"Fili's Custom Leather"

by : Socks
© 2006 Socks Furrotica

Mike walked past the store a few times, trying to sneak a look in the window when he did.  The store was always there, "Fili's Custom Leather".  Since he had his own laptop at the college he didn't have to worry about the porn images he kept on there, and deleting them when campus did a "pornshake".  So he collected images of hot leathermen.  Hot dogboys.  On a Friday nights he was thankful his roommate left the dorms so he could be alone with the images on his screen, dreaming of a day he'd find someone to play with.

But not here.  College town, Middle of Nowhere USA.  Masters didn't really live here.  That's the stuff of online fantasies.  He'd bide his time, wait for the chance to move to a big city and start looking there.  But this store was here.  "Fili's Custom Leather".  He heard from some of the other people on campus that the store sells "that kind" of leather.  He looked online, and found a webpage that needed a password to get in.  He'd have to go there himself.  He walked to it one day, just to look, but not get closer.

That was a long time ago.  The store was not only still there, but he knew he had to go in.  He only needed to walk in the door.  Today.  Had to be today.  He ate at the Chinese place next door while he worked his courage up.  Finally, he realized that if he didn't do it now, he never would.  He left the restaurant, determined to actually go in this time.  He took in a deep breath, walked to the door, and opened it.

Mike had to walk past the partition, but once around the cattle herder his nose was assaulted with the smell of fresh, warm leather.  He tried to hide his erection under his fall jacket, and took in the moment.  He saw leather jackets immediately in front of him, like policemen and motorcycle cops wear.  He saw a leather trench coat rack and almost fainted.  As his eyes scanned through the store there was a raised counter on the right with the cash register.  And behind it was a selection of leather whips and floggers.  He darted his eyes away, it was too much to take in.  All the leather, all around him!

Biting his lip, he made himself stop shivering.  "I'll be right wit' cha!" Mike heard from the back of the store.  He didn't want to look for fear of embarrassing himself, but he couldn't help it.  Before him he saw a leather master.  There was no sign or collar or t-shirt or sign of clothing that declared it, but he knew the look.  If this man didn't wear it for that reason, then the look was copied after him.

The man was not only physically large, but carried himself with an air of superiority.  He wore a sleeveless black t-shirt that exposed his huge arm muscles, which were barely contained by the leather bands over his biceps with beautiful carving work in them.  His jeans packed in his strong legs, ending in leather motorcycle boots.  Mike was awestruck immediately.

"So what can I help ya find today?" the large man asked.  His voice was friendly.  Mike felt like he was going to hyperventilate.  "How about some air or something?"

Mike laughed.  His nerves were taken off edge, this guy could make jokes too.  "Umm...  h...  hi?  I just wanted to look around the store and...  see what's here.  I walk past it all the time and I was curious."

"No hurry then." The large man said in his deep, base voice.  "I get a lot of curiosity seekers."  Then he smiled, and Mike nearly collapsed at the knees. 

"ar...  Are you Mr. Fili?" Mike asked.

The man snickered.  "In a manner of speaking, yes."  He turned away from Mike, and mike got a good look at his perfect ass.  Mike was in lust, but guys like this were taken, straight, or both.  He'd never wrap his hands around that ass and feel it's curves while this man put his hand...  "Anything in particular you're looking for?  I am a custom shop, so if you can't find what you want just tell me and I can make anything."

"a...  Anything?" Mike, quivering a little.

"Damn near." The man said confidently, turning back.  "Custom isn't cheap, but if you want it, and you can't find it anywhere else, you come to me.  I get orders from all over the world."  Mike hedged, and the large man smiled with a knowing grin.  "You came in here for something specific, didn't you?"  Mike, feeling his face turn hot.  The man nodded back.  "I know that look.  You know, I've been asked to create a cat of nine tails that looked like a Medusa head and I just finished a ten foot wide medicine ball that has a rubber bladder in it so the guy can be laced into it and rolled around.  There are no taboos in my shop and anything goes.  You really can't surprise me."

Mike took in a sharp breath, the leather feeding his courage.  "I want dogboy stuff." He spit out.  He then took a long breath, like he was relieved to finally say it out loud to someone else.

"Dogboy, huh?" the man said with another smile and nod.  "That's not too uncommon a request.  If you'll follow me, I can show you some of the off the rack items I make and sell."  He led Mike to a glass case that was end to end leather hoods on mannequin heads.  There were many shapes, many colors, and at least five different dog masks on display.  "I can make one of these fairly quickly, in any colors you want.  I also have tails with plugs in them so your Master can..."

"I don't have a master." Mike said.  The man raised an eyebrow.  "I...  I want one.  But I want the stuff first so I can just be a dog.  Not just show up and have things put on and in me."

The man stood up straighter, and rubbed his fingers along the band on his large bicep.  "So you're not looking at anything off the rack then, are you?"  The boy shook his head.  "Go on boy, you can tell me.  Nobody's going to walk in on us, nobody will interrupt us.  Tell me what you want."  He gripped the band and traced one of the carvings, and smiled in such a warm way Mike almost melted again.  "Go ahead boy.  Tell me."

Mike felt his head swim a little.  Here he was, standing in front of this leather clad deity, and he wanted to hear what his fantasies were!  "But I can't afford what I want.  I mean I wanted to see what..."

"That isn't a problem boy." The man said, his voice taking an authoritarian tone.  Mike almost physically reeled.  "I want to know what you dream about.  Even if you can't afford it now, I may be able to interest a client in it later and you'd get a part of the profits.  I'm fair with my ideas.  If it's really complex I can work on it, and you can buy it when you can afford to."  He let that sink in as the boy just nodded.  "So go ahead boy.  Tell me your fantasies."

Mike felt himself physically calm.  The man was right, no harm in talking, no promises and no contracts to keep up.  So Mike opened up to the leatherman.  He talked about the ultimate dog suit that would make him a true leatherdog.  How the tail would be over his ass so a Master could simply lift the tail and take him.  It would be reinforced on a leather back piece so it could wag naturally, but be pliable enough to be grabbed forcefully and lifted, even if he didn't want it to be.  He would be a sex toy, but more importantly a leather DOG first.  No unnatural pulling out of a tail to be used, just lift and go.

Mike told how it would need an under suit of spandex or rubber to cover all his flesh so there was nothing human showing.  He told how it would have a way to open the muzzle so he could suck a man off if he was ordered to, and swallow every little drop that was shot.  He told about how the paws should look, how they should act.  It had to be correct to a dog, so a sheath would have to be attached to an underpiece to connect it all together and not just leaving his cock to dangle.  The suit needed multiple layers to make a perfect illusion of a dog, under the leather, the leather, and another leather.  He even told of the stability system of wires and tension that would have to be in place so he could stay on all fours for hours, or days, if required.

He didn't know how long he spoke, but when he was done he felt a lot better.  All these feelings had been bottled up for so many years, now he could finally not only tell someone but share them with a sympathetic ear.  When he was done, he looked apologetically at the leatherman.  "I kinda got carried away, didn't I?"

"No.  On the contrary I like the idea." The man said.  Mike perked up when he heard this.  He made this sexy man happy!  "Very well thought out, and just complex enough to be a challenge.  It's given me some great ideas that I can definitely work with!"

"I've been thinking about it a lot." Mike said.  "I should be doing class work but I'm thinking of leather guys and dog boys instead."  He hung his head slightly.

"It's not so bad." The man said.  He put his arm around the boy.  Mike almost melted at the physical contact, the feeling of the man's leather band against his neck made him feel comfortable and happy, if even for a moment.  "If you're lucky, you'll find a Master to take you in, and you'll never have to worry about school or anything else again."

Mike hung his head, nodding sadly.  "I can dream, can't I?"

The man nodded, slowly escorting the boy out the store.  "I hate to do this to you, but I need to close for the night."  Mike looked outside, the light seeping through the covered windows was almost non-existent.  How long had he been babbling?  "Hey, I don't want you to leave empty handed, especially when you gave me a great idea."  The man reached into a bin behind the register area, and pulled out a thin black leather collar.  "Here, I want you to have this."

Mike tried to protest.  The man wouldn't let him.  "I insist!  You come in with an idea I can use, I'm not going to steal it from you!  And if you come back some time in the future, you can see if anyone wanted to try it."  He pushed the collar into the boy's hands.  "Take it as a gift.  If you want anything leather, I know you'll come back here."

Mike looked at the black leather collar in his hands, and saw it was just a plain leather band with holes and a buckle.  It wasn't much, so he wouldn't be putting this nice man into any financial bind.  "Thank you, Sir."  The man smiled, and helped Mike out of the store.  Mike was snapped alert by the cold, and looked around.  There weren't dozens of frat guys out here laughing at him, so it wasn't all bad.  He pocketed the collar, and patted his jeans with a smile.  He quickly found his way to his car, and drove back to the dorms.


"Yes slave." The Master was putting things away for the night. As he walked through the store.

"Why did you not enslave him, Master?" the slave asked.  "You had him, I saw you could have taken him at any time.  Why didn't you?"

"I have plans for him, slave." The Master said.  "He'll be back."  He nodded idly to himself, knowing what kind of work he had ahead of him.

Weeks passed, and Mike was floundering in his studies.  It wasn't that he didn't apply himself, but he just couldn't get into the subject matter anymore.  He took some comfort in his computer and online, looking at images he downloaded.  He saw the store owner in every one of them.  The store owner holding the leash of a dogboy dressed in a hood and tail plug.  The store owner tweaking a slave's nipples until the slave screamed in pain.  The store owner dominating him.  Not just a random boy on the internet, HIM. 

But fantasies were little comfort when his grades were failing.  Spring break was coming up and he faced disciplinary probation.  He needed a place to get away from school, clear his head.  But he had nowhere to go.  He didn't want to go home, he'd just get yelled at for crappy grades.  He didn't have the money to go to any hot spot.  So he arranged through the school to just stay in the dorms.

It was that week he wore the collar for the first time.  It felt warm, it felt like it was perfect for him.  No, it was too thin.  Real dog collars are wider.  But this would do, for now.  His first collar.  His training collar, to see if he was worthy to wear a real one.  He slept in it that night, and had dreams of being a real leather dog.  He woke up with sticky sheets, but knowing that he had found pleasure like never before.

That day he deleted all the porn images off his laptop.  He didn't need them anymore, this collar was enough to make him sexually excited now.  He felt bad for stroking off, a Master should tell him if he could or not.  But he had no Master, so it was ok.  He deleted his kinky bookmarks, and everything else leather related.  He had the websites memorized anyway, why bookmark them?  He closed his laptop, job done, and went for dinner.  That night he did maintenance on his computer, all deleted files were obliterated and made unrecoverable.  It just made sense to him, why keep something you don't need anymore?  Freed up more space for other things.

By the third day Mike was wearing the collar under his shirt when he went out.  He felt confident, he felt happy to be finally having this kind of leather close to his skin like this.  "He needs to know." Mike said to himself.  He looked at the clock, it was almost 6 PM.  He could make it to the store just before they closed and he could see this wonderful man again.

He walked out of the dorms.  Half way to the store he stopped.  "Crap!" he cursed at himself.  "Locked my key and my wallet inside.  Dammit!"  He turned to go back, but he realized that he'd be late to the store if he went to find someone now.  He could get the door opened when he got back, an RA would do it for him or something.  He hurried down the street, heading downtown.  He took a route he normally didn't take, it felt more comfortable.  It led him to the front of the store.  The street looked abandoned, and the "open" sign was still turned.  He smiled to himself, and walked in.

The smells hit him again, but he didn't feel ashamed to have a raging erection in his jeans.  Mike looked around, and smiled to see all the leather goods in stock.  A lot had moved around in the weeks he had been gone, but it felt familiar.  He took off his jacket, and walked in towards the back of the store where he had talked to the man before.

"Hey there boy!" he heard the voice of the leatherman, and sighed to himself softly.  "I see you came back!  That collar looks real good on ya boy!"

"Thank you Sir." Mike said.  "I wanted to say thank you again for the collar."

"It's a pleasure, boy." The man said.  "But I know you didn't just come back for that, did you?"  Mike shook his head slowly.  He was right.  He was hoping for...  "I know why you came back.  You do too."  Mike nodded again, but didn't dare dream that...  "I have a prototype in the shop.  Do you want to try it on?"

"I couldn't afford to buy it, Sir.  But I really appre..."

"That wasn't the question, Boy."  The statement at the end made Mike shiver.  "Do you want to try it on?"  Mike just nodded, feeling a little awe struck at the power this man had over him.  "Follow me then."  As they went back behind the counter, Mike didn't see the slave walk out from behind the counter and turn the "closed" sign over and lock the door.

Master led the boy back behind the shop, and into a workroom.    The leatherman pointed at a bench, and Mike's jaw hung open.  Sitting there was a rubber catsuit, crafted and formed pieces of leather, and a beautiful dog hood with a visor instead of eye openings.  "I went with a more robot dog look combined with bondage elements.  It hides the human features really well and it looks really fucking mean too.  Like a good leatherdog should.  Don't you think so boy?"

Mike just nodded, his shaft now painfully poking his pants up.  The man looked over the boy and let out a few chuckles.  Mike looked down to his painfully hard erection.  "Sor...  sorry Sir."

"Don't be sorry," The man said.  "That tells me everything I wanted to know.  Except what the boy really looks like under all that."  The boy looked up to the leatherman, and his face turned red and hot.  "You know as much as I do the suit needs to be put on naked.  And shouldn't a BOY be unashamed to show a Master his body?  Especially if he wants to take that boy in as his dogboy."

Mike's eyes opened wide.  "Y.. you mean that Sir?  You'd m.... make me your dogboy?"

"Well what you described was really fucking hot." The Master said, crossing his arms over his leather bands.  "And it inspired me to try to make it because I think you'd look hot in it.  In fact, I think you'd make a perfect leather dog for a Leather Master, don't you agree boy?"

Mike felt his neck get a little warmer, the collar he was wearing was tingling.  But it felt good, because he knew Master was right.  He came into a store as a stray before winter, and threw himself at the Master's feet if he knew it or not.  He had been thinking of Master all this time, just like a good DOG should.  And he made this suit for him, the Master wanted a dogboy.

Mike smiled.  "I agree, Master."  He felt all his shame melt away, it was only right for a Master to see his potential boy.  He took off his clothing slowly, folding it up and placing it on the floor.  When he was done, he stood with his hands at his sides, and his shaft standing before him.  He only wore the collar, and it seemed to fit him perfectly.

Master looked over his newest boy.  A nice build, probably a swimmer in high school and he never let himself go with his "frosh 20" weight.  He had a respectable package, and was very eager to please a Master.  The incantations worked so far, and he saw the runes on the outside of the collar fade as the power was drained from them.  He reached up to his boy's throat, and removed the collar.  Boy whimpered.  "Soon enough dog." He said.  "Gonna get you into a real collar soon enough."  Mike nodded.

Master walked around the boy, inspecting him again.  "You are not allowed to cum without permission." Master said.  "That won't be easy when we're putting this on you, but don't cum.  Understand boy?"  Mike nodded.  "Good.  Just think how proud you're gonna make me if you can follow that order."  He let that sink in a moment.   Mike knew that making this man proud would be a good thing.  "We'll begin with the first layer."

They both knew how the suit would be worn.  Mike was rubbed down with some powder to dry him off a little, and the rubber catsuit was carefully slid over his body.  He squirmed as the legs met the hips.  "Be a good boy now." Master said.  "Don't cum.  Make your Master proud of you."  Mike barely had time to register the comment when the rubber was stretched over and onto his erect shaft and large ball sac.  Mike let out a groan, and shook visibly.  Mike looked down at his Master, and shook his head no, he hadn't.  "Good boy."  Master was pleased.  Good to please Master.  Boy felt happy.

The bodysuit was stretched over the torso, then his arms, and his hands went into the gloves.  Then the hood was brought over the boy's head, and just over the chin line.  All that was exposed was the boy's face.  Master inspected the suit for tears, and saw none.  "One more detail boy.  Bend over, and no cumming."  The boy straddled the floor, mostly in a haze from the tight fit and smell of the rubber, and bent at the waist as he was told.  He felt something long push into his ass.  It wasn't large, but it was long enough to let him feel it.  Mike grunted as it stopped moving up, shaking as he used every ounce of willpower to not grind, or grab himself.  Master proud.  Make Master proud.  Make Master proud.  He repeated the mantra in his head as fast as he could, hoping to keep control.

Master let his boy relax for a few minutes, watching the boy's body quiver with every breath.  "You're doing fine.  You're gonna make a fine dog for me."  Boy smiled, and nodded.  Master let the boy stand there, and arranged the next pieces quietly.

After a few minutes, Master took a leather piece off the main bench.  "These are the front paws." He said.  Mike already knew, it was like this suit was out of his best fantasy that he'd worn thousands of orgasms before.  "Your hands will fit in the right places, you'll stand on the paws.  Your arms and legs will be the same height by the time we're done here."

He held one in front of the boy, then the other.  With almost practiced ease Mike slid into the front paws, letting his hands work into the gears and armatures to work the individual digits on the paws.  When his arm pushed against the leather, the runes activated.  Mike didn't realize this, but he smiled as the leather warmed up against his body, feeling more natural as it got warmer.  Master patted him on the shoulder.  "Now down on all fours boy.  Dogs don't walk like people, do they?"

"No Master." Mike eased onto his new leather paws, and moved around timidly.  After a moment, he jumped onto his hind paws, and slammed onto the front ones.  "Wow!" he said.  "I can barely feel that!"

"The shock padding is better than what you had in mind." Master said.  "And coupled with the leather, I made it look more like natural muscles under the leather.  You're gonna look like a dog in his leathers when we're done.  And you can run and jump all you want, you'll never hurt yourself in this thing.  Ever."  As Mike walked around on his front paws, Master knelt next to the dogboy and patted him on the head, working down his shoulders.  "You're gonna be so hot, boy.  When we go to leather events, I'm taking you just to show off.  You're gonna be my showpiece, and so much more."

"I won't disappoint you Master." Mike said.

"No you won't.  Because you're gonna be the best dogboy anyone could want, aren't you boy?" Master said, running his hand along the leather front leg.  Boy shook at Master's touch, He wouldn't let his Master down.  "Lets get the rest of you ready boy."  Boy nodded happily.

Master reached up to the table and grabbed two more leather sleeves.  Each one was segmented, and looked both jointed and more like an animal.  "Lift your left leg, boy."  Mike did, and then his right.  His feet slid into the paws effortlessly, and his legs moved with ease into the leather forms.  Mike could feel his body being supported inside the dog-like leg.  He flexed his knees and his elbows, and he felt the legs of the costume support him. 

The leather warmed up when the boy wore it a while, and it felt suppler with every passing moment.  Each step more natural than the last.  "This is amazing Master!" the boy said.  "I feel like I'm a real dog!"

"Aren't you a real dog?"  Boy stopped moving, and his mind suddenly connected the pieces.  His expression went blank as his Master's words rung in his head.  Master wasn't making him a dog, Master was helping the dog within him come out!  He's been living the wrong life for so long, and only now had Master had shown him what was wrong!  Dog started whining, and looking at his Master in a new way, almost apologetic.  "It's ok.  We'll get you back to normal soon.  I promise you that, dog."

"Thank you Master." He said again.  He felt wrong talking, but it felt right to tell his Master that the hard work was appreciated.  Happy Master.  Make Master happy.

Master then reached for something else on the table, and fitted it over the erection of the dogboy.  He looked down, and he saw a red latex extension put on his shaft.  It looked like a real doggy dick!  The dog was feeling so happy!  Soon he'd be Master's dog again!  By his side again, like a good dog should be!  He stood still, waiting for his Master's word that he could move again.  And he was afraid that any motion would make him explode in orgasm, and Master forbid that.  Good dog, Happy Master Happy Dog.  He remembered all the times he and his Master had before....

Without much hesitation, Master placed the back and chest pieces over the boy while he was lost in his own world.  He knew the spell on the cock extention would last for a few minutes, filling the boy with memories and thoughts of a dog, so he wanted to finish the rest of the bodywork while the boy was standing still and not reacting to his touch.  Master placed the pieces onto the boy, fastened the buckles, and laced up the sides.  It was a fast job, and stood back to admire his handiwork.

After a minute, dog started to come down from his euphoria.  He saw Master standing next to him, admiring him.  He smiled, Master was happy.  Happy with his dog.  He's a good dog again.  Master nodded, looking over the masterwork this boy was wearing.  The body looked like a large, bruiser dog.  The way the muscles were sculpted and formed tight to his real body, and how they reacted to the boy's movements made it look like he was really a guard dog in tight, supple leather.  Master smiled to himself, all the hard work paid off.

Boy looked over his body as best he could.  The still erect latex dog shaft sticking out of the leather sheath and the big smile on the boy's face told Master everything he needed to know.  Boy wagged his backside, and a tail whipped back and forth naturally.  He felt awkward, however.  Something was missing.  Collar.  That and he had a human face.  Dogs don't have human....

Master reached up to the bench and took the leather headpiece off of it.  "Now, boy, this is the last part before I make you my dogboy again.  I want to hear you say it.  I want to hear you MEAN it.  Tell me you want to be my dog.  Tell me you'll submit to me, you'll give up your dominance to me."

"I do want it, Master!"  the dogboy looked up with pleading eyes.  "My life hasn't been complete without you!  I was your dog so long ago and then I forgot how to be your dog and now I want to be your dog forever!  Please Master?  Take me back?   Let me be your dog again?  I won't forget ever again, I promise it!  I want your collar!  I want to be yours!  I'll give anything to have that again!  I'll give you my life if I have to, I want to be your dog again.  Please Master?  Please let me be your dog?"

Master ran his hand along the head of the boy.  When he finally smiled, boy smiled too, realizing that his Master was pleased.  "As long as you never forget whose dog you are, boy."

"I won't ever again, Master." Boy said.  Master reached up to put the leather hood over the boy's head.  "Thank you, Master."

"You're welcome boy."  He placed the hood onto the dogboy, and immediately the boy felt the mouthpiece push into his muzzle.  "You can take it boy, just like old times.  Yesssss...." he slurred out the last part like he was talking to a family dog.  "There you go Boy."  He pulled the laces tight, and attached the straps and buckles.  Master then tucked the excess into a loop to hide it from view.

He stood up next to his creation.  The chromed and mirrored visor was perfect when taken into the whole picture of chromed buckles, studs and metal highlights against the black leather.  The harnesses, paw cuffs and "armor" of the suit were all in shiny black, with D-rings and buckles around all four paws and under the tail to give a bondage look.  The chest protection piece looked armored, like it would stop bullets.  The runes on it were permanently punched and formed into the chest shield, the bind would be very strong.

Under the shiny leather harnesses and cuffs another layer of leather was recessed.  This was a soft and supple layer that looked like short dog fur.  The illusion was to contrast the shine with the matte, and give it more depth to hide a human form.  The boy's ideas to use two leathers was more than perfect, it made it look like a true leather skinned dog wearing even more leather.  The dogsuit was more than perfect.  The boy was a dog in full form, and because of the visor covering the eyes nobody would guess what was under there.  The Master had truly hidden the boy in a dog's form.

It was time for the final touch.  "Move around a little bit, make sure nothing is binding or hurting you."  Dog did his best to move around, and in moments he felt like he was rediscovering his paws again.  The leather felt so warm, the smell was dulling his mind as he tried his first jump.  Then his first bark.  He remembered!  He was a dog once, he's a dog again!  It all came back to him how he was supposed to act, how he was supposed to be.  He looked up at his Master, his heart pounded with affection for his Master.  He took him back!  He really wanted him back!  He'd never leave his Master again!  His tail wagged with a ferocity that it was whacking against the bench that the leather parts were on with a loud thud.

Master took a wide leather collar off the table, and patted up on the bench.  Dog took the hint, and jumped up onto it.  Master then used the D-rings over the paws to lock the boy into the bondage bench.  Boy moved with some curiosity, but did not fight his binds.  How could he?  It was part of him.  And Master only tied up those he wanted to keep.

"Boy, do you remember your name, boy?"  The dog thought a moment, then shook his head no.  "Your name is Chrome, isn't it boy?"  Chrome.  Yes, that was the right name.  The dog nodded slowly, remembering everything as his Master spoke.  "You are Chrome, my leatherdog.  Aren't you?"  The dog nodded.  Master smiled, looking at the way the light danced off the chrome visor.

Master showed Chrome the collar.  It was a black shiny leather collar, very wide, with shiny studs worked in it.  It had a single "D" ring with a chromed bone-shaped tag that read "Chrome" on it.  Master turned it around, and it had the shop's information on it.  Chrome looked at it intensely.  "This is your permanent collar.  Do you want to wear it?"  The dog nodded and barked happily.  "Do you want to be my dog?  My property?  You want that boy?"  Chrome would have jumped out of his restraints if he could, as excited as he was.  Master ran his hand along the dogboy's hood to calm him down, and placed the collar along the exposed rubber of the catsuit so the boy could feel it.  The dogboy froze, his whole body feeling electric as the collar was dragged along his neck.  Without a word, Master took both ends of the collar, and buckled it together.  Master put his hand around the collar, and gave it a tug to show Chrome the strength of the collar.

Chrome looked his Master in the eyes, and he felt his canine and once human dominance drain into his one true Master.  "Yes boy." Master said.  "Give in to it.  You've already accepted me as your Master, now accept me as your Alpha."  Chrome felt his willpower leave though his collar and straight into to his Alpha Master.  Chrome knew he made his Master even more powerful, surrendering his humanity willingly.  Master pulled the collar once, and Chrome gave everything to his Master that his Master wanted from him.  Then it was over, Chrome was proud to have given so much of himself to his Master.  He'd never leave his Master's side again, he was now bonded to him.

The dogboy bowed his head in both defeat and acceptance to his Master.  Master took in a deep breath, having taken so much of the boy but leaving just enough to make him receptive to the canine force about to enter.  The willingness of surrender, the desire to be accepted as a dogboy, and the pure lust of a young leatherboy made the Master feel almost drunk on all he had taken.  The power was almost as sweet as his last slave he took, but so much more pure.  Master put his hand under the leather muzzle of his dog and raised his head up.  "Good boy." He said.  Chrome wagged his tail.  "You're a good dog now, aren't you?"  Chrome understood the words, and what they meant.  Master happy.  Master pleased.  Chrome pleased when Master pleased.

Master reached to his belt buckle, and held his dog's leather muzzle at crotch height.  "Now let me use that muzzle of yours dog."  Master unbuttoned his pants, and showed his dogboy a shaft that was getting harder and longer by the moment.  Chrome watched around the shaft before him, at a leather cock ring that had shifting colors and shapes on it.  Chrome stared at the markings.  He was to be claimed with this act, his Master's right of claiming.  A final rite to bind his soul to this Master.  He would forever be linked with his Master.  Chrome wanted it desperately, and began to drool at the thought of making his Master even more powerful by being his clamed dog.  Master smiled, letting his dogboy become further entranced and mentally enslaved by his magics.

"You make your Master very happy, boy."  Chrome nodded slowly, then Master used a d-ring to lock the dogboy's collar onto the bondage bench.  "No cumming boy.  If you're good, you'll be allowed to cum after me."  Chrome didn't move, he just watched the patterns.  Master's patterns.  Master's shaft.  Master's Dog.  Chrome is Master's Dog.  Loyal to Master.  Loyal to Master.

Master watched his dogboy until his head rested on the bench and his body physically relaxed.  The dog was fully under now, and the last spell would meet no resistance.  He added some lubricant to his shaft, and fed it into the leather muzzle of the dogboy hood.  The boy could feel the shaft at the back of his real throat, and he relaxed as much as he could to take it all.  In moments, he didn't need to relax.  It felt natural, like he had taken this monster hundreds of times before.  His muzzle felt well lubricated, like he was drooling all over the shaft.  Master was taking his muzzle.  Master was claiming his body and soul.  Master would be pleased.  Dog is pleased.  Dog is Master's dog.  Chrome is Master's dog, forever.

"OH YEAH Chrome!" Master held the dogboy by the collar.  "Nice and tight!  You know how Master likes it!"  Chrome felt his body alter slightly, his neck felt more natural in the "chin up" position.  But details didn't matter.  Please Master.  Master is Happy.  Master is happy with his dog!  I'm his dog!  I'm making Master happy!  Nothing else matters!

"Here it comes boy!" Master said.  "Drink it all up boy!  You do and you'll be my dogboy forever!  That's it boy!  Drink... you're Master's....  YES!"  Master grabbed his dogboy by the collar, and pushed his shaft as far down the dogboy's throat as he could.  His shaft pulsed, the runes on the leather ring sealing Chrome's destiny with every swallow.  Chrome lapped up every drop, feeling the raw power surge through him with every spurt of his Master in his body.  Every swallow made Master more powerful.  Chrome knew his Master's power, and let himself be taken by it.  There was no human anymore, there was only Chrome.  Master's dog.  Master's foci.  Master's boy.  The thoughts rung through his head as absolute truth.

Chrome stood in the bondage stocks shaking, feeling the life essence of his Master giving him his new form forever.  His paws were on the bench, he felt the d-rings in his leather flesh hold him still, tighter and stronger than any bondage cuff could ever be.  He watched as his vision extended to cover the whole visor.  Now he understood.  He always was a dog, the human guise was to keep people from stealing him away from his Master.  As he felt his rubber knot swell up in the sheath, he understood true happiness as a canine.  MASTER'S dog.

The spell climaxed, and ended.  The dog collapsed on the bondage bench, vision fixed on his Master.  His loyalty and life forever sealed to his Alpha, his Master.  Chrome tasted his Master's seed within him, the energy finishing the last changes of his dog form.  There was no life outside of his Master now.  Master's dog boy.  Good Boy.  Master reward tasty.  Master happy.  Master VERY happy.  Chrome happy too.

Master ran his hand along the pointed leather ears of the dog.  It was no longer a true dogboy, but wasn't a true robot or automaton either.  Inside he knew the boy's mind was a dog, with enough human left over to enjoy his new body and understand words.  That was a hard spell to craft perfectly, but the end result yielded him a loyal companion that would forever be loyal.  The fact that the boy didn't fight made the spell that much more powerful. 

His new body...  well the dog wasn't a living being anymore as there was no flesh and blood.  He was filled with the essence of the boy and a dog, but it wasn't a robot or a doll.  It was a foci, a being not alive but not dead.  It would serve him in his magical practice well.  When the dog moved, he could be mistaken for a real dog.  He even worked in a way that it would breathe normally, like it were alive.  He could easily pass Chrome off as a dogboy or a real dog in an elaborate suit.  He smiled to himself.  It was a total success.  He looked up to see his slave watching from the back of the room.

"It's over, slave." Master said, motioning the slave into the room.  "He's a dog now."

"It's amazing, Master." Slave said.  "He looks so real!"

"He is real." Master said.  "Put your fingers in his asshole, I want to make sure that's nice and lubricated like he wanted."  The slave looked confused, then put a finger into the leatherdog's latex ass.  He looked shocked, and pulled out, sniffing his fingers.  Chrome let out a quiet but contented noise, and wiggled in his binds.  "I'll take that as it's lubed.  Don't worry, it's not toxic.  He's just as fuckable as he's always wanted to be.  And I know he'll love every stroke of it." Master said.  "Now, unlock him and help him down."

Slave did as he was told, letting the leatherdog off the bondage bench.  "Now bend over the bench boy."  Slave looked up confused, but obeyed his Master, placing his arms and legs on the bondage bench parts.  Master locked the slave onto the bondage bench, with his legs spread wide apart.  "It's time you met the new dog, and you learned the order of dominance here."

He opened his eyes wide, looking up at his Master.  Master was getting another bench up close to the boy's ass, and gave his slave a swat for good measure.  "Don't feel bad.  I look at animals as far superior to slaves.  My next slave is yours to torment."  Slave nodded, closing his eyes.  "Chrome.  Mount and fuck!"

Chrome jumped onto the bench and over the back of the slaveboy without hesitation.  The slave let out a loud scream as the dog penetrated him with a well lubricated rubber dog cock.  "OH GOD!  IT'S HUGE!" the slave yelled  "HOLY FUCK MASTER!!!  HE'S HUNG LIKE A FUCKING HORSE!"

"Nonsense." Master said.  "He's hung like a wolf.  Come on, you can take it, can't you?"

Slave let out another yell, then after he became accustomed to it he started to breathe hard.  It actually started to feel pretty good.  His ass tingled with each thrust, and soon he was really getting into it.

Chrome humped into the slave, his latex tongue rolling out of his muzzle.  "You a good boy?  Chrome a good boy?"  Chrome whined, Master ordered him not to cum but ordered to fuck!  He felt torn, he felt like he was about to disobey his Master.  No!  Can't disobey Master!  So hard to not!  He humped the slave's ass, it was so tight and warm!  Chrome's pace increased, but he held back.  He looked up at his Master, whining and begging in every way he could.  "Cum boy!  Cum in the slave!  Be his Alpha!"

Chrome immediately shifted his body and bit down on the slaveboy's neck with his leather muzzle.  Slave let out a loud groan as he felt something spurt into his ass.  The dog was growling in a way that wasn't natural, and slave felt scared that the dog would go too far.  Suddenly his ass felt like it was getting opened up.  "NO!  NO!"  But it was too late.  Chrome buried his rubber dog cock into the slave, and pressed his rubber hips into the slave's ass.  The rubber "knot" swelled up beyond the pucker, and he tied into the slave's ass.  Chrome shot his load into his beta, and used his latex tongue to lick the boy's neck.  Slave is Chrome's beta.  Slave answers to Chrome.  He didn't hurt his bitch, beta is healthy and fine.  Master's happy with the dominance.  Chrome happy.  Chrome understands the pack.  He stood triumphantly over his bitch, locking his seed deep in the slave's ass.

Master laughed, looking at the situation.  "I should leave you two like this overnight, so you learn your place!"  Slave was trying to not wince in pain.  "Chrome, disengage and dismount."  Chrome's knot deflated and retracted back into his sheath instantly, making the slave gasp as the feeling of the 747 leaving his ass.  Chrome jumped off the slave, and assumed his position standing at Master's side.  Master patted the dog on the head.  "Good boy."

A few weeks later, the policeman walked into the leather shop.  "Hey Billy.  Any word from Mr. Fili yet on the jacket?"

"Yes sir."  Billy reached to a shelf he was near, and removed the patrolman's motorcycle jacket.  "It was a simple fix, don't worry about it.  Always happy to help you guys when we can."

The officer looked at the jacket, and marveled.  "Good as new!  Tell him I said thanks!"

"It's a pleasure officer." Billy said.  "He's also planning on attending the dinner next week, his RSVP should have been mailed."

"Very good!"  The officer turned to leave, but then stopped.  "Oh, any word on the college boy?"

"No sir."  Billy said.  "But if we hear anything we'll be sure to tell you right away."

"Sad story." The officer said, putting his jacket on while shaking his head.  "Just up and vanishes after getting bad grades.  I just hope he didn't kill himself or something."

"Hopefully you'll find him, Sir." Billy said.

The officer walked to the front door, and patted the leather dog statue on the head.  He gave it a strange look, it was in a different sitting position than the last time he saw it, but it's probably articulated inside or something.  "Custom makes these things, huh?"  Aaron nodded.  "He's got a sense of humor to put a leather guard dog in the shop.  See you later."  The officer left.

Chrome's visor gleamed briefly, his Master's work was appreciated, and he went back to his passive guard duty.

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