"Ships Cat"

By : Socks the Catt
© 2004 Socks Furrotica

There was always a draw to cats for me.  I always wanted a cat, but I couldn't have one.  But it was ok, I always knew I wasn't too far from "Boots".  He was a fantasy of mine, what I'd wanted to be.  When I closed my eyes, and I thought about how I'd want to look, it was "Boots".  I mean, I ate up all I could about cat-like races in the D&D books and the comics I read, always seeing myself in with them.  Sad, I know, but I'm a geek.

It was because of that I fell into the whole con circuit.  I suppose the "Furry" tracks suited me, but I liked to talk about the theory of science fiction stuff.  And as well meaning as most of the furries are, most don't speak the same language as the sci-fi guys.  So I stuck to the cons I could talk "shop" at.  And I liked the people.  And even as a "fur", I found some level of acceptance.

Come to think of it, I think I met him at the con first off.  I was walking around as "Boots", my costume creation.  Boots was my first real attempt at a suit, and I know it wasn't the best, but it was mine.  I faked a tan bodysuit, put some white gloves on and white shoes, and put the hood over my head with some very badly sewn pointed ears.  Instant cat.  It's been redone as time went on to add then remove the stripes or the better "paws", but it never quite met up with what I always saw it as in my head.

But his costume was really good.  He was dressed up as a space man.  Sci-fi con, so it wasn't unusual.  But his looked like he really had used it before.  It wasn't clean, it had stains, the material was ripped up a little around the knees.  At the time I thought of that as a really nice costume with attention to detail.  We were in the con suite together, eating as much free pretzels as we could jam down our throats with free cokes, talking about the sci-fi genre with a lot of other con goers.  He kept silent for the most part, just listening.

I, however, was in my element.  I'm a frustrated rocket scientist, at least that's what I tell the fen.  An interest in space exploration and a general anger at my government to never explore space led me into the sci-fi stuff in the first place.  Trek is too idyllic, but I found that some private projects and independent fiction works were better.  The conversation that night of long-range space flight and feasibility without using the so-called "worm hole" method of travel.  Could we go faster than light, can you really travel that fast without being a grease stain in the back of the cabin, all that.

As all con-talks go, it broke up after a really fun discussion, and he introduced himself to me as "Cayman".  Well, considering I had hand-scrawled "Boots" on my con badge, Cayman isn't that far out there.  We exchanged pleasantries, and e-mail addresses, but I didn't think much of it at that time.  When he kept in touch, we talked a lot about space travel, and what I thought of it.  I was kinda surprised to actually hear from him, I didn't know why he was so happy to talk with a frustrated sci-fi person like me.

It was a few months later that he invited me out for lunch.  I laughed when I read that, because it was so formal.  I said sure, and we met up at a local place.  And once there we talked at length face to face, but he did a lot of the talking.  I kept up with some of it, but he was talking concepts that were pure fantasy.  I mean, FTL drives with internal compensation dampeners so that the ship was moving fast but the passengers weren't?  I really have no way to wrap my head around that.  But I could understand some of the ideas from some of the old movies I've seen.  His theories were a lot deeper, like he had put a lot of thought into them.

Then he hit me with one more question.  "Would you like to visit my place some time?"  And I said yes.  I suppose I should mention a little about him here too.  Not a bad looking guy, athletic but not muscular, he stands a little shorter than I am.  He always carried himself with purpose, and he's got these grey eyes that I always have been mystified by.  Yes, I found him sexy.  And when he invited me to his apartment I figured it was the mutual, but I'd play it by ear.  We made arrangements for the next night.

I came prepared.  I had a few condoms in my jacket pocket, but I didn't know if I'd have the opportunity to put one on.  I wasn't going to ask, I mean I didn't know if he was gay too, and I wasn't about to bring it up in casual conversation.  I was shaking a little when I went to his place, and buzzed the door.  When I got to his apartment, he opened the door in a t-shirt and shorts.  "Glad you could make it!"

"Likewise!" I said.  We shook hands as he closed the door.  A good opening sign by my standards.  "So this is your place?"

He nodded.  "It's not much, but I'm not intending to stay here too much longer."

"New job or something?" I asked.

"Or something, yes." He said.  He offered me a place to sit on his couch.  "There's a reason I wanted you to come here."

"You're not going to kill me and abuse my body for sexual purposes, are you?" I asked with a smirk.

"Now that you mention it…" he said with a smile, I laughed with him, and that felt good.  Nice ice breaker.  "Do you want me to candy coat this or should I be blunt?"

"Blunt is good." I said.  I hoped he'd ask.  I'm never good at boldly asking someone if they wanted to go to bed with me.

He nodded, "Works for me.  I want to hire you full time for my business."

I sat up straight.  Not what I was expecting, but not unpleasant.  "And this is bad how?" I asked.

"It's long term.  VERY long term."  I must have looked confused.  "Ok, I want to ask you to just accept what I want to show you.  No tricks, no gimmicks.  This is the real thing."  I just nodded.  He talked as he turned away from me.  "You'll never believe me.  Nobody ever does the first time."  He leaned to the entertainment center, and tapped on it.  The TV hummed to life, but the screen was blank.  "Ships com, voice authorization Cayman."  His tone of voice changed somewhat, became a lot more authoritarian.

"Access confirmed." A feminine voice said.  It wasn't from a specific place, just present.  "Secure channel established."

The TV glowed, then an image appeared on it.  In a way I really have no way to describe what was on that screen other than what appeared to be an alien of some kind.  Purple skin, a very long and drawn out face, and I couldn't tell if there was a mouth on it.  "This is Harvis.  That you Cayman?"

"Yes." Cayman said, sounding very formal, not the same man I had lunch with the day before.

"Any luck on the recruitment front?" the…  thing asked.  I really had no idea what gender it was supposed to be.  And I couldn't see lips or anything moving.

"Possibly.  He's with me now.  Should be a lucky recruit." Cayman said.

"You and your luck." The creature said.  "We're about 80% done with repairs now."

"Very good." Cayman said.  "I will remain here to see what else I can establish from here.  If there's any status change on the ship front, contact me immediately."

"Yes Sir Cayman." The creature said.  "We'll keep our current orbit and continue.  Don't be a stranger Captain!"

"Very good.  Cayman out." Cayman said.  The screen went blank, and the set shut off.  He turned to look at me, and relaxed his body.  I know I looked even more confused.  "So which part should I start with?"

"What was the purple thing?" I asked immediately.

"My second, her name is…  How do I pronounce it for you…"  He looked to the ceiling a moment.  "I suppose Geh-Nith is the closest I can get.  I think there's a click in there too, you'd have to ask her."

I just nodded like an idiot.  "And you would be who then?"

"For you, just Cayman is fine." He said.  "At the risk of sounding dramatic, our ship is a part of a larger fleet of resistance fighters.  We were damaged while in hyper drive and dropped out near your solar system.  Fortunately, we haven't been found, and your planet has enough random crap around it that we can harvest parts we need from your orbit with minimal invasiveness to your planet."

"Resistance from what?" I asked.

He rolled his eyes.  "It sounds overly romantic to talk about it.  I'm just mad that we talked to a few of your race before going to the quiet approach.  I mean the whole storyline of the mission is now what you call science fiction.  And it wasn't even GOOD!"  He bit his lip, and shook his head.  "Sorry, I'm still a little angry over all that."

"No, it's ok." I said, shaking my head.  "A ship?  Space ship?"  He nodded his head, gauging my every reaction.  "So let's assume you're telling me the truth here.  You're not from my planet and you're the basis for most of the movies I've seen.  Ok, fine.  That's weird but I'll deal.  So what are you offering?"  I figured I could play with him a while if he was making up some kind of a story.

"It's simple." He said, sitting down in a chair.  "We need more crew.  I've been on this planet for a while, and I've read some of the lore of your old ships.  It's considered lucky to have a ships cat on board.  So when I saw you at the con in your suit, I was interested.  Then when I heard you actually had a mind for space travel and flight, you got my real interest."

He shifted, and motioned for me to give him my hand.  "I can do some things for you.  In exchange, I want you to join my crew.  We need some people, and I think you'd pick up on the skills very quickly."  He held my hand.  "This won't hurt, don't be afraid."  He closed his eyes, and held my hand in both of his.  I wondered what he was doing, then I noticed my hand tingled a little.  I watched as my fingertips shimmered, then I saw my nails vanish.  They were replaced with light brown fur.  I was too fascinated to pull away.  Very soon, however, he let my hand go.  He looked up, and looked at the paw.  "I think that's close to what you see yourself as."

I pulled my hand…  my paw…  back slowly and looked.  Completely covered in a very light tan fur, my hand was now more like a paw.  I turned it around to see the pink paw-pad on the palm, with a little splash of black in it.  I touched the fingertips, and clear-like claws extended from the tips of my fingers.  I began to shake more, realizing that I could really feel these claws attached to the bone structure of my fingers.  I rotated my hand around, just looking at it.  Completely amazed.  It then began to fade away.  I put my other hand on it, and felt the fur pull back, replacing the texture of my hand with it's original flesh.

"How did you do that?" I asked, almost breathless.

Cayman shook his head.  "It's something my race can do.  If I concentrated on the process, I could easily make that permanent." He said.  "It's one of the reasons we're fighting as hard as we are to stay free.  If they enslave us, they can create soldiers that are unstoppable."  He closed his eyes and shook his head.  "They've captured a few of us for experiments.  It's not a good thing to see."  He stood up, and went to the kitchen.  His shoulders had fallen a little as he walked.  "I'm sorry, I get a little emotional talking about that."  He started pouring himself something to drink.

I stood up and walked to him, and he poured a second for me.  "I don't mean to pry."

"No, no.  Pry.  Please." He said.  "I'm asking for your life as you know it, the least you can do is ask about mine.  It's not pleasant for me to talk about, but you need to know what I'm asking you to possibly die for."

I nodded, taking a sip.  "So that's what you're doing?  Fighting for some planet somewhere?"  I think in my mind I had accepted the situation, even if my rational brain was bending into mobius strips over it.

"Yes." He said.  "I assumed the role of captain of the ship because the former captain died in the explosion that took out the drive.  I'm just thankful that we had most of the crew, and that this section of space is considered uninhabited."

"I knew we were a backwater." I said.

He laughed.  "Not as much as you think!" he said, trying to force a smile.  "It's just off the normal routes.  It's one we take, or at least took, to run as quietly as we can, around the blockades."

I nodded, and thought as I sipped the water.  "Just a thought then." I asked.  "What's to say that you're not giving me a snow job here."  He looked at me, somewhat confused.  I shook my head, trying a new approach.  "What's to say that you're not like some kind of space pirate or something, and you're just trying to jerk my heartstrings to get me to help you.  Or what if you're a slave trader or something, and you're looking for people to make into sex slaves or worse?"

Cayman nodded a little, and exhaled a short chuckle.  "And what's so bad about being a sex slave?"  I laughed with him a little.  "No, it's a fair question.  If I wanted to enslave you, I could have nabbed you the moment you walked in the door couldn't I?" he had me there.  "And if I were a pirate I…"  He stopped, and looked down a moment.  "No, I guess there really is no way to prove I'm not.  Depending on who you listen to we're all pirates, or thieves.  But I'm just trying to keep my home intact."

The moment hung there, until I put my glass down.  "You said there was a deal here."

"There is." He said, sipping on his glass.  "I have the ability to give you what you desire, I can make you into 'Boots', the cat you want to be."  And it was true, I wanted it.  And it's hard to just turn your back on something like that when it's being placed in front of you.  "I want to offer you a place to stay, food, probably more adventure than you ever imagined, a job on my ship as ship's cat and probably piloting or as a gunner or something.  You seem to have a mind for that."

"And what do you want from me?"

He took in another breath, like he was considering his words carefully.  "For lack of a better term, I want your life.  I want you to be a member of my crew.  And you won't be a sex slave unless you want to be in your off time." He snickered, and I smiled.  "I want you to help me, and your ability to do what needs to be done."  He nodded a little to himself.  "It's a one way trip.  Once we leave this place, I don't intend on coming back.  I fear our enemies will see your planet as a resource to be pillaged, not as a place where intelligent beings live."

"They'd do that, huh?" I asked.

"If you think global warming is going on now, just wait until they harvest all the water out of your planet." He said.  "We're fighting to keep our race, but there are others who are fighting to keep the planet in our hands.  And there's others who are fighting to defeat them."  He shook his head.  "I'm a realist.  That won't happen overnight.  But I like to think my children's children might defeat them.  I'm keeping the door open for them."

I nodded myself, as we both stood in the kitchen in silence.  "So how long do I have to decide?"

"Probably a year." Cayman said.  "I'd prefer sooner, because it would mean you could have some practical training on the ship.  We're trying to repair it with what we can, and half of those might fall apart.  The damage was pretty severe when we dropped out.  They didn't come back to finish us off because we were VERY badly damaged.  They more than likely figured we were dead.  And this was thirty of your years ago or so."

"So how do you know it's not over for your planet?" I asked.  "That's longer than I've been alive."

"We get some transmitions." He said.  "We're at a standstill.  I don't know if we'll make a difference anymore, but we have to try."  I could hear a desperation in his voice.  "Besides, as long as we're alive, we do what we have to."  He closed his eyes, and sipped on his glass again.

I thought about that a few moments.  "Can I have time to think about it?"

He nodded.  "Please do.  This is not just a short term offer.  I'm asking you to put your life on the line for my people, my planet."  He put a hand out.  "If not, I still want to be a friend.  That's why I asked you in the first place.  I could see spending a lot of time with you as a friend."

I just nodded, and shook his hand.

Let me tell you, the month after that was really hard for me.  I didn't know if I should believe him or not.  For what it was worth, he could have been one of the biggest fakers in the universe.  It could have been one hell of a puppet show combined with an act that would rival the best.  Then there was the nagging question of "is he telling the truth?"  I mean, opportunity of a lifetime.  This is nothing to take lightly.  I could experience the universe, but I'd never be able to come home.  And even if I could, I'd be a fucking cat.  A fucking gay one at that.  Assuming he really could do what he said he could.

About a month later I sent him an e-mail.  "Ok, so what do I need to do?"

I went over to his place, and we had a very long talk.  We agreed that my strengths are in flight and theory of aircraft, not gunnery.  So he would make sure I was put on pilot status for the main ship.  But he also wanted me to learn what he called a "Smack" fighter, light and maneuverable spacecraft but little to no armor in them used as short range defense.

Some of the time when we talked it felt like he was talking about some kind of role-playing game.  When he showed me the schematics in a fully interactive holographic simulator, that's when I got snapped into reality.  He kept on showing me small things, stuff he used as casually as I'd use a ballpoint pen, that blew my mind.  He would explain to me that a device was for recording, or this one was for working tools, or whatever.  Sometimes it felt surreal, other times it just made sense.

With his help I managed to turn over most of my things to other people.  A lot of donations, a lot of giving to others.  He told me I could keep some things in my quarters, so I held onto the things that meant the most to me.  I grabbed my music and my guitar, some books...  and then a few of my "Cat" items I had for years.  When I looked at all the things I had let go it really was just stuff I didn't use but held onto.  When I learned to let go of that, I really learned how to live life.  I think that's why he asked me to do that.  I needed to learn how to let go of some things.

Then came the fateful day.  Cayman picked me up at my apartment on the last day of my lease.  He was driving my car, which I gave him for the time he was still here.  I was still unsure of what would happen, but I was in.  No idea where the roller coaster would go, but I was on it.

We got to his apartment, and he hugged me.  "I can't say thank you enough." He said to me.  "What you're doing, it means so much to me."

I just nodded, too shaky to do much else.  "Let's do it." I said.  Mostly because I knew if I didn't I would never have the strength to actually finish the deed.

"Good." He said.  "I want to first do something that may be hard to understand for you at first.  But it's important."  He took me into the living room, and had me sit on the floor.  He took out a box, and showed me what looked like a plastic framework of a beanie cap.  "This is an interface device.  It's the fastest way to place information into your brain.  It won't hurt."  He placed it on my head gently, checking it's location carefully.  "What you'll feel is a sudden rush, like your in a fast car.  If you focus on details it will be more confusing.  Just try to clear your mind, relax, and let it flow."  I just nodded, trying to calm myself down.

I never heard him throw a switch or anything, but the sensation was like he said.  It was like I was looking out the window, and I could see only a blur as the world went by at a few hundred miles an hour.  I felt like if I looked at one detail, I would miss all the others.  I tried to unfocus my mind, and let the rush go through me if it could.

As soon as it started, it was over.  I put a hand to my side, and I leaned heavily into it.  "Wow." I said.

"You ok?" Cayman asked.  He was wearing only a pair of sweatpants now, so there must have been some time that passed.

"Think so." I muttered.  Then I realized something.  "I'm not speaking English."

"No." he said.  "Neither am I.  This is my native language.  You also know the Traders languages too.  That will be vital, as everyone we deal with will speak it."  I looked at the television.  It wasn't a television, it was a transmitter device.  That's when the knowledge really began to flood through me.  That's a receiver, that's a recording device, that's something used as a holographic projector…  It was all coming too fast, and I almost fell over.  "It's ok." He said.  "You're realizing what everything here is.  Take as long as you need.  We've got all night."

I felt dizzy for a while, but he kept watching over me.  I felt a lot of comfort in his touch when he did hold me upright.  I slowly came through the initial rush, and tried to keep myself from freaking out too badly.  "That was intense." I said softly.

"I know." He said.  "I've gotten that a lot."

"So I'm not the first?" I asked.

"No.  I've recruited about ten, not including you." He said.  "There are others from the original crew as well, and they are doing the same."

"How many will you be needing?" I asked.

"What's the crew size of a medium cruiser?" He asked flatly.

"Five hundred." I answered, without thinking.  My eyes got wide, and I looked at him.  He smiled.  "Wow."

He nodded.  "And if we can get a skeleton crew of a hundred, we'll be able to make it home."

I nodded, knowing what he was talking about.  "So when we get there, will a cat look weird to them?"

"No." he said, smiling.  "Just another race that found us.  And hopefully, a very happy member of that race."

I nodded.  "So what will it take to make me that cat?"

"Feel ready?"  I nodded.  Cayman smiled.  "Clothing off then.  I need to see my work."  I squirmed out of my clothing, and let it just lay there.  "Don't worry, we'll get you a work suit when you get on board.  I need you to trust me now more than before.  I want to look in your heart, and see what you desire to be.  It's natural to fight, but I need you to try not to.  Can you do that?"

There was no time to answer.  He put his hand on my chest, and it felt like some kind of shock went through my body, into my backbone and up into my brain.  I tried to not mentally flinch, but that was impossible.  "It's ok." He said in a very soothing voice.  "Overcome that fear.  I'm only going to see what you want me to see."

His words opened up a place in my mind, and in my mind's eye I could see "Boots" with some clarity that I never had before.  The dark tan fur, the light tan underbelly, the almost white feet and hands, how the body should look, how the muzzle should be, how the ears should perk up.  Everything.  It was only a fleeting moment, but it was perfect.

"There we go." Cayman said.  He pulled his hand away gently.  "Thank you." He said.  When I stopped panting, I suddenly felt that I had more than a full erection.  I wanted to cover it with my hand, but he gently pushed my hand away.  "There's no shame in that." He said.  "It just means you felt it in your heart.  That you really want to be that."

I just nodded.  "Are you sure you're military?" I asked

He smiled, and put his hand on my erection.  "Before the time we fought to hold our home, I was a medical man.  So no, I was never intending to be the Captain of that ship."  I felt a tingling on my shaft, but he never broke eye contact with me.  "The chain of command fell onto my shoulders because I was the most senior on the ship.  It's why I choose my recruits so selectively.  I only choose those who truly want to help us, and those who aren't vitally important to the workings of the world.  I don't believe in hurting this planet's resources to help ours."

"What of the others?" I asked.  "Are they stringent as you?"  I could feel his hand rubbing my erect shaft, and I was trying not to lose my knees.

"They all get permission from me." He said.  "What we're doing isn't usually allowed, but it's necessary right now.  So we are trying to only recruit those who really want it, who will really appreciate it."  He pulled his hand away, and I could feel the tingling linger.  "It's not perfect, but if you're gay you won't need the barbs on the penis.  If you do for some reason, I can do that."

I looked down and saw my erect shaft.  It was tapered to a cone on the end, and it was very deep red.  I reached down to touch it, and it wasn't hard like a normal erection.  This felt more solid than ever before.  It glistened with wetness, more than pre but all over my shaft.  "Don't worry." He said  "It'll retract back down into you, nice and protected."  I could see now that there was a ring of flesh at the base, the beginnings of a sheath.  And I could feel muscles and tendons forming in my pelvis to cradle this new part of my body.

"Wow." I really had no other words.  He placed his hands on my shoulders, and pressed a little.  I could feel my body, my whole body, tingle.  I looked at him, and I noticed that he was getting taller, just a little.  He was reducing my height.  I was a passenger in my own body, just watching things happen, unable to say anything that made sense.

Cayman then traced a finger along my chest, and I could feel the energy shoot through it, and down my spine.  There was no sensation of pain, as much as a sensation of my tailbone uncurling, and expanding out.  I could feel it forming the skin to cover the bones.  New muscles formed almost immediately and I could feel the shape fill, and somewhere in my mind I just understood how to work this new appendage.  More knowledge that was just as inherent as breathing.

I don't recall it, but I know I began to purr.  He smiled, and ran his fingers along my face, pulling outwards along my chin and nose to form a muzzle.  He pulled it out, and pushed on my nose a little.  "A pink nose will look fine there." He said.  I felt my nose tingle, and I smiled a little.  At least I thought I smiled.  He ran his hands around my head, forming it into a more rounded shape.  "A lot of this is artistry." He said, mostly to himself.  "I see your vision, it takes a little to bring it out."

His hands pulled on the tips of my ears, and I felt my ears being pulled to the top of my head.  I could feel inside my head parts being re-routed and pulled along, but there still was no pain.  His expression was that of compassion, and care for his work.  He then placed his hands over my eyes, then removed them.  "Look at me Boots."  I did, and I saw him smile.  "Nice and bright yellow." He said.  "I promise I'll show you when we're done."  I just nodded, still completely dumbfounded.

He then ran his hand along my cheek.  "Now the part you'll enjoy.  Your fur." He said.  "I've been looking forward to this part."  He ran his fingers along my lower lip, then very gently and slowly down the front of my neck.  He formed an outline around my chest and belly, then got on his knees when he reached down to my hips.  Once there, he ran both hands along the insides of my hips, half way down the insides of me thighs, then around my rear and just under the base of my tail.  I was shaking hard at the sensations of being touched there so gently.

Cayman held my testicles in his hand, and I felt them tingle as well.  "I hope this looks right." He said.  I looked down and must have looked worried.  "It will.  Relax, your starting to form."  As he said that I felt my lower jaw go through a mild pins and needles type of sensation.  I reached up with my hand, and I felt the smooth texture of my flesh replaced with stubble, then a full patch of fur.  I looked down at him, completely bewildered.

I watched as the underbelly fur filled in the places inside of what he traced.  When it reached my hips, I could see that a tube of skin formed, pulling my shaft at an angle along my belly before becoming fully furred.  In his hands, I felt my testicles weight shift, and he released them.  I could see that they were covered in the same light brown fur as my sheath and torso.  I could feel the sensation go between my legs, around my ass, and up to my new tail.  Out of reflex I rolled my tail at the sensation, then realized what I did and felt a lot of pleasure at the feeling.

He stood up, and scratched me under the chin a little.  I purred even louder now, and I heard him snicker.  "You're enjoying this aren't you?"

"Wouldn't you?" I asked, trying to sound innocent.

"Oh believe me, I do." He said.  "When I do this, the feeling is very pleasurable.  Not quite sexual, but it feels good.  I pick up on your pleasure." I perked one of my still fleshy pointed ears.  "But I can only do it once every few days."

I nodded.  "That's why there's only been ten?"  He nodded.  "But they must have liked it too."

He took my hand in his, and traced a circle around my forearm, peaking it up to my elbow on the outside of my body and back down for a tapered effect.  "Yes they do." He said.  "At least the ones who want to be modified."

I shivered as I felt the tingle return, and work from the peak on the outside of my elbow and down.  "You mean not everyone wants to be?"

"No." he said.  "Just a few.  Most want to remain human.  But there's a few modifications I need to do with them, to withstand the travels.  But only a few choose to become radically different."

I watched in fascination as he traced along my palm, and the fur did not grow into that area.  "I can't understand why." I said.  I watched the palm of my hand puff up, and form into a pink paw pad as it had once before.

"It's not what makes everyone happy." He said, pushing my fingertips to watch the claws form.  "But when I can help someone like you be happy, I'll do it."

"You're a good captain." I said.  He traced along my other arm the same way he did before.

"Hopefully, I will be." He said.  "We'll find out when we get back to traveling."  I watched as my second paw pad formed, and slowly rubbed the rough surfaces of my palms together.  It made an interesting sand-paper like sound, and sent shocks of pleasure through me.  "When they toughen up a little that will stop."

"Aww!" I said.  He got onto his knees again, and traced along the outsides of my calves up to my knee to mirror the effect on my arms.  When he traced the paw pads around my feet, I tried not to jump.  The feeling of the fur growing in was almost too much for me, and I almost buckled my knees.

He reached between my legs, and took my tail in his hands.  "A little for the tip!" he said, tracing a loop around my tail about a quarter down from the tip.  I could feel the tingle roll around my tail as he stood up.  "And some for your ears too."  He used his fingers around my ear tips, and I shivered when I felt the fur grow sharply onto the tops of my ears.  He stood back, and looked me over a little.  "Very nice." He said.  "Now you're sure you don't want that lighter color anywhere else?"

"No." I said.  "This is perfect."

He smiled, and put his hands on my shoulders.  "Good."  He closed his eyes, and took in a deep breath.  From his hands I could feel the sensation radiate across my body.  It washed down first, across my back and down my tail.  Then around to my legs.  A new sensation went down my shoulders.  Finally it felt like it was filling my body, up my neck and into my head, to my pointed ears.

I heard Cayman grunt as the sensations of fur growth began at my ears, and the carpet of fur washed down my body.  Across my back it caused my tail to kink as it tickled.  I let out a soft yowl as I felt it run down my tail, then into my legs.  I suddenly felt paralyzed, my arms at my side and my feet on the ground.  I could see Cayman bob his body a little more as he began to moan in time with his movements.  I felt my muzzle tingle, and I could feel the pushing sensation as my whiskers pushed out.  From within me I felt a core of what felt like energy forming.  It radiated out from within me.  Cayman dug his fingers into my shoulders hard, then quickly pulled me into him.  I suddenly felt my arms free, and I wrapped them around him.

Now fully pressed together, my vision went blurry.  All I could see was white sparks, but my body was completely receptive to touch.  I felt myself on the brink, but not of orgasm.  It was too filling to be only that.  I felt him wrap his hand around the back of my head as he screamed in pure ecstasy.  He pushed his body into me, and I suddenly felt it crash over me.  The feeling of almost an orgasm, but more intense.  My whole body was sensitive, I could feel every new strand of fur on my body as the sensations sent through me.

Cayman slowly let me go, and I felt him sinking to the floor.  I caught him, and eased him down.  I felt a lot stronger now, lighter, but I also felt drained.  I lay down with him, and we were both panting hard.  He slowly began to run his hand across my chest, and I mirrored what he was doing.  There were no words anymore, it was that shared experience, it felt like a bond that nothing else in my life could touch.  In a few moments, we both fell asleep.

I woke up on the floor, and he was gone.  I looked at my hand…  and realized there was still a paw attached to it.  I sat up slowly, still getting my bearings.  I heard noises from the bedroom, and I walked in there slowly on my toes, somehow that felt right..  Cayman was there, unfolding something, and he looked up to me.  "How do you feel, Boots?"

"A little strange." I said.  "I feel like I'm going to walk on the ceiling or something."  I realized again I wasn't speaking English, and my voice had changed to a little deeper.  But somehow, it felt right.

He nodded.  "It's the feline influence." He said.  "Based on some of the others, your muscles are going to feel a little strange a while as your body adjusts.  You should be fine in a day or two."  I just nodded as he picked up the cloth on the bed.  "This is a suit that all the crew wears, on the ship.  I'd like you to wear this."

I looked at it, it had pockets and so on, plus an opening for my tail.  "Is it ok to cut the sleeves and make it short sleeved?  The thought of covering my arms seems wrong somehow."

He laughed.  "I don't think I'll complain."  It felt natural when I used my claws to cut the material apart and make a short-sleeved jumpsuit to put on.  "Considering our mission, I'm not going to be strict about clothing."

I nodded, putting on the modified suit.  It felt very loose on me, but extremely comfortable.  I looked around the room, and saw the full-length mirror.  There I was, "Boots".  Completely and without any blemishes.  The blue jumpsuit did nothing to compliment the fur, but that seemed fine.  Dark tan body, light tan underbelly and ear tips, as well as my true boots of fur.  No shoes, just the jumpsuit.  But it all looked almost perfect.  I smiled, crinkling up my pink nose and watching my whiskers move.  Cayman came up behind me and hugged me.  "There aren't words in any language that can thank you enough." He said.

"For this coat of fur, that's thanks enough." I said.  I ran my paws down my arm, and shivered a little at the sensations.

"I took a look at your travel bag." Cayman said.  "Are you sure you want those things?  I can't understand some of them."  He pointed to the collar.  Just a simple black nylon collar, but it always felt good to wear.  I felt complete inside it

I nodded.  "If it's all the same, I'd like to put that on now." I said.  "And the rest just made sense to me.  It's all I really want anymore."

"I've already put your music into our computer banks, as well as more." He said.  I put on my black collar, and placed the mirrored goggles around my forehead.  "And there's a good sized library of literature as well.  I do have to say, for what you call a backwater planet there's a lot of nice things here."

"If you don't mind the pollution, the murder rate, and the various diseases." I said rolling my eyes. 

He shrugged.  "There's one more thing too." Cayman said, reaching into his pocket.  "I do want you to be ship's cat, for luck.  Considering how close we came to our final mission, we can use all the help we can get."  He took out a small box, and opened it for me.  Inside was what looked like a hoop earring in gold.  "I'd like you to wear this in your ear."

The hoop earring was plain, but a nice size.  "It's not gonna hurt when you pierce me, will it?"

"Do you want it to?"  I shook my head and he smiled.  "Thought not.  Is that a yes?  You'll wear it?"  I nodded.  He didn't say anything, only reached into the box to pull out the ring.  I felt a little pressure on the outside of my right ear, but I felt no pain or not blood.  I smiled, and he hugged me.  "Where I come from gold is a lucky metal, and now you're my lucky charm too."

"I hope I don't disappoint." I said.

Cayman nodded, and led me to what I thought was his bathroom.  "Ready?"  I just nodded.  "Let's go."  The doorway lit up, and it looked like some kind of white-noise portal there.  We both walked through it together.

That was a few months ago.  I've gotten used to the controls on the ship, and I'm one of the pilots on the rotation.  In the next few days we'll be punching through normal space to get this ship back to their home.  The Captain and I are getting along quite well.  He asks me sleep in his quarters some nights, as his last recruit I'm kinda special to him, even if I'm not being used as a sex slave.  Cayman is painfully straight, but he has a nice touch when he scratches me.  Hopefully, this ships cat will bring that luck he wanted.

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