Snow's Hutch
Part 3

By Socks
© 2003 Socks Furrotica


The last month has been a haze, really.  I've done everything that a terminal patient does, but I know I'm not going to die, not immediately.  A few of my relatives that still acknowledge my existence asked me, but I keep telling them no, I'm just taking a job pretty far away.  They told me they'd talk to my parents.  But I never heard from them.

Everything I owned went into other people's hands.  I gave my bondage gear to Spade and boy, who let me have one final go at them.  I did enjoy that.  All my clothing went to the Salvation Army, money I donated to charities and to my family.  At least my nephew will have his college taken care of.  But I squared away everything in my life, even finding someone to take my lease.  I looked around my apartment, one more time.  I grabbed my necklace, the one I kept for luck, and headed out to the Metra.

Snow met me at the door.  He was in his full rabbit form, because I asked him to be.  I want to change over, and call it a 'life' from here.  He was also wearing what I could best call a lab coat, but it wasn't as long, but it had pockets filled with stuff.  "Ready?"

"Yeah." I said.  "Let's do this."

He took down my bin, and helped me get undressed, then re-dressed in what was going to become my new fur.  "How do you do it?"  I asked

"Do what?" He asked me back, folding my clothing.

"Change from rabbit to man." I said.  "If I gotta get dressed to do this, how does it work the other way?"

Snow bit his lip once.  "If you want to see it, it's unsettling to humans."

"Try me." I said.

Snow nodded, and went back to the reception room.  He brought back another plastic container, labeled "Snow".  "This is my bin." He said, pulling out what looked like a rubber suit in flesh tones.  "And this is my costume."  He held it up, and it looked like a human "skin".  I reached out to touch it, and it felt like a perfectly smooth flesh.  I pulled back my hand, feeling queasy.  "Now you know why we use spandex for the costumes we make guests wear."

I looked at the skin, then to Snow, who looked a bit worried.   "Sorry, I didn't even think you'd get creeped by the bunny costumes."

"I've gotten used to it." Snow said.  "I take mine off the same way you do.  Makes it easier to go out for groceries and so on."  Snow finished folding his human suit, and put it back in the reception room's closet.  I sat, waiting for him.  "If you're ready?"  I nodded, and followed him into the back room.

The chair was there, straps open, and waiting for me.  I sighed, and sat down in it, fitting my tail through the hole on he backside.  Snow worked the buckles and restraints.  "So how did you get volunteered for this job?"

Snow smiled, and never stopped strapping me in.  "My father was a civil servant for my government.  When he heard that the fleet coming, he volunteered many of his brood to the cause of raising and training an army.  My older siblings have done everything from geological surveys to genome typing to developing fighter ships."

I nodded.  "But that doesn't explain you." I flexed my hand once, testing the restraint.  I gave a little, and Snow tightened it.

"I'm the youngest." Snow said.  "I was eager to help, but I wasn't old enough to get involved with a lot of the things on homeworld.  So I begged Father for anything.  I was already in school for learning royal protocol, so with a little training I became…  what did they call it?"  Snow lowered the lap device near my groin.  "a Regional Human Resource Operative."

I laughed hard.  Snow looked to me, with a smile.  "Do you know what that means on this world?"

He nodded, and smiled. "In fact, I do.  I'm not that evil.  It's only a title.  I look at my job here as more important than it would be if I served at the palace.  I nodded, and he placed his hand on my shaft.  "Would you like manual or oral stimulation?"

I smiled.  "I'm the one in the chair, helpless." I said.  "Do your worst."

"I was kinda hoping you would ask that." Snow said, kneeling between my legs.  "Enjoy, Wing Commander."  With that he put his muzzle between my legs, and licked me a few times.  I tried to roll my head back, but I was so restrained I couldn't.  He brought his soft paws up to my balls, and lifted them as he swallowed my whole length.  I groaned loud, really loud.  It wasn't long, but I felt myself get close to climaxing.  The restraints, the knowledge of what was going to happen, everything washed over me.

Suddenly, he stopped.  "Sorry, not yet." he said.  With his other paw, he slid the metal tube over my erect penis, and a soft sac on my balls.  "But I'll be happy to do you once you're done."

"Tease." I said.  He smiled, I never noticed how nice his smile was before.  "But I'll hold you to that."

"You can, as my superior officer." Snow said.  "But you'll learn all the protocol soon enough.  Ready for the first?"  I nodded, trying to brace myself.  "Ok, here we go."  And he flipped a switch.

I felt my whole body spasm.  Ever heard of those whole body orgasms?  I had one.  In the blink of an eye, I felt my whole body light up like a Christmas tree.  I saw colors, that's all I remember seeing.  I heard…  I don't think I heard anything.  I just felt the most intense cum of my life.  It was like my first really gay cum, but multiplied by a million.  I don't even think I screamed, or groaned, or anything.  But I realized why I was restrained.  If I wasn't Snow would have had t peel me off the ceiling.  I shot my load.  No, I launched it into orbit.  My whole body lurched back, and launched my wad clear into outer space.

That moment lasted what felt like hours of unrestricted pleasure.  The feeling of orgasm matched up to a heartbeat, but not mine.  The pleasure washed into a constant feeling of happiness, I was protected, I wasn't anywhere, but floating in this pool of absolute happiness.  It felt a little like I was in a womb or something, nothing could ever hurt me in here.

Slowly, that feeling faded away.  I wasn't sad to see it go, but I knew in my heart what it meant.  It felt like I was being reborn.  I wasn't sad, I just felt like I had a new life now.  No regrets, no sadness, just a feeling of pure happiness.  I realized my eyes were closed, and I could feel and hear my own breathing again.  My heart was pounding, and I could feel myself sweating in the costume I wore.

I opened my eyes, and the world seemed blurry.  I tried to refocus, and I saw a white blob in front of me.  "Are you ok Commander?"

I nodded weakly.  "Think so…" I managed to say.

"Here, drink this."  The white blob offered me something, and I opened my mouth to take it.  It tasted sweet, and thick, like the sweet-milk he had in his kitchen.  "You'll be ok, Commander Digger."  I nodded weakly as I drank.  I could feel whatever it was coating my stomach, all the way down to my belly.  "There you go."  He stroked my head, I could still feel my costume on my hair, so obviously I wasn't a rabbit yet.

"How long was that?" I asked.

"The first shot is about a minute." Snow said.  "There's a break time between them, it's all in the machine now.  All I can do for you is help and give support."

"That was only a minute?" I asked.  Snow poured the last of the drink into my throat, and knelt next to me.

"I get that a lot." Snow said with a smile.  He does look so nice when he smiles.  "What just happened is all your human sperm was removed from your body in one final sweep."  He put his paw on my thigh.  "Right now the sac around your testicles is converting your human testicles into those of our race.  In a few minutes, they will no longer be human.  Your change has begun."

My eyes were refocusing as he spoke.  I looked down as best I could, and I could sort of see the sac he spoke about.  "It doesn't hurt." I said, just amazed.

"It shouldn't." Snow said.  "If it does, let me know.  You shouldn't be able to feel any of the changes.  Part of the restraints blocks nerve impulses to the brain."

"How much would it hurt if they didn't?" I asked.  I sounded more concerned than I wanted to.

"Let me put it this way." Snow said.  "You know how much of a masochist Cutter was?"  I nodded, I knew Cutter was taken in while I was making my decision.  "I let him try ten percent, and he could barely take it."  I cringed.  "I let him stay on five, and he loved that.  He's one of our ground soldiers now."

"He must be happy." I said.  "He already had the look and all."

Snow smiled, and patted my thigh.  "Your station is a little higher, Commander." he said.  "Once you learn the protocols and regulations, you should be all set."

I nodded.  "How many more of those do I get to have?"

Digger looked over to the control panel.  "About fifteen or twenty." he said.  "Why?"

I tried to shift in the chair, but I couldn't.  The restraints held me tight.  I tried to get as comfortable as I could.  "I have a feeling I'm going to be in for a long night."

An hour later Snow warned me the next phase was about to begin.  "This is where your fur will start to grow in." he said to me.  "If you follow the normal pattern, you'll get your permanent teeth, a slight muzzle, and your base coat of fur."  He looked up to me, and I could see a slight lust in his eyes.  "Ready Commander?"  I nodded, and braced myself.  "Ok, in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1..."  I didn't hear what he said after that.  My whole universe exploded again.

It was like the first time, but this time the feelings were more intense if that's possible.  It wasn't just the feeling anymore, this time I saw more in depth, I could smell more, the odor of pleasure.  I felt something in my mind, it was an instinct, this smell was what love smelled like.  It was what brotherhood smelled like.  I felt warm, happy.  Yes, happy is a good thing.

When the haze slowed down, I felt this nice sensation of my body tingling.  "nice…" I heard.  "VERY nice."  I opened my eyes again to see Snow standing in front of me.  He had taken his lab coat off, and he had a very nice erection as he watched me.  "You look very good, Commander."

"Thank you." I panted out.  He offered me another drink, and I took it.  The taste was as sweet, but I could taste a lot of the subtle undertones now.  It had an earthy quality, a very nice texture.  I drank the whole glass hungrily, feeling my sensed being returned to me as I swallowed.  When it was done, Snow took the glass away and put it on the table next to the machine.  "What is that?" I asked.

"Breast milk from our homeworld." Snow said, very factually.  He looked to me, then looked surprised.  "You're not offended?"

"More curious." I said, regaining composure quicker than the first time.

"We have a program on homeworld." Snow said with a smile.  "We found that human changes go smoother when there is natural milk given to the ones we're changing.  Think of it as blood donors, but we're not taking blood."

"Someone must enjoy it." I said, cracking a smile.  That's when I felt my front teeth were slightly larger now.  They weren't bucked like a cartoon rabbit, but I could feel them getting larger.  I explored it with my tongue, and they felt huge.

"I'm enjoying this." Snow said.  "If you would have me, I would ask you to fuck me hard when you're done."  He looked away slightly, biting his lower lip.  "But I have my orders not to."

"Protocol?" I asked.

"No." Snow said.  "Commander Inky wants to see you first."  He looked very sad when he said it.  "I know you two were lovers before, I don't want to get in the way of that."

"You won't." I said.  "Look, when it's all said and done…"

I didn't finish, because the console beeped.  Snow looked over, and half smiled.  "Speak of the Commander." he said.  He put his paw on the table, and a small pad in the opposite corner glowed to live in a red haze.  I saw a little of what I can only call static, and a form appeared.  As it solidified, I could see that it was another rabbit.  And in moments, it stepped off the platform.

"How's he holding up?" he asked.  The voice was a little different, but I'd know Josh anywhere.  He was in some kind of a military uniform, the navy blue I remember seeing him in the last time I saw him on the holo projectors.  I could also finally see his tail, which poked out from his pants

"All systems normal." Snow said, clinically.  "He's within parameters, and he's on stage three in about thirty minutes, Sir."

"Sounds good." Inky then walked up to me, and knelt next to my chair.  "You won't regret this.  I've already got our quarters, and we're ready to bring you up to speed the moment you get up there with us."

"Thanks Josh." I said.  "It's good to see you again."

"I've missed you too." Inky said.  "And you're going to need to call me Inky up there.  That's the only name I go by."  I nodded.  Inky looked back to Snow, with a smile.  "Can we cut him out of his suit yet?"

"I was about to." Snow said.

"I'd like to help." Inky said.  "But looking at you, I think I’m way overdressed."  He unbuttoned his suit, and stepped out of it.  Without missing a beat, Snow took it, folded it up nicely, and placed it next to the console near the glass.

The two of them used medical scissors to cut my costume off of me.  The feeling was downright erotic, as they moves spandex out of the way and brushed paws through my virgin fur.  I know I groaned, and tried to squirm a little.

Over the next few hours, I had gotten a "stage" every half our or so.  And each one was building up from the last.  Between stages, they explained a lot to me.  The change couldn't happen all at once, a body can't handle the shock.  So it's broken into stages.  And each stage, the orgasmic effect blocks the major pain from changing, and the neural inhibitors block the pain between them.

I also talked to Inky, a lot.  He wanted to do me first, as he had when I came out to him.  I didn't have a problem with that, but I wanted to include Snow, somehow.  I mean, hell, the poor guy puts on the parties, he gets some, but he never gets to really have fun.  So Inky and I had a fun thought, and we decided to let it play itself out once I was done changing.

Twelve hours later, Snow was looking at the monitor.  "This is the last stage, Commander." he said.  He stroked the fur on my forehead gently.  "This is the part which will complete the change.  This is also when you will learn all the protocol of our military.  It's the fastest learning method in the universe.  Don't concentrate on any detail.  It will feel like it's going right through you.  Relax, let it happen, don't fight it, and you'll be fine."

I nodded.  "Any words of advice?"

"Relax and enjoy it." Snow said, looking to Inky.  He patted my furry knee once, and leaned back to look at the controls.  "Here we go.  In 5, 4, 3, 2, 1..."

This one was different.  There was the pleasurable feeling, but it was not climax.  It was just pure pleasure.  I could smell what I knew was dirt, it smelled like home.  I could feel myself floating again, my paws caressed by whatever I was floating in.

Then I felt it.  It was like a wave, flowing through me.  Information.  I closed my eyes and spread my finger apart, letting it all flow through me.  It was a strange feeling, like water surging through my head, but it wasn't stopping.  The flow was continuous, and it felt like it went on for a really long time.  Finally, the flow ended, as suddenly as it began.

I felt a presence with me as well, "Mother" is the only way I can explain it.  She would keep me safe, warm, and protected, always.  In her I would always find comfort, and love.  I smiled, something in my heart knew it was a good thing.  As the feelings subsided, I could still feel that part of the change holding me, and it was good.

Slowly, I opened my eyes again to look around.  Snow looked back at me with another glass of sweet-milk.  "How are you, Commander Digger?"

"I feel good." I said.  He held the glass to my lips, and I drank it again.  I still enjoyed the taste, but I could feel my body wouldn't need any more than I was given.  "Thank you Snow."

Snow nodded, and put the glass down.  He looked over the monitor, and smiled.  "Congratulations, you're now a Fosian." he said.  "And a very good looking one if I may comment."  He knelt down at my foot paws, and unbuckled my ankles.  Soon Inky was helping, and in a matter of moments I was free from the machine.  "Don't get up yet." Snow warned.  "I know you want to, but you might want to stay seated.  Your strength will come back in a few moments once your blood flow is normalized."

Inky knelt next to the chair and kissed me.  A deep kiss like I hadn't had in a long time.  I tried to reach over with my paw, but I couldn't muster the strength.  So I let Inky have his way with me.  He was my direct superior officer, it was all right if I let him dictate things for now.  Snow gently took my footpaw into his paws and began to flex my joints, to get the blood flow back into them.

For an hour, easily, the two of them worked on me.  I finally felt good enough to stand, and they helped me onto my paws.  I steadied myself, and walked around the room cautiously.  It felt strange, but somehow it was alright.

"We should go to the dressing rooms." Inky said.  "You can see yourself in the mirror there."  I just nodded as Snow shut the equipment down.  I walked through the apartment, still immaculate as ever, and Snow followed us.  We went into the changing rooms, and Inky stood me in front of the three way mirror.  "What do you think?"

I had the first good look at myself.  Brown ears with a lighter insides, both were down behind my head, and tucked neatly into what could pass for a ponytail.  Black markings under my eyes, centering a white strip from my nose, up my muzzle, and over my forehead.  My back covered in brown fur, even my tail was brown, with a lighter brown on the underside.  It was an interesting feeling to twitch it the first time!

My haunches were white, with a beautiful white sheath and ballsac.  I could see how my white underbelly swept up onto the upper portion of my arms, from the underbelly, to my all brown hand-paws.  I flexed them, and my black claws, and marveled at it.  I also saw my pure white foot-paws, and how they were framed in the darker brown of my legs.  And wow, what legs!  I could see my body was absolutely ripped, muscular stomach, arms, powerful legs…  I felt my sheath bulge, and I looked down to see a dark black tip poke from inside it.

"Hmmm…"  Inky said behind me.  "I think you like it, don't you?"  I just nodded.   "Snow?  Can we use your bed?"

"My home is yours." Snow said, head bowed.  "I'll leave you two to your privacy."

"Who said anything about that?" I asked.  Snow stopped in his tracks, and looked slightly up.  "Come with us.  You deserve a reward."

"It's not my place, Sirs." he said, flustering a little.  "I mean…  You're my superiors and I'm merely a humble…"

"Ok then." Inky said, with authority.  "I order you to follow us into your bedroom, and to get a reward of our choosing."

Snow smiled widely, and looked up with a twinkle in his eye.  "Yes sir!"

Oh Mother how we fucked.  The three of us must have fucked each other's brains out for hours and hours!  My rabbit physiology is so potent!  We would cum, rest a minute, and we're back to being hard.  We used a lot of lube, but it's just so incredible!  Snow is such a great fuck too!  I wish I knew this before!  Inky picked up a few tricks while he was away too!

We ended up all laying on each other, Me inside Inky, Snow inside me, and we all were wearing each others cum, sweat, spit…  It was incredible!  Inky reached back to Snow, and petted him gently as I kissed Inky.  We stayed in our lovers embrace for a long time, before Inky gently helped me get out of him.  My black shaft was in stark contrast to my white fur, but his looked good inside his black sheath.

"We need to get back to HQ." Inky said softly.  "You will need to be acquainted with the General, and start your flight training."  He tapped my head.  "You know how to fly, and basic tactics, but you need practical knowledge."  I nodded.

Snow pulled out of me, and kissed the back of my neck gently.  "I'll prepare a bath for you both." he said gently.  "And thank you Sirs, for letting me join you.

I leaned over and kissed him on the muzzle.  Then Inky did too, before Snow got up to prepare a bath for us both.  "Will we see him again?"

"I hope so." Inky said.  "He's a great fuck."  I nodded my approval.

After our baths, Snow presented me with my uniform.  "It should fit, Sir." he said.  "Let me help you put it on."  I had a chance to look, a crisp navy blue outfit, it really framed my tail nicely.  The shoulders were rounded, to mach my own now.  Not the really hard-core military look I expected, but I liked it.  I straightened up my back, and Snow sighed watching  me.

"Tell me something, Snow." I said.  "You weren't placed here for this job because of your age, were you?"

Snow shook his head.  "No Sir." he said.  "When my father found out I was gay, he requested I get this position."  He took in a deep breath.  "Homosexuality is not taboo on our world, but not producing offspring is.  To save face, he placed me here, so I can technically reproduce."  Snow looked to the ground, then to me.  "Technically, you're my son.  Not biologically, but in the eyes of my heirs, you are."

I nodded, keeping my chin up.  "I'll make you proud then."  I thought about it a moment.  "I hope that incest is ok then."

Snow and Inky laughed as I smirked.


Epilogue :

Digger was getting out of his flight suit when one of his men walked up to him after maneuvers.  "Commander?"

"Yes?" Digger said, putting his unit patch back onto his sleeve.

"Why are we practicing a skill that's so…"  Quilt looked for a word.

"…not our specialty?" Digger filled it in.

"Yes."  Quilt nodded.  "Exactally.  When will we ever use a formation like that on a bombing run?  When will we ever be on a bombing run, for that matter?  We're a ship to ship unit, I thought?"

"You never know." Digger said, patting the bench next to him.  Quilt sat with his Commanding officer and listened.  "Look, you're here because of a leap of faith, Mother knows it was a brave thing to do.  I'm asking for another leap of faith."

"I don't understand, Sir."

"Were you a Cubs fan?  Back in Chicago?"  Quilt nodded.  Digger smiled wide.  "Why?"

Quilt thought a moment, and then just nodded.  "I think I understand now, Sir."

Digger nodded, removing his jumpsuit to sit naked with Commander Digger.  His silver necklace with the charm on it glinted under the lights as he spoke.  "Think of this the same way.  We may never need to do it, but I think it would be good to be ready, in case.  I hope we never need to use any of the skills we're training for, but it will happen in a few years.  We need to be ready for it."  He put his paw on the Quilt's shoulder.  "Don't worry about it in the short term.  We have a party tomorrow night, enjoy the weekend."

"Yes sir." the rabbit said, starting to get up.  He smiled to himself, and made a cupping motion with his paw.

Digger stood up as well with a grin.  "Besides, the Cubs will win, someday."  Digger patted Quilt on the shoulder.  "Dismissed, enjoy the evening off."  Quilt went back to his locker to clean up.  Digger then went to the shower, and looked over his men.  So many cute tails to choose from, tomorrow night would be a great party.  But first things first, a private meeting with Inky tonight to talk about strategic insertions.  Digger felt his sheath tingle with the thought of multiple insertions tonight.  But he only smiled, and took his shower.

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