Snow's Hutch
Part 1

By Socks
© 2003 Socks Furrotica

It was a strange invitation, but one I couldn't pass up.  And e-mail I got from a Josh, inviting me to a "Gay spandex fetish party for bunny lovers".  I wasn't much in to the "Bunny" part as much a the spandex, but a fetish party is a fetish party, right?  So I called him up and said I'd be there.

"So what do I bring?" I asked him.  I really didn't know.  I have a nice collection of stuff, but nothing even remotely close to being rabbit inclined.

"Just yourself." He said to me.  "You'll change once you get there, they'll have everything you'll need."  Now that brought on more questions, and every time he'd just tell me to keep an open mind, and go with it.  Josh was the guy who helped me explore my sense of self when I finally admitted to myself I was gay.  So I knew he had something up his sleeve, so I'd play.  I mean, why not?

I got dressed that night in my most casual stuff for a 'fun evening out'.  Spandex cycling shorts under my khakis, and a spandex t-shirt under my oxford.  Josh met me at my door looking like anyone else.  We both liked acting 'straight' in public.  "Ready to go?"

"Sure!" I said, putting on my coat.  "I still don't exactly know what to expect here."

"Oh relax." he said as I locked my door.  "You'll like it.  You liked the other stuff, right?"

And I did.  When he introduced me to more than just sex, I enjoyed it all.  Sure, there was a novelty factor, going from vanilla sex with a woman to being in rubber while sucking a man off, but even more than that I liked the stuff.  So I just nodded, and we hit the street.  We walked to the train station and took the Metra uptown.  We talked the whole way about work, the Cubs games, you know, stuff.  We got off the train, and walked through Chicago's crisp wind.  Finally, we got to an apartment building in the downtown area, one of the new places.

Josh did the talking to the guy behind the security desk.  We flashed our drivers licenses, and we headed up.  "So where are the metal detectors and IR screens?" I asked, jokingly.

"It's a nice place." Josh said with a smile.  "He likes to keep the rabble out.  And besides, this is an invitation only party.  You're only supposed to know about it if you're going to it."  I shrugged as the elevator took us up to near the top floor.  Once there, we got out, and walked into a small hallway.  Josh knew the way, and he knocked on a door labeled "2".

The speaker outside the door hummed to life.  "Yes?"

"Josh Thursman." he said.  "With a guest."

"One moment."  And after a second, the door unlatched.  "Please come in, and welcome to your guest!"  Josh nodded to me, and opened the door.

I half expected to see people naked and writhing in the place, but what I could see was what looked like a dark hallway, and a lit room to our left.  Josh walked in, I followed.  We walked into the lit room, and sitting there was a man dressed…  I hate to admit that he looked "cute", but it was a combination that just worked.

He was probably 5'8" tall, a little pudgy around the middle.  He was wearing a full spandex bodysuit in white, with tall rabbit ears towering over his head.  The face was completely open, so I could see his expressions clearly.  "JOSH!" He stood up, happy, and hugged Josh.  It was then I could see his spandex 'tail' on his backside too.  Josh hugged him back warmly.  "Who's your friend?"

"Snow, this is Rudy." he said.  I offered a hand to the rabbit-man, who shook it, then gave me a hug.  "Rudy, this is Snow, he's the organizer of this party."

"A pleasure!" I said, trying to sound upbeat.  "But I'm not really sure what I've gotten myself into here."

"Go ahead and get changed." Snow said to Josh.  "I'll bring Rudy up to speed."  Josh nodded, and walked to what was obviously a walk-in closet.  Josh removed his shirt as he walked, so I felt a little more comfortable.  If Josh felt comfortable getting naked, I could probably get into it too.  "SO!" Snow said, snapping my attention back.  "You want to know what we're doing here?"

"Yeaaaah." I said slowly.  "All Josh told me is spandex, bunnies, and fetishes.  Beyond that…"  I looked over Snow's costume, and noticed for the first time that he was wearing a white "pouch" thong like thing over his groin.  "I don't know about the bunnies thing, but the spandex and fetishes, I could get into that."

"Oh, it'll grow on you." Snow said, patting the bed next to him.  I sat down, a little nervous.  "What we do here is a weekly party, of sorts.  No drugs, some alcohol, but it's all about exploring sexual encounters with other men.  In the main room you'll find condoms available, and if you're going to do anything penetrative, oral or anal you have to use them.  All our guests are negative, and Josh has reassured me you are too, but we're not taking chances."

I nodded as he continued.  "We do everything consensual here.  No means no.  If you want to set up a safe word scene, find one of the hosts and let them know what you're up to, just so we know and we won't step in.  We're the ones wearing the necklaces like this one."  He showed me a leather strip with a simple stylized rabbit's head on it.  "Other than that, it's all about enjoying yourself, and having a good time."

"So why the rabbit suits?" I asked.  "Is it some art thing?"

Snow laughed.  "No, but it would make a fun project, wouldn't it?"  He shifted slightly.  "No, the idea we had was to make it so you can remain anonymous, outside this apartment you can be who the world expect you to be.  Inside these walls, we take the human away, and if you want to try things like being a Master or Slave, or wear leather, or try being bound down, or be a fuck toy, or top someone, you can."  I nodded appreciatively.  "And besides, I have a thing for rabbits, and it's my party."

I laughed at that.  "Point taken." I said.  "So if I like it, do I have to join up or something?"

"We'll take care of that later." Snow said.  "I can help you pick out your first suit, if you'd like?"

"Sure!" I said.  The idea was growing on me, and I admit I was getting hard in my shorts.  "So what's involved?"

Snow led me to the changing room as he talked.  " The regulars have suits they like, so we know who they are by nicknames when they show up."  He pointed at a few plastic bins.  "Thumper, Lops, Fuzzy…"  I rolled my eyes.  "We also have a Butch, Killer and Rex, if that's more your style."

"I'm not sure what my style is, yet." I said.  "So people get into it, do they?"

"Some." Snow said.  "We find it's easier to enjoy it when we don't have to call people Josh or Rudy or Joe.  Ruins the mood."  We got to a rack of small bins, labeled by color and size.  White, brown, mixed, black, gray, and a few others.  With it was a generic size, like XL or 2X or S.  Nothing major.  "So what colors do you like?"

I looked over the bins with some interest.  "Am I stuck with a color if I choose on I don't like?"

"Oh, no." Snow said.  "Some of our members switch every time they walk in.  The ones that find what they like will set them aside with their toys." he nodded his head back to the bins.  "But when you put one on for the night, you wear it until you're ready to leave."

"Ok." I said.  "I'll try white." I said.

Snow smiled, and looked me over.  "I'd say you’re a large." he said with a nod.  He reached into a bin, and pulled out a white spandex suit.  "Here, try this on.  If you're not comfortable, I can leave the room too."

I sighed.  "You're gonna see it all sooner or later." I said.  "Josh has." I took off my shirt, and unbuttoned my pants.  "Speaking of which, where'd he go?"

"He's probably in the main room already." Snow said.  "You two are early, so you'll get to see a lot of friends come in.  He's probably in his normal blacks tonight."  Snow took my clothing and respectfully folded it while I stripped.  "He's easy to find.  White tail, white tips on his ears too."

"I'll remember that." I said, removing my spandex shorts.  I already had an erection, and Snow eyed it with a smile.  I smiled too, I never considered myself supremely endowed, but I liked myself the way I was.  I slid into the one-piece suit, and with some discomfort managed to slide my shaft into the spandex tube between my legs.  With Snow's help, I pulled the rest of the costume over body.

"I was right!" Snow said with a grin.  "We've got a version that has mittens instead of fingers too, if you'd like."  I shook my head, looking at the suit.  "Ok, let me help you with the mask."

"Mask?"  I turned to see Snow reaching into a bin, and pulling out what looked like a face of a rabbit.  With a white face, pink nose and all.  "I'm wearing that too?"

"You really should." Snow said.  "Everyone else does.  Makes the party more complete."  I sighed, and nodded.  "You won't regret it!  Ok, sit for a moment."  I did, and he put the mask to my face.  I felt a little heat from it, and after he held it to me for five seconds, he pulled his hands away.  The mask stayed on my face without assistance.  "There you are!"

I touched it, he mask felt surprisingly smooth, and warm.  "It comes off easy, right?"

"Yes." Snow said.  "When you want to go, Josh will show you how.  Comes right off."  I nodded as Snow reached to the hood, and pulled it over my head.  Once there, he zipped it down from the back.  "There we are!  Check yourself out in the mirror!"

I looked over to where he pointed, and there was one of those mirror with three plates.  So I stood inside it, and looked at myself.  A white rabbit, with a white face and chin, white tail, white all over.  All except my shaft, which was still flesh colored.  I turned a few times, to admire myself.

"So, do you like it?" Snow asked.

"It does look good." I said.  Full suits were never flattering to me, as I don't have the "superhero" look at all.  But as a rabbit, the soft edges were different, kinda cute in a way.  Except the erection I was sporting, but spandex on my skin does that to me.  "Yeah, I think I like it.

"I have to go back to the reception room." Snow said.  "When you're ready, head over to the black curtain, and it will take you to the main room.  Don't be shy, there's not a lot of us here yet.  And we don't have spotlights on you when you walk in."

I laughed nervously.  "Thank you."  Snow nodded, and headed back to the bedroom he came in from.  I took in a deep breath, and looked at the curtain.  Well, if Josh was pulling a fast one on me I could play with it.  Besides, I'd get even with him later.  So without any shame, I walked through the curtain.  It took me to a turn, and another, obviously to keep light from spilling from one room to the other.

When I poked my head into the main room I saw it was lit softly.  A few colored lights to enhance the mood, but it looked like a nice intimate space.  The first thing that got my attention was the man laying on the couch in front of me.  He was in a full gray rabbit costume, wearing a leather "rebel" style hat and holding a leash.  On the other end of that leash was another gray rabbit, in a collar, sucking cock for all he had.  The two of them were really getting into it too,

Suddenly, I felt a lot better about the situation, and walked into the room softly.  The gray rabbit holding the leash looked up to me, and patted the seat next to him.  I shrugged, and sat down.  "I know you're not Snow." he said gruffly.  "So you must be new."

"What gave me away?" I asked.

"No markings and no fun stuff." he said.  "Only the new guys wear suits without markings without at least a collar on.  Snow wears a necklace too."  He offered a hand, without the leash.  "Name's Spade."  We shook hands.  "And this is boy." he said, pointing to the rabbit between his legs.  "You don't have a name yet, do ya?"

"I just walked in." I said with a laugh.  "So no, I guess I don't."

"You got a nice cock tho." he said.  I blushed under the mask.  "Don't you think so boy?"

"Not as nice as yours, Master Spade!" the submissive rabbit said.

Spade patted him on the head.  "You're a good cocksucker in more ways than one, boy."

"Thank you sir." boy said, returning to his ministrations.

"So are you promised to someone else for the first one, or are you kinda freed up?" Spade asked.

"I was hoping to find my friend in here." I said.  "But I guess I'm kinda free.  Why?"

Spade reached over to a bowl full of condoms, and grabbed one.  "boy?  Why don't you greet our new friend here?"  He handed the condom to boy.

"Yes Sir." boy said, unwrapping the condom.  He skillfully unrolled it onto my shaft, and pumped it a few times.  I groaned in pleasure, then I felt his mouth engulf me.  Spade pushed on boy's shoulder, and boy moved to between my legs, bobbing his head up and down.

I looked down to see his ears almost tapping my chest as he face-fucked me hard.  I rolled my head back in a long moan.  Suddenly, I felt hands on my nipples, fingers manipulating them.  I opened my eyes hard and looked right into the eyes of a black rabbit with white tips on his ears.  "This one givin' you trouble Spade?"

"Naw." Spade said, patting boy on the head.  "Just letting boy greet him, that's all.  He's with you Inky?"

He nodded. "Yeah, my guest.  See if he likes it."  He pinched my nipples harder, and I inhaled hard, and felt my shaft pulse.

boy pulled off of me.  "May I make him cum, Sir?" he asked Spade.  I didn't see a reply, but boy dove back onto my shaft.  I felt Spade lean over to me, and take one nipple.  Inky took the other.  My hand found Spade's shaft, and I stroked him.

"Cum if you want." Spade said in a deep throaty voice.  "boy likes it, but he only drinks mine."  I weakly nodded.  "And if you want to play later, I think I can fit a collar around that throat of yours…  Yeah…"  I stroked his shaft, but suddenly lost it as my whole body felt like it exploded.  "MMMMM!!!!  First bunny cum!" Spade rasped into my ear as I shot and shot into the condom, boy's tongue massaging it into my shaft.

Inky gave me a hug from behind as boy pulled off my shaft.  He quickly removed he condom, and tied it closed as I watched him.  "Thank you boy." I said.

"You're welcome Sir." he said.  He put the condom down next to him, and resumed his position between Spade's legs.  He looked up to Spade, who just nodded.  With that, boy began to suck on Spade again.

"I'll make sure he disposes of that." Spade said.  "And I'm serious about that collar, if you're interested."  He winked at me.  "Find me later if you want to."

I nodded, as Inky helped me stand up.  "Welcome to the club!" he said  I weakly nodded, and we went off together.

As the night progressed, I was involved in a really fun group scene, as well as some bondage, and I let Spade dominate me a while.  Snow came out some time later, looking like a cleaner version of me.  It was surreal to see all these men in spandex rabbit costumes having some of the most incredible sex I've seen.  No anal penetration, as the suits weren't really set up for it, but bondage games, sucking, groping…  I do admit I liked it, bunny suit or not.

Later in the evening, I was looking out the window when Inky, or Joel, or whatever he is in here, came up behind me.  "Enjoying yourself?"

"I'm surprised nobody complains." I said.  "The windows are open, and anyone that wants to look in can see us all doing it up here."

He shrugged.  "Snow told me once he's got a film on the windows to keep people from looking in.  All I know is we've never been raided here all the times I've been here."

"So 'Inky' is a regular?" I asked.

He nodded.  "The bunny part has grown on me, but I liked the spandex from the start."  He reached to his ear tip.  "I got named Inky, because they said it looked like my ears got dipped in reverse ink."

"Wouldn't that be 'Bleachy'?" I asked.

He shrugged again.  "I don't ask too much about it, I just like the sex.  But it's getting kinda late, I need to go soon.  I gotta get up in the morning."

I nodded.  "But how does the mask come off?  Snow told me you'd show me."

He nodded.  "Well, come with me.  I'll show you, and if you want to stay, you can."  I nodded, and went back into the dressing room with him.  Once there, he led me to another part of it.  "When you're done for the night, you put your suit here." he said, pointing at the hamper.  Several rabbit suits were in it already.  "He'll wash 'em for ya.  Anyhow, the mask comes off over here."

Josh pointed at the box-like device.  I could see in it that there looked to be several lights in it.  "All you do is kneel down so your face is in it.  Keep your eyes closed, and you'll see the lights flash.  Don't open your eyes, but once the flashing is over, the mask will come right off.  Lemme show ya."  Josh knelt, and put his face into the machine like he said.  I wasn't right behind him, but the lights were kinda bright from the side.  After five or so seconds the flashing stopped, and he pulled away.  The mask came off as he pulled back, and he picked it up off the receptacle.  "It's that easy."

"Wow." I said, looking at it.  "So what do you do with it?"

"Leave it over there." he said, pointing.  On a table were several metallic bowls bowed out, with may rabbit faces looking up at the ceiling.  "He'll clean those up too."  Josh was removing his rabbit suit as we talked.

"I gotta know." I asked Josh.  "What did it cost you to join this club?"

"Cost?" Josh asked.  "Never came up.  It's free, as long as you keep within the rules.  Like returning the suits."  Josh made a hook shot and got it into the hamper.  "You're gonna stay a while?"

I nodded.  "Yeah, I'd like to see what else goes on here.  I kinda like it.  The rabbit thing is kinda weird, but I like it."

Josh patted me on the shoulder.  "Sounds good.  I'm gonna take a shower real quick and head home.  Call you tomorrow night?"  I nodded, and we went our separate ways.

I woke up on a couch the next morning, the sun rising through the window of the place.  I looked up, and rubbed my eyes a little, and almost hit the bunny I was laying next to in the face.  "mmmmm…" he groaned.

"Sorry." I whispered.  He nodded, and licked my fingers gently as he woke up.  I could hear other men waking up too, all of us still dressed as rabbits.  I felt a little self conscious, as the sun rose up, but in spite of that, or probably because of it, I felt my erection grow under the tail of the rabbit I was with.

"Good morning to you too…" he said still kinda sleepy.  "One more before we gotta go?"

I nodded, and kissed the rabbit on the neck.  It was kinda nice waking up with someone else again.  I've missed that part of the human experience for a long time.  I looked up, and saw the condom dish still had a few in it.  I grabbed two, and unwrapped one on my friend.  The other on myself.

"Mmmmmm…  a two-fer!" he said with a sound of pleasure.  I put my shaft between his legs, and in my hand pumped his shaft.  I thrusted my hips into his hips.  I looked at the spotted rabbit with me, he was groaning louder.  I licked his neck, I remembered he liked that last night.  He groaned, and I could feel him try to pull away to cum.  My hand wrapped around his hips and his shaft, and I held him into me around his chest with my other arm.  When he pressed his thighs together it put enough pressure on my shaft that I came with him.  He whimpered as he came, helpless to escape.  I held onto him, trapping him, pumping us both for all we had.

Soon enough, the orgasm slowed us both down, and we both collapsed back into the couch.  He panted hard, as I did, first orgasm of the morning is always a nice way to wake up in the morning.  He relaxed his legs, and let me escape the death grip.  I snuggled and kissed his neck gently.

"With hands like that, we should call you Digger." he said, joking.

I smiled behind my mask.  "Right now, I wouldn't mind it."

We had breakfast at the place, and I talked to Snow.  I'm invited to come back as much as I want to, as he put it, because I share the interest.  After last night, I do want to go back.  And I probably will.  And I think I've got a basic idea on what I'm going to do from now on.  The white was ok, but I've got something else in mind.

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