Master's Rabbit

For My Master.

A few months ago I found the spandex online people. And instantly I was in lust. With the help of my Master I found that I have a lot of fetishes that I would nave never known I had. Over the last year or so my Master has exposed me to latex, lycra, leather, bondage, and the wonders of restraints. We found each other on the 'net when I put a personal ad on the newsgroups as a cat looking for an owner, and he took me in.

Literally, we live hours apart. But with e-mail he's just a click away from the campus. My Master has been very kind to me as his pet cat, but he has shown me so much more fetishes and so many more things. I'm still my Master's pet cat, but we play without my cat costume too.

I bought a cat costume through spandex online to my Master's specifications, and we've both enjoyed it immensely. But one of the things that I do while Master's cat is not talk. It never seemed to me the right thing to do, cat's don't speak even if spoken to. But I still have an animal fetish as well, I love being a pet. I love being collared, tagged, and kept as an animal for as long as I can do so.

Master and I talked about this a little. Master is a very kind man, and he's into fantasies. He said I could talk, but I didn't think it would be right for Master's pet to speak. Besides, he introduced me to one of his slaves to whom I was a cat for the whole time and never spoke. And I didn't have any good solutions until I revisited the page some time later and saw they were making another style of animal.

I literally drooled when I saw the rabbit costumes. I think it's the Playboy image of bunnys and sex, but it did stir that thought. I e-mailed my Master and asked him what he thought. He said it would be nice to have a fuck-bunny around to pleasure him. Through e-mails and a phone call we discussed the ideas. And we eventually did decide on me getting a rabbit costume, with a few modifications. And after contacting the Seam-mistress, we had one made for me.

What we decided on was a brown rabbit costume. The insides of the ears were to be white, the tail and underbelly were to also be in white, and the face was to be covered with open eyes and mouth. They put in a few eyeglass holes so I could add on a white rubber rabbits muzzle with bucked teeth I bought at a costume shop, as well as glasses holes so I didn't have to wear my contacts to see. We also talked about the ears, and decided the rabbit should be lop-eared so that I could be tied to his bed without bending the ears. My Master insisted that grommet holes be put in the ears to look like piercings. And we had it made anatomically correct, so my Master could access me as he desired.

When I placed the order, my Master told me to keep some money ready, because I would be given orders to make another purchase. So I did. A few weeks later I received an e-mail from spandexwear online. The brown rabbit costume would be shipping that day. They sent me a confirmation number. My heart jumped into my throat, it was a Monday. Without thinking I e-mailed my Master and forwarded the information.

I got a reply in the hour with my instructions. I was to go out and buy a leather collar for the bunny in black, studs or spikes preferred. I was to also buy a tag to place on the collar that had the bunny's name, and listed my Master as the owner. I was to also name the bunny. All of this would have to be done before the suit arrived. He also instructed me to not masturbate until the bunny suit arrived. I was also instructed to e-mail Master when it arrived, but not to put it on. I sent a reply back saying "Yes, Master. Thank you, Master."


The next few days I spent checking the tracking number on the web and following the arrival across the country. I also went to a pet shop to buy a leather collar. I found one that gave me an erection just looking at it. It was medium in thickness, had studs in two rows on it, and creaked a little when I wrapped it around my hand. It was more than I thought it would be, but I bought it. Only the best.

On my way out I found a machine that makes pet ID tags. On the bright side, they could say anything. On the down side, there was a limited amount of designs. I passed over the "dog bones" and looked at the heart-shaped tags. They would do. Now to think of the bunny's name. "Bondage" was the only name that jumped into my head, so I decided to go for it. On the tag, I had "BONDAGE" engraved at the top, and under it "Property of Master H." It wasn't embarrassing to do it, but I was nervous while it engraved that someone would ask me about it. I hurried out of the store with my goodies and went to my apartment.

By Wednesday it became my ritual to check my e-mail, and check the web for my tracking number. The web page said it would be arriving that day by 3 PM. My heart pounded. I don't remember going to classes that day, but I remember flying home on my bike. No note, no package. So I went to my apartment and waited. After pacing for an hour or so there was a knock on the door. It was the mailman with my package, which he left at the door and left, not knowing that I was a wreck. I flew down the stairs, got the package, and went back upstairs locking my door.

I felt like a kid with a package from mom at summer camp. I ripped open the package and saw my invoice, and a brown pile of spandex protected in a plastic bag. My fingers shaking, I pulled it out. And before my eyes I pulled out a brown bunny costume, tail, ears and all. It was beautiful. I just marveled at it before I reminded myself to breathe. A few good breaths later, and I decided to try it on. "Master told me not to." i muttered softly. I bit my lip, and turned on my computer.

"Master : " I wrote in e-mail "It's here. Awaiting further instructions. Your pet." I knew it would take a while, so I left the computer on while I searched for a hanger. I hung up the costume to get the wrinkles out. I also found the other things that I assumed Master would tell me to collect, the collar and the costume nose. I got a reply in 30 minutes. "I will call you at 4:30 today. Be ready. Master." This at 4:15. I logged off and waited for my Master's call. I felt my nerves on fire, between waiting and excitement I felt nauseous. I closed the blinds, turned down the radio, and did everything I could think of to be private. And around 4:30 my Master did call me.

"Hello boy."

"Master!" I said. "Thank you for calling me!"

"My pleasure boy! So you have the costume?"

"Yes master!"

"Tell me about it." so I did, in detail. Everything was what we wanted it to be, and I was also getting hard just touching the fabric. When I was done, Master asked me "So have you put it on, boy?"

"No, Master. I waited for your instructions."

"Good boy. I want you to take your clothing off and try it on now." Master told me. "And I want you to tell me everything you do."

"Yes Master. I'm removing my shirt now..." And I described my disrobing. Once I was naked, master asked me if I was hard. "Yes Master." He reminded me not to masturbate, and I agreed. I switched to my hands-free phone and put on the suit. One foot at a time, describing it all the way. Master asked me to take care not to stroke off when I put my balls and penis into the sheath provided for me, and I was careful not to. I put my hands into the gloves, and then put down my phone to put the hood on. I slid the rubber nose into place over my mouth, and put on my glasses so I could see.

"I'm putting on my collar now, Master."

"What's your name, boy?"

"Bondage." I almost whispered. My throat had a bowling ball stuck in it. "Master's bunny is named 'Bondage', sir."

"Hmmmm.... I like that name. Put your collar on, Bondage." I did, the tag rattling on the d-ring. "What does your collar say, Bondage?"

"It says my name, and 'property of Master H.', sir. Is Master pleased?"

"Yes I am." Master said. "Very good, boy. Are you near a mirror, Bondage?"

"Yes, Master."

"Good boy. I want you to look at yourself in the mirror. Tell me what you see."

I stood in front of the mirror, "Master's collar.... Master's collar around my neck. I see Master's pet bunny, ready to serve him."

"Touch your cock, boy." I did, and groaned into the phone. "Goooood boy. Now I want you to stroke that bunny cock of yours, boy. Feel that spandex against your skin." As I did, I groaned into the phone and started to breathe heavier. "Good boy, Bondage. Now I want you to look in that mirror as you stroke yourself."

In the mirror I saw Bondage, me as a brown bunny, masturbating. My Master kept talking to me. "I want you to cum, boy. I want you to have your first bunny orgasm on the phone to your Master. Stroke harder, boy." I did, and started to groan more. All the frustration of waiting, of not touching myself, of anticipation, all of it was starting to drive me over the brink.

"Master..... I'm..... May I...." I was panting, begging...

"Yes Bondage! Cum! Now!"

With a loud grunt I tensed my thighs and shot out, driving the semen out from my spandex bunny tail! I heard my collar jingle as I strained against it's confines. I cried out on the fourth spurt "KEEP STROKING BOY!" Master commanded to me, which I did. My knees felt weak as I rubbed under the tip of my cock and spurted one more time. After I stopped, I panted out "Thank you, Master...."

"Good boy, Bondage. Did you like that, boy?"

"Yesssssss Master"

"Goooood... That was your last cum until you get to my house. I expect my bunny to service his Master before he is allowed to cum again. I hope your weekend is free, boy."

I was just coming down from the intensity, and felt dumbfounded. I glanced at my calendar and saw that this weekend was free, and Friday's class was a morning class. "It is, Master.... Your bunny can service you this weekend."

He let me recover more before we worked out the details. He told me to lick my paw clean of my own semen while he told me what I was to do. I did, I like licking it off my hands. We worked out our plans around my school schedule. I was to meet my Master on Friday at his house around 1 PM. He would leave for me a key under the front door, and I was to let myself in before he got home from work. He then said full instructions would be laid out for me when I got there. I was to only bring clothing to come home in. I would either be his pet cat, or his pet bondage bunny.

"Yes Master, thank you sir."

"Wash the costume" Master said. "You'll have plenty of time to stain it later."


Thursday and Friday classes flew by. I rode by bike home from class and grabbed my backpack I had ready since Wednesday night. In it was my cat costume with the bondage paws, and my new bunny costume with the collar. His house is 2 hours from me, but they flew by in my car as I drove. When I made the final turn off the highway towards his house my stomach turned into knots. I tried not to hyperventilate as I pulled up to his home.

I walked up to his front door and looked under the mat. The key was there with a note saying "Bring the key in." I opened the front door and brought the key inside with me. Next to the front door was a typed note.

"Bondage : Welcome to your home for the weekend. Remove your human clothing and leave it next to the couch. Once done, go into the bathroom and clean yourself thoroughly for your Master's pleasure. Shave, enema and relieve yourself, and shower. Once done, place your bunny costume on and enter my bedroom. Further instructions when you get there. -Your Master"

My heart was pounding hard in my throat. I stripped naked next to his couch and left the key on top of my clothing. I then went into the bathroom and saw what he laid out for me. I shaved as much as I could and still look normal school legal. The enema kit he left for me was a small, disposable "Fleet" system. I followed the directions, and did what I figured was a good job. I was hoping this meant that Master wanted to use my ass as well, but it was all speculation. I then showered, dried off, and put on the bunny suit in the living room.

I had chills run down my spine when I put the collar on. I also put my glasses on and went into my Master's bedroom. The bedroom is rather plain, except for a mirror placed at the foot of the bed when you can see yourself in it, oak foot and head boards, and the sheets. Master had gotten black spandex sheets for his bed. I was in heaven. On the bed were laid out a stack of equipment, and one more note.

"Bondage : Put on these items in the order listed. I will be home as soon as I can to let my bunny meet his Master. No cumming until I get home, or I may fix my bunny."

I read the list once, and I felt myself get hard. I then started putting Master's bondage toys on. First was the leather body harness with the cockring. Putting on the cockring was difficult because I was already hard, but I did it after more fumbling and more than a bit of pain. Next were the wrist cuffs, which slipped on easily, then the ankle cuffs. Master laid out four small locks for me to use on my cuffs to lock them on. And with each click, I felt my penis throb with anticipation.

Next Master had instructed me to put the ball parachute onto my scrotum over the spandex sac. I snapped it into place on the tightest snap I could. I tugged it a few times to make sure it was snug, and it was. The instructions then said for me to place my ankle cuffs onto the ropes fastened on the end of the bed to half-spread eagle myself. I found the ropes with ease, but couldn't figure out how I was going to put them onto myself. But the ropes were very loose and long, almost crossing. I then saw what Master was asking me to do, so I slapped the D-rings into place on my ankle cuffs and used the finger locks to secure them down.

Master's list now said to do the same on my wrists. The rope to the snapping d-rings were long enough so I could attach and tighten them myself without major contortions. I wasn't bound spread eagle, but I was bound to my Master's bed.

Now I was asked to place a ball gag in my mouth with the harness attached. The ball gag has always been my favorite toy, and with the rubber bunny nose I could put the gag all the way behind it, looking like my buck teeth were outside the gag. I really enjoyed putting all the toys on myself, and was very pleased with how I now looked in the mirror. The last instruction was to wait for my Master to get home. "Sleep if you can. You will need it." the note said.

But how could I sleep? I was buzzing with excitement, bound to my Master's bed. Laying on spandex sheets, my penis rock hard over me dribbling with pre-cum. All four paws bound, but not hard, to Master's bed... how could I sleep? I tried to close my eyes and relax, but I was just a buzz of energy. I couldn't see a clock, so I don't know how long I was there. But the solitude felt nice. Every time I looked into the mirror I saw a brown bunny tied on black sheets wearing his Master's collar... I wanted to stroke off then. Fortunately, the wrist ropes were too short to let me touch myself and with them securely locked I couldn't get them off easily.

But after who knows how long I heard the front door open. After it closed, I head footsteps come towards the bedroom, and I watched my Master come around the corner. He was still wearing his work clothes. "Hello there Bondage!" He leaned over the bed and scratched me under the chin. "That's a nice tag you have there, Bondage!" I tried to smile, but the gag was in the way. Master began to disrobe and hang his clothing in his closet. "But those ropes are not tight enough for my fuck bunny."

Half naked, Master came around to the corners of the bed and tightened each rope one by one until I was truly spread eagle on his bed. Each tug was met with a grunt. "There's a good boy." he said with each response. "You can live up to your name now, Bondage!" He then went back into his closet, and returned naked. His cock was already starting to get hard, and was dribbling.

He laid down next to me in bed, and took my left nipple into his fingers. "We're gonna have fun this weekend, aren't we Bondage?" I nodded as he pinched my nipple. I arched my back slightly and groaned. "A bit later I'm gonna get my clamps out and really show you what your name means, my little Bondage. Would you like that too?" I nodded as he pinched VERY hard! I bit onto the ball gag and moaned louder. "Good bunny."

He got up and looked me over. He walked around the bed a few times, taking in his new pet. When he got between my legs he picked up the chain attached to the ball parachute and pulled them hard and fast. I bucked my hips and groaned, rolling my head. He put a hand under my tail and felt it. "I'm gonna take this too, boy... Your tail will make a nice cushion for me as I fuck you hard. Bunnies like to be fucked, don't they boy?" he asked as he pulled the chain hard again. I nodded and cried out. "Good boy. I like my animals queer."

Master then held the chain up, and attached it to something he kept under the bed. And he slowly let go, letting the slack slowly catch. And I then felt my spandex-covered balls being pulled down hard. "That's only 5 pounds, boy." he said. "You can take it for now, Bondage."

He then turned his attention to my engorged penis. "This will be nice to play with." He stroked it a few times, testing it. I rolled my head back and groaned into the gag. Master stopped suddenly, and slapped my under the head of my penis hard! Each slap and I grunted in pain. "No cumming until I say. You know the rules, Bondage." I nodded.

Letting go of my penis, he crawled up my body and removed my glasses. He then removed the ball gag from my mouth, and the harness from my head. "Thank you, Master." I said.

"Hello pet." Master then kissed me. When he pulled back, he propped a few more pillows under my head. "How was your drive down?" We talked a little, bending the pet / master relationship. But Master is like that. He likes to talk to his submissives. After rubbing my nipples to hardness and talking to me, Master then got onto his knees and said "Time to earn your keep, bunny." He straddled my head, and put a hand behind it. "Suck it, boy. Suck it."

I sucked his cock for a long time. I like sucking him off, and the longer I can go the better I like it. He changed his position a few times, and at one point was pounding my head hard. I pulled on my wrist restraints so I could hold his balls higher to let him cum in my mouth. But the ropes weren't long enough. He stopped very suddenly. I could feel him shudder, like he was about to let go, but he didn't. "You're good, Bondage...." he said after a few moments. "But I want this to last all night."

Master then put me through my paces with my nipples. Through the spandex layer he played with my nipples. Tweaking hard, then softly caressing them, then biting them, then licking... It was sweet torture. At one point he left the bed and returned with a box of clothespins. He put about thirty on my body harness, and put the box away. Then he placed them on my nipples. The pain got bad at five, because I'm not used to nipple torture. At ten he then looked at my scrotum being pulled down by the parachute. "I think I have a better plan for the rest of these."

With one move he released my testicles from the pulling. My hips flew up hard with the new sensation, but they met his hand when I flailed down. He then petted my crotch to calm me down, and placed a clothespin on my scrotum. With each pinch I groaned a bit more. "Bondage likes this?" Master would ask with a wicked grin. And each time I just kept saying "YES MASTER! MORE MASTER!" I was about to explode with pleasure.

Master then took a small string, and put in into the eye of each clothespin on my scrotum. He held the ends tight, taunting me. "Should I rip them out boy?" I was panting, and I shook my head. "Not yet, boy... not yet..." He left the bed and grabbed a condom. Master unrolled it onto my shaft, and said "Now, bunny is going to cum for his Master. I want to see if bunnys really like to cum."

Without warning he began to stroke me fast. All four paws pulled on the ropes binding me as I groaned in pleasure. I couldn't put up a fight, I was about to explode. "Master.... I'm gonna... Can I...."

"Not yet boy!" He was getting harder and faster, and I was squirming under his hand. My head was craned up, eyes closed, and I felt him pick up the string with the clothespins on it. "Cum!"

He pulled the pins off my scrotum, and the intense pain of that triggered a massive orgasm! I let out a wail and spasimed into his hand as my Master milked my cock. My whole body tightened up and released in time to the throbbing, and my Master was enjoying the whole show. "Bunny cum! All sorts of bunny cum!" And after a lot of thrusts in the air, I collapsed into a panting heap of spandex. I couldn't move if I wanted to.

Master then tenderly removed to condom from my spandex-covered penis. When I had opened my eyes he helped prop my head up. "Open your mouth boy." I knew what he was going to do, and it's always pleasurable when he does. As his cat he's made me drink my own semen before, it's only fair that as his fuck bunny he'd do the same. I opened my mouth, and he placed the open condom to my lips. "Drink your bunny cum, Bondage. Drink it all up boy. If you're good you'll get Master's too before the night is over." He unrolled the condom into my mouth, and I drank it all. I like the taste, and I like doing it. With every slurp he removed a clothespin from my nipples, and I winced with every pull.

Soon after cleaning off my cock with a wet washcloth my Master untied me and cuddled with me. He kept on feeling my spandex body, my tail, my ears, and everything else. I licked his ears, his nipples, and anything else I could lick. We talked about life in general too, what I was up to, what he was up to, where he was planning on going in the near future, asking me if I was free for a weekend. he mentioned that he had a meeting of bondage friends in a few weeks, and he'd love to bring "his Bondage" to the event, where I could suck on cock all night. The thought made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Some time passed, and Master said he was hungry. I put my glasses back on, and we went into the living room. Many a time had I been tied up on this floor. Master called out of pizza, and told me that my meal was in the fridge. When the pizza guy arrived, Master told me to wait in the living room while he picked it up from the side door. I also heard him open up the refrigerator, and get out a bowl.

"Your dinner, Bondage." Salad. No dressing, but a nice salad. "I was thinking of buying rabbit pellets, but I didn't know if a bunny your size would eat too much of it. That stuff is expensive by the pound!"

"Thank you, Master!" I said. I was happy.


Later that night, Master and I were on the floor cuddling. We had watched some TV, he played with my nipples while talking about web pages, I fingered his penis while talking about the news, and we were both horny as hell again. I finally spoke "Master?"

"Yes boy?"

"I want Master's cock." I said. "I want my Master to fuck me with his cock. I want my Master to show me I'm a queer bunny. Please, Master? Take my tail?"

Master just smiled a warm smile. "Have you been loosening yourself like I told you to do, boy?"

I nodded. "Yes Master." I had been, but the regiment was tougher than I thought it would be. I had worked up to a dildo that was smaller than a human penis, but I could take it easily.

"Let's see how you're ass is, Bondage." And he reached to remove my glasses. With them off, he reached up to my lopped ears and pulled then down over my eyes. Now I understood why there were grommets in the ears. They looked pierced, but they also served as a blindfold! I heard him grab something behind him, and my ears were now pulled tight over my eyes and made an effective blindfold. "You like that?"

"MMMMM...." I sighed. "Yes Master...."

I felt his hands start in on my body again, my nipples were still sore from his fondling earlier but now he was really getting into it. And with minimal effort he had my nipples poking out and hard again. I was breathing hard when he pinched them to make me yelp. I heard him almost giggling every time I did that.

"Don't move, Bondage. I have a surprise for you." He got up, and I didn't move as I heard him walk away. I heard him come back, something lightly rattling. "Stand up." I did, and with both hands he fondled my nipples. I groaned as I felt his finger squeezing, pinching, and fondling my nipples. Then I felt something go over them, and then TIGHTLY close down! I let out a small cry as the pain got me, but he let go. And I felt a chain rest on my chest. "Those nipple clams go well on your black chest, Bondage!" he said, tracing my spandex belly. He pulled on them slightly, causing me to cry out a little.

Master then held me by the collar and led me to where I knew his stool was. Master likes to fuck me while I'm bent over his bar stool. When I got there, he instructed me to bend over. I did, and he locked my wrist cuffs to the bottom rungs of the stool. Then he placed a spreader bar between my ankle cuffs, forcing my ankles apart. Forcefully, Master then pulled my cock and balls from between my body and the stool, and pulled them down between my legs. I arched my back to give some relief to the pressure of my stiffening cock. He then began to trace an outline on my ass cheeks with his fingers, and around my spandex tail.

"Bondage wants to be my fuck bunny?"

"Yes Master."

He walked away slightly, and came back with something flat which he traced over my butt cheeks. "Has Bondage been a good bunny?"

"Yes, Master!"

"Has Bondage cum without my permission?"

"No Master!"

"Has Bondage been with other bunnys?"

"No Master!"

"Has Bondage been with other masters?"

"No Master!"

I felt him lightly paddle me on the ass. "You have been a good bunny then." He slapped my ass a little harder. "But you still need to learn to love the pain, boy. Count the blows as I give them, and thank me."

He cracked me in the ass, not hard but enough that I knew he was master. "ONE! Thank you Master!" CRACK! "TWO! Thank you Master!" We did 20 before he was satisfied.

"Good boy, Bondage. Someday I'll go full force. But not yet. Not until you're ready."

"Thank you, Master!" Master has never pushed me past my limitations, and for that I have always been grateful. But I felt my ass burning a little bit under the spandex. Master walked away for a moment to go around the house. I felt his hands on my ass when he came back, and I knew he was undoing the zipper on the spandex suit.

"When they give kids chocolate bunnies it's used it as a sexuality test, Bondage." Master said over me. "If they eat the ears first, they're het. If they eat the feet first, they may be gay. Would you like to know what I eat first?"

"The feet, Master?"

"No, boy. I like to eat just under the tail." And he forcibly drove his tongue between my ass cheeks and started to rim me. Master has rimmed me before, licking all around my hole, but this time was different. He was rougher, more forceful. I was groaning a lot more, and I tried to spread my ass wider for my Master to get more from me. All I could keep saying was "thank you Master!" over and over, nothing else came out of my mouth. I was fully loose in the ass when he was done.

He stopped as suddenly as he started, and I felt something poke into my ass. I relaxed, and it was pushed in as far as Master could get it in. "Do you like that, boy?"

"It feels good, Master.... It feels like a butt plug with no end... what is it?" Master then undid my ears to unblindfold me and held my chin up to his cock.

"In good time, boy." I looked up to see him with a camera in his hand, a digital one. "Ready for pictures, boy?" I nodded. "Good boy, Bondage. Suck my cock, boy."

I did, and he took a few pictures of me doing it. "Ooo yeah boy... I should put these pictures on the net tonight boy... My personal fuck bunny, live on the net! You'd like that, wouldn't you?" My penis was throbbing with the thought. I just nodded as he took pictures.

He then put a real blindfold on me, and went around behind me to take pictures. "Wiggle your tail, boy!" I did, and I felt something hanging from the plug in my ass. "Oh yeah! Good bunny!" He then reached up and fucked me with the object in my ass. I groaned a little more, as I felt the object being removed. Master then removed my blindfold to show me what it was.

It was a carrot, in a condom. "Bunnys love carrots, boy." He took the condom off of the carrot, taking care to show me how far in it went. "You have been in practice, boy. you can take me easily now." he then offered me the carrot, since it was in a condom, I took it in my mouth. "Good boy." He snapped a picture of me with the carrot in my mouth.

My Master was fully erect now, and put a condom over his cock. He then refastened my ears to blindfold me again and took the carrot away. He then went around behind me and said "Are you ready boy?"

"Yes Master!" I said. "I'm ready!"

I felt him relube my ass again, and then he held onto my body harness with one hand. "Relax Bondage." I did, and he slipped his cock into my ass slowly. I heard him take a picture of it, and groan a little. "Ooooo yeah Boy...." He put down his camera and held me by the body harness with both hands. As he stroked into me fully Master asked "What are you boy?"

"Master's queer bunny!" I said, arching my back.

"Shit yeah boy!" Master said, starting into a rhythm. "You're queer now boy!"

"Yes master!" I panted out. "I'm a queer bunny! Queer pussy boy!"

"OHHhhhhh yeah BOY!!!!" Master was starting to pound my ass harder now. "Beg for it boy!"

"Cum in my ass, Master!" I blurted out. His hands had my body harness firmly, and he was pounding me hard. "Your balls are slapping mine, Master! YES! Cum in your queer bunny! Please! PLEASE! PLEASE!!!!"

I kept saying please as my Master started to really pound my ass hard. I heard him grunt VERY loud, and his hips slammed into me hard "Ready Bondage? READY??? You're QUEER NOW! NOW YOUR A CUMSLAVE!!! NOW YOU'RE MY BOY! NOW....." And for the first time I felt him spasm into my ass, his rock-hard cock buried into my tail, his balls touching mine from the back, holding my harness with all he has. And we lock like that for what seems like an eternity!

Master then makes a few small thrusts into my ass, enjoying the sensation. "OOooooooooooo" he says as he pulls his cock out of my ass. "That was goooooooood..."

I'm still panting. "Thank you, Master...." My cock is still rock hard.

"Next time I'll have to make you cum at the same time, boy." he says as he undoes my ears. The first thing I see is a condom full of Master's cum. "You can have Master's cum tomorrow night, Bondage." He says. "Right now, I want to unlock you first."

Master unlocks me from the stool and the spreader bar. He puts something to my lips that's orange, it's the carrot. I take it in my mouth and bite down to chew. "You've been such a good bunny, I'm gonna let you cum again!" Before I can look at him, he's stroking me off. My legs about give out, and he guides me to the floor. Once there, he puts me on all fours and puts a towel under me. "Come on boy. Come on boy!"

His fingers are insistent, and my need is insatiable. The carrot in my mouth reminds me of a cock, and that triggers a cascade of pleasure. I start to suck the carrot like it was a cock with loud, slurping noises. My hips buck, and my balls release into my Master's hand. Every thrust is a grunt, with a final cry out I drop the carrot to the floor.

In the afterglow Master is over my backside, stroking my spandex-covered back. He stops at my collar to adjust it, and unbuckles my body harness to release me from the cockring on it. He had to roll me onto my back to get it off, and I start to lose to exhaustion and sexual release. Master puts it down, and quickly uses the floor towel to wipe the excess lube from my ass. He re-zips the back of the suit, giving my tail a pat. "You should get some sleep, Bondage. Tomorrow's a big day."

I groggily nod. The last orgasm took my energy out of me. Master convinces me that I should go to the bathroom first, which I do. He then brings me to his bed. He pats the side and offers me a place to sleep. I take him up on it, and lay on my Master's bed.

"Goodnight Master, and thank you..." As I drift off to sleep.

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