Darkness War, Part 1

By : Socks the Catt
© 2002 Socks Furrotica Press

Socks was walking around the vendors area again, still not sure what he wanted to go home from the con with. Sure, it was still the first day of the con, but you can‘t
pass on first tracks on the vendors. The plush dragons were cute, as were some of the shirts and so on. He just couldn’t find anything he liked. He hadn’t left because
he really liked the attention from the vendors, being in his spandex cat fursuit. He ended up stopping at the jewelry maker and getting a small hoop earring for both of
his cat ears. He admired himself in the mirror, and thanked the vendor before leaving.

Terradene was walking through the hallway of the convention. So far, he had not accomplished what he wanted to. “So many furs.” he said to himself. “So few
opportunities.” He walked around the hallways, went into a few of the parties, and left them as silently.

That night Socks had gone to the dance for a while. He came prepared for dancing, and had a few water bottles in his pocket while play slam dancing with a rabbit
and someone wearing a wolf tail as Kid Rock blared through the speakers. “MAI NAME IS KIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIID…. KID SOCKS!” he screamed, totally
overpowered by the PA system as he jumped into the air and slammed back on the ground enjoying the moment.

Terradene watches the crowd with some interest, but it was waning as he started to chalk this day's con up as a wash. He waived a hand slightly and looked over the
crowd. On the dance floor he saw a glow. Next to the rabbit, who glowed but not as much, someone in a cat costume throwing himself in random directions it
seemed. Terradene looked a little closer, and saw no sparkles, no waves, no markings, and a definite trace of the feline. He nodded to himself. He found what he

Socks danced hard for who knew how long. He had lost track of time somewhere between Chemical Brothers and Mr. Wendel. He hugged his rabbit friend and
gave a slam to the wolves in the fur pit before staggering out of the room. The cool air of the hallway felt good, but he went straight for the door to get outside under
the night sky. The cool night air was almost a shock to his system, his costume was sweated through five times over. Socks shook his head “at least I’m not dying like
the poor guy in the fox outfit.” he thought to himself. Socks held his tail out of the way as he sat down on the curb and looked up into the night sky.

He sat there for a little while before the door opened again. Socks had just about drained his water when he turned around to look at a man in a dragon costume. It
looked like “Socks”, a spandex bodysuit with red scales, a long, shiny tail between his legs. His headpiece wasn’t elaborate either, a hood with what looked like a
mask with an extended muzzle that was also tight to his head. “Definitely a he” Socks thought, glancing over the tight bodysuit and seeing a definite bulge.

“Oh!” the dragon said. “I didn’t mean to intrude…”

“No trouble!” Socks said. “It’s free.” He noticed the Dragon was sweating too. “Need some water?” Socks took a spare bottle from his bungee cord on his cargo
pants and offered it to the dragon.

Terradene smiled. He knew this one would be perfect. “Thank you!” the dragon said and leaned against the wall. “Really warm in the dance, isn’t it?”

Socks shook his head and took the last sip from his bottle. “Yeah, even wearing only this I’m dyin’ out there.” Socks looked at the dragon again. “That’s a cool

The Dragon was drinking the water now through the mask. “Thank you again! It’s a creation of my own. You like it?”

“Yeah! Where did you get the material?” Socks asked.

The dragon chuckled to himself. “It’s a specialty fabric.”

Socks held out his hand “May I… touch it I mean?” The dragon nodded, and Socks ran his fingers over his arm. “I’ve never felt a material like that. Is it overly hot to

“Not really.” the dragon said. “It’s no different, I would imagine, than your suit of fur.” Socks nodded. “Oh, I’ve been rude. My name is Terradene.”

“Socks. Pleasure to meet you!” the shook hands, and just began talking. Costuming, weather, where they were from, what they did for a living, the panels they
planned on attending in the morning, just friendly chatting. Socks lost track of the time again, until he looked down to his watch. “Oh Maaan…” he said, lurching over
and rolling his head back in self disgust. “It’s 1:30. My roomies will kill me if I wake them up.”

Terradene looked into Socks mind, and there he saw another dragon, but this one was not true, and a human wearing a fox mask sleeping in a room, and the picture
of a cat trying to tip-toe in and get comfortable on the floor before they would wake up. All of this in a fraction of a second, all of this very real. “And they probably
took the beds already, didn’t they?”

Socks laughed “Probably, yeah. I’ve couch surfed before, I can do it again.”

“I have room, if you want.” Terradene offered. “My traveling companion had to back out at the last minute.” Socks hedged a moment. “You offered me water, I feel
obligated to pay you back somehow.”

Socks considered the options. He had his contact lens stuff in his hip pouch. His wallet was back in the room, the worst this guy could do is rape him, kill him, and
dump his body somewhere unknown. But, on the other hand, he couldn’t be half bad. “Can I leave a note for my roomies where I am? They’ll worry if I’m not there
in the morning.”

“Of course.” Terradene said. “It is late. If you need to be somewhere in the morning you should sleep.”

Socks nodded. “After you!” They went to the front desk where Socks left a note for his friends. “In room 1031, hope you guys slept, don’t hog the Frosted Flakes.
-Me” and went with the dragon up to his room.

Terradene opened the door, and went in first. It wasn’t anything special, a normal con room with two double beds. One was still made, the other wasn’t. The only
exception was the amount of necklaces, rocks, leather pendants and other stuff there were. There were unlit candles on the main table, a staff in the corner with a
blue orb on it, a cloak hung in the closet on a special hangar, all sorts of arcane looking things. Socks looked it over, but thought nothing odd because this was a con.

“Please forgive my mess.” the dragon said. “You’re sort of a pleasant surprise.” Socks turned to look at the dragon, who was now removing his mask. The man
turned around with a slight look of embarrassment. “I didn’t mean it to sound like that.”

“No offense taken.” Socks said. “I’m actually kinda touched.”

Terradene nodded. “I just need to get out of the headpiece, and I’ll go to bed like this.” he said. Socks suddenly realized the only flaw in this whole thing, his sleeping
clothes was back in his room. Unseen, Terradene waived a winger towards Socks. Socks suddenly felt at ease with this, and figured he could just sleep as Socks for
a night. “Not like he not like I haven’t done it before.” he thought to himself.

“Mind if I just turn in then?” Socks asked, removing his rave pants and shirt. “I’m really feel… umm… sleepy…” Socks laid down on the unmade bed, kicked off
the sheets, and crashed before Terradene could answer him.

Terradene looked around the corner and willed his illusion spell to release. The red dragon emerged from the illusion of the costumed man and looked over the young
human laying over the sheets. “Perhaps I overdid it?” he wondered aloud. Usually they would just relax with the low level spell he had cast, but a quick look over the
human and Terradene understood. He was slightly dehydrated, appeared to have not eaten well in the last few days, had a buildup of ureic acid in his body.
Terradene shook his head, he’s seen this before. Not unhealthy, but not unheard of.

He also had a chance to look over his costume. As Socks laid there the dragon could see that the spandex was forming salt stains from sweat. The costume was also
anatomically correct, a sheath covered his penis, and a sac of spandex covered his balls too. “Ingenious” Terradene marveled. “He is be a good choice.” he said to
the air.

Terradene waived his hands, and the limp form of Socks rose off the bed and suspended in space. There was some preparation to be made before this “Socks”
could make his decision. A few healing spells to combat the malnutrition, the dehydration, and a few other minor toxicity problems that seemed to prevail in this new
human culture, preservatives and chemicals that seemed to be in everything they ate now. Terradene was surprised not to find any sign of alcohol, or any sign of
drugs in the human. He simply nodded his approval. This would make it easier if Socks chose to complete the journey.

With one more sweep of his claws the human’s suit was magically cleansed, as was his external clothing. Terradene waived a hand and also chose to cleans the
human’s insides as well. It would do no good if he defecated his suit after it was cleaned. He also weaved the spell to clean the human’s skin and hair under the
costume. Then another stroke of his claw and the human’s contact lenses appeared in their case, on his side satchel, cleaned and soaking in the solution. Terradene
felt safe using such frivolous magic, his barriers were up and strong, and the Darkness would not find him here.

He then gently placed the human back onto the bed, and allowed him to sleep. He read his surface thoughts, and arranged for his fetishes to place the illusion spell up
in plenty of time. He set the alarm on his clock to 8:30, to allow Socks plenty of time to be ready for his friends.

Socks had very vivid dreams that night. Terradene was there, but Socks never did see him. But he felt the presence of the red dragon. Socks was dressed in armor,
a sort of Japanese armor. He wasn’t fighting, more like accepting something. He didn’t speak the language, but he knew whatever it was it was an honor to get it. He
was receiving it from some kind of royalty, a dragon royalty.

The image of that fell away and he hit the ground running, modern world. He saddled onto a motorcycle and rode into a pack of many creatures. Wolves, foxes,
dogs, skunks, cats of all kinds. A sense of family, unity. A lot of talking, but the motorcycles became a carousel ride. Socks was on the outside, and reached for the
brass ring he knew was there. He reached it, and as he pulled it away a buzzer went off.

Socks was up with a jolt. He was in bed, naked but his costume, but up to his neck in his sheets. He heard a shower on, and an alarm. He shook his head awake,
and turned off the alarm. 8:30 AM. 90 minutes to the first panel of the day. He sat up and took in the room. And he remembered the night before. The guy in the red
dragon costume, 1:30 AM, and sleeping in his room. All sorts of thought went over his mind, but he dispelled all of them. For some reason, this guy felt trustworthy,
down to his gut feeling.

A few minutes after the water had stopped running in the shower, a man stepped out of the bathroom wearing a pair of jeans. Not a bad looking man, mostly average
build, height and weight. Short blond hair, gray eyes, not bad. He looked at the cat in his other bed with apologetic eyes. “I’m sorry to have set the alarm. But you
said you wanted to be up for the panel. I didn’t want to wake you up.”

“I… did?” Socks asked. And a vague memory of mentioning it did fade in. He squinted to see the man. “Did I take out my contacts?”

The man nodded. “Yes. You put them on your gear.” he pointed to the pile of clothing on a chair. “Your friends stopped by and dropped off some clothing for you,
and this.” he handed Socks a note.

“YO!” the note said. “Hope your ass isn’t sore! See you at the costume panel!” Socks snickered a little. He didn’t feel sore at all, he actually felt pretty good.

“Mind if I use your shower?” Socks asked.

“Be my guest!” the man said, handing him a clean towel. Socks wrapped it around himself before going into the shower. Terradene just smiled after he closed the
door. The spell from last night had worked. Since Socks was open to the touch, he knew the rest could now work.

Socks took off his cat costume and became a plain human again. It was always the letdown of taking off the collar and removing the costume that depressed him
about cons. He checked himself for scars, marks, or something to prove he was used in something. Nothing. He shrugged, and took his shower. It wasn’t until he got
out did he realize that his costume was clean. Not a sweat stain to be seen. It didn’t bother him, but he did think it odd. “I may have drank enough water for once.”
he thought as he dried off. He folded “Socks” into a nice package, and put on the clothing his friends brought him. At least they didn’t try to pawn off women’s
underwear on him again. He put his clear contacts in, and prepared for the day.

The man was finishing his breakfast when the bathroom door opened. Out walked a man, not a cat as Terradene expected. “He knows when to be and when not to
be.” Terradene thought. “Even better.”

“I never did introduce myself as…”

“No.” the man said. “I don’t like using real names at conventions like this. If you don’t mind, may I call you Socks?”

He was taken back, but smiled “No! Not at all! Better than calling me my real name, actually.”

Terradene nodded. “I took the liberty of getting you something to eat, if you’d like it.” he said, pointing out the plate of food. “The toast is still warm, and I
recommend the bacon.”

Socks sat down “What do I owe you for this?” he asked, fumbling for his wallet. The man waived his hand and gestured that it was no problem. Socks put his fork
down and thought a moment. “Is there a reason you’re being generous?”

The man looked at Socks, and took in a deep breath. “Yes.” And, after Socks motioned with his hands, he continued. “I saw something in you that is rare. You have
a large heart. You gave me your last bottle of water without even thinking of yourself. Generosity like that deserves to be rewarded, and too often is not.”

Socks picked up his fork again. “All of this is because I gave you a bottle of water?”

“In a way, yes.” the man said. “I know the type of person you are. You do all you can for others without asking much for yourself. You would have given me the shirt
off your back last night if I was cold. I know, because I am like you. I have… the means to facilitate a lot of things, including affording a hotel room, and sharing it
with someone with a large heart.”

Socks soaked it all in. Sure, he gave the guy the only other bottle of water, but he looked like he was sweating a ton. And, looking back, Socks knew he would
probably have loaned him his shirt too. And, in a way, he figured that if he had the money he would give a bed to another con person if it meant they could sleep
somewhere for a night. He could understand where this guy was coming from. So he took a bite of the toast and the eggs.

“I would like to make you one more offer, Socks.” the man said. “If you need a place to stay tomorrow, or any other night, I would like you to feel welcome here.”
He slid a key across the table to Socks, who picked it up and looked at it. “If you do not want to, I understand. I will not force you to, but I want you to feel that you
are welcome here. And I do enjoy your company.”

Socks nodded. “I… I don’t know…” He felt apprehensive, only because he didn’t want to impose on this man’s generosity because he happened to have a bottle of
water at the right time.

“Then say nothing except thank you.” the man said with a smile.

Socks smiled and said “Thank you!” After saying goodbyes that Terradene dropped the illusion mask and placed his claws on his muzzle in thought. It was a big risk
putting his faith in a human like this, but he had done it before. This one was an excellent prospect, and was probably curious enough to come back for one more
night. He nodded slowly to himself. He would need to be back early, to prepare.

That afternoon Socks talked to his roommates about the night before. They couldn’t believe him, but they said he seemed like a nice enough guy. He also talked to
them about possibly staying there another night. They laughed, saying “YIFFY KITTY!”, but they figured there was no harm in it if the guy wasn’t an axe murderer
and they knew where he was.

Socks went to the dance again that night in his black cat suit, looking for the dragon costume or the man. No luck. It was only Friday night, so he could get into the
room early and not really miss much. He knew that tomorrow night was the big dance night. Tonight he could call it off early. He did run into his fox roommate “Hey!
I’m outta here!” Socks screamed over the music. His friend wearing the fox tail nodded, and the cat left the dance.

He keyed the elevator to the 10th floor, and went back to room 1031. He knocked first, then used the key to get in. Inside the room was lit only with candlelight.
“Hello?” he said timidly.

“Come in Socks.” he heard. It was the voice he knew as the dragon. “Don’t be afraid. I have things to show you.” Like a cautious child Socks entered the room and
closed the door behind him. “Please lock it. We don’t want to be disturbed.” Somehow, he felt at ease doing that.

Socks came around the corner to see the red dragon there. But this wasn’t the spandex costume of the previous night, this was extremely elaborate. A red dragon,
Socks could see the outline of his muscles against his scales. His tail tip whipped back and forth with a flared dragon‘s tip. The dragon’s underbelly was a paler red
than the outer skin which was more of a brimstone color. On his back was a set of wings in a dark rust color, folded serenely on his back in a compact package. The
dragon’s muzzle was perfectly shaped, a long snout ending in a dragon’s peak with two breathing holes near the tip. On his head were ridges, like ears, in a darker
shade of red to match his wings. His horns were perched with a slight twist to them, perfectly placed on his skull. Socks felt like he would faint, the costume was

“Please, my friend, don’t be afraid.” the dragon said. His jaw moving with his words. “Come, sit with me. I have things I want to share with you.”

Socks could feel his own arousal under his shorts, and with only a nod he came to sit next to the dragon. The dragon offered a clawed paw to Socks, which he took
and sat down shaking.

“How… How did you make that costume?” Socks asked the dragon, still quivering.

“I didn’t.” Terradene said. “This is who I really am.”

Socks shook his head in disbelief. This was an incredible costume, and he would surely win the masquerade in it if he wore the robe that was in the closet over it.
“That has to be. It’s too good! Do you work in Hollywood or something?”

The dragon shook his head slowly, and took Socks’ hand into his claws, and helped him trace the outline of his neck, then his chest, then under his arm, then around
his back to the wings. When Socks’ hand touched it, Terradene flexed a wing letting Socks feel his muscles tense and relax. Socks gasped, and froze in place in

“That’s either the most incredible thing I’ve ever seen, or that’s real.” Socks quietly said.

“Does it matter to you?” Socks shook his head. His erection was growing painfully hard against the clothing he wore over the costume. Terradene smiled, or what
Socks thought was a smile, and traced a claw over his shirt. In the haze of the moment, Socks got the idea and removed it. He then stood up to remove his shorts,
Terradene helped him to do so. With a flourish of his claw, Terradene caused all the candles on the cabinet to simultaneously ignite.

Socks didn’t seem to notice, taken completely with the dragon sitting on the floor. He laid down next to the dragon, and traced his fingers with total fascination along
his scales. Not quite sure if it was real or not. Rationally, he knew it could not be. But, in the moment, in the here and now, he was laying next to a dragon. And that
alone was enough to make him feel yiffy.

Terradene ran his claw over the spandex head of the cat. He traced the zippers, and learned the costume his cat was wearing. It would need to be removed
somehow if the spells were to work right. The dragon licked his cat’s mouth, and Socks licked his tongue back. Terradene smiled, and knew that this would be a
successful bonding.

Terradene leaned back, and showed Socks his underside. Socks traced his fingers along the outside of his underbelly, where the scales changed color like pebbles
on the beach. Laying on his side, Socks reached up to the dragon’s head, and kissed his immense muzzle. Terradene held Socks close to him, and started a deep
rumbling incantation. The room’s magical defenses came to life, the room would appear to be uninhabited to any spirits of the Darkness. He was now safe to perform
his more powerful magics.

Socks was entranced by the dragon’s scales. They felt warm, alive, each one a different shade of red, but creating a single color when all together. He ran his
fingertips all along Terradene’s legs, his arms, and then down his tail. Terradene shivered as Socks did this, which made him stop. “No, that feels good.” he murred
out softly. “Keep doing that.”

Socks kept on fingering the dragon’s tail, as the incantation continued. Terradene’s voice still inaudible to the human’s ears, the first stage of the magics were
complete. Before stage two, the suit would have to go. Terradene reached down to Socks sheath, and stroked his erection. Socks threw his head back and moaned
loud, then began to purr. Terradene reached back with his other claw, and unzippered his hood and bodysuit. Socks collar was also removed deftly.

Socks looked up to the dragon “Can I keep that on at least? I can understand the costume, but not my collar?” Terradene looked into his mind, and saw why. A gift,
from a man who named him Socks, a gift of the heart. It was pure enough to not interfere. Terradene nodded, and put it back on while removing the rest of the

Unknown to the human, he was being changed. Already his fur was growing into it’s full coat. Terradene licked at Socks chest fur while watching the white fur of his
namesake completely grow from his hands and feet. Socks laid back, completely taken into the pleasure of the moment, entranced at the look of the dragon laying
next to him. Soon the black contrast of fur began to form all over his body, and the dragon nodded to himself.

Terradene began the incantation for the second step of the spell. Socks felt a little dizzy, not quite sure what was happening. But his focus fixed upon the dragon’s
sheath, covered in scales, and the tip of something snaking out of it. He looked up to Terradene, who only nodded and places a claw on the back of Socks head.
Socks took the sheath into his mouth, and licked around the opening. Terradene murred and continued the incantation. Soon, he was done, and could only let the
magics take their effect.

Socks was oblivious to everything around him, only this wonderful penis before him. He licked the tip, and was rewarded with a tingling sensation. He lapped at it,
like a hungry kitten, and found that with each taste it got easier to reach into the sheath with his long, sandpaper like tongue. His muzzle formed easily and made it
easier for him to get more of this draconian penis into his throat. Socks rolled his tail as it grew from his backside. He raked his claws against the scales of the
dragon, who let out a satisfied roar of pleasure. Socks used his free paw to knead the dragon’s sheath, to draw more out of it.

Terradene looked down at his work. Socks ears were forming up to speed, and the last of his fur had grown in. He held Socks head up in his claws to watch his
whiskers pierce out the sides of his cheek ruffs, and smiled in satisfaction. With one claw Terradene reached down to Socks’ sac, and rolled his heavy testicles
around in his claws. He could feel a penis bone forming, and pushing a smooth cat’s penis out Socks’ sheath. He smiled, knowing he wasn’t putting the barbs in this
form. He lowered Socks head back onto his own sheath. Socks attacked it hungrily, his eyes closed.

Soon, the dragon felt the buildup, the third part of the transformation would have to be now or never. He grabbed Socks by his collar and made eye contact with
him. Socks yellow slited cat’s eyes met with the soft glowing blue gray of the dragon as he began the final incantation. Terradene spoke it clearly, quickly, and
precisely. Socks understood every word. “Bring this worthy brother into the battle of dark and light. Accept his spirit, and accept his help in the battle to come. I
name him Socks, brethren of Terradene and Llewadan, member of the clan of Terra. You are my brother, my partner, my warrior, my friend. Treasure me as I
treasure you.”

Socks did not want to break eye contact, he felt a very real connection to this dragon. Socks opened his mouth and only could let escape a long “Yeessss!” A bright
light went from the dragon’s eyes to the cat’s eyes, creating a bond that could never be broken. For what seemed an eternity, both Socks and Terradene could feel
their skin burn not in pain, but in branding. A bright light glowed from both of them, and illuminated the room in a pure white flash

The third incantation over, both Socks and Terradene knew what was next. Terradene laid Socks on his back, and placed both his tail and his penis under Socks tail
hole. Terradene looked his feline over, with a look asking for approval. Socks never even thought twice. He brought the dragon’s tail up to his muzzle and began to
suckle it like it was a long penis. “Take me.” is all he said between licks.

Terradene murred, and held Sock’s penis in his draconian claws. Socks used the dragon’s freely flowing pre-cum to lubricate his own hole. The two of them looked
each other in the eyes again, both dragon and cat glazed over with lust for the other, Socks only nodded as he took both paws to hold the dragons tail in his mouth.

The dragon pushed the tip of his penis into the cat. Socks rolled his tail in ecstasy as the dragon pushed on slowly, letting out gruff huffing noises. His tail as sensitive
as his cock tip, the dragon quickly worked into a sexual fervor of getting both a tail blowjob and a virgin cat. He looked back into Socks eyes, and seeing his there
he thrusted hard the last few inches of this dragon cock.

Socks yowled into the dragon’s tail, and immediately began to lick the tip savagely. He then felt the dragon’s claws under his tail supporting him, which sent shivers of
pleasure up his spine, and through his penis bone. He bit down on the tail in his mouth, and held it with both paws.

With both claws under his rear, the dragon quickly got into a rhythmic pumping motion. He closed his eyes and felt his sheath retreat backwards slightly. Terradene
yipped in pleasure, as he felt the knot escape the confines of his sheath. He knew that this would be a good bond if they could tie their first night.

All the world a haze of pleasure, Socks was aware of something bigger pushing under his tail hole. Acting on instinct, he knew what wanted to be done. He released
the tail in his mouth, and with both paws he reached for the hips of his dragon mate, and in three extremely hard pulls, the knot slammed past Socks sphincter and
well into him. Terradene let out a mighty roar in pleasure as Socks threw his head back and yowled long and hard.

The two of them locked for a moment before the dragon held Socks by his hips and pounded into him hard. Socks collar bell rang loud while he grabbed and sucked
on Terradene’s tail again in a fervor. From deep within the dragon a rumbling was heard, and from the depths of his soul came a roar that would have shattered
windows for miles! Socks could feel his dragon inside him, filling him with dragon seed. Socks bit down hard on the dragon’s tail in a simultaneous orgasm. He
yowled like a cat in heat, muffled by the dragon’s tail in his mouth.

The two of them shared this orgasm for what seemed like an eternity, locked together. Terradene and Socks both gasped for breath at the same time, coming down
from the intense pleasure and panting together. Terradene held the back of Socks head, and shared a sort of a kiss with him. Socks looked up to his dragon lover.
He could feel the immense lock of his knot under his own tail. He could feel a tingling sensation from the inside of himself, and the feeling that something was
changing. But not only did the dragon’s cum feel nice inside him, but the warm, hard shaft felt comforting. Socks felt safe and warm.

Terradene looked down upon his feline lover, and stroked his forehead gently. This was a solid tie, and would last for hours if he let it. Knowing what had to be
done, he willed it to be a long tie. Terradene laid down on his side, holding Socks with him. He continued to stroke his new cat lover on the forehead, and behind his
new feline ears. “Tired?” he simply asked Socks.

Socks put a paw on his black furry belly, and felt the dragon’s cock inside him, under his now muscular stomach. He looked up at Terradene, with a weak smile, and
only said “Thank you.” before he collapsed in a hard slumber.

Terradene held the cat close to him. “Rest now, my young warrior. This will be a long night for you.” Terradene tested the knot, seeing it was very secure, he laid
down holding his newest clan member close to him, letting Socks feel his strong, powerful heartbeat as he slept. Terradene rocked Socks to him, and began another

Socks was in a jungle, somewhere. Not sure where, but he was hunting for something. Instinctually, he knew what it was, but he had no clue what it was in reality.
He jumped from tree to tree silently until he spied his prey. A deer, no, something different, but it was food. Socks pounced onto it, and in a moment delivered the
killing blow.

Terradene watched the display and nodded to himself in approval. The spirit bond was strong, and both would meld well, but Socks needed to make that decision
first. It was time for the dragon to explain what was happening to his new pack mate.

Socks was about to start ripping this thing apart when the carcass under him melted into the ground he stood on. Socks looked around, but there was no explanation
for it. There was also no explanation for what was happening. The feral side of him had just vanished with the prey he was after. He suddenly felt very naked. Not for
a lack of clothing, but like he was missing something vital. Then he saw the dragon, a red dragon.

Terradene knew his thoughts. “Please, don’t be afraid.” the dragon said. Terradene knew he was probably ahead to tell the oceans to turn back from high tide. “My
name is Terradene, and I am a dragon.” Socks sat motionless, like a rabbit in the headlights. The dragon continued. “I am not the last, but I am one of the few on a
mission for allies. I have been seeking one who can accept what I have to bestow. I need your permission to show you why.”

Socks nodded, not quite sure what was real and what wasn’t anymore. The dragon raised his claws to Socks, who backed away. “Don’t be frightened.” he said,
reassuringly. “I promise you, this will not hurt.” Something in his voice rang of the truth. Socks leaned back to the dragon’s claws, and Terradene places his fingers
onto Socks forehead, touching both temples easily. Terradene then began a soft chant, and then the world changed.

Socks found himself standing with the red dragon in a cave. “Wha… what’s going on?”

“We are in the dreamtime.” the dragon said, spreading his wings. His wingspan was impressive, as wide as the cave. “Your body exhausted itself in the process of
transformation.” Socks nodded, not quite sure of anything. “You are in a place in my memory. I‘m sorry for the suddenness of all this, but I need to show you things
now, because by morning you will have needed to have made a decision.”

Socks looked over himself. He was Socks, as he had seen himself. White paws, fur, tail with white tuft, muzzle, everything but his collar. If this was a dream, he
would wake up eventually. It would be easier to accept what was going on, and figure it out later. Socks looked to the dragon, who was stretching his neck out like
he hadn’t done in a long time, and nodded. “Ok, so where are we?”

“This was my home. You’re standing on my kitchen” Socks looked down, and quickly jumped aside. “Or what was my kitchen. Many fine meals were served there.
Behind you is where I hatched many years ago. That is where I first mated with my beloved.” He then pointed to the front of the cave. “And that is where she died.”

Socks looked at the cave opening. It was blackness outside of it, no light or hope. “I’m sorry.”

Terradene nodded. “That was over six-thousand years ago. I learned to cope with it.” he said. “But not by how she died.”

The world blured, and Socks could now see…. Something. There was no word to describe it, no, them. They looked like living shadows, except they had nothing
attached to them. “That is the Darkness. I remember this image from before man had words to describe it. This is how they looked when we fought them last. We
lost a lot of our kind in that war, and we did not completely win. But neither did they.”

The world shimmered again, and they were back in Terradene’s cave. But this time there were some tools, shamanic fetishes and crystals. There was also a fire going
where Terradene said there was a kitchen.

“The Darkness fought us for thousands of years, and eventually found a tool that they could manipulate in order to win this world. Man. Man had intelligence, but it
was so basic that they didn’t even see what was happening to them. Intelligence coupled with dreams can do many things. Some can make buildings, or works of art,
or weave stories from a dream. Others can set a wave of destruction with a vision they have in a dream. The realm we are in is a powerful one, and it interacts with
the real world.”

Terradene picked up a small crystal and waived a claw over it. A purple glow went down his claws and into the crystal, and projected out of it and onto a wall.
Socks knew the face he saw, and simply said “Hitler.”

Terradene nodded. “I knew you would recognize him. This is one of the more successful things that the Darkness has done in the recent past. They gave him a
dream. A dream that cost millions of innocents their lives.” the dragon looked at Socks with an apologetic look. “I only hope you can forgive me for not doing more
to save your kind.”

“What could you do?” Socks asked.

“We gave our help in our way. We helped to plant dreams into those who could help. We helped in the real world to defeat the Darkness where they were.”
Terradene stopped, and looked at the cat. “That’s where you come in.”

Socks sat transfixed as the purple light faded, and the crystal went back to normal. Terradene took a deep breath, and looked Socks in the eyes. “I am one of the
ancients, one of several. Every generation we seek to find those who can help us in our fight against the Darkness. I now come to you with a burden that I pray I will
never have to ask you to take.”

“I wish to give you… powers… for lack of a better word. The physical transformation you underwent tonight is the first step, and only temporary. Unless you agree
to what I have to say, you will return to normal in the morning.” Socks opened his mouth, but the dragon held up a claw. “Wait until you hear me out, young warrior,
before you agree to anything.” Socks closed his mouth, and Terradene went on.

“Sometime in the future we know the Darkness will attack again. We know not where, or how, or when, but they will. If you accept what I have to offer you, you
will become a warrior for our cause to stop them. There will be little to no warning, it may be in the dreamland or in the real world, but you may be called upon to
fight our cause. I can not promise your safety, and many have died in the past.

“In return, your form now is what you may assume any time you wish it. You will also be bonded with a spirit animal, who has chosen you already.” Terradene
pointed to the other side of the fire. Socks looked over to see a ghostly figure of a panther. The spirit looked over Socks, and nodded in approval. Socks felt a chill
all the way down to the bottom of his tail, feeling himself in the presence of something very powerful.

“When I first saw you last night I knew you were special. When I talked to Panther he agreed with me.”

Socks felt weak. “You talk to the spirits?”

“Yes.” Terradene said very as-a-matter-of-factly. “I knew the spirits when they were being embraced by Man, we are on very good terms. And Panther says that
you are worthy of His touch.” Socks could only nod as the dragon continued. “Panther can grant you abilities that are beyond those of Man. You will no longer need
corrective lenses, physically, you will become more agile, stronger, and a better athlete. Panther can also teach you many tricks of the hunter, which you will need to

“What I am asking you to accept is a burden that I hope will never have to be imposed on you. For 60 years I have not needed to ask any of my warriors to be in
service, but they still need to be ready. If you do not wish to accept, I will understand.”

Socks looked at the dragon. Then looked to Panther, who was sitting on the floor now like a housecat, looking intently at Socks. Socks looked back to Terradene
and asked “How do I know you’re not part of the Darkness?”

Terradene smiled, and nodded. “I knew you were right for asking. Question everything, learn more, be cautious but curious.” He walked over to the feline, and knelt
in front of him. “You don’t know. We are in the Dreamtime. Anything can be made into reality here if you know how. All I need you to do is look into your heart,
and try to look into mine, and see the truth for yourself.” Terradene took Sock’s paw into his own claws, and held it against his chest. “Feel, reach out with your
feelings, touch my heart. Know what I know.”

Socks wasn’t sure what he meant, but tried to visualize really touching Terradene’s heart, and he could feel something, a purity, an intent for good. And he pulled his
paw away quickly, more afraid and shocked than anything else. Terradene looked to Socks, and held his paw against his chest again and nodded. Socks tried it
again, and felt out into the heart of the dragon. And he felt a warm feeling, a feeling of hope, of pride, and of purity.

He pulled his paw away slowly again. He looked up to the dragon, almost welling up into tears. “I’ve dreamed of being able to be this.” he said “You gave it to me,
and ask me to help you. I can’t say no.” Socks wiped his eyes with the back of his paw. “I’m with you. All the way, no matter where it takes me.” Terradene wiped
Socks eyes with his clawed hand, then hugged him. When they separated, Socks looked at the dragon with an almost worried look in his face. “We’re not going to
fuck again, are we? I don’t think I can take that kind of an orgasm again and be able to walk tomorrow.”

Terradene laughed. “No, my young warrior. Not this time.” He waived to Panther, who stood up very deliberately and stalked to where the two of them sat. “And
Panther won’t fuck you either.” Panther let out a sound that was almost in defiance. “At least tonight.” Panther nodded, and Socks let out a laugh of his own.

Panther sniffed Socks, and licked him once. Socks felt this as relaxing, and surrendered to it. Panther began to groom Socks, like a mother cat to her kittens.
Terradene backed away, knowing that the two of them would need to bond. Panther groomed Socks for quite a long time. In that time Socks felt an affinity for
Panther, and a kinship with the spirit that he couldn’t quite explain in words. There came a time that Panther had taken Socks by the scruff of the neck, and bit down
hard. Socks went limp under Panther’s jaws, and Panther bestowed gifts of the great cats.

Panther then placed Socks down to the ground, and looked at Terradene. Panther nodded in approval. “I know.” Terradene said. “A little rough around the edges,
but he will learn.” Panther nodded, and nuzzled into the kitten. “I think he’s precious too.” Panther then stood on his paws, and nuzzled Terradene’s leg before
dissipating into the air. “He’ll do just fine, my old friend. He’ll do just fine.”

Socks drifted into dream on dream, none of them making sense. All of which had a shamanistic quality to them. He woke up feeling very groggy and still tired. He
was laying on his side, something immense in his ass, without thinking he ran his paw down his belly, and felt something poking from the inside. He opened his eyes,
and realized the pillow he thought his head was against was an immense clawed hand of a red dragon.

He looked down to see that he was still indeed tied to a dragon. He wasn’t terrified, as he thought he should be. He looked up at his dragon mate to see he was still
sleeping. Socks smiled, and ran his paws around the belly of the dragon. As he did so, the dragon’s knot that locked them together swelled slightly. Socks could feel
Terradene’s leg muscles tense up as his cock swelled under Socks tail hole.

Terradene started to awaken from his sleep in a euphoric rush of a somewhat groggy orgasm. He could feel the heat from Sock’s fur warming his own belly, and he
allowed a soft murring to escape his throat as he came into his kitty’s hole. Socks arched his back, and craned his neck back in an orgasm of his own brought on by
the spontaneous one his dragon mate had inside him. Socks clenched his muzzle as his body shook deep in the throes of pleasure. Terradene heard the sound of
Sock’s bell on his collar and held him close in a good morning hug.

Socks panted hard, and looked up to the Dragon’s eyes. Terradene looked down and said “Good morning to you too, my young warrior!”

Socks slowed his panting down. “If this is how you keep moral high in the troops, I’m happy I joined.” and they embraced. Socks felt that strange tingle in his belly
again, that warm feeling of pleasure.

Terradene stroked Socks on the head. “I have things to teach you before you may leave this room. But I need permission to do so.”

Socks brought a paw to brush the muzzle of the dragon inside him. “You have it. Anything for you.”

Terradene looked into Socks eyes. “Accept my lessons my mate.” A connection was made instantly, and only lasted a few moments. In that time knowledge was
passed, history, magical methods, and the ways of the shifters. Terradene let the link fall, and Socks just laid there in amazement.

“Woah.” he said. “That…. There’s a lot…. I know how to change back to my human form. I know how to kill a deer with my bare teeth. I know how to operate a
broadsword, a katana and a howitzer cannon… How do I know all this?”

Terradene stroked Socks chest. “It’s a part of the link. Over time we have developed the means to give knowledge from mind to mind. It’s the easiest way that you
can learn what you need to know.” Terradene then relaxed himself a little. “This may be uncomfortable, young one.”

Before Socks could ask why, Terradene allowed his knot to shrink, and he rapidly uncoupled from Socks. Socks gasped for air, and relaxed intentionally. He
expected to feel empty, but didn’t. His hole closed up behind the dragon's tip. Socks purred as he felt the dragon's seed being absorbed into his body. After a minute
of this, he looked up to the Terradene, who was laying on his side admiring him.

“Tell me something.” Socks said. “Is the orgasm always mandatory or do you do that for fun?”

Terradene smiled “It makes it easier to learn if I do.” he said. “And, yes, it is fun.” He held Socks close to him. “But I also do it because… I’m asking you to lay your
life down for me. It helps me to remember that you are not just a soldier, you’re my packmate. You’re my lover. You are my responsibility. You trust me with your
life. That’s a trust I can not take lightly.”

Socks smiled, and kissed Terradene’s muzzle. “To the end.”

They ordered in breakfast, and talked more. Now it was more information about the network in the Clan of Terra. How Panther would be teaching Socks what he
needed to know. What to expect in the coming times. They talked for a long time when the phone rang. Terradene got it, and looked at Socks. “It’s your friends.”

Socks took it. “Yeah?”

“Dude! You’re missing Akira down here!” It was the fox. “Did you forget?”

Socks looked at the clock. “Damn! Ok, umm, gimme a little time, ok? I’ll meet you downstairs.”

“Sure thing!” and the phone went dead.

Socks looked at the dragon, who only nodded. “I only ask of you one thing right now, young warrior.” Terradene said. “You need to act like nothing happened. This
will be hard right now, but you are somewhat vulnerable to the Darkness right now. I can offer you some protection, but not much. But you need to continue as if
nothing is wrong.” Socks nodded.

Terradene reached over onto the desk where his candles were still burning. He took a charm on a length of sinew and placed it around the cat’s neck. “This will help
protect you. You will know if you need the help. Tonight, come back after the dance. I can prepare you then.”

“I will return.” Socks thought a moment. “Should I be calling you something? Like Sir, or My Liege, or My lord or something?”


“I can do that.”


Sunday morning at the “dead dog party”, Socks wandered over to his friends at the con suite to say his goodbyes to his friends, eat a few dozen stale pretzels, and
the leftover sodas. They watches some sports on TV, talking about the weekend.

“Hey Socks?” his friend the fox said. “Where’d you get that necklace? I didn’t see anyone in the sellers room with anything like that!”

Socks reached down to the arrowhead with the cat’s paw burned into the rock, and spun one of the wooden beads around the leather sinew. He could feel a part of
Panther with him, in the room. Nobody else could. He knew that the drastic changes would take place in the next week, that he would be ditching his glasses in the
next two weeks, and he might need to go buy new clothing because he would be losing weight. He also knew that he was now part of something bigger than he was,
he was now a protector. And in that he took some pride, even if nobody could ever know.

But he couldn‘t tell anyone else that. So he looked at his fox friend and said “Yeah, I know. I got in there before anyone else could and bought it so you couldn‘t
have it!” and promptly had old pretzels thrown at him for being a smart ass.

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