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It's about time I did this, so here's my favorite furry places to go.

yes, I'm a fan of this strip.  I know that ther's a lot of work that goes into this strip, and I'm appreciative of it.  Actually, it's surprisingly "warm and fuzzy" feeling when you read it.

The fact that Aiden is cute doesn't hurt either....
Foxx's Trasnformation Art I've always liked his artwork.  Stuff like his makes me wish I could draw.
Choose Your Own Change TF Archives I've given this site some of the stories you see here.  It's worth digging around to see what else they have.

Ahh, Furbid.  It's like ebay, but fuzzy.  And no charges.
2...  the wonder that is 2...  Anyone who has this much anger and doesn't beat the hapless masses of the universe with a pool cue mush have something going for him.  That and he's DAMNED funny...  Listen to the show.  You must listen to the show!

Related note, does he have a half brother named 2.5?
Circe's Funhouse
Ahh, the Circe site.  It's a fun site to go through.  Bring a lunch tho, it's quite big...

Furry Friends and links that
you should check out while you're surfing...

Kurrel the Raven
Listen to the Dailies.  It's well worth it.  It's good music.  Should open in winamp.
Or just cut to the chase and listen to "The Furry Song"
Xander the Blue
and his mate Shale Ari  Both artists, and both good folks.  Check out the sites

Kemono Inukai's website.  It's japanese, so he can't sho some 'parts'.  But his art is just amazing.
HIV/AIDS awareness

A little more serious, but it's a good idea to get tested these days.

If you have any questions, here's a fabulous FAQ.
Since I'm in Chicago, I will start with this link.  But you can find a testing facility in any town.
Stretchystuff :

IITYWYKM : Mostly into superhero costumes, but they have some interesting possibilities...
Rennasances Dancewear : They made my Socks suit!  YAY!
Spandex Outfitters : She makes some really nice costumes : More great costumes, I like their cats
ThreeBee : They don't update at all, but they do suits too.  Don't mind the music
Leather & Squeakystuff:

Eatleather : The link goes to my personal kink, I want one of these...
The Water Hole : I like his stuff, just can't afford it.
Pretty Pervy : Why do the brits get all the cool stuff?

I'll come up with more later.  As I find interesting stuff.  OR, just hit up my LJ and see what I'm up to!

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there. I said it. I feel better.

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