Solids and Stripes
By : Socks the Catt
© 2004 Socks Furrotica

The tiger sniffed the air, and tasted it in his mouth.  The scent was meat, and it was welcomed.  He lowered his ears, and relaxed his legs to quietly pad near the clearing.  His muzzle pushed aside a tree branch, and the scent became stronger.  But it was different.  Seared flesh, and the smell of gasoline was sharp against his mouth.  Humans?  He might be able to see more.  He lowered himself into a crouch, lowered his head and looked into the clearing slowly.

He saw a figure standing with a full back exposed.  The tiger dug in his hind claws, and got ready to pounce.  Until he noticed the figure had a tail.  The tiger stopped, this wasn't familiar prey.  Finally, the figure in the clearing turned around.  "RAJAH!" he said loud, happy to say it.  "It took you long enough!  Come!  The steak is almost ready."  The tiger blinked hard a few times, not quite comprehending what was going on.  "Oh come on, I know you can talk.  I've seen this dream before."

The tiger's mind reeled as human thought slammed him back from his tiger's mind.  "Yappy?"  He felt his voice box shift as he spoke the words

"HUZZAH!" The coyote man said.  "You like a lot of A1, right?"  Rajah entered the clearing warily, looking at the humanoid coyote.  He wore only an apron that said "Yiff the Chef", and had some stains on it.  Rajah's mind was sobering up fast from his feline state, but he still checked from side to side.  "Don't worry, you're in my protection now.  Nothing bad can happen when you're dreaming with me."

"And that' supposed to relax me?" Rajah said with a slight laugh.  "That does smell good."

"It should." Yappy said, spinning a long fork in his paw.  "Coyote taught me some fantastic recipes!"

"Share?" Rajah said, leaning in and looking hopeful.

"Can't." Yappy said.  "Union rules."  Rajah perked his ears and tilted his head.  "Dammit if that weren't so cute I'd laugh!"  He took a steak off the grill, placed it on a plate, and put it on the ground.  "SO!  What brings me here?"  Yappy looked around while grabbing his own steak.  "And where is here?  This doesn’t look like India."

Rajah looked around.  "It's supposed to be more Vietnam, but I always end up with a hybrid of India, Vietnam, and generic rainforest."  Rajah sat next to the tiger, and casually cut his meat with a fork and knife.  Rajah salivated.  "You don't mind if I dig in?"

"By all means!" Yappy said.  "You're my subject for the night."  Rajah looked confused.  "Eat first, you'll drool all over it if you don't.  Should be nice and rare, just the way you like it."  Rajah dug into the steak mercilessly.  Yappy's tail rolled once, watching the tiger devour the meat in only a way a true carnivore can.  For his part, Yappy sat quietly, eating his steak in a most civilized way.  Rajah finished his meat and licked his chops clean.  "Ya done kittycat?"

"Wait, forgot something."  Rajah licked the juice from the bottom of the plate slowly, enjoying every drop and nearly flipping the plate with his tongue.  "There.  Now I'm done."

"Good thing." Yappy said.  "At least you still eat fast."  Rajah laid down next to Yappy with a contented smile on his muzzle.  "SO!  Why did you call me?"

Rajah's ear twitched.  "I called?"

"You've been wearing your stripey suit and the pendant I gave you." Yappy said, still cutting his steak.  "Coyote told me it was a sign you needed me.  So I put you in the queue and tonight's your night."

"You talk to Coyote?"  Rajah asked.  "You mean the real spirit that is Coyote?"

"Oh yeah." Yappy said, his tail swishing casually.  "I'm sort of his personal assistant doing field work, but I'm hoping to get promoted soon.  But enough about me.  What do you need?"

"Need?" Rajah asked, raking his claw on the ground.  "Yappy, we shared a con room together.  What did I sleep in?"  Yappy opened his muzzle as if to say something, but stopped.  "Every night, right?"  Rajah nodded his head to emphasize his words.

Yappy's ears perked.  "You mean that wasn't just a con thing?  You always sleep in the stripes?"

"Every night." Rajah said with a tail roll.  "And every night I have a dream here.  It took years of lucid dreaming to build this place, but here it is."

Yappy's eyes blinked, and he looked around.  "You have a vivid imagination!"  Rajah nodded in appreciation.  "Well!  If you didn't need anything, we can just talk a while.  You've got me the whole night."

The two talked, catching up on all the things that happened in the months since Yappy's disappearance.  What they had both been up to.  Yappy's answers more enigmatic than ever, but he was fascinated to hear the day to day details of his friend.  "I can't believe it's been five months." Yappy said in amazement.  "It feels like a blink."

"I can imagine." Rajah said, laying on his side.  "With a job like yours I'd imagine you'd lose track of time."

"When you can see infinity from here, a few hours is nothing." Yappy said.  The coyote morph scratched his friend on the head.  "But we don't have a lot of time right now tho.  Your alarm is going to go off soon."  Rajah's ears perked.  "You've always had good time sense, I can feel it in the back of your consciousness.  But real quick, what are you doing in the near future?"

Rajah stood up on all four paws, and stretched.  "Well!  Snowboard season's coming to a close, and I'm treating myself to Aspen  this year."

"AHH!  COAL-LAA-Rado!"  Yappy exclaimed.  "The usual place?"

Rajah nodded.  "Yeah, meeting a fur there for winter carnival.  Another cat."  Yappy's eyes twinkled.  "Uh oh."

"What?" Yappy said, trying to look innocent.

"You're thinking of something!" Rajah said.  "I know that look!"

"One of the things I do is create chaos energy." Yappy said.  "It's part of the job description."  Yappy looked at Rajah, like he was looking through him.  He then shook his head slightly.  "Ok, listen to me.  In a few days you'll be walking to work and something will catch your eye.  Go with it.  That's all I can tell you right now.  Oh, take your pendant with you to Aspen.  Do you trust me?"

Rajah nodded.  "I have so far.  The ride is getting weird tho."

"Good."  Yappy knelt down and kissed his friend on the forehead.  "Thank you, my friend."  Rajah nodded.  "Oh, by the way.  Good morning."

Rajah shot out of bed as the alarm blared.  He fumbled his mitted hands to hit the off button on the clock.  The radio was blaring System of a Down, "Inner Vision".  Rajah sat up in bed, feeling surprisingly awake, and stared at the radio.  "You're twisted, Yappy." he said aloud to the air.  And he swore he could hear laughter.

Some days later Pete was walking to work at the store.  He'd been feeling surprisingly refreshed in the mornings since he talked with Yappy.  He remembered that dream in every detail, and it was good to know his friend was still out there, in a way.  Pete figured it was either that or the spring air returning to Chicago, finally.  As he made his way to the shop a glint of metal got his attention.  He stopped, and backtracked to the shop window.  Inside was a pendant, and the side he could see looked like a cat's stylized face in it.  Pete smiled to himself, half closed his eyes and shook his head.  "And that's why I have plastic…" he muttered to himself as he walked into the jewelry shop.

Pete checked into the guest services room.  "My friend will be here tomorrow." he said.  "His name is Carl Kirshenbaum.  I want to authorize him getting a key?"  The woman at the counter nodded, and made notes.  Half an hour later Rajah was relaxing in his two room condo, in front of a fire sparking to life.  He sank into the couch, allowing he warmth of the fire to make his spandex-covered skin tingle.  He held up a glass of wine to the sky.  "For Yappy." he said quietly.  "I think I know what you're up to, and I'll thank you for it now."  He toasted to the sky, and took a long sip.

Carl stood in the airport, holding his cell phone up to his ear.  "Rajah?"


"It's Sandstone.  I just landed."

"Great!" Rajah said.  "So you're about an hour or two out?"

"Yeah." Carl said.  "if the TSA hasn't taken my board."

"Shouldn't be a problem." Rajah said.  "You know where you're going?"

"Yeah.  I'll take a cab to the hotel, and look you up at the office."

"Tell them your name." Rajah said.  "I've got a surprise or two for ya."

"Oh?" Carl said, walking briskly through the airport.  "You've got me curious!  And you know about me and curiosity!"

Rajah snickered.  "See you when you get here!"

"Seeya in a bit!" Carl said, trying not to let his voice crack.  He tapped the end button on his phone and hurried to the baggage claim area.  He was anxious to get to the condos.  But not before he could make one stop.

Rajah set up the bedroom, small cooler of snacks and drinks, the windows were all drawn closed, and he turned the light in the bathroom on.  He poked his head into the bathroom once, and looked into the mirror.  He smiled at the tiger in the mirror, the makeup blending into his mask and hood rather well tonight.  He tugged his ear to a full perk, and grabbed a glass of water to relax in bed, waiting for Sandy.

"My name is Carl Kirshenbaum.  I've got something waiting for me?" The woman behind the counter nodded, and handed him an envelope.  He thanked her, and went back to the entrance.  He opened the envelope to find a letter inside.

"Sandstone!  Welcome to Winter Carnival!  Enclosed you'll find the room key, we're in condo 2.  You'll also find a pendant, I'd like you to put it on before you get in the room.  Also, you won't see me when you enter, I want us to get to know each other the "right" way.  I'd like you to unpack your suit, put it on with the necklace outside the suit.  I've laid out some makeup in the bathroom you can use to blend your mask with you eyes and chin.  Once you're fully made up, enter the bedroom where I'll be.  Call it kinky if you want, but I've got something in mind for us both tonight.  We'll have dinner in.  -Rajah"

Carl felt himself get an erection before he finished reading the letter.  He bit his lip, an fished out the pendant.  It had some kind of canine type paw on one side, and what looked like a cougar's face on the other.  He looped the leather strand around his neck, picked up his bags and headed to Condo 2.

Rajah could hear the condo door open and close quietly.  He sat up in bed, reading his book.  He smiled to himself as he heard a bag hit the floor, then the bathroom door open.  He concentrated to listen to Sandstone remove his clothing, and get into his suit.  Rajah smiled to himself, not even paying the book any attention.  Sandstone was quiet, only occasionally grunting as he worked.

He strained with the zipper on the back, but Sandstone eventually closed it, and pulled the suit closed around him.  The hood flopped in front of him.  He tapped the pendant, outside of his spandex suit.  Rajah was up to something, but then again when wasn't he?  Sandy shrugged, and affixed the mask to his face.  He took in a deep breath as he looked up into the mirror.  The face of a cougar looked back at him.  Sandy half-closed his eyes, and smiled to himself.  He looked down at what Rajah had laid out.  He picked up the white makeup, and began to apply it to his chin.

Some time later, Rajah heard the bathroom door close, and the door leading to the bedroom open.  The tiger looked over to see another, a tan cat with a white underbelly, and black gloves and boots in spandex.  He wore a collar around his neck in an aqua blue pattern, with a tag on it as well.  The face of the cougar wasn't perfect, but Rajah could admire the effort.  "Sandy!  Welcome to my den!" Rajah said.

Sandy snickered, and took a dramatic bow.  "In that case, I'm happy I brought tributary!"  Sandy approached the bed and knelt with a flourish.  "I didn't know what kind of drink you preferred, but I brought a lovely white."  He raised his paw, and handed Rajah a bottle of 2% milk.  Rajah laughed, and rolled down to hug Sandy.

Some time later, they were both laying in bed, naked but their spandex skins.  They had already enjoyed dinner, dining on imitation crab and shrimp in a mock of opulence, laughing as they said snooty things about the peasants on skis around them.  As the evening got later, they just cuddled, and talked.  Rajah was nuzzling Sandstone's collar, and Sandstone cooed softly.  "So why a cougar?" Rajah asked.

The cougar brought his paw around Rajah's shoulders and held him gently.  "I'm not sure." he said.  "I was at a zoo a long time ago.  And they had an American mountain lion in a cage.  The way he looked at me…"  Sandy let it trail a moment.  "He saw something in me.  And it wasn't like I was edible.  He was telling me something.  It took me years to figure it out, and when it did everything fell into place.  A lot of my life made sense."

Rajah nodded.  "I know the feeling."

"That happened to you?" Sandy asked.

"No." Rajah said.  "I was told that I was going to play a tiger in a school play, and the suit felt so natural I thought there was something more to it."  Rajah rolled a little, and wrapped his leg around Sandy's.  "Ended up as more than a costume fetish, I'll tell you that."

Sandy snickered to himself.  "You ever talk to a tiger?"

"I've been known to chuff with them." Rajah said, with a little pride.  "After they figure out I'm a kindred spirit they don't spray me."

Sandy laughed, and looked to Rajah.  "I've communed with the mountain lions too.  They don't talk a lot, but they know a kindred spirit when they see one."

Rajah nodded.  "So let me ask you something." he said.  "If you could become one, would you?"

Sandy half closed an eye, and settled in the bed with Rajah.  "Probably." he said.  "But I'm still a city kid.  I wouldn't know a thing about hunting for food, or surviving in the wild.  That would be my only scare."

"But if you could?" Rajah asked, tapping the pendant Sandy was wearing.  "If hunting or surviving wasn't a problem, would you do it?"

"I think I would." Sandy said.  "I probably wouldn't wear this collar.  But I'd probably jump at the chance."

Rajah smiled in his mask, and gently pressed Sandy's back to the bed.  Sandy yielded, and let his hands rest on the tiger.  "We can jump at it tonight, if you want."

Sandy purred aloud.  "Ohh!  A big strong tiger wants to jump me!"

"More than you know…" Raja said.  He lowered his muzzle to Sandy's, and they shared in a feral kiss.  Rajah allowed his mind to slide backwards, as Sandy's hands ran across Rajah's shoulders and head.  Rajah allowed himself one glace at the clock.  12:04 AM.  He looked down to Sandy, and kissed him harder.

Sandy's hands ran down Rajah's back and sides, then back up.  The sensation of spandex on spandex caused them both to react, and they could feel the other's shaft begin to press into the other.  Sandy's hands reached Rajah's spandex tail, and Sandy pulled his hand away as he pulled Rajah's head down.  Rajah snarled and bit into Sandy's shoulder.  Sandy yelped, but held the tiger in place.

Rajah began to hump his body into Sandy's spandex hips.  Sandy began to breathe harder.  "Good tiger." he whispered.  "You know what I like."  Rajah growled in response.  Sandy reached to the counter top, and grabbed a condom.  Rajah released his bite as Sandy reached down to Rajah's shaft with a hand.  He stroked Rajah to a full erection, licking and play biting the tiger's neck.

Rajah whimpered as he felt the lubricated condom get rolled down his shaft.  Sandy reached for a second one, and unrolled it quickly down his own erect penis.  Rajah nodded as Sandy unzipped a section of his suit under his tail.  Sandy got onto all fours, his tail facing the tiger.  Rajah placed a paw on Sandy's back, then crawled up Sandy's body until he was fully on cougar's back.  "Last chance to back out." he breathed out.

"No chance." Sandstone said with conviction.  Rajah smiled, and bit hard onto Sandy's neck over his collar.  Sandy took in a sharp breath and whimpered, but felt strangely relaxed.  Rajah pressed his hips into Sandy's feeling the cougar's tail under him.  Rajah pushed forward, and after a miss he found his spot.  He pushed into Sandy's hole, snarling as he penetrated.

Sandy let out a snarl himself, feeling Rajah's teeth hold him in place.  He dug his fingers into the bed as he slowly felt the full penetration of the tiger.  Rajah's hips met Sandy's.  Rajah licked Sandy's neck as he pulled back to begin his rhythm.  Sandy clenched his teeth and snarled, feeling his full erection throb in pure pleasure.  He let his mind retreat into that of the animal within, and deep in his mind's eye he saw yellow eyes look back upon him.

The tiger snarled, and held onto Sandy's neck as he felt the fur begin to form.  Rajah caught the scent of the cougar under him, in heat.  Another male, but in heat.  Sandy sensed this as well, his nostrils flaring with the new scents and sensation.  Sandy's head began to swim when he caught the tiger's scent.  VERY male, VERY horny, and VERY much taking him.  He repositioned his hands as they began to get larger, more broad along the bed.

Rajah let the tiger wash completely through him, clenching the cougar's neck in his jaws.  Sandy's body gave into the tiger as Rajah's tail rolled slowly.  Both cats snarled to each other in their feral embrace.  The cougar's tail wrapped around Rajah, and Rajah felt his sac touch Sandy's.  Both were larger now, and tucking into their bodies a little more.  Sandy felt the rubbing of fur on fur behind his legs, and under his tail, the sensation making him pant harder.

The tiger wrapped his paws around the cougar's hips, their paw pads touching as Sandy brought his paw up to Rajah's.  The cougar's eyes shot wide open as he felt a surge flow through his body, He clenched his hole and screamed as he came.  Rajah wasn't ready for it, and on the first spasm he bit down hard on Sandy's neck as he came with the cougar.  Sandstone could feel the tiger's saliva run down his fur, the feeling of throbbing under his tail, the texture of the sheets...  All of his sensations were heightened in the moment of orgasm.  He pumped into the air, feeling the tiger inside him doing the same.

Sandy's arms gave out, and in the intensity of the moment, he passed out as the final wave of his orgasm washed though him.  Rajah felt the high of orgasm slowly flow through him, and he unclenched his jaws.  Sandy slipped down into the mattress.  Rajah's mind reeled for a moment.  Did he just kill Sandy?  He had one hell of a bite…  But then he heard Sandy's light breathing.  Rajah relaxed a little, and pulled himself out of the cougar.

Rajah looked at the cougar laying next to him, and smiled.  He reached down to Sandstone's sheath, and removed the filled condom as his shaft retreated.  He marveled at the light barbs under the condom as it slid backwards into his sheath.  Rajah then carefully removed his as well, wrapping them in a tissue on his side of the bed.  He turned off the light over the bed, and curled into Sandy.  He soon drifted into sleep.

"He's a lively one, isn't he?"

Rajah padded over to Yappy, watching a cougar bounce from rock to rock in a snow covered mountain paradise.  "It's like he's never seen the stuff before."

"In his dreams he doesn't." Yappy said sadly.  "I found him a while ago, one of Coyote's projects that he never gets to."  Yappy's tail swished slightly, and his ears fell slightly as he spoke.  "He's so unhappy, and I was getting scared he'd do something bad to himself."

Rajah looked up to him.  "Are we talking about the same fur here?  But he always seemed happy online?"

Yappy nodded.  "I thought I was wrong too, my friend.  But he's living in Florida when he doesn't want to, and he never gets to play in this stuff anymore.  Dead end job, he doesn't see a way out.  I feared his mediocrity."  Yappy sighed.  "Coyote told me not to get personally involved in a lot of human affairs, but when you told me he was a friend of yours, I stepped in."  Yappy knelt down and put a paw idly around Rajah's barrel chest.  "I had to."

"What did you do?" Rajah asked, watching the cougar slide on his belly down the snow.

"Nothing yet." Yappy said.  "I wanted to be totally sure I had the right guy."  Yappy patted Rajah on the head.  "Not a lot of time tonight, I've got a lot to do.  But you want to play with him all night or go to the jungle?"  Rajah played in the snow with his friend.

Rajah woke up before Sandy did, and looked down at the cougar.  Sandstone's eyes were closed so tight, and his nose was wrinkled up in a cute way.  The tiger smiled.  "It's just wrong." he said to himself.  Quietly, he got out of bed, and began on breakfast.  Sandy woke up some time later, the smell of freshly cooked pancakes filling his nose.  He rolled out of bed, still bleary eyed, and went to the kitchen.  "Morning Sandy." Rajah said casually, with a flip of his tail.

"Morn…in…" Sandy said.  Suddenly his knees gave out and he almost collapsed into the bar next to the kitchen.  "Wait…  woah…."  Rajah turned around to see Sandy staring at his paw.  "What in the fuck…"  Sandy looked at Rajah.  "And what's with the….  I mean We…  and you….  and I was like…  And you…."

"WOAH!" Rajah said.  "Sit first, I'll get you some milk, I'll try to explain."  Sandy sat down, visibly shaking.  Rajah tried to explain.  "Ok, look, I've got a friend.  I don't know how he does this, but once in a while he can do this to me, and others he likes.  He did this to me on Halloween, and he did it last night to us both."

"Who's your friend?" Sandy asked almost in a panic, still shaking.

"I'll just say he's in good with a spirit, ok?" Rajah said, Sandy just nodded automatically.  "So until tomorrow morning, our costumes have become us.  So I'm a tiger, and you're a VERY yiffy cougar."

Sandy looked at his paw again.  "OH, that explains everything." He said sarcastically.  He looked into the mirror behind the kitchen, and saw himself.  A full cougar, full markings, perfect coat, a gorgeous specimen.  His sheath tingled, and he could feel himself slide out of it.

He turned around to look at Rajah, who smacked his muzzle.  "A VERY yiffy cougar.  Looks yummy too!"

"Ok, let's say this is real." Sandy said shaking his head, trying to sort it all together.  "I'm not going out there like this.  They'll call animal control or something.  It wouldn't be safe to…."  Rajah was grinning, flipping a pancake.  "What?"

"Where are we?"

"Aspen." Sandy said.

"And what weekend is this?"

"Winter Carnival?  What diff…."  Sandy's jaw hit the floor.  "You little sneaky…  tiger!"

Rajah couldn't contain his smile anymore.  "Some pancakes?"

Sandy opened the door to the condo in his borrowed gear.  Rajah had brought last years closeout pants from his shop, and they modified them on the spot for tails.  Sandy adjusted his helmet and took in the mountain air fully, smelling things he never had before.  The wind, the birds and rabbits on the property, the other skiers, that lady down the way with the perfume problem.  Rajah followed him out the door, and made sure it was locked.  "You ready?"

"As ready as I can be."  He lowered his mirrored goggles over his eyes, opened his jacket, and walked with Rajah down through the town to the gondola.  They were stopped many time by other tourists to get photos of their "awesome costumes", and asked if they'd be entering the contest later.

As the day progressed, Sandy stuffed his jacket into a pay locker, and went riding in only his helmet, goggles and pants.  The two of rode went as hard as they could, barely stopping for lunch.  They raced, they jumped, they played in the snow for as long as the lifts would take them back to the top.  Everyone they rode the gondola or lift with were amazed at the work they put in their costumes.  Rajah and Sandy nodded to each other, smiling.

That night, they sat in their condo in front of the fireplace, naked but their fur.  "I thought you said you were gay." Rajah said, running his claw through Sandy's shoulder fur.

"You mean those girls on the quad and at the bar?" Sandy asked.  "I'm gay, but I know a good time when it bites me in the tail!"

Rajah laughed.  "You're unstoppable, you know."

Sandy nodded.  "Only in the fur, it seems."  Rajah looked over, and flicked his ear.   "Look, outside of this trip I don't act like this."

"Why not?" Rajah asked.

"You know." Sandy said.  "I can't do that where I work, and I can't snowboard where I'm at.  I'm surprised I kept up with you today, I haven't ridden like this in years."  Sandy stretched a little.  "And I feel like I can do this all night too!"

Rajah nodded.  "So why don't you?"

"You show me snow in Florida." Sandy said.

"I meant why not act like this at work?" Rajah asked.

"I'd get fired?" Sandy said.

"Is that bad?" Rajah asked.  Sandy looked at him a little sideways.  "If you're unhappy there, why stay?"

"Nowhere else to go." Sandy said a little sadly.

"If you could go anywhere, where would you go?" Rajah asked.

"I don't know…  I'd like to live…"  Sandy looked at Rajah and cracked a smile.  "The last time I answered a question like that I got my brains yiffed out and woke up a cougar."

"And that's bad how?" Rajah asked.

Sandy snickered.  "It's not.  But I haven't thought of it."

Rajah nodded. "Fair enough.  But you should go to what makes you happy."  Sandy nodded.

The two of them sat together, looking into the fireplace.  Sandy, hung his head a little lower.  "So now what?"

"Hmm?" Rajah asked.

"I kinda remember you saying that tomorrow morning this goes away." Sandy said quietly.  "So what happens now?  Do we have a full night of animalistic sex and wake up in suit?" Sandy looked over his shoulder at Rajah.  "Or do we wake up humans, and this was all some kind of dream?"

Rajah leaned forward and kissed Sandy on the forehead.  "I remember when Yappy did this to me the first time." he said.  "I always sleep in my stripes, so I woke up changed both times."  He paused, running his claws along Sandy's neck and shoulders.  "I was kinda envious of the others who got this gift too, most of them changed the next day some time, putting their suits on."  He chuffed once.  "So already this time is better, I was aware of the change happening."

Sandy nodded as Rajah continued.  "So what happens now is up to you." Rajah said.  "If you want to go clubbing, we can do that.  If you want to stay here and cuddle, I'm all for that too.  If you really want hard animal sex…"  Rajah smiled and so did Sandy.  Rajah shook his head for effect.  "Heh, what I'm saying is that what happens now is up to you.  And not just tonight."

Sandy's ears perked, and fell back.  "What do you mean?"

"I mean that you got to touch the cat within." Rajah said, tapping Sandy's chest.  "What's in here got to be out here."  Rajah scratched Sandy's chest, and heard a soft murring noise come from the cougar.  "Most of the world never gets to become who they are, even for a day.  You've been touched, it's up to you to either do something with it, or not."

Sandy closed his eyes, and rested his head on Rajah's shoulder.  "Will this happen again?"

"I don't know." Rajah said, running his fingers along Sandy's neck and chin.  "Do you want it to?"  Sandy nodded.  "Why?"

"Today's been the happiest I've ever been, in my life." Sandy said quietly.  "And it did feel good to become Sandstone."  He leaned over, and wrapped his paws around the tiger.  "It was good to just let go and be myself."

Rajah rubbed his muzzle against the cougar's head.  "If you want it enough, you can always be yourself." he said.  He sensed Sandy's scent change slightly, a softer, more earthy scent.  Sandy sniffled once, and held onto Rajah.

They slept together that night, Rajah curling around Sandy.  The scent of both their sweat was ripe in the room, and both were covered in the other's musk.  Sandy sighed contentedly, finally his energy giving out and his body surrendered to the sleep.  Rajah took in a deep breath, enjoying the cougar's scent as well as his own.  He nodded softly to himself, wrapping his tail around Sandy

"It was enough." Rajah heard as he drifted into sleep.  "Your friend will be just fine."

Sand Stone : Hey there stripey cat!
Rajah : Sandy!  What are you doing home?  I thought you worked around now?
Sand Stone : Well…  It's kinda a long story.
Rajah : What?
Sand Stone : I'm heading back out in a bit.  I gotta make a few arrangements.
Rajah : Arrangements?  What's going on?
Sand Stone : I'm moving.
Rajah : !!!
Sand Stone : Yeah!  One of the furs in Lake Tahoe needs a roomate, and that's right next to Heavenly, so I'm moving!
Rajah : !!!  WTF brought this on?
Sand Stone : I was chatting with Pip about my living here, and how I wanted to move somewhere like Vail or Aspen.  And he said if I wanted to really get a place, he wold need someone to help him with rent in a month or two.  So I'm doing it!
Rajah : Can you afford it?
Sand Stone : Barely, yeah.  But I'll work at a casino or at the mountain.  I can do chairlifts in suit, nobody would know.
Rajah : <g> So Next year I should plan to go there, huh?
Sand Stone : Well assuming I get there in one piece, yeah!  Oh, hey, on more thing.
Rajah : Name it.
Sand Stone : How do you tune a snowboard?  I hear they're ALWAYS looking for techs out there.
Rajah : LOL!  If you can swing my Chicago, I'll show you!
Sand Stone : I've got a lot of my stuff on ebay, I'm dumping what I can't fit in my car.  I'm psyched!  This is gonna rock!

Rajah ran his spandex-covered paw across his chin.  He snickered, looking at the sky.  "You're still twisted, Yappy."

Carl ran the tool over the base of his board again, and looked at his wax job.  "Kinda like that?"

"Perfect." Pete said.  "And when you sharpen the edges don't be afraid to go after it.  You're not taking off that much metal."

Carl nodded as Pete's boss looked over his shoulder. "Taking an apprentice?" he joked.  Pete laughed.  "nice work, could be better, but nice stuff."

"Thanks." Carl said.  "I'm trying to learn from the best."

"Don't listen to him then."  Pete jokingly pushed his boss, who shoved back.

That night Sandstone and Rajah were laying on Rajah's bed.  "I don't understand something." Sandy said.  Rajah looked up to Sandy, who was fondling his spandex tail.  "How can I get so much pleasure out of a costume?"

Rajah thought a moment.  "It's not a costume." he said frankly.  "It's dreams held together with imagination."

Sandy perked his eye a little, contorting his mask slightly.  "That makes sense, Master Yoda."

"MMMMM!" Rajah said, in his best impersonation.  "Weak in the powers of the Schwartz are you!  You must learn to control the force…"  Sandy laughed hard.  "Of how far your spooge flies when you cum!"  Sandy rolled on the bed, laughing harder than he ever had before.

SandStone jumped from rock to rock, more playing with the rabbit than actually trying to catch it.  The rabbit seemed to sense this, and darted back and forth.  Rajah shook his head, trying to fluff his fur.  "It's cold out here." he said.

"See, that's what you get for not being a Siberian." Yappy said, twisting the controller in his paws.  "I can take care of that for you if you want."

"You leave my fur out of this." Rajah said defiantly.  "I'll be back in my hot tropical rainforest later and I'll be happy."

"That you will." Yappy said, pushing a button.  The rabbit jumped and Sand Stone missed it by inches.  "Woo!  He catches on quick!"

"So what's gonna happen to him?" Rajah asked.

"Couldn't tell ya." Yappy said.  "Even if I knew, I can't talk about the future."  He pushed the controller down, and the rabbit burrowed into the snow.  Sand Stone looked at the hole a moment, and sniffed it.  "I wish I had a better controller.  I'd make the rabbit kiss his nose."

"You would." Rajah said, shaking his head.  "So how 'bout you?  What happens to you?"

"Well this case really puts me in good standing with the boss." Yappy said.  "A complete life change, and some good came out of it.  That's the kind of thing he loves to see.  Good or bad isn't really relevant, as much as the total life change."  Yappy's tail fluffed once, and he wrapped it around himself.  "I just want to arm Sandy here with some snow survival stuff before I head out.  He loves the stuff, but he's gotta know the dangers."

"He learns fast." Rajah said.

"Cougar helped." Yappy said.  Rajah looked at him with his muzzle wide open.  "What?  You think that Coyote works alone all the time?  I asked Cougar if he'd like to help a kindred spirit, and there you are!"

Rajah laid on his belly, on the snow.  "And you've never asked Tiger about me."

"She likes you."  Rajah's head snapped around to look at Yappy.  "She thinks you're cute.  Too bad about the gay part, but she's…"

"You…." Rajah's brain locked up.  "She…  Guh…"

"Wow." Yappy said.  "I managed to vapor lock Rajah."  He licked his finger, and marked down a point in the air.  "Now that was worth it."

Rajah put his paw over his muzzle, and grumbled.  "I'm gonna be haunted for life by an insane 'yote."

"Only a little." Yappy said.  "I'd love to haunt you, but I'm not allowed.  See, Tiger has plans for you."

"WHAT?" Rajah looked over, but saw nothing next to him.  Yappy was gone, only a few paw prints remained.  Rajah put his head down in the snow, and watched Sandy pounce off a rock, into the rabbit's burrow.  Rajah shook his head a few times, and smiled to himself.  The cold was worth it.

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