I arrive at Master's house early in the afternoon.  My heart is pounding as I go to the front door, I'm always excited and nervous when I go to my Master's door, I have  backpack slung over my shoulder, in it is everything I'll need for the weekend, as Master has told me.  I knock on the door.

My Master opens the door, and greets me with a smile, and a warm hug.  Through my t-shirt I know he can feel my heart pounding like crazy.  He playfully reaches down to touch my aching balls, I smile.  I return the grope, and feel his heavy sac.  Master tells me to come in, and I do.

We talk a while, how he's been, how I've been, what we've both been up to.  We sit on the floor, and just talk.  It relaxes me, I always feel better once I've talked with my Master a while, remember that he won't bite my head off at the drop of a hat.

After a while of talking, Master says to me "Well, let's see if the dog wants to play!"  Master knows what I've been looking forward to, and I don't hesitate when offered a dream I've had for a long time.  My heart beats harder as I take my human clothing off.  I fold it, and rest it on a chair in the living room.  "Do you need a mirror, boy?" he asks.

"No Master." I say.  I've practiced putting the dog suit on a million times, I can do it in my sleep, and a few times I have.  The suit isn't much.  First are the black socks, over my feet, to look more like paws.  A pair of mutt-brown sweat pants, which I've altered.  There's a tail between my hind legs, and a long flap that runs along my ass.  There's also a small fuzzy "Sheath" between my legs, and a small ball sac behind it.  I slide my hard shaft into the sheath, and stuff my testicles into the confinement of my new dog balls.

Master looks to me and smiles.  "So that makes you fuckable, huh slave dog?"

"Yes Master!" I say with pride.  I then I pull my sweatshirt on.  It has Velcro tabs to attach to the pants, and a hood over the neck hole.  I attach the pants to the sweatshirt, and let the hood rest on my back for the moment.  I then bring out the mask.  It's a foam appliance that stick to my face with adhesive.  It's brown as well, with a black widows peak and a black nose.  I then pull the attached hood over my head, and use the Velcro tabs to secure it around my neck, covering my head.  The hood has longer black floppy ears on it, making me look like a mutt dog.

The last touch are the black socks over my hands, giving me the final look of being more animal than human.  I look to my Master for approval.  "Beg, mutt."  I get onto my hind legs, bring up my paws, and whimper for him.  In his eyes, I see a smile.  "There's my slave dog." he says.  "Stay, boy."  I do.  My Master leaves, and comes back holding a leather collar and some toys.  He's also now naked, and I look over his body drooling in my mind to be allowed to lick him.  "A good dog gets to wear real collars, slave dog." Master says.  "Are you going to be a good dog?"

"Yes Master!" I say.  Master smiles.

"Good boy."  He kneels down, and wraps the collar around my throat.  When I feel the buckle shut, I know that I am an owned slave dog.  My Master pats me on the head.  "You may speak human words, slave dog.  Don't abuse the privilege.  I expect you to obey me as best you can, boy.  If you do not, I will remove this collar, and you may never wear it again.  Do you understand me?"

"I understand, Master." I say.  My erection is standing painfully out of my sheath.  Master sees it, and laughs.  He lays down on the floor, brings up a pillow, and opens his arms.  I accept the invitation, and we snuggle on the floor, mutt to Master.  I don't even bother looking at the time, it's no longer my place to.  While we cuddle, Master puts the leather bondage mitts onto my hands, making me even more like a dog.  He also put cuffs around my hind paws as well.  I'm now totally reliant on my Master, as my hands and body are at his mercy.

After some time, Master grabs my collar.  "Ok mutt." he says to me.  "Show me if you've been trained."  Master guides my head down his body.  "Suck your Master's cock boy."  I am out of practice, but I start by lapping at it, like a dog drinking water.  Master moans happily, and rolls onto his back.  He then straddles my body with his legs.  "Go ahead mutt." he says to me.  "Suck your Master's cock!"

Master' cock is harder now, and I try to swallow it whole.  Master swats me on the head a few times with a reprimand "Watch the teeth!", but I can tell my Master is enjoying my mouth.  My jaw is starting to feel sore when Master pulls me up by the collar, and holds me to him.  "GOOD dog!" he says, praising me.  "You're a good mutt, aren't you?"  I nod, and Master strokes my dog ears.

I then feel my Master shift, and start to get up.  I get up onto all fours.  "Stay!" he says.  I sit on my haunches, and watch him leave the room.  I hear a jingling noise, and then Master comes in with a leash.  "Ok mutt."  He snaps the leash on my collar, and pats his leg.  I heel, and follow him into his spare bedroom.  "Sit!"  I do.  "There's my dog!" he says.  He goes into his closet and produces a rubber boot, a tall one.

"You know what this is, boy?" he asks me.

"One of Master's boots." I say.

He nods.  "You're going to learn how to lick these, mutt." he says.  He then brings the boot close to me.  "Smell it first, dog." I do, and I can feel my head swoon to the smell of fresh rubber.  "Ok boy, we'll start with the toe.  Bring that tongue out."  I do, and Master brings the boot close to me.  He rubs it along my tongue, and I start to breathe hard.  "There's a good boy!"  He pats me on the head, a job well done.

A few minutes later, he's wearing the boot, and training me how to lick it so he can enjoy it.  I try to learn fast, I want Master to be pleased with me.  He has me licking the top of the boot, all around the sides.  "This is a new boot, pup." he says to me.  "Soon you'll be licking worn in boots!" he then trains me to lick the underside, the tread of the boot.  I have a hard time breaking out of my human brain.  He gives me a few swats, nothing hard, but enough to tell me I can be a better dog.  Soon, I'm slobbering on the treads, and the top of the rubber boot, licking my dog spit off of them.  He then pulls my leash, and I fight, trying to lick them some more.

"That's enough for now, boy." he says.  "You're being a good dog now."  He pats his leg again, and I follow him back into the living room again.  "Sit!"  I do, next to the couch.  "Stay."  I lay down.  Master then goes into the kitchen, and I hear water running.  He returns with a small glass of water, and a larger one.  "Here boy.  You may need this."  He holds the small glass where I can drink.

"Thank you Master!" I say, and lap up the water as best I can.  It tastes good, my tongue is a little dry from my first boot licking.  Master then sits on the couch, and turns on the TV.  He drinks his water, and watch the news.  I lay at his feet, dutiful to my place.

After Master finishes his water, Master puts the glass down.  "Ready for another training session, slave dog?"

"I am, Master." I say.

"Good!  Because I'm gonna give you training in something special." he says.  Master pulls my leash, and leads me into the bathroom.  He places me against the back wall, and gets me to face towards the door I came in.  My erection is almost painful, and  he sees it.  The boot I had licked so lovingly comes to rest on my ball sac, and he presses down on me.  I moan in discomfort, then in pain.  Master smiles.  "Good boy…" he says.  "It's good to suffer sometimes for your Master.  Shows me you want to be my queer mutt."

I nod as his boot comes off my dog balls.  Master then loops the leash around his wrist, and straddles my body again.  "If you can't do it, spit it into the toilet boy." he says.  I know what's coming now, and my mind goes into overdrive.  I had begged for this in e-mail and in the chat room for a long time, and now Master has deemed it the right time.  "Are you ready?  Once you do this you're marked as my dog.  I'm gonna use those balls of yours like I want to, boy!  And I will use you for my pleasure.  I will own you, mutt.  Do you really want that?  Want to be a slave dog?  An owned piece of property, boy?"

I nod.  "I want that Master." I say, the lump in my throat feeling like a golf ball.  "Please mark me as your slave dog, Master.  Mark me, tag me, make me your dog slave?  Please?"

He steps into me, the hand with the leash goes around the back of my head.  The other holds the leather collar in a firm grip.  "You WILL be my slave dog now, mutt." he says.  "Don't suck it, just drink."  He parts my lips with his semi-hard cock, and I take it into my mouth.  He stands for a moment, holding my head up so I can look into his eyes.  The anticipation feeling like it's being drawn out for hours as I wait for the first taste, my Master's mark.

Then I feel in my mouth a slight rush of heat from his cock, then the flow comes.  I look up to my Master, who's looking down at me.  As I swallow the first mouth full of my Master's piss, I see my Master's eyes light up.  "Oh yeah!" he says to me.  "Now you're MY slave dog!"  I swallow again. "Now you're my dog!  GOOD mutt!  GOOD boy!"  I swallow again, and he fills my mouth once more.  "Your Master owns you now!"  I feel his hand against the back of my head gripping me, and the other holding the collar in a tight grip.  I can see in his eyes I've just stepped beyond something, now I know I am a dog, a piss drinking dog, a queer mutt ready for training.

I know that my Master sees it in my eyes too, the surrender, the acknowledgement that I really am my Master's dog, a mutt.  I see him shiver, and I feel him finish in my mouth. "Hold that last mouth full boy." he says.  He pulls out of my mouth, and says "Don't swallow.  Stay."  He goes into the kitchen, and comes back with a box of dog treats.  "Did you swallow or spit, boy?"  I shake my head no.  "Ok boy.  Swallow!"  I do.  Master beams with pride  "GOOD boy!  GOOD dog!  You've made me SO PROUD of you!"  I beam with pride myself, my Master is pleased!  He takes out a biscuit, and offers it.  I eat it without hesitation straight from his hand.  I thank Master for the biscuit, as well as being marked.  Master pats me on the head, tells me I'm his good dog.

Master then takes me back into the living room, where the TV is still playing.  "Rest for a little while, mutt." he says to me.  "We've still got a full night ahead!"

"Yes Master!" I say happily.  In my mind I'm hoping that Master will have a vet come in to give me my shots and tags, or that I'll have my mutt balls tortured for his pleasure.  But, in the short term, I lay on the floor, on a pillow, and rest, tired from what I've already accomplished, and horny in expectation of the rest of the night!

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