanated from his rip, and a backwash raw energy poured from the portal.

The creature standing in front of it was looking at the cat, and never saw what happened.  As the essence of Darkness shot toward him, he tried to scream, but couldn't.  The portal collapsed, leaving the creature covered in the sticky substance.  The cat rolled on the back of the porch, and came to rest on the bannister, balancing on his paws.

"You know this makes me more powerful, Clansman." the creature said mockingly.  "Now that I ammm in my element!"

Socks reached up to his throat, and removed his collar.  He held it up for the creature to see.  Playtime was over, the cat twitched his eye once.  "Amen."  He threw the collar onto the ground where the portal was.  A flash of bright light washed over the porch instantly.  The taller creature couldn't do anything, as the essence he was in instantly vaporized, taking him with it.

The other creature watched it, and backed away, starting to run.  Socks picked up his collar and gave chase.

Megan looked out her window, thinking she saw lighting.  But, the sky was clear, nothing bad.  As she turned off the lights to get some sleep, she couldn't help but think of things, the way they were.  And she let herself drift into sleep.

Socks stumbled into his den a few hours later, scraped up, bloodied and bruised and in desperate need of rest.  He closed the door, removed and looked at his collar.  Most of the runes had been burned out, but he got the bugger before it could get to the cemetery.  Terradene warned him to prevent that at all costs.  Socks had crawled onto the couch, and laid there exhausted.

Soon after he felt a presence in the room.  "Not tonight, dear." he said to the air while holding his paws over his eyes.  "I've got a headache."

Terradene chuckled.  "I wasn't here for that."  The form of the red dragon knelt next to his warrior.  "I wanted to make sure you were alive."

"Barely." Socks said.  "I'm going to need your help recharging the collar.  Or Hiro if he's up to it."

Terra nodded sadly.  "Hiro isn't much up for doing anything right now."

"Is he ok?" Socks asked.

"Yes." the dragon said.  "I was going to send him to help you, but he was already unconscious.  How do you say it?  Passed out?"

Socks rolled his eyes.  "I guess our trip to the bike shop is out then.  He's broke."

"He is safe, however.  You should get some sleep, my young warrior." the dragon faded from view.  Socks knew a good idea when he heard it, and forced himself to hit the bathroom before collapsing into bed.

Megan's dreams were completely random, it seemed.  Socks kept his distance as he watched her emotions play beneath him.  She was angry, and taking it out on what looked like Tony in effigy.  As he watched her dreams, he felt a tug.  Something was wrong.  Quickly, he slipped form Megan's dream and back into his own den.

He saw Hiro there, in his bed, sleeping next to him.  Both were naked, Hiro trying to get comfortable in his dreams, spooning Socks.  Socks descended into Hiro's dream.  "What are you doing to me?"

"Well I figured you're happy." the fox said.  "You're gay, right?"

"Bi, actually." Socks said, unsure where this was going.

"Well, gay.  And I can't get lucky with a girl, and you seem so happy being gay, I figured I'd try it out." The fox said.

"WOAH!"  Socks backpedaled hard, slamming back out of the dreamtime with a lot of mental force.  He rolled out of bed, barely missing his clock radio when he landed on the floor.  He rolled with it , and ended up looking on his bed to see a naked male fox laying there, with a grin on his face while sleeping.  Hiro nuzzled into the spot where Socks was at.

Socks transformed back into his human form slowly, watching the fox make love to the air, his shaft fully exposed from his sheath and pumping where Socks tail had just been.  Bob pulled on a pair of fleece pants and watched the display unfold.  Hiro slowly opened his eyes, and had a quick look around.  His eyes shot open, and he looked at Bob.  "Oh my God." he said  "I'm so sorry!  I didn't know I was…  Oh my God, I didn't do anything to you, did I?"

"You were about to." Bob said flatly.  Bob could still smell the alcohol on Hiro, and it was beginning to give him a headache.

Hiro shifted his weight, and sat on the edge of the bed.  His erection still poking out of his sheath in a painfully obvious way.  He tried to close his legs to hide it, but couldn't.  "I'm so sorry!" he said.  "I'm so sorry!  I didn't mean to do anything!  I'm really, really sorry."

Bob hung his head.  "Go ahead and sleep.  I'm gonna go on the couch, ok?"  Bob headed out his door, and to the living room.

Hiro followed him.  "I didn't mean it." he said.

Bob sat on the couch.  "I know."  Bob patted the couch next to him, and Hiro sat down.  "Look, if you want to, I'll do it.  I can't help but find you sexy like that and I'd be more than happy to beg you to do wonderful things to me.  But…"  Bob put a hand on Hiro's knee.  "Look, we've been friends forever.  I know you're straight, and probably more than a little drunk.  You go to bed.  I won't interfere with your dream.  Think about it, ok?"

Hiro hung his head in shame, his shaft finally retreating into his sheath.  The fox nodded slightly.  "I'm sorry."

Bob stroked the fox behind his ears.  "Not as sorry as you would be if I didn't get out of my bed.  Go ahead, to back to bed.  I'll be here in the morning, ok?"  Hiro nodded, his features shifting back to Tony's.  Tony's door closed behind him as Bob pulled a quilt over himself on the couch.  As much as he wanted to go look in on Megan, he didn't want to stray far from his den anymore that night.

The next morning, Bob woke up on the couch with Tony watching TV.  Bob leaned up slightly, and Tony turned around.  "Can I get you something?"

"Two Tylenol and a warrant for the guy playing the bongos on my head." Bob said.

Tony got up, and went to the bathroom, returning with some pills and a glass of water.  "Hey, umm, just wanted to say thanks.  For last night."

"No problem." Bob said groggily.  "Which part?"

"The part that you helped Meg.  I'm sorry I was too drunk to help."  Bob nodded.  "And thanks for not letting me fuck you either."

"Woke up straight?" Bob asked

"Woke up with my friend." Tony said.  "I love you man, just not like that, you know."

Bob nodded.  "You do know that if you want to, you know, I'm here.  Just, umm, make sure you know it's for real, and it's what you want to do."

Tony nodded.  "Yeah.  I guess I made a real ass of myself last night, huh?"

"Yep." Bob said.  "big time."

They sat quietly for a while.  Tiny finally broke the silence.  "Do we have any windex?"


"I need to clean off my mirror." Tony said.  Bob looked at his friend in a funny way, then slid off the couch to go look.  When he got there, he saw in the mirror a drawing.  A clan disk for Terra, a fox, a wolf, a panther, and a buffalo.  Around the outer ring were symbols that Bob didn't recognize at all.

"What is this?" Bob asked.

"I'm not sure." Tony said.  "But I figured I should get rid of it."

"I wouldn't." Bob said.  "At least look it up, figure it out.  Ask Terra the next time he stops by."

Tony nodded.  "I'll copy it down, and show him.  But I really should get it off of there."

Bob nodded.  He knew that the dragon was due by in a week or so, by then, thing should have stabilized out.  And he had things to tell the dragon himself.  For a small town, they had more problems than they thought they did.

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