"Sol's War"

By : Socks the Catt
© 2002 Socks Furrotica Press, all right reserved

“We have rounded up the troublemakers. What should we do with them?”

“Kill them. We have orders.”


“Great Queen! We were told that your orders…”

“Have changed. Place them in cells, and pick one for me. I have plans for them.”

“Yes Great Queen.”


Sol woke up with a bad headache, the last day or so a total blur. As he was laying on the stone floor of the cell he tried to remember everything. His resistance force was overrun by the forces of the Great Queen, he remembers fighting them off, re remembers making a run for it, and then remembered being captured and subdued with a stun lance. And then waking up in this cell, nobody else around, no other noises than his own breathing and the sound of water running. He opened his eyes slowly and looked around for any sign of life.

Sol was a younger man, in his mid twenties. Under his short brown hair was a man of powerful build and lots of urban tactical skills from years of street fighting against the Queen’s guards. His lightly tanned skin from years of rough and tumble scrapes bore scars of battle, and life on the streets. He quickly scanned his surroundings.

It didn’t take him long to make himself familiar with his surroundings. There wasn’t much to see. A bed made of straw that was stitched over to make it a single piece. There was what could pass for a toilet, a metal bowl with a hole to allow excretions to fall through it to some kind of a pit. There was no sink, but there was a tap with constant running water under a polished steel plate. Sol wasted no time, and tried to rip the toilet off it’s sitting place to no luck. The steel plate was also embedded into the wall from the other side, no way it was coming off without tools.

He then took an inventory of what he had. He was wearing a jumpsuit, blaze orange like the prisons used. But, this wasn’t like a prison he had ever been in before. Sure, anyone who didn’t enjoy the Queen’s oppressive rule was put in jail until they learned to like it. And Sol has taken many trips to one f the fine “Queen Hotels”, and returned home. But to take up arms against her, that was punishable by death. ‘Am I dead?’ Sol thought to himself. “An interesting hell.” he said aloud quietly.

He paced his cell for a while. Roomy cell, usually they’re packed with people who dared to oppose the Great Queen. Sol smiled to himself, more like the Great Bitch. Nobody has ever seen her face on Earth, and she runs the planet. All the rumors, all the stories. Nobody on Earth believed any of the stories of how she waived her hands and obliterated a city. How could they? Nobody had seen it, and it was a story from a friend of an uncle who’s sister met a stranger who told her.

Sol eventually got thirsty, and tried the water. He expected something sulfur filled, and was surprised at how clean it tasted. It flowed freely and constantly, and from all tastes clean. Sol put his fingers through the water, marveling that a prisoner would not only get clean water, but all he could want. This couldn’t be cheap, and Sol knew he wasn’t a special prisoner. While he marveled at it, the door opened. Sol scrambled to his feet, and was ready for a fight.

Instead a woman, dressed in what looked like liquid gold, entered the room. Her skin was golden, reflective in a way. Her outfit looked more in place for a royal court than a prison cell. She looked at Sol and said “Go on, please try it.” Sol realized that he probably couldn’t make it out this time, so he would bide his time. The woman walked over towards him, and raised a stun lance. “Bow down to your Great Queen.”

“And if I don’t?” Sol said. He knew he’d regret it. The woman tapped the force lance and Sol reeled in pain. He fought valiantly, but he fell to his hands and knees. At least the act of defiance was enough for Sol.

“Stand warrior.” It was a different voice, more throaty, still female, sounded like it could have boomed if it wanted to. Sol stood up slowly, trying to regain his strength for a run, and looked into the eyes of a draconian Queen. Sol’s eyes widened up, he had never seen anything from the Queen’s army that looked like this, everyone he had killed was human looking. The Queen stood taller than Sol by a good foot. Her skin, no, scales, were black. Ebony black. She wore a red silk dress that shimmered as her scales did. “Who are you?”

After a moment to absorb the situation, he said “I am Sol, born free on Earth.” He knew it sounded dumb, but he wanted to make a statement.

The Great Queen smiled, or at least what Sol thought was a smile. A lot of sharp teeth in a big dragon maw. Sol tried his best not to cringe. “Sol? Born free of Earth?” she mocked him. Sol spit at her from across the room. He figured he was as good as dead anyhow. The Queen was never hit, the spitball stopped a foot in front of her, and after a brief moment fell harmlessly to the ground. The Queen raised a clawed finger and a glow surrounded her and vanished. “Normally, I would kill you Sol of Earth.” She closed the gap between them, and reached up to Sol’s chin and held it in place. “But I have plans for you.” The queen started to pick him up by the jaw line.

“I won’t help you.” Sol said, standing on his toes.

“You already have.” the Queen hissed, and with that she started an incantation in a low rumble that Sol could feel through his body. The Queen’s eyes glowed with an unholy red flame as she make eye contact with Sol. Sol could feel her claw burning red hot under his chin, and he could feel his eyes lock into her gaze. He screamed in terror as the red light flowed from her eyes into his. Sol could feel the fire consume him from the inside, growing wider. The Queen’s incantation grew louder, drawing energy from her source stone in her left hand. Sol’s terror had overtaken him, he tried to run, but couldn’t move. He felt the intense energy fill him up completely, every fiber of his body crackling with an intense heat and electricity.

The Queen delivered the final line of her incantation, and the intense energy of the binding spell shot through her and into Sol. Sol’s eyes locked in the transfer of energy he took the full force of the binding. Somewhere between the sledgehammer to the head and the beating his body felt like it was going through, Sol felt his consciousness start to give out.

As suddenly as it began, it was over. Sol collapsed into the Queen’s firm grasp. The Queen looked down at Sol. She took in his form, his shape, the look of his hair. She smiled again, and simply dropped him on the floor. “Goodbye Sol, of Earth.” she said. “I will return for you in due time.” She looked up to her guard. “See that this prisoner gets food on a regular time table.” The royal guard saluted, and she and the Queen turned and walked back out the door.

Sol rolled around on the ground, recovering from his experience. He didn’t know how long it too him, but he did eventually get back up. He walked to the flowing spring and ran water over his face. He looked up into the steel mirror and saw a black mark under his chinbone, shaped like the Queen’s claws. He tried to wash it off with water, but to no luck. He shook his head, and decided to take in his surroundings again.

He discovered in the corners of his cell two cameras near the ceiling. It hadn’t dawned on him before, but the ceilings were easily 20 feet high and poorly lit. He looked for something on the ground to throw at the cameras, if he was stuck he wasn’t going to let them look at him. Nothing. So, they’d see him. So what. He began to pace his cell.


The Queen checked on her pet project. The human was still pacing his cell, he hadn’t stopped for two days. And, still, nothing outward had happened to him. But his pacing was getting longer, more non stop. The Great Queen smiles. “Yes…..” she murmured to herself. “He has a warrior’s heart. It will work.” She then turned the monitor off, and opened her communication suite, to prepare for the next sweep on this rock she now owned.

Sol was pacing the cell again. The meals were regular, the food was actually pretty good. Fresh fruits, good meats, and the breads. Sol had never eaten this well in his life, and in a way he was grateful for the food. But as he considered how thankful he should be for the food a voice in the back of his head would protest that he was selling out, or growing soft. Something that he knew would kill all of Earth.

As he was pacing, he was trying to come up with a plan, or a rationalization, or something he could use to escape. He found himself literally tearing his hair out while pacing, his head driving him crazy. Sol pulled his hands over his head, and one time he did this he didn’t feel any resistance. He stopped pacing, and went over to the steel mirror to see himself, bald, staring back at himself. He ran his hand over his head to make sure. And, he was bald. He opened up his prison jumpsuit as well, and saw that his body hair was gone as well, in patches. With one hand he experimented, and when he brushed a few spots the hair would fall out as if it weren’t held in.

Sol slowly retreated to his bed, for the first time since he had been put in this cell. An immense wave of exhaustion overcame him, and he fell asleep instantly.


The Queen was notified after the prisoner had been asleep for more than twelve hours. “Should we force feed him, Great Queen?”

She turned on her monitor, and looked at her pet project. His body hair was all gone now, and his jumpsuit was starting to look small on him. “No.” she replied into the air. “Leave it in the stable. It will be dealt with then.”

“Yes Great Queen.” and the link went dead. The Queen then looked back into the monitor. She manipulated a camera to get a closer view of him. His ears had fanned out slightly, and his face had started to push out. His neck was also longer, holding his head out of the jumpsuit more. She simply nodded, and went back to business.


Sol was dreaming. In his dream he was fighting a battle, but with axes and swords. He was protecting some woman, a beautiful princess in chain mail. At the battle’s end, she had given him a kiss, a kiss that caused him to react with sexual pleasure. He awoke slowly, with a smile on his face. He opened his eyes to see that there was food on the floor in the center of the room. He stood up, and realized that he had a large wet spot on his jumpsuit. It didn’t smell like urine, so he assumed it was a wet dream of some kind. He never bothered to stand up, he crawled over to the food, got on his knees and started to feast. He felt hungry, and began to simply eat.

After devouring what easily could be two whole meals, Sol sat back on his haunches. How much food he had or not wasn’t the issue, just the fact that he was eating so much of it. No more voices of resistance, no more angry rants from the back of his mind. Just the knowledge that the Great Queen was feeding him, and that was all he needed.

His meal done, he stood up fully. Something was wrong, it was hot. Too hot. He loosened up the zipper of his jumpsuit, but it didn’t help. He quickly removed the jumpsuit entirely, his skin feeling as if it were on fire. And once he had removed the offending clothing, he felt cooler, more refreshed. Less restrained. He looked at his naked self in the steel mirror, and saw his body. No hair on him at all. He marveled at how it made him look, with his eight pack of muscles on smooth body. He leaned over the running water under the steel mirror, and took himself in.

He had to lean forward more to get a good look, his arms being too long to just lean against the “sink” where the water flow was. He felt thirsty again, and simply put his face into the running water and drank. Somehow, this felt more right than cupping his hands. His neck craned down lazily to get at the cool, refreshing water.


Sol woke up next to the water. He didn’t remember anything happening, just that he fell asleep. He rolled over to his back, and looked at himself again. As he looked down his ebony black body, he admired his look. And looking at his pink penis and scrotum made him feel very good. But they looked smaller than usual, he wrapped a clawed hand around it, and figured that it was about the right size. The touch of his scaled hand felt good, so he chose to keep touching himself.

The Queen happened to be watching as well, and she smiled as he began to masturbate. “Good.” she said to nobody in particular. “Enjoy the last time.”

Sol easily worked himself up into a frenzy, the slick scales on his hands was more than enough to send him over the edge very quickly. His orgasm was fast, but continuous. He quickly found himself on all fours, dry humping the air spurting his seed on the floor. He craned his neck backwards, and let out a rumbling roar as his orgasm continued, and continued, and continued.

In her room, the Queen watched the spectacle with interest. It was only the third day, and the gender metamorphosis was already happening. Perhaps this one would only need a week to complete the transformation. She continued to watch the monitor, noticing that the arms were growing in size, and it’s hands were now large claws more suited to walking than dexterity. She also watched as it’s head and neck snapped into place, more fitting for the animal the earth creature was to become.

Sol finally slowed down, and found himself sitting on his haunches panting hard. He looked down to his belly from his long neck and saw his black scales reflected the ground, and his semen almost glowed on his belly. He then looked down, and saw a small piece of flesh on the ground. He backed up his whole body, on all fours, and sniffed at it. It smelled male, and it smelled like the ejaculate all around his cell. He then looked between his hind legs, and did not see his penis. It was gone. No, it was on the floor.

Suddenly, something in Sol snapped. He screamed, he yelled, he charged the door and tried to knock it over. He tried to kick over the toilet, the steel mirror, everything. They took his humanity. They took his pride, now they took his gender. He ranted and raved to the world, to whoever could listen.

The Queen watched the display with amusement. “She’s got fire.” the queen said. “That’s good. She will work.” She then returned to more pressing matters at hand.

Sol eventually fell to his bed, crying. He felt finally broken. “This isn’t happening!” he said to the air. “This can’t be happening!” Sol laid to it’s side and cried, and cried itself to sleep.

It dreamed. It dreamed of battle, but this time she knew her role as a warrior. She knew her true name, Krylle. She knew her purpose. Near the end of her dream she was attacked by a barbarian wielding an axe. The barbarian screamed at her “In the name of Earth I destroy you! I am Sol!” Krylle attacked him, placing a blow from his crotch up to his chest with her tailspike. She turned around to see a woman, her Queen. “Now, you are ready my Krylle.”


She woke up. There was more food laid out for her, and she was hungry. Krylle stood up, on all fours, and walked over to her feast. Raw meats, grains, water and wine. She gorged herself, oblivious to her size changing. What were her arms as a human had grown to their final length. Her hindlegs had snapped backwards in her sleep, becoming ready for running. Her ears and horns had grown to their full size. Only while she gorged did her snout horn grow out.

As she ate she could feel her body growing stronger with every bite. Muscles formed on all four legs, her neck grew powerful, jaws strong. As she snapped through a bone and chewed on it her teeth formed into it’s final size, teeth for ripping and rending prey. Her sense of smell telling her that the meat was still good, and still edible.

By the time she had finished, Krylle had formed to her final size. She then felt something else, something form inside of her throat, a sack, but for what? She didn’t know, but somehow she instinctively knew how to use it.

The queen had been summoned. Her pet project was ready for her final touch. When she arrived, the guards opened the door and let the Queen pass. The Queen looks over her project. Sol’s jumpsuit was still on the floor, as was his useless phallus. Standing in the center of the room was a Draconian beast. Her scales black as the night. Her horns tipped in red, eyes glowing red, and her tail spikes also red. Her scale patterns showed her to be of good breeding stock The Queen smiled, and approached.

The beast backed up, and huffed. In the back of her mind Sol screamed “YOU BITCH! DIE YOU BITCH DIE!” The Queen approached the beast, and offered her claw. Krylle sniffed her hand while Sol screamed “BITE HER! BITE HER!!!” She did not. Krylle looked confused, torn between what she knew was her duty and what the conscious said to do.

The Queen read her feelings. “You are Krylle. You are my war mount. Submit to me, and I shall promise you good battles, a good mate, and safe place to bear your young. This I promise you as your Queen.”

Krylle understood her Queen. Sol, however, was not about to give in. Krylle nodded weakly. The Queen waived a hand, and produced a bit, and a small device. Sol screamed “NO!!!!” as the Queen placed her riding mount’s bit into it’s mouth.

“Sol, of Earth?” the Queen said, looking into her mount’s eyes. “I know you can hear me. Surrender now, or I will destroy your humanity. You are alive in this new mount, but your ridiculous notions must cease.” Se placed her claw onto the mount’s head, and heard Sol.

“Never! I will not die! I’m going to take control of this body and kill you! I…” She removed her hand.

“Then it is goodbye, Sol of Earth. You will make a great riding mount.” The queen then looked her mount in the eyes. “Do you submit to the bonding ritual?” The mount nodded.

The Queen then waived her hands, and held the mounts head by her horns. As she began to make her chant, Sol’s masculinity, his male personality, screamed in defiance. The mount began to huff, and churr, and in her mind she locked into the Queen as her superior. Krylle’s body began to ovulate, and then have a magic induced orgasm. Sol suddenly realized that once she did, all masculine thought would be destroyed.

Sol tried to fight, but he didn’t know the battlefield. Krylle shuddered, and started to let out the grunts of mating. She looked into the Queens eyes, and the two of them locked. Loyalty, honor, and submissiveness was established. And Krylle suddenly threw her tail up, let out a wail, and Sol’s personality shattered and vanished. The Queen and her new mount shared a moment that defined who they were. Rider to mount, protector to Queen. And the Queen established her link with her one mount.


Three weeks had passed. On routine maneuvers the Queen was leading a charge on earth. “Go over to that building there. We can take safe refuge.”

“No m’Lady Queen! That’s a fortified construction. We would be better taking that building there!”

The Queen looked at her mount, who simply nodded. Krylle would know this city better than any soldier she had. Her order instead was to take another building. The building was lighty defended, but with Krylle’s fire breathing ability these humans had no chance to win. Within hours the city had fallen. The captured soldiers were taken to a holding pen, and eventually separated.

An assistant to the queen would visit each one with a source stone and the knowledge of the spell. Her generals would soon receive draconian mounts, the best the city could offer.

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