Halloween, '03
© 2003 Socks Furrotica
by Socks the Catt

"Hello?  What is this?"  Joe picked up the package and inspected it.  The return address was from Chicago, and as he brought it inside he tried to think of who it could be from.  On the side of the small box was written "Open Halloween Eve, from Yappy"

Then it hit him.  Yappy.  His friend from the internet who split the room at that con with him last year.  He remembered the two of them had to exchange addresses, as they had a few problems with "spare laundry".  Joe shook his head, and put the box on the side of his computer.

Ray looked at the box inquisitively.  Too small to be a bomb, but it felt like something was in there.  He shook his head a few times, and laughed to himself.  What was Yapps up to this time?

Yappy : NOTHING!  All will be told on Hallows Eve!
Ringer : Oh come on you old 'yote!  I know you better than that.
Yappy : You'll have to trust me, old friend.
Ringer : It's not an auto-erotic yiffing machine?
Yappy : Would you thank me if it were?
Ringer : I can think of some furs that would be upset 'cuz they didn't get one.
Yappy thinks a moment, and scribbles something down
Ringer laughs

"So what is it?" Jason asked, tossing his jacket over the chair.  "I've been dying to know!"

"I don't know." Kyle said with a shrug.  "Whatever it is, I don't think he gave it to us only."

"Uh oh." Jason said with a hint of amusement.  "I know Yappy has a sense of humor, but how big is it?"

"See for yourself." Kyle turned the monitor so Jason could see it, and Jason took the opportunity to nuzzle in with Kyle.  Kyle smiled, ruffling Jason's hair as he read.

"Wow." Jason said.  "That's about everyone."

"Yeah." Kyle said.  "Ringer started it, and now everyone who was on the staff has been saying they have one of these things."

"And Yappy-Yote hasn't told us what's in it?" Jason said, murring softly.

Kyle tapped Jason's ear twice.  "Nope.  But he said the night before Halloween, we can open it."

Jason shrugged.  "I can wait if you can wait."  It was only a week away.

Yappy : Just don't open it yet.
Rajah : I didn't.
Yappy : Good.  You'll ruin it if you do.
Rajah : What is it?  Is it like a potion or something?
Yappy : I can't tell you yet.  It's part of the process.  Keep you curious.
Rajah : You know about curiosity and cats!
Yappy earscritches you "Please, this once, trust me."
Rajah : LOL!  Ok, I'll do it, for you.  But this better be good.
Yappy : I hope it is.

In his basement, the man knelt in the circle, panting hard on his hands and knees.  His long costume tail, as well as his open faced hood were soaked in sweat.  His eyes were directly on the floor, his gaze fixed on the card under him.  Coyote.  "Let it work." he whispered between panting breaths.  "Just one night, let it work.  For them, let it work."

Ray raced home from school Thursday night.  His classes on Friday were out, so a three day Halloween weekend was on the agenda.  He threw his backpack into the bed in his college apartment with a flourish and opened up the closet.  With respect, he removed his costume for the year.  The red fur of the fox swept down gracefully.  He smiled, and looked at the head.  No more planning, no more prep, it was the perfect costume.

Joe brushed the fuzzy bits from his costume, not much to it, just his usual dog costume that he made cheaply one year.  Sweatpants, sweatshirt, a puppy mask he bought to go with it, but it was all his.  It wasn't as nice as the others, but it was his own work.  As he was about to lay it out, he remembered the box Yappy sent him, along with the instructions.  He looked out his window, and nodded to himself.  "Almost sunset." he said.

"Hey!  Hand me the brush!" Kyle yelled into the other room.  Jason walked it in, already wearing his wolf costume.  "Goddess help me, but you look sexy." Kyle said.

Jason turned a little, and wiggled his hips to make his tail bob.  He raised his arm, and struck a sexy pose, much to Kyle's amusement.  "Not as sexy as you're going to be, packmate!"

"Oh stop it!" Kyle said.  "Just need to brush out this one section, then we gotta open that box."

"It's almost sunset." Jason said, adjusting the black fur one more time.  "I should get out of this for now."  Kyle nodded.

Mike opened the box carefully, and saw in it a pendant, and a note.  It was hand-written.

"Ringer, I don't know if you believe in magic or not, but even if you don't, I want to ask you to do this one thing for me, my friend.  Tonight, wear this pendant as you sleep.  Tomorrow, you will have a surprise.  It's not bad, and it won't make you hump the couch.  See me online if you need to know more.  -Yappy"

Mike looked over to his raccoon costume, then the pendant.  It was a circular coin on a simple leather string.  On once side was a paw print, he didn't know the kind.  On the other side was a carving of a raccoon.  He looked at the paw print, it wasn't a raccoon.  He jumped online.

"Yappy is overloading on IM's, be with ya ASAP!"   Ray tapped his keyboard a few times while surfing the other sites.  Finally, his IM window opened up.  "Ok, so what' your question?  Seems to be my night for 'em."

"That's what you get for sending out something this mysterious!" Ray typed in, sipping his soda.  "What kind of paw is that?"

"Coyote!  What else?" Yappy's message read.

"Should I sleep in the costume?" Ray asked, looking at the fox hanging in the doorway.  It would be hot, but for Yappy, why not?

"No need.  Unless you want to.  This will either work or not, costume or not." Yappy's text said.

"Work or not?" Ray typed, then thought about it.  He erased that text.  "Ok, I'll go with this one.  I'm not gonna regret this, am I?"

"No." Yappy typed, then moved to the next window.

Pete put on his tiger costume, purring to himself and rubbing the spandex against his skin.  He smiled, thinking how much it felt like him now.  He looked into the mirror near his closet, and adjusted the mask one more time.  He held up Yappy's pendant, seeing the tiger's face in it.  He put it on, the tiger imprint touching his spandex skin.  He relaxed, stretched out, and slid into bed.  He had to go to work tomorrow morning, after all.  In the back of his mind, he hoped he'd wake up as a tiger, but dismissed it as pure fantasy.

"Goodnight Kyle." Jason kissed his mate gently on the cheek.

"Goodnight." Kyle said, turning off the light.  He rolled over to spoon with Jason.  "Do you really think we'll become wolves?"

"We can dream, can't we?" Jason said with a smile.  "And even if we don't, and we probably won't, I'll still love you."

"Me too." Kyle said, kissing Jason on the neck.

Joe's dreams that night were vivid, focused.  He dreamed that he was on all fours, a dog, even better he was a beagle!  He was running on all fours, playing with other animals.  Not just dogs, but foxes, wolves, a bear, a tiger, a raccoon, other dogs, he was in heaven.  He stopped in his dream, thinking to himself "Where's Yappy?"  He looked ahead of him, and saw a two-legged coyote talking to a four legged one.  They both looked to the menagerie of animals, then back to each other.  He tried to perk his ears, to listen, but the others were making too much noise to let him hear.  Then, in a sudden rush of white, it was gone.

Ray woke up with a shock, eyes wide open.  Immediately, he looked at his hands.  Flesh.  "Damn." he said to himself.  "I was hoping."  He touched his neck to remove the necklace, but it wasn't there.  He looked on the sheets for it, and under his pillow.  Nothing.  He shook his head, and looked outside.

He got out of bed, and saw the fox costume hanging in the door frame.  He touched it with his hand, and felt a slight tingle from the touch.  After his morning routine, he walked to his computer, and fired it up to get his e-mail.  There was a letter from Yappy.

"Subject : It worked.
To : Recipients undisclosed


I should explain.  Last night, those of you who put on the necklaces should have had a dream.  If you did, it worked for you.  Tonight, when you put on your Halloween costumes, you should get a pleasant surprise!  Don't put it on until you're ready to wear your costume all day!  The effect won't wear off until sunrise tomorrow morning!

There's one problem tho.  Outside the circle of friends, you can't tell anyone about the pendants and what they do.  I can't explain it now, but even if they believe it, even if YOU believe it, I don't know if I can do it again.

Halloween is when the barriers of fantasy and reality are lowered, for a day.  Enjoy your day.


"Well that explains a lot." Rajah said, running his paw over his chest with an amused grin.  "Too bad it's not permanent."

Mike looked at his costume in a new light.  Could it be?  Did Yappy do something incredible?  He sighed to himself, he couldn't go to work in costume.  But he could bring it with him to change into for the ride home!  He got a wicked grin across his face.  He was hoping to win the costume contest anyway, this might do it.

Kyle and Jason left together to catch the train for work.  "Early day?"

"Yep!" Jason said.  "We're agreed.  We wait until the other gets home to put them on?"

"Agreed." Kyle said as the train pulled out of the station.

Joe looked at his costume, laying on the computer chair.  He planned going to school in it today.  He looked at the clothing, and thought a moment.  "Why not?" he said to himself, shucking his towel from his shower.  As he slid the socks onto his feet, he felt a tingle soar through his body.  "Oooo!"  He looked down, and wiggled his four toes through the sock.  "Four?" he asked to nobody in particular.

Joe's legs shifted as he brought the pants to his hips, and he felt the fur shift on his legs the moment they reached them.  Only a slight pins-and-needles sensation could be felt as his body changed.  The costume vanished away, leaving only fur.  He stood up, surprising himself how steady he was on the balls of his hind paws.  He looked at himself in the mirror, wagging his tail as he looked at it.  "VERY nice!" he said, then looked between his legs.  And there, for the world to see, was his sheath and ballsac.

He blinked a few times, touching it for himself.  His paws curled at the pleasurable sensations he felt.  He sat back down on the corner of his bed, shaking slightly.  He touched it a few more times, surprised to see a slick pink shaft begin to push forward, and a feeling of wanting to keep doing that.  But not with his hands.

Quickly, Joe grabbed for the shirt, the paw gloves, and the dog mask.  As he put them on, he could feel the costume melting into his skin, and replace it.  He never even bothered to look in the mirror, he grabbed his shaft with his paw.  He wrapped his black claws around the shaft and stroked himself in a fury.  He felt the urge to howl, but clenched his jaw tight.  He grabbed the towel he had showered with, and violently pumped into it, his body pushing hard into his paw.

After several spurts, he slowed to a stop.  He was curled into a ball on his bed, panting hard.  He looked at his paw, and licked it clean out of reflex.  Then he threw his leg up and over his shoulder, and licked his sheath clean.  He smelled that he was indeed clean, and stopped.  He then lay in the bed, looking to the ceiling.  "Wow." he said quietly.

Mike's day was uneventful.  "Entering the costume contest?"

Mike looked over to his office friend, leaning into his cubicle.  "You bet!  Just wait 'till you see this one!"

"You know we've got trick or treaters coming in around 3, right?" his friend said.

"It's ok." Mike said, looking at the small suitcase.  "I don't think I'll scare them."

"Sounds good!" his friend said.  "We've got the go-ahead to get ready around 2 or so.  So I'll leave ya to get ready!"  Mike nodded, tapping furiously at his keys.  He'd be done by 2, and a few hours on the clock in costume was never too bad.

Rajah ran the smoother along the bottom of the snowboard as his boss walked up behind him.  "You really outdid yourself this year Pete!"

The tiger grinned.  "You didn't like my costume from last year as much?"

"I did, but this is WAY over the top!"  He ran his hand on Rajah's shoulder, feeling the fur.  "Is this a fursuit from hell or something?"

"You don't know the half of it." Rajah grinned.  "But it's not making it harder to get the wax job done."

"Hey, wanna work the store front later?  When the kids show up they'll just go ape over that!" the boss asked.  Rajah nodded, adjusting the bandana on his forehead.  "Cool!  Finish that board and we'll call it a lunch."  The tiger nodded, and hummed to himself as he finished out.

Joe wandered the halls of the college from class to class.  He was late for his political sciences class because of the crowd he gathered.  He smiled, and took it all in.  He got a good laugh when he ended a debate by saying the other person had nothing more than a dog and pony show.

He was taken aside by a professor.  "Are you comfortable in all that?  A dog costume and full clothing?"

"I'm ok." Joe said.  "Why?"

"You're causing a little bit of a ruckus." the professor said, genuinely concerned.  "I just want to make sure you're ok with it all."

"It's Halloween." Joe said.  "I get to be goofy for a day.  Let everyone enjoy it."

The professor nodded.  "Just don't let us catch you shagging Frisbees in the commons."  Joe laughed and promised he wouldn't.

"Receiving, this is Kyle."

"It's Jason."

"Hey!  What's up?" Kyle asked, happy to hear from him.

"Work's out early." Jason said.  "I'm heading home.  I'll have everything ready."

"10-4!" Kyle said.  "We've got a few things here, but I'll try to be home fast."

"Sounds good!" Jason said, stepping out of his office building and heading to the Metra.  "Oh!  Stop at the store?  We need to get more candy."

"Will do!" Kyle said.

"Hey!  You ok in there?" the voice asked.

"I'm ok." Mike said, shaking a little.  He had gotten the lower part of his costume on, and it wasn't coming off.  Now the ringed tail wasn't just stuck, but it was fused to his spine.  "Do you need to go?"

"No." Mike's friend said.  "It's just you've been in there a bit, got worried you fell in."

"It's kinda an elaborate suit." Mike said, trying to buy himself time.  "I'll be a minute."

"Ok!" Mikes friend said.  "But you don't come out before three and I'm calling a Mounty!"  Mike heard his friend walk away, and he looked at himself.  From the waist down, he was a raccoon.  On two legs, thankfully, but a raccoon.  A slightly cartoonish looking one, almost mascot like, but obviously a raccoon.  Boots of fur on his feet, a long bushy tail, and thick brown and black fur on his legs.  But he saw a problem.

Mike looked between his legs, and saw his sheath and balls hanging there.  It wasn't out of place, they held the proportions of the rest of his cartoonish looking body.  On one hand he was thrilled by it, on the other it meant he had a problem.  Little kids shouldn't be exposed to that, literally.  He sat on the sink, thinking about it.  Then he saw his three-piece suit folded in the small suitcase he brought the costume in.  He sighed to himself, at least it wasn't his good suit.

He took out his penknife, and cut a hole in the seam of his pants.  Carefully, he threaded his new tail through it using muscles he never knew he had.  He buckled the pants around his fuzzy waist, and with a relieved sigh let go.  It still fit him.  He took off his undershirt, and pulled the costume up over his shoulders.  As he felt the tingling sensation match where fabric met skin, he could see the fur shifting and moving as he flexed his back.

Then came the head piece.  He opened the mouth, and hoped it would still work.  As he placed it over his head, he felt a sense of panic as his breathing was shut off.  It soon passed, and soon he could see from new eyes, and smell more than he bargained for.  The pungent smell of bleach overwhelmed his senses for a moment, but he shook that off quickly.  He looked into the mirror, and opened his mouth to see a full set of raccoon teeth there.  He laughed, and was surprised to hear his voice coming from the bipedal raccoon in the mirror.

Mike knew there was one more step.  He then reached into the suitcase, and held up his shirt.  He looked into the mirror, and got a laugh at himself as he held the shirt up to his chest.  "And to think it's casual Friday." he said, as he buttoned up his shirt and tied his tie.

Joe was ready as he put his costume on.  He wanted to be inside it as fast as he could, so he almost literally jumped into it.  His friends would be there any minute, and he wanted to be in costume before they got there.  When he zipped up the back seam and put the head piece on, he felt something odd happen.

He barely had time to groan once as his whole body tingled.  The suit felt like it constricted, and was pushing into his skin.  He put his paw on the wall to hold himself up  as his feet shifted under his digigrade legs.  He craned his neck and took in a hard breath as he felt the tingling stop.  His paws shook as he tried to get his footing.

Someone pounded on the door.  "JOE!  You in there?"

Joe looked up, still a little stunned.  "I'm here Missy!  Come in!"

Missy walked in wearing her renaissance garb.  "We're here, and we're ready to…"  She stopped, looking at the bipedal fox leaning against the wall.

"I'm ok." Joe said, not realizing what was going on.  "I think I got up too fast."

"You got that right." Missy said looking between his legs  She closed the door behind her, and walked over to the fox.  "How'd you do that?"

"I don't know." Joe said, still shaking off the muzzy feeling in his brain.  "I think I tried to put the suit on too fast and I…" he looked down when she fondled his balls and sheath.  "OOOooooooooooooo…."  His legs almost gave out, and he leaned into her for support.  "What did you just do?"

Missy smiled to herself, and looked at Joe intently.  "Don't go anywhere."  She leaned out his door, and yelled down the hall "He's running late!  We'll see you at the party!"

Joe was trying to stand back up as Missy closed the door.  "What are you doing?  I'm in my…  Umm…"  Missy locked the door behind her, and stepped towards Joe seductively.  "What are you doing, love?"

Missy smiled.  "I am SO not going to pass on this."  She groped Joe's sheath, causing him to groan louder as he leaned into her fully for support.  "It's a sexy costume, and I want first dibs on it before you put something on over this!"

Joe's eyes opened wide.  He could smell her excitement, he could smell her hormones shift.  His ears twitched forward as he realized that her scent was turning him on.  As she walked him back to his bedroom, his eyes and ears perked up.  "YIFF!" he said, as she removed her cloak.

Kyle walked into his house before rush hour started.  "Hey sugarfurr!" he announced.  "I'm home!!!"

"Good thing too!" Jason walked down the stairs.  "I keep looking at the suits and trying not to put mine on!  The suspense is killing me!"

Kyle locked the door behind him.  "We don't have to wait now!  Let's go!"

As they both got undressed, Jason said "We're going to the haunted forest in suit, right?"

"If they'll let us!" Kyle laughed.  "Last year we were better dressed than their werewolf!"

"Tell me about it!" Jason said, holding up his suit.  "Ok, Yappy said something would happen.  Ready?"

"Yeah." Kyle said.  "Let's do it."  They both put on their suits, helping each other with the head pieces.  They stood, looking at each other.  "Anything?" Kyle asked.

"No, not really." Jason said.  "It might take some time, Yapps didn't…"  He stopped mid sentence, looking at Kyle.  "Did you feel that?"

"Yeah." Kyle said, looking at Jason's paw.  "Your left paw?"

"yeah." Jason said, his arm started to shake, as did Kyle's.  "Oh wow…."

They both watched each other as they felt their skin tingle all over.  Kyle reached up to Jason's muzzle, and ran a claw along it.  Jason could smell the excitement between the two of them, the anticipation of something, and then the realization that something was happening.

Kyle brought his paw up, and Jason followed suit.  Their muzzles met in a feral kiss, muzzle on muzzle.  Paws groped each other, and they both felt each other's sheath almost at the same moment.  They sank to the ground, brown fur on black, and in moments were laying with their muzzles at each other's sheaths.  They both licked and sucked as best they could.

Jason broke off his muzzle licking, and looked to Kyle.  "Last to cum gets to be Alpha?"

"Oh there's a threat!" Kyle said with his mind full of lust.  "You're on!"

Both wolves sucked and licked.  Kyle massaged Jason's balls as Jason explored Kyle's tail hole with his finger to stimulate it.  The two of them were sucking furiously when Kyle felt Jason hit the spot.  Kyle's eyes shot open, and his paw pulled on Jason's balls accidentally.  Jason gasped, and felt the wave wash over him as he sprayed Kyle's mouth with his seed.  Kyle lapped it all up, so close to his own climax.

Jason's ears folded under, and he drooped his tail in defeat.  "Alpha." he said, panting hard.

Kyle smiled,  and shifted himself to be face to face with Jason.  "Don't worry." he said.  "I'll be a kind Alpha."  Kyle probed under Jason's tail, and Jason weakly guided his Alpha's shaft.  Kyle felt an opening, and thrusted into Jason.  Jason gasped as Kyle's knot buried into him.  Kyle shook violently, tying into Jason under him.  After a dozen buried thrusts, Kyle's seed was deeply planted into Jason.  Jason reached up to his Alpha, and licked under his muzzle.  Kyle closed his eyes, and enjoyed the moment.

"Hold on, I have an more important customer!" Ringer said into his headset, which was turned off.  He turned to look at the child wearing a ballerina costume.  "Why hi there!" he said, full of warmth.

"Hi mister raccoon!" she said.  "Trick or treat!"

"Well, I don't know!" Ringer said.  "Want to see a trick?"

"Ok!" the ballerina said.

"Ok, here you go.  I'll make a lollipop disappear!" the raccoon said, taking a dum-dm from the bowl on his desk.  "Ready?" The ballerina nodded.  "One…  two…"  he threw it gently into her bag.  "THREE!"  He opened his paws to show nothing there.  "See?  Vanished!"

The balerina giggled. "Did not!"

"Did too!!!  And it magically appeared into your bag!" Ringer smiled.  "Great trick, huh?"

The Ballerina giggled some more.  "Thanks mister raccoon!!!!"

Ringer smiled, and waved goodbye to her.  "Gotta hand it to you!" his friend said.  "Certainly a good costume!"  He lifted the eye patch of his pirate costume.

Ringer brushed his paws comically.  "Well, I gotta do something with my wages!  Besides, I'm gonna place first in the contest one way or the other!"  His friend laughed, but went about his business of handing candy out.

"Yes!  I can do a kick flip!" Rajah said.  He put the deck down, and flipped it with his hindpaws, landing on the top.

"WOAH!" the kid said.  "THAT'S cool!"

"Think that's cool?" Rajah asked.  "I'll show ya a board slide later."

"COOOOOOOOOOOLLLLL…" the kid drained off.  "Got any candy?"

The tiger rolled his eyes.  "You got your trick." he said comically.  "I should get the treat!"  The kid stood there, dumbfounded.  Rajah reached to the bowl, and handed him a roll of smarties.

Ray was dressed in his green ren garb, Missy was with him.  Missy was smiling all night, and Ray had a feral grin all night too.  "So what are you?  Robin Hood?" someone asked him.

"YES!" Ray said.  "And there is Maid Marion!" he said, pointing to Missy.

"Doesn't look like her." he said to the fox.

"Funny, she's good at the part!" Ray said, smiling uncontrollably.  Missy looked to him, and winked.  He did the same.

Kyle walked into the Haunted forest in front of Jason, both dressed in loincloths.  The two of them weren't scared, but enjoyed their time there.  Kyle looked over to Jason before going back to their car.  "Still moping about me being Alpha?"

"I want a rematch." Jason said with a grin.

Kyle looked around the forest, and motioned to Jason to a section of woods off the beaten trail.  "You're on, beta." he said with a joking tone.  "Winner chooses next activity for the night."  Several patrons of the Haunted Forest commented to the staff about the howls coming from the woods, and how authentic they sounded.

Joe came home from the dance party that night, feeling tired.  He laughed to himself about feeling dog tired, but brushed it off.  He knew in he could have gone home with a few other people, probably had great sex with them, but decided against it.  Besides, if he woke up and he wasn't a dog, they'd wonder what was up.

Ringer went out to a nightclub that night, and ended up a hit with the locals.  It was well into the evening before he wandered back to his apartment.  He felt exhausted, more tired than he remembered.  Within moments, he fell asleep over the sheets of his bed.

Rajah : So is this real?  Or just a mass halucination?
Yappy : Does it matter?
Rajah : I guess not, but I'd like to know.
Yappy : What do you think?
Rajah : Well, everyone reacted to it today like it were real.  So I'm guessing it is.
Yappy : Then that's what's important.
Rajah : So what's the downside?
Yappy : Pardon?
Rajah : Down side.  The catch.  What's the price we gotta pay to be like this today?
Yappy : That's not your concern.
Rajah : Yes it is.
Yappy : No it's not.  I paid it in full.
Rajah : What?
Yappy : You're my friend.  I'll tell you.  I'm allowed to tell one, and it's you.
Rajah : You've got my number.  Call me.
Yappy : 1 sec.

Rajah's phone rang, and he picked it up.  "Yapps?"

"Yeah." the voice said on the other end.  "What's up?"

"That's my question." Rajah said, feeling a whisker in his paw.  "What do you mean paid in full?"

"My friend…  My friend…." Yappy's voice sounded distant, collecting his thoughts.  "You know about my condition."

"Yeah?  So?  You said you could handle it." Rajah said, leaning forward in his chair.

"In two years I may be in a wheelchair, if I'm lucky." Yappy said.  "Then time after that I may be dead if I'm lucky, or a brain in a useless body if I'm not."


"So what did you do?" Rajah asked.

"I had a better offer." Yappy said.  "I gave everyone I loved a gift.  One night to become what they desired.  If I can do it, I'll make it a yearly thing too, but I'm not holding much hope beyond today."


"So what's the catch?" Rajah asked, hesitantly.

"I fill a promise." Yappy said.

"Your life?" Rajah asked

"No." Yappy said.  "More like my services."


"I can't explain it more than that, my friend." Yappy said.  "But I need you to do me a favor."

"Anything." Rajah said.

"Tomorrow, come to my apartment.  There's not much here, only what's in the box.  My computer is yours, give the clothing to the Salvation army.  Bring a can of dogfood and a bowl with you, you'll understand tomorrow." Yappy said.  "Can you do that?"

"Name the time." Rajah said.

"Before noon." Yappy said quietly.

"I'll be there." Rajah said.  "Can I do anything else for you?"

"No." Yappy said.  "You've done more than enough, my friend.  Thank you."  Rajah nodded on the phone.  "All will be explained tomorrow.  I need to go."

"goodbye, old friend." Rajah said.

"No goodbyes." Yappy said.  "Only new beginnings."  The line went dead.

Yappy looked up from the monitor, and stood up, dressed only in his costume tail and hood.  He walked to the center of the room, and spread his arms.  "I'm ready."

From within the mirror over the dresser, he sensed a warm presence, and he gave himself willingly.

Kyle and Jason woke up the next morning, still in their costumes.  Kyle shook off the morning feeling, and removed the head piece from his shoulders.  He stood up, and felt his body was stiff and sore.  The loincloth he wore last night was on the floor, and the bedroom was a mess of fur, lube, and musky odor that seemed to be everywhere.

Jason rolled awake soon after, and removed the head piece to his wolf costume.  "Who's the alpha?" he asked groggily.

"I lost track." Kyle said.  "But I'm happy to have been on both sides."

"Me too." Jason said, running his costume paws through Kyle's fursuit.

Joe was making breakfast when his phone rang.  He was wearig his PJ pants and the pendant Yappy gave him as he picked up the phone.  "Yo!"

"Hey Joe!  It's Pete."

"What's new pussycat?"

Pete cringed.  "I need your help, can I swing by your place?  I need some help cleaning an apartment."

"Sure!" Joe said.  "I'll make some coffee."

"Sounds good!"

Ray was on his computer, typing away.  He felt more relaxed than he ever had in his life.  That test next week was nothing now, and he was looking for Yappy to thank him.  "He hasn't been on since last night." someone told him.  Ray shook his head, and looked at the pendant he put on his keyboard.  He'd run into Yappy sooner or later.

Mike walked up the stairs with Joe and Pete.  "Why are we going to Yappy's place?" he asked.

"It's a favor." Pete said.  "That's all I can tell you."

"Not you too." Joe said with a laugh.  "Here we are!  Got a key?"

"Under the mat." Pete said.  He lifted it, and took out the key there.  They opened the door, and saw an abandoned apartment.

"Where's Yappy?" Joe asked.

"Not sure." Pete said.  "But we're supposed to…"  Suddenly a coyote poked his head out from under the dresser.  "WOAH!"  Pete backed up, and the coyote did too.  Everyone calmed down, and Pete shook his head a few times.  He then remembered, and took out the dish, and placed it on the ground.

"What are you doing?" Mike asked.  Pete didn't answer, but instead took out a can of dog food, and poured it into the dish.  He then backed away.  The coyote looked up warily, but hunger took over, and he began to eat the food given to him.  Mike and Tom watched in fascination as Pete walked into the room.

"This is the box we gotta take." Pete said.  "And the computer."

"What about him?" Mike asked, motioning to the coyote.  Pete shrugged.  The three of them took the box of clothing, and the computer down to the van.  When they came back up to check for anything left behind, there was nothing in the room at all.  Except for a paw print on the mirror.

Pete walked up to the paw print, and placed his hand on it.  "I'll miss you too, Yappy."  Coyote smiled.

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