Snow's Hutch
Part 2

By Socks
© 2003 Socks Furrotica

Digger called me on the phone on Wednesday night, to make sure the party was still on.  "Yes!" I said. "It is!  Every week!"

"Ok, good." he said.  "I want to get there early, find a new suit." he said to me.

"Sure thing!" I said.  "What do you have in mind?  I can have a few things sitting out, for you to try on."

"I was thinking more of a brown and white." he said.  "White on the underside, brown on the back, brown ears, white feet, brown hands, brown tail, and a white stripe on the face or something like that.  Don't ask, it's been on my mind and I can barely work."

I thought a moment, and nodded to myself.  "I think I've got something close to that here, if you want to try it out!  It may be a little tighter, but I think you'll like it."

"Sure!" he said.  "Friday night again?"

"7 PM is when we start, but if you want to be there around 6:15 or so, we can try a few on." I said.  He agreed, and said our goodbyes.  I smiled to myself, and went back to my duties in the apartment.  Things were proving to be fruitful now that we had a reputation in town.  I've already reported to my superiors that the recruitment was going well, and we're on schedule..  It's ok, but in the short term, I needed to get groceries, more condoms, and from the sounds of it, another bin for Digger.


Josh came to the apartment Friday after work.  "And I thought I was early!" he said, joking.

"Well, I'm getting my own bunny now." I said.  "I've been thinking about it a lot, and I really kinda could get into the whole thing.  You know the guy called Tux?"  Josh nodded, the black and white rabbit I slept with, which was nice.  "He said I should be called "Digger" because I've got strong hands.  And it stuck with me.  It was fun fucking other rabbits, I have to admit it."

"Ok, so you're going costume hunting?" Josh asked.  I nodded.  "Lord help us."  we both laughed

That night I showed up to the place with Josh, the usual inspection at the lobby and all.  We got to the apartment, and Snow was already in his whites.  How he kept it clean was beyond me, he had some interesting stains on it last weekend.  "So you're ready to look into some color now?"

"Yeah." I said. "It's been on my mind all week.  I can see in my head what I want…"

I never finished my sentence, as Snow held up a bodysuit for me.  I saw the white underbelly and feet, the brown hands up the arms, how it contoured around the body,  Even how the brown became darker on the hands and down the center of the back. it was beautiful.  The sheath was white, tail brown, long brown ears that were lopped, they'd fall behind my head neatly like a ponytail.  I guess my face said it all.  "You mean this?"  All I could do was nod.  "Inky was the same way when I showed him his suit too.  Here.  Try it on!  See what you think?"

In a haze I got undressed, and put it on.  It was tighter, but it  showed me off much more now.  This one even had a ball sack for my testicles, as well as the sheath.  You could see the curve of my ass under the tail, the brown and white framing it nicely.  Snow walked up behind me and hugged me tight.  "You should see the mask I found for you too."

He showed it to me.  A brown rabbit's face looked back to me, a white stripe down the center from the nose up the forehead.  It had black markings under the eyes too, like a football player.  I didn't remember telling Snow about that, but it looked right.  It was perfect.  He helped me put it on, and I looked myself over in the mirror, modeling it for myself.  My erection was so hard, I thought it would break off.  "Doesn't he look just beautiful?"

Joel had changed into his Inky costume already, and was eyeing me.  "I get first dibs this time." he said, walking up behind me.  "We can't do anything in here.  House rules.  Come on, we can have a good fuck before people show up."  He looked at Snow, who just nodded, and we both hurried into the party room.  Barely inside, we were quickly on the floor, grabbing condoms as we positioned in a classic "69".   When he shot, I held his hips into my mouth with all the force I had, because I came too.

When I finally let go, and he let go of me, he helped me spin around.  "Strong hands ya got there, Digger."

I playfully pushed his shoulder.  "Oh quit that."

A few months passed by, and it was a weekly ritual for us.  That's when I got hit in the face with some serious reality.  Joel's work had relocated him to Seattle, which made me sad.  He said he'd give me a forwarding address once he got there, but I didn't hear from him.  I guess I was looking sad one week when I went to Snow's Hutch.  He hugged me as I walked in, and I hugged him back.  It was nice to feel someone again.

"Still no word?"  I shook my head.  "He's probably really busy."

"Too busy to call?" I asked.  "I just hope he hasn't abandoned me here.  I thought we had something together."

Snow patted me on the shoulder.  "It's ok Digger." he said.  "I know he's ok, and he'll get in touch with you soon."  I just nodded.  How could he really know?

"Hey, Snow?"  Snow looked up to me.  "Mind if I stay the night?  I'm kinda at a low.  I'll help pick up or something.  But I could use the get away."  Snow nodded, and I went into the changing room feeling down, still.


I felt really bad for Digger tonight.  Inky's loss hit him hard.  Next weekend I would like to invite him into the next phase.  He's a good candidate, and I'd like to see him reunited with his friend.  We could make the transition easier if we could get Inky here, with him, if Digger chooses it.  He stayed the night, and is sleeping on the floor with several other candidates.  I already sent my report to HQ, I hope it goes well.


I woke up in a pile of rabbits.  I had one fingering a nipple, which is always a nice feeling.  I kissed the nearest one to me, who kissed me back.  I felt spandex rubbing against me, and I liked it.  But before the whole pile could turn into a mass of gyrating bodies, a few left, making it possible to move around again.

I got up, still feeling stiff.  I saw Snow cleaning up, so I helped him a little as some of the others were leaving.  A few of us have taken to helping Snow out a little, cleaning up.  For the extremely late stragglers, he serves up breakfast.  A bowl of cereal is still breakfast, and we joke that the sweet-milk always tastes like it didn't quite come from a cow.  We have a few laughs, but go home before noon.

Today seemed to be different, more than a few of us stayed for a "Bunny Breakfast", and it seemed all right to hang around a while, enjoying the company of others.  Snow came over to me as I was watching TV around 1 or so.  "Why are you still here?" he asked, with a joking smile.

"You haven't thrown me out yet." I said.  "I don't have anything planned today, and it was kinda nice to be with a bunch of guys this morning."

Snow nodded.  "Would you like that?  Wake up with guys all the time?"

I nodded slowly.  "It'd be nice."  I looked over to Snow, who was smiling this wicked grin behind his mask.  "What are you thinking about?" I asked with a hint of sarcasm.

"I want to show you something." he said, getting up.  "Follow me."  I saw the other guys were involved in their own things, so I did.  He walked me through the kitchen into a part of the apartment I've never been to before.  He took me through a doorway, to another one with red dot at his head level.  He looked into it, and a beam of light went over his eye.  The panel glowed green, and the door unlocked.

Together, we walked into a room.  In the center of the room I saw a guy I knew as "Quilt", because of his seemingly random mix of black, gray, white and brown on his costume.  He was strapped into a machine, as best I can describe it.  Quilt had wires attached to his head, strapped down into a chair-like device with screens and monitors all over it.  He had a device on his lap that outlined a very large cock, almost comically large.  His head was cocked back, mouth gaping open in a silent wail.  I couldn't tell if he was hurt or enjoying this.  His fists were clenched, and his whole body was tensed up.  And in moments, he released all his muscles.  He came down, panting hard but still in his restraints.

"You know Quilt." Snow said.  "He's one of the latest recruits."

"Recruits?" I asked.

Quilt looked like he was trying to refocus his eyes, and when he looked up I saw that they were changed.  Now they too were gray, like a rabbit.  I could also see his hands had small pads on the underside of them now, and his front teeth were slightly exaggerated.  "I'm ok." he said between gasps.  "I'm ok…."

"What's going on here?" I asked.

"Let me answer your questions." Snow said, sounding almost clinical.  "And if you want to believe them you can, or not."  He pointed to Quilt, who was shaking his head, trying to refocus.  "My name isn't Snow, I'm not from this planet, and I'm here recruiting men to help us."  I must have blinked a few times too many, because Snow pointed to a chair.  I sat down.

"My people are what you might call aliens, or ET's, or bunny men from space.  Quilt is being changed into one of us right now.  He's early in the process, as you can see his claws are only slightly formed."  He extended Quilt's hand to show me what he was talking about.  "And his fur is only beginning to define."  He looked back at me.  "We're recruiting human men to help our planet.  We're going to be invaded by a force that wants to use our planet for it's resources.  What you on Earth call a "slash and burn" mining, I believe?  They are coming in force, and we expect them at our planet in about seven of your years unless we do something.  We need help."

Before I could respond, he held up his hand.  "So why not form an army?" I nodded.  "We are a peaceful race.  We lack the instinct to kill, to harm another race.  However, we also see that there's a need to defend ourselves or leave our homes.  So we're doing this."

He looked back at Quilt.  "We're choosing humans because we can change our forms one to the other easily.  Your bodies are almost a good blank for our DNA patterns.  And before nightfall, Quilt will be one of my race."  He patted Quilt on the shoulder with a smile on his face, Quilt smiled back.  "And he can probably tell you it's a pleasant transformation."

"Oh it has been so far." Quilt said.  "And I can feel what you mean about the balls, they feel a lot different now."

Snow nodded, and looked back at me.  "We're looking for gay men for a few reasons.  We've recognized that testosterone levels in humans helps that killer instinct we lack, but we don't want to have any cross breeding into our populations.  Castration is out of the question.  We figured gay men fit the bill, as our society has no taboos about homosexuality.  Sometimes it's encouraged to keep the population down."

"Inky joined our ranks a month ago."  I perked up when he said that.  "It's how I know he's all right.  I'm sorry for the deception, but there's no other way."

I thought about this a moment, and looked at Quilt in his restraints.  He had a big smile on his slightly fuzzy face.  "So why are you telling me all this?"

"We need help." Snow said.  "You've shown some promise with us here, you've acclimated well to being in our society in the apartment, as well as showing promise to be a well rounded leader.  Not of the whole army, but of men."

He looked to a small screen next to Quilt.  "Quilt will be one of our fighter squadron pilots." Snow said.  "Shortly after his change, he will be programmed with knowledge on how to fly starships.  Most of the fighting will be in space."

I nodded.  "So you want me to become a fighter pilot?"

"In a way, yes." Snow said.  "A Wing Commander, actually.  You have a way about you, you'd make a good one.  I've got the permission to do it from my superiors, as well as one of the other commanders."  Snow got up, and tapped another panel.

Next to snow,  sheet of static appeared, and quickly formed into an image of a rabbit.  He had black fur, white tips on his ears.  He wore a sharp uniform of navy blue, with decorations on the lapel.  He was turned around, and I could see his snow white tail.  "We need to watch quadrant 5, however." he said.  "One moment, gentlemen."  Inky turned around.  "Yes?  OH!  Snow!  What can I do for you?"

"Inky, you know Quilt?"  The image nodded as my jaw was on the floor.  "And you know Digger."

"Digger!!!" Inky said happily.  "Are you joining us?"

"I…  I…."  Words just didn't form in my mouth anymore.  I was completely stunned.

"You're not used to the holo-projectors yet." Inky said.  "It's ok.  Hey, did Snow tell you about your position?"  I just nodded, dumb with shock.  "I asked for that, for you.  Puts you in the officer's club and you'll fly with my wing too.  We're planning our defense.  And I know how sneaky you are plotting stuff!"  I just nodded more.  "Hey, hope to see you up here soon!"  He turned to touch something, a button probably.

"Wait!" I said.  The rabbit projection turned around to look at me.  "Tell me something only Josh would know."

The black rabbit looked at me funny, then smiled.  "On an open channel?"  I nodded.  "Ok, you were all for beating the snot out of that guy at Wrigley who interfered with the ball in game 6.  PLUS, you get off on having your balls cupped while you get sucked, then pulled when you're about to cum."

I bit my lip.  "It's good to see you're alive Josh."

"It's Inky now." he said.  "Commander Inky, if you can believe it.  Hey, get up here!  We need the help!  I gotta get back to this meeting.  I can't tell you what it is, just that I need to do it."

I nodded as Inky turned away, and pushed the button.  The image dropped to the floor.  Quilt looked up at me "Darn!  Wish I'da known that!"

I shook my head.  "Ok, suppose I do agree to this.  What am I defending?"

Snow smiled.  "Beyond a few billion of my people?  Our technology.  We are an advanced race that utilizes technology you only dream about.  When Quilt is completely changed, we will teleport him hundreds of light years from here."

"That's not possible." I said.

"Neither is light-year communications that are instantaneous." Snow said.  "But you just did it."  I nodded slowly.  "I'll make you a deal.  Go on home, and think about it.  I can't promise you anything more than good meals, a place to live, and the knowledge that you will be saving a race from extermination at best or slavery at worst.  If you can help us, there won't be celebrations.  You'll vanish off the face of this planet, literally.  It's a sacrifice, to leave behind everything, but we are desperate."

I thought about that, and looked at Quilt.  He thought it was worth it, obviously.  "I can think about it?"

"Please do." Snow said.  "Don't rush.  Like I said, the forces we're facing are en route, and they don't have faster than light drive.  Seven years to cross space, and that is when they will be in range to harm us.  We do not require a decision right away, but please, We need the help."

"What if I say no?" I asked.

"I can make it happen that you do not remember this conversation, or this room.  It will not be painful, or harmful, but it's what I need to do." Snow said, looking more serious that I ever remember seeing him before.  "You'll still be welcome on Friday's, and you'll probably bring more guests that we'll seek out for help.  We are not a harmful race, but we see a war on our doorstep, and we have little choice but to do what we must to survive."

Saturday night was a total haze to me, I did go home, and I looked around.  I've got a lot of stuff, leaving it all behind is rough for me.  But then I looked into the mirror for a long, LONG time.  Not to look for an "inner rabbit", but to see if what I was doing in my life made a difference.  When I told my family I was gay they told me to never darken their door.  I have a desk job, office jockeying papers and staplers.  Except for Josh, my life was very plain.

I don't remember work on Monday, it seemed so mundane.  But before I went home, I stood on the street, looking up at the apartment building, at Snow's Hutch.  I changed course, and walked there.  I knew the route by heart.  The doorman buzzed up to Snow, and he said to send me up.

I knocked on door 2, and the door unlocked.  I walked in, and saw Snow.  He was in a full rabbit form now, fur all over his body, ears perched on top of his head standing perfectly straight, a tail that was tapered, not powder-puff round.  He was naked, except for his pure white coat of fur.  "Digger!" he said to me.  "It's not Friday."

"No." I said.  Seeing him like this, somehow, didn't phase me at all.  Somehow, I had sensed it for a while.  "But I want to talk to you, about some stuff."

He twitched his nose, and nodded.  "Ok, let's talk."

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